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Why So Many Liberals Supported Invading Iraq
In some ways, the left’s hawks and the neocons were coming from a similar place.
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Think You’re Smarter Than a Slate Senior Editor? Find Out With This Week’s News Quiz.
Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
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House Republicans Confirm That Jan. 6 Is Ancient History, and Also It Was Good
Everybody accepts Biden's victory, the rioters were friendly tourists, and the Senate is just waiting to pass the best voting rights bill it possibly can.
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While Republicans Cry About Cancel Culture, They’re Canceling Democracy
Being criticized is not the same level of harm as having your vote stripped away.
“Americans Are Paying for the Bombs Falling on Gaza Right Now”
A Palestinian perspective on this week’s violence.
The Wrong Lesson to Take From Israel’s Iron Dome
It’s astonishingly successful. That doesn’t mean it would work for America.
Israel Bombards Gaza as Jewish and Arab Mobs Clash on City Streets Nationwide
Nationwide communal street violence is a departure for the conflict and potentially more dangerous.
The GOP’s New Commandments
In ousting Liz Cheney, the party has abandoned principles and reduced itself to a cult of Trump.
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Why This Round of Israeli-Palestinian Violence Feels Different
There’s no more “peace process” to go back to.
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The Jan. 6 Insurrection Takes Down Liz Cheney
House Republicans purge their No. 3 leader for refusing to lie about the election.
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Liz Cheney Is Out. What Does That Mean for the GOP?
Republicans are choosing the path of least internal resistance.
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Disaffected Republicans Threaten Breakaway Third Party to Kneecap Trump’s GOP
As the party trudges zombie-like towards the magical thinking of Trump’s GOP, Never Trumpers are plotting.
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