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Living | New York Post
The wonderful wackiness of the Miss Universe costume contest
From soccer uniforms to airline pilot costumes, the Miss Universe contest in 2021 had an eclectic mix of outfits. Johnny Oleksinski and Serena French break it all down.
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Alarming number of people think they can beat elephant, lion in a fight: survey
A new online has revealed that, despite our reputation for arrogance, Americans are surprisingly realistic about how we'd stack-up in a fight against animals.
Misinformation surges amid India’s COVID-19 calamity
False cures. Terrifying stories of vaccine side effects. Baseless claims that Muslims spread the virus.
Dad throws baby fit at pink gender-reveal party
A father-to-be proved himself the biggest baby at his future child’s gender reveal when the balloons came out pink. Apparently, he wanted a little boy.
Transgender airmen, guardians guaranteed equal opportunity under new policy
Critics of previous military policies argued they limited the department’s ability to recruit from as much of the American population as possible.
Diplomats, donors concerned about sex abuse reports at WHO
British, European and American diplomats and donors have voiced serious concerns about how the WHO handled sex abuse allegations involving its own staff during an outbreak of Ebola in Congo.
Court declares missing German billionaire dead after 3 years
A German court on Friday officially declared billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub dead.
Emily Ratajkowski’s NFT sells for $140K
In six minutes of intense bidding, a mystery buyer in New York City won the token for a picture of the stunning model.
Diver spots fish wearing a gold wedding ring in Australia
A common mullet fish has been spotted in the South Pacific sporting a solid gold collar -- a wedding band lost in the ocean.
What it’s really like hunting for morel mushrooms in the wild
Morel mushrooms prefer to grow in warm and wet conditions, which is why April and May is prime morel season on the East Coast.
Greece joins Mediterranean race to win back tourists
Greece launched its tourism season Friday amid a competitive scramble across the Mediterranean to lure vacationers emerging from lockdowns.
WeWork CEO says ‘least engaged’ employees prefer to work from home
"No one is saying they don't want to go to work. They are saying 'I wanna go to work two or three days a week' and 'I'd like to work from home a day a week,' " Sandeep Mathrani claimed.
Car bursts into flames when smoking driver uses hand sanitizer
"Using hand sanitizer and smoking a cigarette is a bad combo in unventilated areas like a car," a local fire and rescue official said.
For deep-diving elephant seals, it takes lots of work to stay fat
Scientists have conducted the most thorough study to date of the unique feeding behavior of northern elephant seals.
Steven Mnuchin finally nabs buyer for $25M ‘world’s richest building’ pad
Former US Treasury Secretary's apartment at the tony 740 Park Ave. has finally found a buyer, thanks to a hefty COVID discount. The 12-room duplex notably features five bedrooms and its own elevator landing.
Jaden Smith and New Balance release trendy Pink Vision Racers
Jaden is back -- and if you loved this popular shoe, then copping its pink colorway is a worthy investment.
Mystery surrounds mass death of elephants in India, lightning suspected
"We need to find out through forensic tests if there could be any other reason, like poisoning or disease."
Fisherman chased by 11-foot alligator in terrifying video
A fisherman became the bait when he was chased by an alligator in the Everglades as seen in scary GoPro video footage.
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China uses coercive policies to drive down Uyghur birth rates: think tank
China maintains that changes in birth rates are linked to improved health and economic policy and it strongly rejects accusations of genocide.
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Students who hacked KFC for $31,000 worth of chicken jailed in China
The Chinese students who scored a five-finger-lickin' discount worth some $30,000 at Kentucky Fried Chicken in 2018 are going to prison.
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Schools ditch student mask requirements in growing numbers
The debates have been emotional and highly divisive around the country, in some cases leading to the involvement of police.
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Brood X cicadas force businesses, homeowners to take precautions
Brood X, a classification of the trillions of periodical cicadas that have descended in states across the eastern and southern U.S., has emerged after a 17-year hiatus — and already closed one restaurant. The District of Columbia and the surrounding states of Maryland and Virginia are cicada ground zero, reporting sightings earlier than most other states.  More of the red-eyed, singing insects will appear as ground temperatures warm...
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New ‘Torched Earth’ beer tests nasty effects of climate change on brewing
Fat Tire brewers took the three basics of beer — grain, water, yeast — and put them through the "gauntlet of climate change."
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Australian woman wakes up with Irish accent after throat surgery
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a science author and commentator, weighed in on the debacle in a TikTok video explaining that Yen may have foreign accent syndrome.
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Public service in the US: Increasingly thankless, exhausting
Even before the coronavirus arrived, researchers have found in 2018 that about half of American public servants said they were burnt out, compared with 20% over workers overall.
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The 25 best wedding gifts for every budget
While the bride and groom's registry is certainly helpful, we rounded up some awesome options — at a variety of price points — to make your favorite couple smile on their special day.
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Police swarm home of mortified mom who left her ‘corpse’ outside
She got a cop shock after a poorly disposed of Halloween prop prompted suspicion that she'd committed murder.
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Poland wants to buy Marie Curie’s vacation house in France
Premier Mateusz Morawiecki said on Twitter this week that the house, on the southwest outskirts of Paris, is “part of Poland’s history.”
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Harry Potter flagship store to open in NYC
Author J.K. Rowling's groundbreaking "Harry Potter" franchise has chosen a new home for their flagship store in New York City, Warner Bros. has announced.
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Scientists offer look into life as Caribbean volcano erupted
More than 16,000 people fled the ash-covered hills and homes in northern St. Vincent while the scientists stayed behind.
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