CafeTO takes another step forward

CafeTO, a new patio experience, is coming to Toronto. City Hall has agreed to establish a program to allow for the installation of sidewalk cafés, curb lane and parklet cafes or public parklets with areas to allow for patrons to practice physical distancing. “I want to commend this program. We have had hundreds of applications […]
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Orillia, Ont., installs large masks on entrance signs to drill home COVID-19 safety message
As of Monday, people in Simcoe County and Muskoka are required to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces.
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‘Glee’ creators launching college fund for Naya Rivera’s four-year-old son
Naya Rivera’s body was found floating on the lake Monday morning following an extensive search conducted by dive crews and with sonar equipment after she went missing on July 8.
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Flu deaths rise when a city gets a new pro sports team: study
The findings could have implications for pro sports during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Ontario begins expansion of highways 6, 401 between Hamilton and Guelph
The Ministry of Transportation says preparatory construction and engineering work for both highways is underway.
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Manitoba RCMP to release more details on Portage la Prairie homicide
Police in Manitoba are expected to give an update Wednesday on a homicide investigation launched after the body of an as-of-yet unidentified man was found in Portage la Prairie last month.
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Michigan man killed by police officer after mask wearing dispute
A Michigan man was killed by a police officer after allegedly stabbing a man over a dispute on whether or not to wear a face mask in a convenience store. According to Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich, 43-year-old Sean Ruis wasn’t wearing a mask inside the Quality Dairy store when he got into a confrontation with a customer who was wearing one. Ruis allegedly stabbed the 77-year-old man and fled the scene in a vehicle. Half an hour later, he was pulled over by an Eaton County deputy in the Delta Township. Wielding two knives and a screwdriver, Ruis approached the officer, who has not been named. According to ABC News , the incident was captured on the officer’s body cam, where she can be heard repeatedly asking Ruis to drop the knives before opening fire. The Michigan State Police is also conducting an independent investigation into the deadly use of force and is leading the investigation into the stabbing incident. The officer involved is on administrative leave. The victim is in stable condition at the hospital. “The goal here is to be safe. We all have to do our part so this doesn’t spread,” Reich said to ABC. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer had previously issued a statewide mandate for mask wearing in most indoor areas and outdoors where social distancing isn’t possible. This shooting wasn’t the first instance of violence over mask wearing in Michigan. In May , a woman, her adult son and her husband were charged with fatally shooting a Family Dollar security guard after he wouldn’t let their daughter in without a face mask. Missouri, whose Democrat governor Laura Kelly also instituted mandatory mask wearing, faces similar problems. On Monday, 18-year-old Arlo Kinsey was working at RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack, a Kansas City area restaurant, when a middle-aged man in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat approached the counter without a mask. Kinsey told the Kansas City Star that he asked the man to wear a mask, to which the man replied that he had an exception to the mandate before lifting his shirt to reveal a gun. “My first thought was, I work in customer service and this is really what’s going to happen?” Kinsey told the Star. “All we’re asking is that you wear a mask for a couple of minutes. We could have taken your order outside if you didn’t want to. But you go into an air conditioned area without a mask on, and if I tell you to wear one, you’re going to shoot me? Wow. I make $8.50 an hour, plus tips — for this?” The man left before Kinsey or his boss could identify him.
