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Senate GOP set to block domestic terrorism bill as gun debate heats up
A nearly identical version of the legislation poised to fail Thursday passed the House with no Republican objections two years ago. Things are different across the building this time.
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Politicians react to the Texas school shooting, in 180 seconds
Federal tax receipts boom, powered by inflation
CBO says receipts this year will be highest since 2000, when dot-com bubble drove a big revenue increase.
FDA commissioner says agency’s food program needs improvement
Trump expressed support for hanging Pence during Capitol riot, Jan. 6 panel told
The select panel has heard that, after "hang Mike Pence” chants broke out, the then-president expressed support for the prospect of hanging his No. 2, three people told POLITICO.
Senate leaders react to Texas school shooting
FDA commissioner finds ‘no evidence of intentional delay or malfeasance’ in Abbott investigation
ATF nominee tries to address GOP criticisms in wake of mass shooting
Steven Dettelbach said he hugged his children "a little bit harder" following Tuesday's mass killing in a Texas elementary school.
Skeptical Schumer gives bipartisan gun talks a chance
“I think it's a slim prospect. Very slim, all too slim. We’ve been burnt so many times before. But this is so important,” the Senate majority leader said Wednesday.
The baby formula shortage | Six things to know
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Most in Senate GOP shun total abortion ban
Many Senate Republicans aren't singing the tune of Herschel Walker — instead saying they do support exceptions to an abortion ban that include rape, incest and the life of the mother.
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Dem China hawks hope Biden’s Taiwan gaffe was no accident
While Republicans criticize the president for clinging to a policy that takes no position on defending Taiwan militarily, Democrats say Biden is working around it.
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‘What are we doing?’: Sen. Murphy gives slams Congress after Texas school shooting
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‘We have to be respectful’: Pelosi comments on archbishop refusing her Communion
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