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Congress provided $28 billion to save restaurants. It's running out
Congress provided $28.6 billion for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. Two weeks after the funds became available, more than $65 billion worth of requests have come in.
California and the West are in for another tough fire year, federal officials forecast
After a year of record-setting wildfires in 2020, California could be in for a difficult year due to extensive drought conditions in the West.
Column: Tyranny of the minority, or how Trump and other sore losers are making our nasty politics worse
Gavin Newsom was targeted for recall even before he took office. Do elections matter anymore?
Newsom proposes $1.5 billion in new small business COVID-19 grants
The additional funds from federal COVID-19 aid to the state would bring the amount allocated in recent months for grants to $4 billion, which Newsom told business leaders would make it the largest state program of its kind in the country.
Boosted by California's huge budget surplus, Newsom plays Santa Claus to California voters
Newsom has been traveling around California making expensive promises to voters who very likely will be deciding in a fall recall election whether to keep or toss him, columnist George Skelton writes.
Feinstein's approval among Californians still lags, while Padilla gets positive marks in new poll
Nearly half of Californians disapprove of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's job performance, according to a Berkeley IGS Poll released on Thursday. Sen. Alex Padilla has higher approval ratings, but fewer have an opinion on the state's junior senator.
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California could lift most COVID-19 mask requirements by June 15, Newsom says
California could lift most COVID-19 mask requirements by June 15, Newsom says
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Republicans aren't alone in saying Kamala Harris should visit southern border
Republicans want Vice President Harris to visit the border to better tie her to the problems there. But some Democrats and others also want her to go.
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U.S. sending envoy on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some say action is belated
U.S. defends Israel's right to self-defense but says military has an 'extra burden' to avoid killing civilians as scores of Palestinians die in Gaza.
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Newsom recall rival Kevin Faulconer proposes eliminating state income tax for some Californians
Californians making $50,000 or less and families making less than $100,000 would pay no state income tax under Faulconer plan.
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Biden seeks infrastructure consensus in meeting with congressional leaders
Biden holds first formal White House meeting with House and Senate leaders to discuss infrastructure. Republicans have signaled implacable opposition.
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Inflation is back. How high and how long will prices go up?
The acceleration in prices, which has been building for months, has unsettled financial markets and raised concerns that it could weaken the economic recovery from the pandemic recession.
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Former Trump officials face grilling on Jan. 6 response, domestic extremism
On opposite sides of the Capitol, current and former executive branch officials speak on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the state of domestic extremism
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California could fast track endorsement deals for NCAA college athletes
California is already set to allow college athletes to be compensated beginning in 2023, but a new push aims to make it happen sooner.
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Californians see Kamala Harris as ready to step into the presidency, poll shows
Vice President Kamala Harris seen by majority of Californians as "playing a significant role" in Biden administration and ready to step into the Oval Office if needed.
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