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Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Human Interest - Slate Magazine
A Doctor Who Ambushed People in a Bar to Get the Vaccine for Free Beer on What They’re Telling Her
She found something different than skepticism.
Dear Care and Feeding: My 7-Year Old Destroyed Her Tablet. Should I Make Her Pay for a New One?
Parenting advice on broken tablets, best friends, and baseball.
After Trump, Twitter Is Somehow … Even Worse?
There’s a sort of bored antagonism on display: The positions are already clear, and none of the emotions Trump provoked is available to draw on.
“I Was in Shock”: The First Transgender Christian Bishop in America on How They Were Elected
Rev. Megan Rohrer on making history, grappling with hate in Christian communities, and finding faith in a queer identity.
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The Strange Thing About the Glorious Return of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Romance
Please note this is Bennifer 3.0, not 2.0.
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My Husband Gave Me Permission to Pursue My Secret Fantasy. I Have No Idea Where to Start.
I’m not sure how to navigate this without hurting him.
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Help! My Friends Think My Girlfriend Is a Scammer Just Because She’s Russian.
We met on Reddit last year at the start of the pandemic.
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Daughter Constantly Criticizes Our Messy Home. She’s Right.
Parenting advice on cleanliness, racism, and sexual orientation.
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I Went on a Vigilante Raid to “Save” Kids Sold for Sex. What We Did Haunts Me Now.
Tim Ballard told me he was called by God. I wanted to be, too.
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