Interior Health begins pediatric vaccine rollout for children ages 5-11

Two days after COVID-19 vaccine clinics for children aged five to 11 opened on B.C.'s south coast, the Interior Health Authority has kicked off its pediatric vaccine rollout.
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Inside the NHL: Jordan Subban incident underscores how far hockey has to go, and the Leafs’ daunting playoff scenarios
The recent AHL and ECHL racist incidents only underscore how far the sport has to go, and a good place to start would be instituting mandatory and meaningful consequences for every offence, writes Chris Johnston.
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He worked as a VP for Metrolinx while the agency awarded his private consulting firm contracts worth millions
The Ontario transit agency says there was no conflict of interest and the consultant had no influence over Metrolinx awarding contracts to his firm. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Travelling in Ontario this year? Here’s how to claim your staycation tax credit
Not all types of accommodations will be accepted, so plan accordingly — and keep those receipts. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Inside a Toronto apartment tower where the vaccines come to the tenants
Clinic among hundreds held in TCH buildings, part of a city initiative to bring COVID-19 vaccines to the most vulnerable. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Omicron wave means some Ontario hospitals are seeing more kids with COVID-19
Though the uptick in pediatric COVID hospitalizations is concerning, doctors stress the vast majority of children with the virus will have mild illness that can be treated at home. | Toronto Star | Canada's...
Man charged in Canada-U.S. human-smuggling scheme to appear in U.S. court
A Florida man is set to appear in U.S. court today, charged with sneaking migrants across the Canada-U.S. border in a perilous human-smuggling scheme that cost the lives of four people, including an infant.
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Dany Fortin to appear in Quebec court over sexual assault case
The senior military officer once tasked with overseeing Canada's COVID-19 vaccination drive will be in a Quebec courtroom today to face allegations of sexual misconduct.
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Majority of Canadians support more COVID-19 restrictions for unvaccinated: poll
An Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News showed that 67 per cent want the government to impose further measures on the unvaccinated population.
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Horoscope for Monday, Jan. 24, 2022
Daily horoscope
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NATO sends ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe
NATO said Monday that it's putting extra forces on standby and sending more ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe as Russia continues its troop build-up near Ukraine.
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EU trumpets unity as Ireland rejects Russian war games
European Union foreign ministers sought Monday to show a fresh display of resolve in support of Ukraine, as Ireland warned that new Russian war games off its coast are not welcome given tensions over whether President Vladimir Putin intends to attack Ukraine.
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EU set for show of unity as Russia invasion fears mount
European Union foreign ministers are aiming to put on a fresh display of resolve and unity in support of Ukraine on Monday, amid deep uncertainty about whether President Vladimir Putin intends to attack Russia's neighbour or send his troops across the border.
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U.K. court to rule on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's bid to prevent U.S. extradition
Britain's High Court is set to rule Monday on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can take his fight against U.S. extradition to the U.K. Supreme Court.
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