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Living | New York Post
Dad receives ‘world’s first’ double hand transplant
Steven Gallagher, 48, suffered scleroderma, a condition where the skin hardens and tightens.
Our baby was born with rare ‘permanent smile’ condition — now she charms TikTok
A baby born with an extremely rare medical condition left her with a permanent smile, but her family is determined to bring awareness online.
My plumber stole my engagement and wedding rings – but I outsmarted him and got them back
A woman has opened up about how she outsmarted her conman plumber to get back the engagement and wedding rings he’d stolen from her.
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Boeing capsule lands back on Earth after space shakedown
It was a quick trip back: The Starliner capsule parachuted into the New Mexico desert just four hours after leaving the orbiting lab, with airbags attached to cushion the landing.
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Millennials love pets more than siblings, partners — even mom: study
Fifty-seven percent of participants love their furry friends more than their siblings. An astonishing 50 percent admitted the same about their moms.
I thought I just had heartburn – now I’m living with a death sentence and won’t see my kids grow up
So when mom Amie Walton suddenly felt a shooting pain whilst playing with her little ones, she dismissed it as fatigue.
My boobs are so big they weigh 28 pounds — I have to use a walking stick
United Kingdom woman Anji Chalk fears she will be “permanently disabled” by the crushing weight of her chest, which are a K cup at least.
Wild turkey joins funeral procession at Arlington National Cemetery
A wild turkey was recently photographed following a funeral procession at Arlington National Cemetery, according to a post on the cemetery's Instagram.
Luxury spa the Well pops up in the Hamptons
The Well -- known for mixing crystals, alternative medicine with more conventional approaches to mental and physical health -- will open at Dune Deck Beach Club this summer.
Japan’s artsy and idyllic islands call as nation reopens to tourists
If you’re a fan of Japan it’s time to plan. For more than two years, the nation was effectively impossible visit Japan. Its borders were shut. Now, the Japanese government is hinting that all will change next month — although exact details remain fuzzy (check Travel Japan for updates). But, locals are gearing up for...
Firefighters rescue baby elk from massive New Mexico wildfire
When firefighters checked over a severely burned area within the Calf Canyon and Hermit’s Peak fire for hot spots Saturday, they stumbled on something they weren’t expecting.
Where and what to drink on your next Santorini vacation
Visitors and locals line the cliff tops above the caldera and watch the summer sun sink towards the indigo-blue Mediterranean waters, turning any remaining clouds vivid shades of electric orange and pink.
Rape survivor creates ‘consent underwear’ in honor of Daisy Coleman
A 24-year-old rape survivor and sexual assault awareness activist created her own line of consent-themed underwear line Assk First to honor the memory of her best friend and fellow sexual assault victim and advocate Daisy Coleman.
Couple with ‘busy life’ gets married — after 60-year engagement
"Usually at this age people are thinking about funerals," the couple's 59-year-old daughter said. Alex popped the question to Jane in 1962 — the same year The Beatles released their debut single "Love Me Do."
Climate change might be keeping you from a good night’s sleep, study finds
The tossing and turning, in sweaty pajamas, during the usually cool nighttime hours is no fun, but unfortunately, we are in for more toasty nights.
Dubai street cat is living the American dream on Instagram
“At this point I have run out of hangers!” Mansuri said. Benson boasts a wardrobe of more than 250 items. His mom purges the closet annually and donates the clothes to charity.
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US birth rates increased in 2021 for the first time in 7 years
The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics revealed there were 3,659,289 babies born in 2021, the first rise in births since 2014.
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Losing weight helps big guys double their sperm counts: study says
The battle of the bulge has never been more potent, according to new research that links weight loss with amped up sperm counts.
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Real-life Scooby-Doo freaked out by ‘haunted’ butcher shop
“As soon as he reached the shop, he went wild,” said the 168-pound Mastiff's owner. “He was uncontrollable."
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Woman cried blue tears, went blind after tattooing her eyeballs
A tattoo model has shared what happened when she got blue inking on her eyeballs, and the reality is grim.
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Trans woman reunites with dad who said she’d be ‘an ugly woman’
"My father was a single father. I wanted him to like me and be proud of me and he basically told me that wasn't going to happen," the brave beauty explained.
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Mind-bending optical illusion shows ghostly ship floating in the air
The astonishing picture was snapped by photographer Martin Stroud as he was strolling through the village.
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