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America's gun violence problem won't be solved until firearm owners finally understand it must be
Politicians have been railing about the proliferation of gun violence for a very long time, and gun murders have been escalating to the nation's embarrassment, columnist George Skelton writes.
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Cuba says it won't attend Summit of the Americas in L.A. after Biden administration snub
The decision throws the summit, which is crucial to the U.S. ability to demonstrate its influence in the western hemisphere, into further disarray.
After months of optimism, prospects for Iran nuclear deal 'tenuous' at best, U.S. says
Rob Malley, the top U.S. envoy for the Iran negotiations, testified Wednesday that prospects for reviving the landmark deal were slim.
'Enough!' Biden, decrying mass shootings and excessive force, signs executive order on policing
President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday creating a national registry of officers fired for misconduct and revising use-of-force standards.
Beto O'Rourke interrupts news conference, tells Texas governor: 'This is on you!'
A day after the deadly shooting at a Texas school, former U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke confronts political rival Greg Abbott, demanding more gun control.
Texas massacre leads Newsom, Democrats to promise fast gun control action
Newsom and state lawmakers announced their plan to deviate from the typical legislative process and take fast action on more than a dozen bills currently pending in the California Legislature.
FDA acknowledges slow response, 'suboptimal' decisions leading up to infant formula shortage
Sluggish response and questionable decisions by the Federal Drug Administration exacerbated the nation's infant formula shortage, officials say.
Nicholas Goldberg: "We have to act," says Biden. But he's said that before. And the likelihood is slim
The Constitution may be the biggest obstacle to meaningful gun control, and in this environment, amending the Constitution is virtually impossible.
Column: Texas school shooting was 'incomprehensible'? No, it's just another day in America
Since the slaughter at Sandy Hook, Congress hasn't addressed the gun violence epidemic. Now in Texas more are dead.
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'It's time to act': Biden demands action on gun control after Texas school shooting
A visibly frustrated but somber president said in a speech Tuesday evening that he was "sick and tired" of mass shootings and that it was "time to act."
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Newsom calls inaction on gun violence a 'choice' after Texas school shooting
Newsom's dispatches were among a sea of calls on Twitter for stronger gun control in the U.S. in the wake of the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
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Garcetti's India nomination has stalled. So his parents hired lobbyists to help him
Eric Garcetti's parents said they brought on 'a trusted advisor to help tell the truth' as the mayor's ambassadorial nomination awaits Senate action.
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White House is nudged to move on stalled Garcetti nomination
One of Garcetti's top advocates said the White House needs to make a decision on the Los Angeles mayor's bid to be ambassador to India within weeks.
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Travel once energized Biden, but Asia trip offers little relief from political woes
Biden used to talk about the passion he gained traveling abroad. But his first trip to Asia as president has looked like a slog.
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Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki joins MSNBC this fall
Jen Psaki will appear on programs across MSNBC and NBC News while her own show is being developed and expected to debut in the fall.
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