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Benjamin Netanyahu ruled Israel as a man of many faces
A look at the legacy of Israel's longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, now pushed from power.
Israeli epoch comes to close as Netanyahu, longest-serving leader, is out
Israeli parliament's vote of confidence in the new government pushes Netanyahu aside, installing another right-wing leader, Naftali Bennett, in his place.
G-7 nations condemn forced labor in rebuke of China
Biden at the G-7 summit pushed other leading democracies to condemn China's use of forced labor by Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities.
War reduced parts of Gaza to rubble. It's his job to take it away
Mahmoud Abu Jubbah and his family have the grim task of clearing the aftermath of war, removing what's left of homes, offices and personal belongings.
McManus: Why the Democrats' voting rights bill will fail and what they can do about it
Republican-controlled state legislatures are still passing new laws to make it harder to cast a ballot. Congress needs to enter the fray.
After G-7, Biden visits Queen Elizabeth before meetings with NATO and Putin
Biden first met Queen Elizabeth when he was a senator nearly 40 years ago.
Japan and Mexico have earthquake early-warning systems. How does California's compare?
Japan has a sophisticated system to alert its residents, and Mexico City has ubiquitous sirens. Is California's early warning system ready?
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Biden presses allies at summit for bolder front against rising Chinese influence
Allies at the G-7 summit Saturday are to discuss a global infrastructure bank to counter China's Belt and Road program in developing countries.
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