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Playground Safety Tips For Kids And Parents In Age Of COVID-19
Patios are nice and all, but are hardly top of mind for young Canadians. Many kids have been counting down the days until playgrounds reopen, and they can swing from their favourite monkey bars again.As provinces  start unwinding the tape from these much-loved outdoor spaces, family physician and public health expert Dr. Monika Dutt can see why families may have a range of reactions to the news. On one hand, many parents and caregivers are excited about the opportunity for kids to stretch their limbs and run amok.“We know that to have a space to take children outside is good for their mental and physical health,” she told HuffPost Canada.I think most of stage 3 is dangerous and not great, but I’m really glad they’re reopening playgrounds. It seems low risk from everything I’ve read and, as 9yo said when he heard it on the news, “all they’ve cared about is opening fun things for grownups and nothing for kids!”— Anne Thériault (@anne_theriault) July 14, 2020On the other hand, some apprehensive parents may worry about the potential exposure risks from playground time.HuffPost Canada spoke to Dutt about playground safety tips. She shared what parents ought to keep in mind before having outdoors fun: Consider your local cases and comfort levelsAs Dutt notes, transmission patterns vary all across the country. Nova Scotia, where she resides, is farther along on the reopening timeline than many other parts of Canada: Kids have been going to playgrounds for a month and there have been no new cases of COVID-19 in the province for six days. Meanwhile, provinces like Ontario are just entering Stage 3 and are permitting playground usage in many regions only as of Friday. Be sure to know the local safety guidelines before venturing outside, as well as the sanitation situation in your location of choice — chances are, equipment won’t be disinfected every time a kid touches it.Toronto playgrounds will be disinfected once a day, according to mayor John Tory.“You can’t be disinfecting every time somebody uses it,” Tory said in a press conference. “We have to rely on the good sense of the people of Toronto ... where we say, look we are going to disinfect them once a day, but bring along some wipes and help to look after this yourself.”In the B.C. Centre for Disease Control’s guidelines for park operators, the centre tells B.C. park operators that cleaning outdoors equipment isn’t necessary.Playgrounds are beginning to re-open to the public, but it’s still important to maintain a safe distance from other visitors. @CDCofBC has more tips for getting back on the playground:— VCH Research Institute (@VCHResearch) July 10, 2020But no, you don’t have to wipe down slidesIt may be possible to contract COVID-19 from a surface, but there’s no need to disinfect every slide and swing your kids touch.Given the World Health Organization’s most up-to-date COVID-19 information, the transmission risk from surfaces is lower than first reported during the pandemic’s early stages.For the most part, Dutt said, the low risk factor and difficulty in wiping every surface down while kids are clamouring to play makes it unnecessary to do so.Still feeling uncomfortable? look at the equipmentIf your family is trying to alleviate COVID-19 anxiety, it might be helpful to consider that the virus will stay on different surfaces longer than others. Ropes and sand will be tricky, if not impossible to disinfect, Good Housekeeping reports.Pack hand sanitizerIt sounds obvious, but considering how often kids make hand-to-mouth contact, whether or not you have the product on-hand should be a major factor in whether or not kids get to play outside. Dutt recommends hand-sanitizing every once in a while on a trip, but not constantly. Failing that or to supplement a low supply, it’s worth scoping out the playgrounds’ facilities for nearby public washrooms for frequent hand-washing. Stay away from crowds For Dutt, the biggest COVID-19 risk at playgrounds will be how many kids are crammed in the same area. If your favourite playground is packed once you get there or starts to feel like social distancing is getting harder to do, consider having an alternate playground in mind as your plan B.Try not to shame othersIt may be tempting to tell off other parents when you start to feel uncomfortable with a playground’s conditions, as some may interpret local safety protocol more loosely than others. Dutt advises parents to be kind and try to put themselves in other parents’ shoes. “Not everyone has the same access to spaces like playgrounds and may be coming from another neighbourhood,” she pointed out. “As much as we can, everybody is trying to look for ways to stay active and keep their kids occupied.” Make sure there’s no toy-sharing“If you’re bringing your own toys to the playground, trying to just have your child play with those toys,” Dutt said, but added that enforcing that among eager kids may be challenging. It might help to emphasize this as a rule before stepping out the door. MORE ON PARENTS Kids Write The Darndest Notes When You’re On A Work Call UK Mom Discovers She Has 2 Wombs — And A Twin Growing In Each 7 Activities To Do As A Family This Summer More on HuffPost:
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ViacomCBS drops Nick Cannon, cites ‘anti-Semitic’ comments
The company’s move was in response to remarks made by Cannon on a podcast in which he and Richard “Professor Griff” Griffith, the former Public Enemy member, discussed racial bias. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Artillery Park shelter to open next week in Kingston
The 24-hour drop-in centre will be located at Artillery Park and offer food, support and community to people in need in the city beginning July 20.
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Ontario government changes long-term care building fund in bid to spur construction
The Ontario government says the creation of thousands of needed beds has been slow, so it will change the way it funds the projects.
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Manitoba expands back to work subsidy program amid coronavirus
The Manitoba government is expanding efforts to get Manitoba businesses hiring and rehiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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2 hairstylists with COVID-19 saw 139 clients. Here’s why no one caught the virus
Two U.S. hairstylists worked for days while having symptoms of COVID-19, but none of their clients caught the coronavirus.
