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White House walks back Biden comments on cybercriminal swap with Russia
The White House on Sunday walked back comments from President Biden that he’d be "open" to exchanging cybercriminals with Russia.
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‘Going to get in trouble with staff’: Biden lets slip how he’s handled to face press
​A slip by President Biden at the G-7 summit Sunday may have revealed just how carefully his staff try to handle the commander in chief when he faces questions from the media. Biden cracked that he’d get “in trouble” with his handlers if he failed to take questions from just the pre-planned list of reporters...
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Woman makes ‘weirdest’ discovery inside nightstand she bought at thrift shop
A woman who bought a set of second-hand nightstands at a thrift store got a blast from the past when she found an old note stuffed inside, she claimed in a viral TikTok video.
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Biden ‘open’ to Putin’s offer to exchange cybercriminals amid ransomware attacks
Speaking during the conclusion of the G-7 summit of world leaders in Britain, Biden was asked about Putin's proposal about each country turning over cybercriminals.
At least 12 killed in massive gas line explosion in China
The blast ripped through a crowded section of Shiyan around 6:30 a.m. local time, reducing several buildings to rubble near a vegetable market packed with shoppers, Beijing News said in a report.
Rudy Giuliani blasts Biden for ‘caving into Iran’ over nuclear deal
“He’s caving in to Iran before Iran even wants to make a deal,” Rudy Giuliani told John Catsimatidis on his WABC 770 AM radio show in an interview that aired Sunday.
Netanyahu set to lose power as Israel’s parliament votes on new government
Lawmakers will vote to bring in a new administration while Benjamin Netanyahu's reign as Israel's Prime Minister is nearing its end.
Ex-NFL player Kevin Ware to be questioned about missing girlfriend: report
Ex-NFL player Kevin Ware is expected to be questioned about his girlfriend's suspicious disappearance after being arrested for violating a court order in Texas.
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Teachers, parents protest mask and vaccine rules at UFT headquarters
More than 100 teachers, parents and students protested outside the United Federation of Teachers' headquarters in Lower Manhattan Saturday, demanding to stop wearing masks in schools.
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Auction winner bids $28M to fly into space with Jeff Bezos
The winner will join the Amazon founder and his brother, Mark, on the six-seat craft's inaugural human flight.
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Remote workers put in longer hours but were less efficient, study says
Employees are beginning to trickle back into their offices just in time — after a new study found that remote work reduces productivity.
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Sri Lanka seeks initial $40M from cargo ship’s operator
Sri Lanka sent a claim of $40 million to lawyers representing X-Press Feeders, the ship's operating company, to cover a portion of the funds of fighting the cargo ship fire.
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