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Faizon Love withdraws lawsuit over 'racist' movie poster for 'Couples Retreat'
Actor Faizon Love and NBCUniversal have settled a legal dispute over an international movie poster for "Couples Retreat" that allegedly excluded his likeness.
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Zack Snyder says he left 'Justice League' because he had 'zero energy' for the fight
With his 'Justice League' cut due on HBO Max in March, Zack Snyder said he was 'just kind of done with it' when he left the movie after his daughter's suicide.
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How natural Afro hair introduced 'Cuties' writer-director to ... herself
In helping her young Black actor, Maimouna Doucoure changed two lives with the making of 'Cuties'
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Phyllida Lloyd and writer-actress Clare Dunn join on the uplifting drama 'Herself'
The small-budget Irish film about a woman who builds her own home after escaping abuse was a welcome return to a more intimate set for director Phyllida Lloyd.
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'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' director George C. Wolfe brings the blues to life on screen
'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' director George C. Wolfe sees a missed opportunity between Ma (Viola Davis) and Levee (Chadwick Boseman).
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Radha Blank films a 'Version' close to herself, quiet contemplation and all
The key to directing herself, says the writer-director-star, was leaving herself 'open to falling on my face.'
Tom Holland pushes his own limits in 'Cherry,' physically and emotionally
Putting aside his friendly neighborhood superhero, the actor joins the Russo brothers to play a real-life student-turned-soldier-turned-addict-turned-bank robber
6 directors on the illusion of control and 'the pitiless exposure of your weaknesses'
When six directors — David Fincher, Paul Greengrass, Regina King, Spike Lee, Aaron Sorkin and Chloé Zhao — recently got together to talk about their latest projects, they shared candid feelings about control on-set and the movie business in a post-COVID world.
No more nude scenes, says Keira Knightley — unless the filmmaker is female
Actress Keira Knightley will shoot nude scenes only for female directors, as a way to take a stand for women in front and behind the camera, she says.
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Denzel Washington and Rami Malek on the challenge of releasing a movie during the pandemic
Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Rami Malek discuss their unlikely partnership in the dark psychological thriller 'The Little Things,' opening simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max.
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'Palm Springs' gets commentary cut: Andy Samberg still doesn't know what ending means
'There's certain things in this movie that are not meant to be known with certainty,' Andy Samberg says in Hulu's new commentary cut of 'Palm Springs.'
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Tamar-kali takes the score for 'Shirley' on a wild ride tinged with horror and humor
The composer says she sometimes even surprised herself. "After I had accomplished the thing I was creating, I literally sat back and was like, 'What was that?'"
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Emile Mosseri gets to the heart of two films with his romantic and dreamlike scores
The composer pulls up the romance in the whimsical 'Kajillionaire' and taps childhood memory for 'Minari'
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'Onward' is a personal journey set in a fantasy world
"Onward" mines its director's story for laughs and discovery. Keep an eye out for the 'Game of Thrones' shout-out.
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'Over the Moon' turns Chinese legend into a musical animated feature
Asian American voice cast takes viewers on parallel journeys of recovery from loss and grief, a theme close to the filmmakers after death of screenwriter.
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A tough year — and tough film themes — bring beauty by way of the music
Howard Shore, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and Terence Blanchard: These film composers took the sting out of the year's pain.
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'Wolfwalkers' wraps a story of a unique friendship around troubling Irish history
"Wolfwalkers," a top contender for the animated-feature Oscar, communicates its ideas on multiple levels.
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Ludwig Göransson decodes his sometimes forward, sometimes backward 'Tenet' score
The composer musically communicates the entropy and reverse entropy, and jaw-dropping action sequences of the Christopher Nolan film
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'News of the World' composer tapped into the broken remnants of the Civil War
James Newton Howard used old, hard-to-tune instruments for the story set in the American frontier before letting loose the music to a full gallop.
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What is life all about? Self-exploration is good for the 'Soul'
Oscar contender "Soul" went down new paths for Pixar to explore age-old questions.
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Leslie Odom explains why he initially passed on playing Sam Cooke in 'One Night in Miami'
"Hamilton" star Leslie Odom Jr. finds another dream role playing Sam Cooke in "One Night in Miami."
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