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Reports of shots fired in Haliburton area following alleged assault at Minden grocery store
OPP were warning residents to stay inside following an alleged assault at a grocery store in Minden that led officers to Haliburton.
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Home Sales Returned To Their Booming Ways In June Amid Pandemic
OTTAWA — The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) says home sales continued to rebound in June after plunging earlier this year due to the pandemic.The association said Wednesday that sales in June were up 63 per cent on a month-over-month basis, while the number of newly listed properties climbed 49.5 per cent from May to June.Compared with a year ago, sales in June were up 15.2 per cent.The actual national average price for homes sold in June was almost $539,000, up 6.5 per cent from the same month last year.The real estate industry came to a near standstill earlier this year as non-essential businesses closed to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.CREA said the jump in sales returned them to “normal levels” for June, noting they were up 150 per cent from where they were in April.READ MORE Canadian Mortgage Rates Hit Lowest Levels Ever CMHC’s New Rules Cut Maximum Home Purchase Price Up To 12%: Experts Should You Use A Broker Or A Bank When Getting A Mortgage Loan? The Winners And Losers From The Bank Of Canada's Rate Cut But while it may be hitting “normal levels,” the overall market is “obviously not back to normal at this point,” said Shaun Cathcart, CREA’s senior economist.“The market has recovered much faster than many would have thought, but what happens later this year remains a big question mark,” said Cathcart in a statement.“That said, daily tracking suggests that July, at least, will be even stronger.”Though the numbers, at a glance, appear to suggest there was not “anything amiss in the economy whatsoever,” BMO chief economist Douglas Porter said the housing market now must keep up its momentum.Porter said that looking further out, the market will have to balance slowing immigration levels, low interest rates and short housing supply — creating a “tension” with “lasting scars from the shutdowns.”“Home sales, prices and starts have effectively regained all the ground lost during the shutdown,” Porter wrote in a note to clients.“However, fair point that some of this outsized strength is simply pent-up demand for the lost sales from the key spring season.”This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 15, 2020.Earlier on HuffPost:
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Uncertainty, fear and anxiety: How teachers feel about returning to school
From uncertainty about class schedules to fears about contracting the coronavirus, teachers from across Canada share their most pressing concerns about returning to school in the fall.
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Ottawa council passes mask bylaw with fines of $200 for violators
Ottawa city council officially approved a new bylaw Wednesday to make masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces.
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Picasso portrait expected to fetch up to $1.6 million at Heffel online auction
Heffel says “Tete de femme,” an oil-on-canvas painted by Picasso in 1939, could fetch between $1.2 million and $1.6 million. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Search discontinued for missing Wasaga Beach man, investigation still ongoing
Richard Kocik, 54, was last seen by his family at about 11 p.m. on July 6. Officers believe Kocik walked away from the residence.
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Toronto man charged after alleged sexual assaults on board a boat
Toronto police allege the incident took place Saturday night when two passengers boarded a yellow and white boat at Woodbine Beach in Toronto's east end.
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Calgary shootings on par for highest numbers in 5 years, police chief says
With 56 shootings so far this year, police said that Calgary has seen a spike in gun crime over the last few months.
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Toronto man accused of sex assault, kidnapping aboard powerboat
A Toronto man faces kidnapping and sex assault charges after two people reported to police they had been allegedly sexually assault on board a boat. On Saturday at 10:30 p.m., a man was operating a powerboat in the area of Woodbine Beach and offered two people to join him in the boat, police said. Once […]
Toronto Sun
Toronto man arrested after two people assaulted aboard boat at Woodbine Beach
The two were lured onto the power boat by the shoreline late Saturday night. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Alberta doctors take out newspaper ads in hopes of reaching agreement with UCP
The Alberta Medical Association is sending a message to the province's health minister through full-page newspaper ads in the hopes of reaching a new agreement with UCP.
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18-year-old man charged with arson following Alliston, Ont., fire
An 18-year-old man has been charged with arson following a structure fire in the Treetops subdivision in Alliston, Ont., on Monday night, Nottawasaga OPP say.
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U.S.-Canada border crossings are increasing. Here’s what needs to happen to keep COVID-19 out
Land crossings over the Canada-U.S. border have climbed in recent weeks. More can be done to prevent further coronavirus cases from being imported into Canada, experts say.
