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‘Stop the Hatred’ by MC Jin and Wyclef Jean Aims to Send a Message of Black-Asian Solidarity
The track was written in response to anti-Asian attacks and produced in partnership with The Asian American Foundation
Comedian Patti Harrison Has Her First Leading Role—But She’s Not Looking to Stop Goofing Around
The comedian talks to TIME about her new film, her first leading role, and her hopes for transgender characters in entertainment
If We Really Believe Farmworkers Are Essential, We Must Protect Their Mental Health
America faces a mental health crisis that predates the pandemic but has been significantly worsened by it. Employees have felt incredible stress, burnout, financial insecurity, increased strains on their mental health and a lack of supervisor support for more than a year now. This is especially true of essential workers. In an American Psychological Association…
Exclusive: Trump Created an Office That Highlighted Immigrant Crime. Biden’s DHS Plans to Keep It
In January 2017, one of Donald Trump’s first moves as President was to create a new office that highlighted crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. For four years, the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office, known as VOICE, and was wielded by the White House to perpetuate Trump’s false narrative of an immigrant crime wave. Revoking…
What to Know About The Woman in the Window as the Movie Adaptation Hits Netflix
Here's what to know about the book, the controversy that followed and what happened to author A.J. Finn—a.k.a. Dan Mallory—next
‘A Visual Embodiment of Joy.’ Chanel Miller and More AAPI Artists Create Vibrant Murals for Chinatown Restaurants
On Bayard Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown, artist and activist Chanel Miller created a mural to cover the outdoor dining structure at Alimama and Yin Ji Chang Fen. Along the wooden barrier, cartoon creatures feed each other with open mouths, an image Miller picked for its cultural significance. “In Chinese culture and a lot of Asian…
A Rusting Oil Tanker Off the Coast of Yemen Is an Environmental Catastrophe Waiting to Happen. Can Anyone Prevent It?
“Any spark, believe me, will end with a big explosion on that ship”
FX’s Pride Nails the Difficult Task of Condensing 60 Years of LGBTQ Activism Into One Compelling Docuseries
The inspired docuseries does justice to all of the many letters, colors and identities that make up the LGBTQ rainbow
Southeast Asia Kept COVID-19 Under Control For Most of the Pandemic. Now It’s Battling Worrying New Surges
"The second wave is really creeping across Asia, spreading from South Asia to Southeast Asia," an expert warns
Israeli Tanks Shell Gaza Ahead of Possible Ground Invasion
The strikes came after Egyptian mediators rushed to Israel for cease-fire talks that showed no signs of progress
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The Woman in the Window Is an Effective Agoraphobia Thriller with a Chilly Uptown Sheen
Agoraphobia has rarely looked as classy as it does in Joe Wright’s coolly tasteful psychological thriller The Woman in the Window: Amy Adams plays Anna Fox, a woman who cannot bring herself to leave her comfortably appointed if dimly lit Harlem townhouse, spending her days and nights in a moody haze induced by the anti-anxiety…
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Israel-Palestine is a State of Permanent Conflict Punctuated by Periodic Carnage. Only the Watching World Can Stop It
While the timing of recent developments in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories may have been unexpected, the events themselves were inevitable. This is because permanent conflict punctuated by periodic carnage is inscribed into the very DNA of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship as it has existed for nearly 75 years. Israel is a Jewish state. In…
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Rebuilding the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program Is an Opportunity for Biden to Seize
The debate about President Biden’s recent decision to enact a big increase in the number of refugees allowed into America, has been proceeding from a false premise. Rebuilding the refugee resettlement program is not a problem for Biden to solve. It is an opportunity for the U.S. to seize. For that to happen, the country…
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Meet the Artist Who Created God Bless the Child, Featured on TIME’s Cover
For this week’s special issue, Visions of Equity, we turned the cover over to Jordan Casteel. Here's the story behind her painting
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ExxonMobil Wants You to Take Responsibility for Climate Change, Study Says
ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas companies—and it wants you to take responsibility for climate change. A new analysis from researchers at Harvard University released Thursday found that the company’s public-facing messaging on climate change since the mid-2000s consistently emphasizes “consumers,” “energy demand” and individual “needs” as the cause…
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Teens Ages 12 to 15 Should Get Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 Vaccine, Says a CDC Expert Panel
The expert panel debated whether the COVID-19 vaccine could or should be given with other vaccines teens might get
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Asia Is Home to 99 of the World’s 100 Cities Facing the Greatest Environmental Challenges
The many environmental challenges facing the world are far from evenly shared across regions. Of the 100 cities facing the greatest environmental risks, 99 are in Asia, according to a report published today by risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft. Meanwhile, Europe is home to 14 of the 20 safest cities. Researchers scored the world’s 576 largest…
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People Expected Police Behavior to Change After George Floyd’s Murder. The Numbers Tell a Different Story
Since last June, police in the U.S. have killed people at virtually the same rate that they have for the past five years
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Americans Have Learned to Talk About Racial Inequality. But They’ve Done Little to Solve It
Janell Ross reflects on what has changed—and what hasn’t—one year after America’s so-called racial reckoning
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‘I Didn’t Have the Privilege of Escaping.’ 8 TIME Journalists Reflect on a Year of Covering Stories About Their Communities
Longstanding journalistic maxims would have a reporter remain disengaged while gathering the facts. But pursuing the whole truth means considering the humanity of one’s subjects—and of oneself. Lived experience can help a reporter empathize and deepen their work in the service of telling stories that accurately reflect the world. After an intense year of reporting…
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The Story Behind TIME’s First-Ever BIPOC-Led Issue
A year ago, we at TIME started talking about the ways we’ve fallen short. Soon after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, staffers from across the organization began sharing painful memories of being mistreated in our workplace and demanding change. I called Edward, our editor-in-chief, whose words you usually read in this space, to ask…
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U.S., Allies and Human Rights Groups Accuse China at U.N. of Massive Crimes Against Uyghurs
Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Barbara Woodward called the situation in Xinjiang 'one of the worst human rights crises of our time'
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