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Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Help! My Mother Is Lying to Everyone About Her “Service” Animal.
I’m tired of aiding and abetting her deception.
8 h
My Daughter-in-Law Is Very Secretive About Where She’s Going When I Babysit
Parenting advice on unknown whereabouts, inappropriate chores, and unsympathetic in-laws.
8 h
Living Happily Without Romance
Author Amy Key’s new book Arrangements in Blue explores a life without romantic love, but with a lot of Joni Mitchell.
9 h
My Ex Has Me Trapped in a Sex Trance
I can't quit.
Prince Harry Made an Almost Unprecedented Swipe During His Court Testimony
There’s a reason this hasn’t happened since 1891.
2 d
This Was The Best Job Ever Until You Learned That Your Boss Talks Trash About You
Talking about trashy texts, the mirror technique, and a deep dive into STASH: My Live In Hiding with guest Laura Cathcart Robbins.
2 d