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Health Care
Health Care
5 takeaways from POLITICO’s Health Care Summit
Government officials, lawmakers and health policy experts said the U.S. is prepared for the next pandemic but also detailed health care challenges.
Becerra says DeSantis bears responsibility for Covid’s outsized toll
By way of contrast, Becerra touted the work of the Biden administration and his Department of Health and Human Services in pushing out vaccines.
Becerra criticizes Covid disinformation campaigns
Jha: 'Vast majority' of immunocompromised benefit from Covid vaccines
Dingell passionately argues for 'Medicare for All'
Rep. Bowman looks to 2024 for health equity legislation
“We still have to make major investments and pass transformational legislation,” he said, identifying mental and maternal health as key areas of focus.
Use AI to regulate AI, Google executive says
Most of the focus in Washington on AI centers on how agencies should regulate its use by the private sector, with the FDA planning rules for its use in health care.
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Baldwin calls for LGBTQ info to be included in mental health data
“It helps us make our arguments for greater resources and greater services,” Baldwin told POLITICO.
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Biden's drug czar: 165,000 lives might be lost annually to the opioid crisis by 2025
"There is almost no other area today, where it affects our public health, national security and economic prosperity, than the opioid crisis,” said Rahul Gupta at POLITICO’s Health Care Summit.
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What to watch for at the 2023 POLITICO health summit
Panelists will discuss the benefits and risks of permanent adoption of telehealth and how new AI tools can be efficiently and safely adapted to help improve U.S. health care.
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Appeals court weighs nationwide freeze of Obamacare’s coverage mandate
Coverage of HIV prevention drugs and other preventive services hangs in the balance.
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