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Get Vaccinated, Win $1 Million: Ohio Bets Lottery Will Convince People to Get Shots
More than 4.2 million Ohioans—about 36%—had completed the vaccination process. But the number of people seeking vaccines has dropped in recent weeks
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‘I Don’t Think You’re Going to Be Eating Tonight.’ Muslims Describe Ramadan in U.S. Prisons
For many Muslim prisoners in Virginia and nationwide, Ramadan has for years entailed not getting enough food, being lucky if food even arrives during a time when you can eat, jumping through hoops to possess religious items as well as fundamental misunderstandings about key components of the faith by prison staff.
Why Is Ellen DeGeneres Ending Her Talk Show?
DeGeneres's announcement comes in the wake of a tumultuous year for her long-running show
The Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2021
The movies are back! Mostly, kind of
An Animated Guide to This Year’s Massive Brood X Cicada Emergence
Trillions of the insects are about to emerge across the eastern U.S.
The Surprising Political History of the Fight Against the Equal Rights Amendment
Discussion of the ERA often focuses on the way the New Right stopped ratification by the states in the 1970s. But earlier opposition to the proposed amendment involved a bipartisan and ideologically diverse coalition in Congress
How a Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli Forced Evictions Spiraled Rapidly Toward ‘Full-Scale War’
"They have breathed life into our fight, and given power and inspiration to all of us.”
The Antarctic Expedition That Changed Modern Medicine
The American explorer Frederick Albert Cook is remembered today, if he’s remembered at all, for having likely lied about reaching the North Pole in 1908. Hailed as the Neil Armstrong of his day when he announced he’d seen the top of the world, he very quickly became the Lance Armstrong of his day after being…
Rep. Liz Cheney Lashes Out at Trump Supporters Ahead of Likely Ouster From GOP Leadership
“Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar,” Cheney said
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Pipeline Hack Sets Off Scramble For Gasoline
After more than a decade of warnings about the vulnerability of U.S. energy infrastructure to hackers, a cyberattack on a major pipeline has left over a dozen states scrambling for gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and other petroleum products. Drivers in states like Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida converged at gas stations. Virginia Governor…
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A Private Company Is About to Send the First Paying Crew to the International Space Station
It's another big step in the commercialization of space
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Why So Many House Members Are Heading for the Exits
This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. Credit for honesty where it’s due: four months into this current Congress’ two-year term, a dozen members of the House are already dropping all pretense and saying they won’t…
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A New Study Points to MDMA as a Powerful Treatment for PTSD
From club drug to therapeutic
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Are Childcare and Paid Leave ‘Infrastructure’? Nearly $2 Trillion for Families May Hinge on Congress’ Answer
Three weeks after Bethany Fauteux gave birth to her second child in 2013, she was spending her days surrounded by young children—except they weren’t her own. A single mother whose cash reserves were quickly depleting, she felt she had to return to her job as a preschool teacher in Massachusetts while her Caesarean-section scar was…
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Suicide Among Black Girls Is a Mental Health Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight
When Dionne Monsanto was pregnant, she decided that she wanted to find a name that means “blessing” for her daughter. Though Monsanto—a Black American—has no specific ties to South Africa, she chose the name Siwe, an adaptation of the Zulu name Busisiwe. Siwe grew to be a talented artist. “She was brilliant. She was beautiful.…
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The Racial Reckoning Went Global Last Year. Here’s How Activists in 8 Countries Are Fighting for Justice
The video of Derek Chauvin’s kneeling on George Floyd’s neck traveled from a Minneapolis street to every corner of the world. Black activists in the U.K. spoke of their visceral reactions to the footage, while Floyd’s dying words, “I can’t breathe,” brought back painful memories in France and Australia of Black and Aboriginal people killed…
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