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Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories
Civil rights activist Robert Moses dies at 86
He was central to the 1964 "Freedom Summer" in Mississippi.
2 h
'We're going to see more' wildfires, Oregon governor warns
Gov. Kate Brown discussed the Bootleg Wildfire in the context of climate change.
5 h
Arkansas governor blames 'myths' for 'hardened' vaccine resistance
"I go into these town hall meetings, someone said: Don't call it a vaccine. Call it a bioweapon. And they talk about mind control," Gov. Asa Hutchinson said.
5 h
Leaders in under-vaccinated areas should 'speak out' amid virus surge, Fauci says
"It's like we have two kinds of America," he said.
6 h
Pelosi, Portman skirmish over bipartisan infrastructure timeline
At issue is whether the bipartisan plan will be considered alone or paired with a second package favored by Democrats.
6 h
Pelosi teases Kinzinger addition to Jan. 6 Capitol attack investigation
The Illinois Republican would be the second GOP critic of Donald Trump to serve on the select committee, joining Rep. Liz Cheney.
8 h
Trump's impact on the line in Texas special election
Susan Wright, the widow of the late Rep. Ron Wright, has Trump's endorsement over fellow Republican Jake Ellzey in Texas' 6th District.
Opinion | 'Law and Order' has Worked for the GOP Before. This Crime Boom Might be Different.
The pandemic-related rise in crime could play differently in electoral politics now compared to the 1970s.
Opinion | Japan’s Leaders Worry the Olympics Could Hurt Their Global Brand. They’re Wrong.
Shinzo Abe hoped the Tokyo Olympics would show that Japan is a respected leader on the world stage. Turns out, it already is.
‘The virus is winning’: China’s rebuff of WHO’s new Covid probe alarms experts
The experts say a complete probe inside China is necessary to pinpoint the origins of the virus, which has had a devastating toll around the world.
Trump clings to false election claims at Arizona rally
The former president repeatedly hyped an ongoing partisan audit of poll results in Maricopa County.
In Alabama and Louisiana, partisan opposition to vaccine surges alongside Delta variant
Many people are turning down Covid vaccines because they are angry that President Donald Trump lost the election and sick of Democrats thinking they know what’s best.
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Crypto-based ‘shadow financial market’ spooks regulators
Watchdogs are warning that some DeFi activities are probably illegal under federal law and pose serious danger to consumers.
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Whatever Happened to the ‘Us vs. Them’ Olympics?
The days of symbolic world-power competition are over, replaced by something less pitched but just as revealing.
1 d
Cuomo said AG probe would clear him. Now his aides say it’s political.
1 d
Florida Democrats anxious over stalled Miami congressional races
1 d
Virus resurgence menaces economy just as rescue programs unravel
A new wave of cases followed by the looming expiration of enhanced jobless benefits, a ban on evictions and other rescue programs is sparking concern among lawmakers and economists.
1 d
Biden yokes Youngkin to Trump at McAuliffe campaign stop
In a stump speech for McAuliffe, the president called the GOP nominee for governor "an acolyte for Donald Trump — for real."
2 d
China sanctions Wilbur Ross, others in response to U.S. warnings on Hong Kong
The Biden administration has warned American companies about doing business in Hong Kong.
2 d
Senate Democrats defied Biden in their vote to boost Pentagon spending. And it wasn't even close
Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the only member of the Armed Services Committee who voted against the $25 billion spending increase.
2 d
Top envoys: Canada and U.S. are 'coordinated' on border reopening — even if out of sync
"We both are also committed to making decisions based on science and the advice of experts, and those are our experts."
2 d
Gaetz case takes bizarre tabloid turn
A sugar daddy web site linked to the federal probe says the GOP lawmaker never had an account on the site.
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