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Editorial: Most Americans want stricter gun laws. Senate Republicans don't seem to care
Even the killing of 19 children and two teachers in a Texas classroom seems unlikely to spur reform
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Editorial: The problem with college debt is that we never fix the causes
Erase $10,000 in debt per person? $50,000? Biden is expected to announce his plan for burdensome student debt, but the problem will only be compounded unless we reform how much students spend on college.
5 h
Granderson: Black votes count, even if results for Black voters seem scarce
Frustration with politicians and American life should drive people to the polls more often, not just for presidential and congressional elections.
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Op-Ed: Why our response to school shootings is all wrong
So many children are dying in school shootings because the U.S. doesn't focus on prevention. There are ways we can stop these horrific massacres.
Letters to the Editor: Republicans are protecting the 2nd Amendment more than 2nd-graders
A reader who describes himself as a conservative who supports gun rights calls on legislators to pass laws aimed at preventing the slaughter of schoolchildren.
Op-Comic: The mess in Texas
Houston prepares to welcome the NRA's annual meeting as Uvalde prepares to bury its dead.
Teachers ask in gun-soaked America: How many 6-year-olds can hide in a closet?
Teachers share their planning for protecting their students in the wake of the mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas.
Nicholas Goldberg: "We have to act," says Biden. But he's said that before. And the likelihood is slim
The Constitution may be the biggest obstacle to meaningful gun control, and in this environment, amending the Constitution is virtually impossible.
Editorial: Metro is shortchanging L.A.'s bus riders and bus drivers
Los Angeles-area buses carry two-thirds of the system's riders, but they're treated as an afterthought compared with highway and rail projects.
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Op-Ed: California has been slow to adopt the four-day school week. That could be a good thing
Four-day school weeks can pose educational and health risks to students as well as benefits. One positive: The shortened schedule helps recruit staff.
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Abcarian: A Texas teen put his country first — and the 'Big Lie' Republicans to shame
It's a shame "Big Lie" Republicans aren't inspired by the courage of Jackson Reffitt, who did the right thing and turned in his insurrectionist father.
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Letters to the Editor: Supreme Court reform can free us from Antonin Scalia's disastrous gun opinion
The Supreme Court's 2008 Heller decision got it horribly wrong on gun rights. Some basic reforms could get us back to sanity.
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Letters to the Editor: Companies had their chance to diversify board rooms. They failed
Companies don't diversify on their own. They need to be required to appoint women and minorities to their boards of directors.
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Letters to the Editor: We once relied on the L.A. River for water. Let's try doing that again
In the 1800s, dozens of miles of aqueducts from the L.A. River crisscrossed the city. With the Colorado River drying up, we should tap our own river again.
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Editorial: National suicide plays out one murderous mass shooting at a time
Perhaps it's the fate of the United States to watch its soul die along with the 14 students and one teacher shot to death Tuesday at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
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Op-Ed: White replacement theory is fascism's new name
White replacement theory and its ideological predecessors have been central to fascist movements throughout history. It's no surprise both are on the rise now.
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