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Living | New York Post
Vending machine with COVID-19 home tests coming to NYC this month
Remember when vending machines were for snacks and soda? COVID-19 home test kits will soon be sold via vending machines in cities including New York. But they won’t be as cheap as a bag of chips. Health company Wellness 4 Humanity is rolling out vending machines stocked with COVID-19 at-home test kits. The tests cost $149...
Here’s how you can tell if someone is lying to you
The mental load of lying might be too much for our brains, which resort to copycat behavior.
More than 110 million rats, mice used in US labs: report
Thanks a 110 million.
Physicist explains why he thinks mysterious interstellar object was aliens
A physicist has weighed in on the mystery surrounding the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua,’ which flew past Earth back in 2017 at an unusually high speed. Harvard professor Avi Loeb remarked during an interview with Salon that it’s possible the fast, cigar-shaped object was an interstellar spacecraft.  “At first, astronomers assumed it must be a comet, because these are...
UK seafood trucks protest at Parliament over Brexit red tape
LONDON — Trucks owned by U.K. shellfish firms descended on Britain’s Parliament Monday to protest the Brexit-related red tape they claim is suffocating their businesses. More than a dozen large lorries — one bearing the words “Brexit carnage!” — drove past the Houses of Parliament in central London and parked outside Downing St., home to...
France’s Michelin Guide awards stars in virtual ceremony
PARIS — France’s Michelin Guide, which has long served as a bible for foodies, is adapting its awards ceremony in Paris for the year that was like no other – 2020. It is handing out its stars for the shuttered industry at a virtual ceremony to a virtual public. From the panoramic splendor of the...
Vaccine skepticism hurts East European anti-virus efforts
BELGRADE, Serbia — Vaccines from the West, Russia or China? Or none at all? That dilemma faces nations in southeastern Europe, where coronavirus vaccination campaigns are off to a slow start — overshadowed by heated political debates and conspiracy theories. In countries like the Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria, vaccine skeptics have included...
How to get a free bag of marijuana with the COVID-19 vaccine
The campaign is dubbed "Joints for Jabs."
How to celebrate MLK Day all day with Morgan Freeman
The actor is paying tribute with historic images and words by the civil rights leader.
Netflix is struggling to keep hot ‘Bridgerton’ sex off of porn sites
“Appearing alongside some of the most obscene material the web has to offer has sparked horror and anger," an insider said.