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Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories
Lindsey Graham responds defiantly to arrest warrant from Russia
“Come and make your best case. See you in The Hague!” Graham said.
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Congress prods Biden administration on female crash dummies
Congress says the Biden administration has been slow to adopt new, more realistic female crash test dummies. One issue: money.
Historic gains: Low-income workers scored in the Covid economy
A POLITICO analysis shows that pandemic-era policies reversed the trend toward a widening income gap. The move away from them threatens those gains. Which way will Biden turn?
White House on Dem criticism over debt ceiling deal: It could have been a lot worse
Complaints by progressives stem from details in the deal — and feeling left in the dark during debt talks.
Biden world takes on latest GOP contenders, while still prepping for Trump rematch
Democrats and campaign officials know their job may get tougher if Trump’s name isn’t on top of the GOP ticket.
Marianne Williamson's campaign against the world
The campaign has been off to an inauspicious start. Is she for real?
In Alabama’s Health Care Desert, This Clinic Could Be Crucial. There’s Just One Problem.
Former abortion clinics in red states are trying to pivot to other services after Dobbs. But they’re finding it’s not so easy.
Wrinkles and curveballs in the debt ceiling bill
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) would get the gas pipeline he wants. The IRS would get a steeper than expected cut. And future executive actions would face new (but easily waived) fiscal handcuffs.
Debt ceiling deal includes surprise approval of natural gas pipeline championed by Manchin
The controversial natural gas project has been a priority for West Virginia, but its approval will bring new criticism for the Biden administration.
Biden touts bipartisan debt ceiling agreement, but says neither side got everything it wanted
The president also pushed back against criticism from Democrats that he gave into GOP demands.
Biden, McCarthy poised to claim victory after protracted debt drama
Some conservatives are signaling they’re going to try to tank the deal, but early signs are promising it will pass.
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Fight still ahead for Texas’ Paxton after historic impeachment deepens GOP divisions
The 121-23 vote amounted to a clear rebuke from the GOP-controlled chamber of the attorney general.
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Hakeem Jeffries says he has 'no idea' what Kevin McCarthy's talking about
The House Democratic leader said he didn't complain to McCarthy about the debt deal.
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Prime minister's opponents boycott opening of new Indian Parliament
Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament by offering prayers as Hindu priests chanted religious hymns.
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2024 candidates need to be able to take a hint, Chris Sununu says
"There could be 12 people that get in. The key, the discipline, is getting out," he said.
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Rep. Jim Himes calls debt limit deal 'very small'
"Had the bill looked anything like what the Republicans passed on the floor ... there would have been unanimity against it," he said.
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McCarthy on deal: 'Step in the right direction'
He claimed Sunday that more than 95% of the conference was “very excited” about the deal.
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McCarthy races to sell debt deal amid rumblings of far-right rebellion
Administration officials, meanwhile, are expected to brief House Democrats on Sunday afternoon.
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Pragmatic House Republicans support debt deal, Dusty Johnson says
The South Dakota Republican called the deal "a remarkable conservative accomplishment."
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Congress has power to reform Supreme Court, Sen. Whitehouse says
But pushing ethics reforms through Congress “is not going to be easy,” the Democratic senator said.
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As Elizabeth Holmes heads to prison for fraud, many puzzle over her motives
She seems most likely to be remembered as Silicon Valley’s Icarus.
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How Ron DeSantis shaped Florida’s environment
Conservation is vitally important for the state's tourism industry — and voters.
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Democrats try to play catch-up in the battle over nutrition programs, which face new restrictions in debt deal
The debt limit deal includes new restrictions on food aid. Democrats hope they can peel them back in future spending fights.
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He Said I Was a Fracking Heiress. I Went to West Virginia to Find Out.
A journalist investigates the fracking industry — and her own inheritance — in Appalachia.
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Can You Have a Powerful Career and Still Be a Good Parent? ‘Succession’ Has a Clear Answer.
One of the show's most long-running themes is the incompatibility of a high-power career and parenthood.
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Many GOP insiders fear that Teflon Don is back
Trump plays by rules afforded no other candidate. He might luck out again with a large field in 2024.
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The race to dethrone small-dollar Don
Republican presidential candidates are trying to rewrite the fundraising playbook.
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How 'Buy America' could derail high-speed trains
President Joe Biden wants high-speed rail built with U.S. components. That's impossible, advocates say, because they don't exist.
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In Alberta, a bruising campaign invites political chaos
Danielle Smith's harness on grievance politics could land her four more years as premier — or divide her party into warring factions.
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POLITICO Q&A: American Medical Association President Jack Resneck
Resneck talks to POLITICO about the group’s challenges — from legal threats to AI — as he prepares to step down.
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