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Woman Hilariously Stuck in Latex Outfit Compared to Ross' Fail in 'Friends'
The mom could not take off an all-white latex ensemble featuring a skirt, bralette and matching jacket— a mishap similar to Ross' struggle with his leather pants in a "Friends" episode.
Prices Mocked in L.A.'s 'Most Expensive Grocery Store' Where Vinegar Is $50
A shopper visiting the Venice branch of Erewhon was surprised to find a bottle of water priced at $12.49.
Why Are They Fighting in the Middle East? Because Hamas Is Dedicated to Killing Jews | Opinion
Fundamentally, this is about Hamas and its dedication, in word and deed, to destroying the Jewish state and murdering Jews. And it is about basic morality.
The U.S. Needs to Accept Reality in Syria | Opinion
Syria's neighbors, many of whom detest Bashar al-Assad and funneled arms and money to their favorite rebel groups earlier in the war, now acknowledge he isn't going anywhere.
Cheney Had to Go, But Stefanik Only Postpones the Inevitable | Opinion
All the talk about a 'multiracial working-class party' or a 'realignment' is probably going to amount to nothing if it's led by the same people in Congress as before.
The 10 Most Popular Hybrid Car Models in America
Many mainstream car manufacturers now sell hybrid cars—so which is the most popular in the U.S?
Wuhan Scientist Hits Back at Call for New COVID Origin Probe: 'Really Sad'
In a letter, 18 scientists from around the world have said that more clarity is needed over the origin of COVID-19.
Fossil Likely 300 Million Years Old Found by Litter-Picking Paddleboarders
The Rubbish Paddlers said it was "amazing" to know that what is now Scotland used to be located near the equator with "beautiful corals like this one."
Lyft Driver Robbed at Gunpoint and Pistol-Whipped in Attempted Carjacking
The 67-year-old driver was robbed of his cellphone and more than $1000 in cash while parked at a gas station.
A Middle Class Foreign Policy Must Address Universities' China Dependence | Opinion
If our nation does not develop its best talent, American prosperity, innovation and security will suffer in the long run.
Russia Turns Back U.S. Military Convoy in Syria Confrontation
Russia said the U.S. convoy had taken a route "without prior notice" as friction over deconfliction efforts grows between Washington, D.C., and Moscow.
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'Young Sheldon' Season 5: Will There Be Another Season?
"Young Sheldon" has come to the end of its most recent season on CBS. Here's what we know about the status of Season 5 and the future of the "Big Bang Theory" spin-off.
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The Chinese Communists Get American Aid | Opinion
As the United States rapidly distributed emergency loans as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help struggling businesses, Beijing saw an opportunity for American money and took it.
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'Iconic' Iron Dome Photo Shows Israeli Missiles Countering Rockets From Gaza
The image, captured by AFP photographer Anas Baba, shows multiple rockets fired from Gaza and Iron Dome projectiles launched to neutralize them.
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Is Recreational Weed Legal in Minnesota? House Passes Marijuana Bill
The Minnesota House approved legalization of the drug, but the bill is likely to die in the GOP-controlled state senate.
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Over 100 Teens Found Stuck in Kids' Swing Sets As Part of Bizarre TikTok Trend
The London Fire Brigade issued a warning about a viral craze after it had to rescue dozens of teenagers trapped in playground swings designed for younger children.
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Republican Rep. Says GOP Has Been on Wrong Side of Climate Change Debate
Congressman Peter Meijer (R-MI) said some Republicans were in "perpetual skeptic mode" on the issue.
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Interactive Time Capsule Site Lets Users Visit the Internet Ten Years Ago
Website developer Neal Agarwal has created an easy-access digital time capsule that lets you visit popular websites, frozen in time from a decade ago to the exact date.
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AOC and Marjorie Taylor Greene Clash Becomes Metaphorical Bar Fight
The controversial GOP representative is said to have confronted AOC outside the House chamber this week and accused her of supporting "terrorists."
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Courtney Williams' Raw Speech Questioning WNBA's Political Stance on Jacob Blake Shooting Goes Viral
ESPN Films' documentary 144 lifts the lid on what life was like in the WNBA's bubble in Brandeton, Florida. In the film, Williams speaks out in a meeting about how to respond to Jacob Blake's shooting.
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Gas Shortages Continue Despite Colonial Pipeline Restart
Although operations resumed Thursday, most gas stations in Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas remained out of action.
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Has Target Dropped Chrissy Teigen Over Courtney Stodden Tweets?
Teigen has now issued an apology to Stodden but there are calls for Target to stop selling her products.
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D.C. Officer Michael Fanone Says Republicans 'Peddling That Bulls***' About Capitol Riots
Michael Fanone tells CNN it was "disgraceful" some lawmakers downplayed the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.
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Cat Jumps From Burning Building, Miraculously Survives
The cat was trapped in the fifth-floor apartment of a burning building but managed to escape unscathed.
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Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Liz Cheney Over Pledge to Push Against His Father
The Republican congresswoman has strongly criticized former President Donald Trump following the deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6.
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The Wuhan Lab and the Virus: The Dr. Fauci, Rand Paul Debate Fact-Checked and Explained
The two men battled over the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role played by scientists in a Chinese lab. How accurate were the statements Senator Paul and Dr. Fauci offered in their exchange?
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Dogecoin up Over 20 Percent After Coinbase, Elon Musk Announcements
The cryptocurrency token was up Friday morning following a rough week, during which its price had plummeted.
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Blood Drips on Sleeping Woman's Face From Ceiling Caused by Rotting Body on Floor Above
Police said that the blood came her from her upstairs neighbor, who had died several days before of natural causes.
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Liz Cheney Lectures Fox News' Bret Baier in Fiery Interview Over Election Coverage
The Wyoming Republican said the network had a "particular obligation" to combat claims the election was stolen.
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Car Catches Fire From 'Hoarded Fuel' in Trunk After Driver Loses Control of Vehicle
The woman driving the car flipped it over, causing the car to ignite. She escaped the vehicle with her clothes on fire.
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