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ABC News: Top Stories
ABC News: Top Stories
Causing sonic boom, F-16s investigate unresponsive plane over DC: Officials
A loud noise around Washington, D.C., on Sunday may have been a sonic boom from F-16s investigating an aircraft in a restricted area, a U.S. official said
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WATCH: Huge manta ray swims by divers in Maldives
A scuba diver summoned a large manta ray to swim toward her in the Maldives by putting her arms out and rotating them.
WATCH: Gushing water pours from second-story balcony in Turkey
Gushing floodwater bursts out of a second-story apartment in the Turkish capital of Ankara as heavy rain hit the city.
Official: Almost 80 schoolgirls poisoned, hospitalized in northern Afghanistan
An education official in northern Afghanistan calls it a targeted campaign.
Body of missing resident in collapsed Iowa building found, officials say
The body of one of the missing residents still thought to be inside of a partially collapsed apartment building in Iowa has been found, officials told ABC News.
Michigan wildfire that's burned more than 3 square miles was sparked by campfire on private land
The fire, which has scorched more than 2,000 acres, is 85% contained.
Missing man's body recovered at Iowa apartment collapse site; two others still missing
Two other men are still unaccounted for.
Four dead in Missouri after car crosses center line, strikes motorcyclists
Seven others were seriously injured after a car struck five motorcycles.
More than a dozen migrants transported to California via private plane, officials say
More than a dozen migrants were dropped off on the doorstep of a California church after being transported to the state via private plane, according to state officials.
Turner: US must 'stand strong' in face of 'unbelievable aggression from China'
Rep. Mike Turner on "This Week" lambasted what he called increased military aggression by China and insisted the U.S. must "stand strong"
Chinese warship cuts off US Navy ship in close call
A Chinese warship nearly collided with a U.S. Navy ship in the Taiwan Strait as it cut off the U.S. ship at a distance of 150 yards.
Michigan wildfire prompts evacuations, threatens multiple buildings
A wildfire in Michigan has burned more than 1,000 acres and prompted emergency evacuations and road closures
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WATCH: Large herd of cattle cross through Colorado town
A large herd of cattle crossed through a town in Colorado during a six-mile journey to reach their summer grazing grounds.
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WATCH: Kitten rescued from car engine on busy highway
Police officers helped rescue a kitten trapped in a car engine along a busy highway in Howard County, Maryland, and one official said "I've never been on a call like this."
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Minnesota condo evacuated over stability concerns
More than 140 people were evacuated from a condominium in Minnesota amid concerns that the building was unstable
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2 children rescued from vehicle on fire as woman shoplifts: Police
A 24-year-old Florida woman is facing criminal charges after she left two children in a car while she was allegedly shoplifting.
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Gadhafi's son goes on hunger strike in Lebanon to protest detention without trial
He has been held in Lebanon for more than seven years without a trial.
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As anti-gay sentiment grows, more LGBTQ+ people seek to flee Uganda
Frightened LGBTQ+ Ugandans are searching for a way to escape a new law prescribing the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality
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