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Calgary councillor calling for funding for homeowners for hail-resistant materials
A Calgary city councillor is bringing forward a notice of motion asking for government support for residents to rebuild with severe weather resistant materials. Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports.
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Doctor puts on six face masks in video to debunk idea that they lower oxygen levels
A doctor in Ireland has made a video showing him put on six face masks to debunk the notion that wearing one can lower a person’s oxygen levels.
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Bloc Québécois’ Yves-François Blanchet denies sexual assault allegations dating back to 1999
In statement in French on Wednesday, Yves-François Blanchet's press secretary said the Bloc leader "unequivocally denies" the allegations that date back to 1999.
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Less French, more spending in TDSB return-to-school plan
Quel dommage. French classes could be on the chopping block in September as the Toronto District School Board releases its preliminary plans for a COVID-impacted return-to-classes in September. And the country’s largest school board says reduced class sizes will require the hiring of anywhere between 200 to over 2,000 more full-time teachers and up to […]
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B.C. businessman David Sidoo expected to be sentenced in U.S. college admissions scandal
Sidoo pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in a U.S. federal court on March 13.
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Passengers on 31 flights in Canada may have been exposed to COVID-19 in July
Canadians who have recently traveled by plane domestically or internationally may want to check if they have been potentially exposed to the novel coronavirus.
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Michigan man wins $2M after being given wrong lottery ticket
Talk about good luck. A Michigan man is $2 million richer after being given the wrong lottery ticket, which ended up being a winner. The Michigan lottery said the man was at a gas station in Eastpointe, Mich., about 21 kilometres away from Detroit, to put air in a tire. He needed change for the […]
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Roger Petersen out at Toronto’s Breakfast Television
After a little over two years as co-host of Breakfast Television, Roger Petersen has exited the Toronto morning show. Petersen, who has been part of the Toronto Citytv team since 1999, announced the news in a video posted to his Twitter page, calling his stint on the TV program “wonderful,” while lauding the crew and co-host Dina […]
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Toronto officer who beat Dafonte Miller to be sentenced in September
Const. Michael Theriault, who was off-duty at the time of the 2016 assault, has been scheduled to face his sentencing hearing in Oshawa on Sept. 25. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Driver, 19, faces charges after allegedly revving his engine during Vaughan car meet
The driver of a souped-up vehicle is facing a criminal charge due to the excessive noise caused by his vehicle in Vaughan. On Sunday, just after midnight, officers were in the area of Hwy. 7 West and Ansley Grove Rd. after weeks of complaints from the community regarding loud vehicle noise from cars and motorcycles. This […]
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Nova Scotia identifies 1 new coronavirus case Wednesday
To date, Nova Scotia has 58,315 negative test results, 1,067 positive COVID-19 cases, 63 deaths and two active cases.
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Lakefield Park beach remains unsafe due to bacteria levels: Peterborough health unit
Peterborough Public Health says Lakefield Park beach is unsafe due to high levels of bacteria.
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Celebrity news: ‘Entourage’ star accused of sexual assault; Michael Jackson channel coming to SiriusXM; Banksy’s work scrubbed from London subway
Also, Lee Greenwood hits No. 1 on the charts with a song released in 1984.
1 h | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Maple Leafs part ways with longtime sports reporter Paul Hendrick
Hendrick, known around the Scotiabank Arena as “Henny” has been with Leafs Nation Network since its early days, when it was known as Leafs TV starting in 1995.
1 h | Toronto Star | Canada's...
More staff will be added to COVID-19 testing centres in Montreal
Public-health authorities working to improve access after calling for anyone who worked in or was in a bar after July 1 to be tested.
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Most Thames Valley parents want kids back in class in September: TVDSB survey
According to a survey by Thames Valley District School Board, most parents are in favour of sending their children back to school in September.
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‘Survivor’ pulled from fall TV schedule as COVID-19 continues to halt production
The show's producers 'are continuing to work with officials in Fiji on the appropriate time to start production.'
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P.E.I. reports no new coronavirus cases on Wednesday after recent clusters
Dr. Heather Morrison said Wednesday more than 1,300 tests have been done since a health-care worker in the emergency department and a patient in the hospital were identified as positive on Sunday.
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