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Opinion | New York Post
The New York Times just won’t quit its dishonest COVID fearmongering
COVID-19 cases have been falling as vaccinations have increased in New York. The Post's Steve Cuozzo wants to know why the New York Times reports that NYC still is at “very high risk.”
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Jeff Bezos exposed as the king of fake news
Wow: It now looks like Jeff Bezos and his damage-control team just made up not one but two whole stories to deflect coverage of his affair with a then-married woman: one, a claim that the Saudis had hacked his phone to get telling texts and revealing photos; two, charges that the National Enquirer tried to...
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No ethics needed for the President Biden’s best buddies
President Biden asked members of his administration to sign ethics waivers, but in practice it just hasn't stopped his closeness to labor unions.
From inflation to jobs to the border, Biden is flailing — when will the media notice?
Joe Biden's early tenure as president has hit a tumultuous patch this spring. With that in mind, Eddie Scary writes for The Post that it's time for the media to take him to task.
Biden is signaling that war crimes against Israel will be rewarded
Now that Donald Trump is no longer commander-in-chief, Hamas appears to be testing President Biden and Israel.
I lived through NYC’s bad old days — and know Eric Adams will get the city back on track
Most of the mayoral candidates running in New York’s June 22 Democratic primary don’t seem to notice: The city is slipping back to the bad old days of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is the exception.
Letters to the Editor — May 13, 2021
The Issue: House Republicans’ vote to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position. What are these Republicans thinking (“Mc­Carthy boosting Stefanik,” May 10)? Some of their comments about the 2020 election and, more importantly, COVID and the vaccines, are off the wall. Why do they think something is wrong with Rep. Liz Cheney just...
Biden’s multibillion-dollar day-care delusion won’t fix what he thinks is broken
President Biden is pushing to help Americans with child care, but studies show early education isn't quite so successful.
Biden’s job-market mess and other commentary
Conservative: Biden’s Job-Market Mess With the economy reopening, “all that President Biden and his Democratic allies had to do for the jobs market to take off at or near historic levels was . . . do nothing, stupid,” snarks Andy Puzder at Fox Business. “Unfortunately, the temptation was too great.” In March, Democrats — “without...
When the US leaves Afghanistan, the world will become less safe
As US troops leave Afghanistan, al Qaeda is likely to regain power in the war-torn country it ravaged for decades.
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Sorry, but they’re called ‘mothers’ — not ‘birthing people’
“Birthing people” should be a line in the sand for all decent and rational Americans. The phrase is not only an insult to mothers everywhere; it is an attack on reason itself.
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Read (a younger, wiser) Andrew Cuomo’s lips
It’s been a few years, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo clearly needs a reminder of how he saw things in his early days as New York’s chief executive. Not only has he repeatedly extended much of the “temporary millionaires tax” that was due to sunset during his first term as governor and failed for a decade...
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Enough! NYC voters must make voices heard after Times Square shooting: Goodwin
Unless New York has completely lost its mind, the shooting in Times Square that wounded three innocent bystanders, including a 4-year-old girl, will galvanize the mayoral race.
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NYC’s criminal-justice system is utterly failing
Last weekend's shooting in Times Square proves NYC can't handle the growing violence and violent offenders.
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Teachers’-union boss fumbles on 1619 Project, school openings should scare America
Have you ever seen the head of the nation’s most powerful teachers’ union caught like a deer in the headlights? If not, you must have missed American Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten’s disastrous interview on Fox News. The union boss managed to badly botch not one but two of the most critical issues facing...
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What did Fauci fund in Wuhan and other commentary
Americans have a right to know what connection our government — especially Dr. Fauci — had to the Wuhan lab; Biden’s federalizing failure; liberals can’t quit Trump; "systemic racism" is a useless concept; and make buildings great again.
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I saw tribalism rip a country apart — and now it’s happening in America
About a decade ago, when I worked for the American Enterprise Institute, I had to force myself to go to lunch with a friend. I dreaded the meeting because I knew that she was going to try to convince me to leave my job.
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