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Opinion | New York Post
Joe Biden’s ridiculous denial that cop-defunders are overwhelmingly Democrats
President Joe Biden still refuses to admit that “Defund the Police” is a purely left-wing campaign. The latest: At a CNN town hall last week, he insisted that anyone who calls Democrats anti-police is “lying” and then compared such claims to a QAnon conspiracy theory that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton killed a child...
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Democrats’ disgraceful war on schools that actually teach poor, minority children
Charter schools are by far the most successful innovation in public education of the last half-century — notably, the first to regularly offer first-rate schooling to lower-income, urban black and Hispanic families. Yet the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress (and in state legislatures such as New York’s) are looking to strangle them. The latest:...
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Letters to the Editor — July 26, 2021
New York Post readers weigh in on the Biden administration’s call for social-media sites to restrict vaccine “misinformation.”
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Eric Adams is making excellent use of long wait before he can finally become NYC mayor
Eric Adams is almost certain to win the November mayoral election, but he won’t take office until January — which leaves him facing a challenging five-month stretch as he seeks to retain (or, better, build) momentum without actually holding power. So far, he’s handling it well.
Biden’s funding to the Palestinian Authority only hurts the cause of peace
The Palestinian Authority is proud to fund its terrorists, and President Joe Biden is proud to fund the Palestinian Authority by end-running the Taylor Force Act.
Letters to the Editor — July 25, 2021
New York Post readers weigh in on recent coverage of a defender dissing a young victim, the UK’s medical cruelty, Prince Harry’s tell-all, “oldspeak” and an anti-Biden sign showdown.
Indoor mask mandates would choke big banks coming back to NYC
Big bank CEOS are growing anxious about Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio reinstituting mask mandates in response to the COVID-19 Delta variant, which could hamper the Big Apple's recovery, Charles Gasparino writes.
Here’s all the proof Biden needs to conclude COVID-19 was leaked from a lab
Biden administration officials are suddenly everywhere in the news, warning that the origins of the COVID-19 virus may remain shrouded in mystery for all time.
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The FBI is made of snitches, often trapping Americans into committing crimes
The FBI has destroyed its squeaky-clean public image,
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NYC restaurants survived COVID only to be destroyed by woke complaints
Employees who use credulous media to air beefs that chefs and owners aren’t being nice enough to them are the newest threat to NYC restaurants.
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Veep Joe Biden skirted ‘no see’ mail law with private accounts: Devine
As vice president, Joe Biden used private email addresses for government correspondence and Hunter Biden’s business deals in Ukraine, Miranda Devine writes.
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Letters to the Editor — July 24, 2021
The Issue: Eric Adams’ plan to change the names of city streets and buildings that honor slave owners. Removing slave owners’ names from street signs, buildings and parks and the removal of statues will not erase our history (“Adams eyes city slavery name changes,” July 17). It will only appease the members of the woke...
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The righteous NIMBYs: Besieged by disorder and failing pols
NIMBY — “not in my back yard” — is usually applied to locals battling selfishly against a nearby project that’s plainly in the wider public interest that doesn’t really harm them, such as the baseless hysteria of some in Westchester that actually forced the closure of the Indian Point nuclear-power plant or millionaire high-rise-dwellers mobilizing...
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