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China Is Now Requiring Covid Tests Taken by Anal Swab
The upside is it’s reportedly more accurate. The downside is the obvious.
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Biden Will Reopen Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges for Special Covid Enrollment Period
An executive order expanding access is expected Thursday.
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Senate Republicans Are Ready to Let Trump Off the Hook
A procedural vote previews the party's exit strategy for impeachment.
Trump Judge Issues Bizarre, Unenforceable Injunction Against Biden’s Deportation Pause
It is unclear whether the order will do anything.
Why Biden Thinks McConnell Could Join His War on Malarkey
The two longtime Senate colleagues and legislative leaders have a deal-making history that makes Biden think he could get Mitch to listen up, jack.
The Nonsensical Republican Argument for Dismissing Trump’s Impeachment
It is perhaps a testament to just how indefensible President Trump’s conduct is that his defenders must resort to specious procedural arguments.
Almost No One’s Opinion Matters Anymore and It’s Great
The administration's to-do list so far is well insulated against bad faith, stridency, and smarm.
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McConnell Ends Filibuster Ultimatum, Will Now (Probably) Allow the Senate to Function
McConnell’s stalling on the filibuster, in a fitting tautological touch, was powered by the threat of the filibuster itself.
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How Democrats Can Keep Their Policies Safe From This Supreme Court
A little-used but entirely legal strategy could protect Congress from Trump’s appointees getting the last word.
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How a Local Reporter Saw Arizona Falling Apart for Trump
For a longtime local reporter in Arizona, Trump’s collapse in the state was several narratives finally colliding.
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The Man Who Branded Trump a “Short-Fingered Vulgarian” in the ’80s on Whether He Regrets the Clown Show Now
Kurt Andersen on Trump as 1980s “clickbait,” when he knew Trump’s presidential run was for real, and what will happen now.
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Biden Repeals Trump’s Trans Troops Ban in Sweeping Executive Order
Biden’s executive order marks the second time the new president has taken sweeping action to safeguard the rights of LGBTQ people.
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Trump Left Biden With Just Days to Save a Key Nuclear Treaty
Why the GOP objections to New START don’t hold up.
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