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Column: Sheriff Villanueva is angry — at elected officials, at The Times, at lawlessness
In a sit-down interview, the sheriff unloaded on, well, just about everyone — but mostly this newspaper.
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Second Opinion: How California can lead the way on climate-protecting technologies
Although climate change is a global problem, the technological revolutions needed to stop warming will start locally and, with the right incentives, spread globally.
Letters to the Editor: Biden isn't trolling the right, he's trying to saving lives
Joe Biden is calling out Facebook because that is precisely where users are spreading vaccine misinformation, not because he's picking a political fight.
Editorial: L.A. shouldn't remove portable toilets from homeless encampments
Hand-washing toilets and mobile bathrooms are essential for the unhoused. The city should not withdraw them.
Voices from the homeless community along Venice Boulevard
Three men recount their family ties, their romances, how they came to live on the street and how they make ends meet.
Letters to the Editor: In defense of Jeff Bezos spending his billions on spaceflight
Spaceflight is an engineering problem that can be solved by throwing money at it; you can't say the same for poverty or climate change.
Editorial: We need a COVID postmortem so we do better with the next plague
The U.S. needs a clear-eyed examination of the ways the pandemic response was bungled. California, which had its own missteps, should do the same.
Op-Ed: The rise of the Zoombies: Lifeless, detached students have returned to my classroom
My high school students returned to the physical classroom disengaged and perpetually chilled out. This makes me worry about the future of education.
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Op-Ed: The Bootleg fire is burning miles from my house — climate change has never felt more real
To prevent wildfires like the Bootleg fire, climate change policies must include better forest management and fixing outdated energy infrastructure.
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Letters to the Editor: What climate deniers and COVID anti-vaxxers have in common
There's talk of vaccination mandates to combat anti-vaxxer resistance; similarly, we should mandate an end to fossil fuels in the face of climate denial.
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Opinion: Unvaccinated adults, L.A. Times readers are infuriated with you
As cases and hospitalizations rise — and if deaths spike and restrictions return — expect our letters writers to continue fuming over the unvaccinated.
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