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Letters to the Editor: Who cares what a poll says about Dianne Feinstein? She should stay on
Sen. Dianne Feinstein's health and ability serve are serious issues, but a survey of voters without direct knowledge doesn't shed light on anything.
Letters to the Editor: Why conservative scholars should love what UC is doing for immigrant students
The legal theory allowing UC to remove hiring restrictions on students regardless of immigration status respects state autonomy.
Guerrero: Is polarization a problem, or just a reality because the far right has lost its mind?
Engaging with the other side is the only hope for pulling Americans out of the orbit of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her ilk.
Blame Banko Brown's death on the breakdown of law and order in San Francisco
Banko Brown was shot by a security guard who apparently didn't know what to do amid rampant shoplifting in San Francisco.
Letters to the Editor: Colorado River pact isn't much of a solution. What L.A. must do to save the river
The agreed-to cuts in water from the Colorado River only buy a little time. L.A. must ramp up efforts to sustain itself on the water that falls here.
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Letters to the Editor: Do McCarthy's Republicans have any real beliefs on the debt or federal spending?
'The Republicans in Congress have convinced unsuspecting people that they care about them,' says a reader. 'Nothing could be further from the truth.'
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A map of 1,001 novels to show us where to find the real America
Over five years, I read 1,001 novels to hear the voices that fill this country. These books showed me that the places of American fiction can't be divided into blue or red states.
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