Protecting Montreal’s green spaces: Look to Technoparc for red flags

Mayoral candidates who would allow the destruction of such key urban wetlands do not deserve your vote, environmentalists say.
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This line of Toronto chocolate bars combines flavours unlike any other
Koko Chu’s chocolates come in flavours like Earl Grey macadamia or pistachio, sour cherry and sansho pepper.
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How Caribbean black cake brings families together during the holidays
Orders have been pouring into D Hot Shoppe in Burlington for black cake as people are hopeful about being able to celebrate with loved ones again.
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Shokupan is the sandwich bread everyone needs to try
Fluffy, chewy and flavourful, Japanese bread loaves are perfect for sandwiches, French toast and even croutons.
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What goes into making panettone? A Toronto baker breaks down the four-day process
The Italian holiday sweetbread is one of the hardest things to make. Gôuter pastry chef Rodney Alléguède details how it’s done.
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How many unvaccinated staff are working with kids in GTA schools? Most boards won’t say
The Star asked the GTA’s 12 school boards to reveal how many unvaccinated staff are still working with kids. Only three provided numbers.
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Emma Teitel: Toronto’s top doctor went public with her personal health — and may have saved lives
Dr. Eileen de Villa talking about her cancer screening may have convinced people to no longer put off routine checkups.
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Stopping car theft: Data port covers, steering wheel locks and a use for your old music CDs
Kevin Donovan dives further into the murky world of car theft after his Toyota Highlander was stolen in September.
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Public display of affection! For the iconic photographer Irving Penn, fashion and art itself, from Jane Corkin at her eponymous Toronto gallery
Car wash attendants, blast furnace tenders, glorious, glamorous models and 1960s hippies — Penn’s exhibition is Corkin’s labour of love
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U of T researchers discover a new way to take on COVID-19. Could it change the way we combat cancer?
U of T scientists have programmed special compounds called D-peptides to target COVID-19 and its variants. The research gives new hope to battling a host of other diseases.
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Virus behind COVID-19 spreads quickly and mutations make it unpredictable: experts
Putting an end to the COVID-19 pandemic will mean priming the immune systems of everyone on Earth but the virus is spreading quickly and may take years to 'settle down,' says an infectious disease specialist.
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Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021
Daily horoscope
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Toronto hosts New York in conference showdown
New York Knicks (12-13, 11th in the Eastern Conference) vs. Toronto Raptors (11-14, 12th in the Eastern Conference)
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Vaccine makers racing to update COVID-19 shots, just in case
Vaccine makers are racing to update their COVID-19 shots against the newest coronavirus threat even before it's clear a change is needed, just in case.
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U.S. orders arms embargo on Cambodia, citing Chinese military influence
The added restrictions on defense-related goods and services, issued by the State and Commerce departments, are due to be published and take effect Thursday.
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Jury deliberates Jussie Smollett’s fate in alleged fake hate crime case
The lawyers' closing arguments capped just over one week of testimony in the case against the former ``Empire'' actor over allegations he faked an attack on him in 2019.
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