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Elementary School Teachers Pin Down Intruder Who Forced Way Into Building
Three school staff members were injured as they pinned down an intruder for 10 minutes while they waited for police to arrive.
Hummingbirds Could Be Wiped Out By Global Warming: Scientists
They will have to move north to seek cooler climes - or disappear, scientists say.
Sociologist Explains Why So Many DV Survivors Are Discrediting Amber Heard
"It's worth noting that survivors are a heterogeneous group," Dr. Nicole Bedera said. "And experiencing violence is not always a radicalizing event for women."
Kevin Spacey Hit With Sexual Assault Charges in U.K.
The beleaguered actor, 62, has been charged with four counts of sexual assault, as well as another sexual offense, according to local media.
Missouri Man Catches Record-Breaking Walleye With 'Dying Art' Trotline
The fish weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounches, smashing the previous record of 6 pounds and 14 ounces.
Sandy Hook School Shooting Timeline: Victims, Gunman and Aftermath
A detailed look at the Sandy Hook school shooting, including the victims, the timeline, the shooter and the aftermath of the tragedy.
Salvador Ramos' Mother Had 'Uneasy Feeling' About Son
"Those kids... I have no words. I don't know what to say about those poor kids," said Salvador Ramos' mother Adriana Reyes.
Chuck Schumer Blocks School Safety Bill Named After Parkland Victims
The Democratic majority leader said that the Senate is "going to vote on gun legislation" and that Americans "are tired of moments of silence."
Trump Still Likely to Get Revenge on Liz Cheney, Despite Brian Kemp Setback
The former president must now look to the Wyoming Republican primary after his revenge plot against the Georgia governor failed magnificently.
Russia Gains Upper Hand As Ukraine Military Admits 'Difficult' Situation
A senior Ukrainian military official admits Russia has the advantage "both in aviation and in artillery" as the war rages in the eastern Luhansk region.
Hilarious 'Half Man, Half Dog' Optical Illusion Wins Internet: 'Evolution'
"This is epic! Frame this goodness!" said one commenter about the now-viral image.
Which States Have 'Red Flag' Gun Laws in Place?
The laws allow family members or law enforcement officials to file a petition to bar an individual they believe is in crisis from possessing a firearm.
Putin Headed for 'Devastating' Defeat in Ukraine War: Expert
"This would not be the first time Moscow has launched an ambitious military adventure...only to find itself outmatched and humiliated," Anders Aslund warned.
Starbucks Fan Vows Never to Buy Coffee Again After Making DIY Drink Station
The coffee aficionado said she would "never have to pay $7 for a drink again" after building a "mini Starbucks" in her own home.
How Much Have Johnny Depp and Amber Paid in Legal Fees? Expert Weighs In
Newsweek investigates the total cost of what Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have paid their lawyers to represent them in their current defamation trial.
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Who's Replacing Ellen DeGeneres After Her Daytime Show Ends?
The Ellen producers reportedly spoke to around 30 people before settling on a replacement, and the identities of most of these remain unknown.
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Out-Gunned Ukrainians Holding Donbas Line Amid 'Intense' Fight
Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko told Newsweek the resistance is achieving the impossible, but needs more Western support to push Russia back.
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Beto O'Rourke's Actions After Texas Shooting Could Cost Him Governor Race
O'Rourke once famously said "we're going to take your AR-15" during a Democratic presidential debate in 2019.
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Fact Check: Was Davos Founder Klaus Schwab's Father Hitler's 'Confidant'?
A viral post misleadingly suggests World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab's father was closely tied to Adolf Hitler.
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Dog's Reaction to Meeting Rescue Cat Has Owner 'Crying' at New Friendship
Figgy the cat apparently used to live with five dogs, so had no qualms about cozying up to Duncan the corgi.
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Most Americans Won't Consider Buying an Electric Car, JD Power Study Finds
American vehicle shoppers are willing to consider an electric vehicle now more than ever before, but the majority still oppose EVs.
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Will Ukraine Invade Russia After Pushing Putin's Forces Back?
Kyiv has claimed success in its counteroffensive from Kharkiv, but experts say pushing back Russian troops doesn't signal an intention to go over the border.
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Amber Heard, Ex Tasya Van Ree 'Altercation': What Witness Revealed
"Ms. Heard was aggressive toward her traveling companion," police officer Beverly Leonard alleged while testifying in court via live video link.
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Herschel Walker's Chances of Beating Raphael Warnock, According to Polls
The Trump-backed Republican appears to be polling narrowly ahead of the Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia.
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Huge Black Bear Killed After Two Year Rampage in Washington
The bear has rampaged the Issaquah area for years, seeking human food and damaging properties, all while avoiding capture.
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'Super Smart' Dog Opens Door After Owner Is Locked Out in Hilarious Footage
The dog saves the day by cleverly opening the front door, much to the owner's delight.
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Russia Drives Vans Screening Propaganda Around Occupied Mariupol
A Russian ministry said the vans were deployed in the city because for nearly three months, the "residents of Mariupol were in an information vacuum due to a lack of power supply."
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Fake Texas Shooter Profiles Flood Instagram in Twisted Need for Validation
Since the tragedy, many fake accounts purporting to be the shooter's have emerged on Instagram using variations on his profile picture and username.
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China vs. Elon Musk: Scientists Develop Plan to Destroy Starlink Satellites
A Chinese research paper has reportedly outlined concerns about potential military uses of SpaceX's vast Starlink network.
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Cops Accidentally Got Child Shot While Trying to Stop Texas Shooter—Student
"The cop said: 'Yell if you need help!' And one of the persons in my class said 'help.' The guy overheard and he came in and shot her," said a student.
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