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Culture - Slate Magazine
Japan’s Biggest Box-Office Hit of All Time Is Now on Netflix
Here’s why you should stream Demon Slayer.
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The Best Horror Movie of 2020 Is Also the First Great Movie of 2021
Saint Maud blends the divine pleasures of sex, obedience, and Jennifer Ehle.
Tom Brady May Not Be the Greatest QB Ever for Much Longer
The Super Bowl will showcase the guy who dominated the past 20 years facing the guy most likely to own the next 20.
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The Investigation Is the Next Evolution of True Crime
The series about the gruesome murder of Kim Wall steers away from the genre's tendency to treat women's deaths as entertainment.
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Supernova Is More Than Just a Stanley Tucci–Colin Firth Slash Fic
This solemn drama about two tragic hotties also happens to be a great movie.
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The Many Ways the Packers’ Dumb Decision Was Very, Very Dumb
The fourth-quarter play gave Green Bay 9 percent odds of winning, which … is not great.
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