Amsterdam melder sig klar som EM-vært

Ligesom København har den hollandske storby Amsterdam nu bekræftet, at den bliver en af 12 værtsbyer for næste års EM i fodbold. Det skriver Det Hollandske Fodboldforbund (KNVB) på sin hjemmeside. Det…
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India's Narendra Modi to lay foundation stone at divisive Ayodhya temple
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to lay a foundation stone for the construction of a Hindu temple at a holy site that's been at the center of the country's most politically and culturally divisive land dispute.
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Despite Mask Wars, Americans Support Aggressive Measures To Stop COVID-19, Poll Finds
Two-thirds of Americans believe the U.S. is handling the pandemic worse than other nations, an NPR/Ipsos poll finds. Majorities support more aggressive measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Senate Republican Primary In Kansas Highlights 5 Races To Watch Tuesday
Some Republicans worry that Kris Kobach, a polarizing conservative who lost the Kansas governor's race in 2018, would put a solid GOP Senate seat in jeopardy along with their Senate majority.
US airlines saw 965% rise in passenger complaints amid coronavirus
Owner selling 100-year-old Georgia bungalow for free -- with a catch
The 1923 Craftsman-style bungalow, which is currently set-up in Athens, has to be moved from its current lot by the purchaser.
Big 12 to allow teams to play 1 nonconference football game
Big 12 schools agreed Monday night to play one nonconference football game this year to go along with their nine league contests as plans for the pandemic-altered 2020 season continued to fall into place.
'It's A Disaster': German Expats Love U.S. But Not Its Handling Of Coronavirus
Germany has flattened its curve, and unemployment has barely budged. And some Germans living in the U.S. are mystified by how politicized the pandemic has become here.
Associate Justice Elena Kagan, after decade on bench, emerges as Supreme Court 'bridge-builder'
The strategic influence of Kagan is clear in many unexpected rulings and in the court's ability, in her words, to remain "somehow above the fray."
Republicans Are Freaking Out About Kansas
If Kris Kobach wins the Republican senate primary, the Democrats might have a real chance at flipping Kansas.
EVA Air introduces special flight to nowhere on a Hello Kitty plane
Taiwan continues to cater to the needs of its travel-starved population by offering yet another aviation experience that doesn't actually take you anywhere.
Jails can spread coronavirus to nearby communities, study finds
Jails can be a large source of coronavirus spread both inside the facility and in the surrounding communities, researchers reported Monday.
Pac-12 responds to football players threatening opt-outs
The Pac-12 responded Monday to football players who have threaten to opt-out of the season because of concerns related to health and safety, racial injustice and economic rights with a letter touting the conference’s work in those areas and an invitation to meet later this week.
Countries are strengthening their face mask rules. Soon you might have to wear one outdoors, too
Cases are ticking upwards in parts of Europe, the process of unlocking is paused in the UK, and the Americas are still battling to contain vast Covid-19 outbreaks.
Nikki and Brie Bella gave birth one day apart: 'Honestly only us'
Retired professional wrestling twins and reality TV starlets, Nikki and Brie Bella, defied the odds and gave birth to baby boys less than day apart.
Baseball teams try to adapt, find safe options on road trips
Gone for now are the days of baseball players, often dirt-stained and still in uniform, gathering in the clubhouse to scarf down a late night meal before heading their separate ways until doing it all again some 24 hours later.
Countries are strengthening their face mask rules. Soon you might have to wear one outdoors, too
Cases are ticking upwards in parts of Europe, the process of unlocking is paused in the UK, and the Americas are still battling to contain vast Covid-19 outbreaks.
How Beijing’s National Security Crackdown Transformed Hong Kong in a Single Month
Throughout July, Beijing's national security law featured prominently in a sustained effort to quell political upheaval in Hong Kong
Isaias downgraded over North Carolina as East Coast braces for flooding
Trump argues over COVID death numbers
President Trump argued in an interview that the US has better coronavirus death numbers than other countries if counted as a percentage of cases, not the total population. The interview was conducted by Axios, Courtesy HBO. (Aug. 4)
Hurricane Isaias, one year since Dayton mass shooting, Primary day in Michigan: 5 things to know Tuesday
Hurricane Isaias will keep moving north after making landfall, it's the one-year anniversary of the Dayton shooting and more to start your Tuesday.
She packed her bags, quit her job in law enforcement and moved to Mexico after George Floyd's death
Demetria Brown is part of a group of African Americans leaving the United States and relocating abroad permanently, weary of what they call persistent racism and fear of police brutality.
Aurora Police Department issues apology after officers draw weapons on girls during stolen vehicle mix-up
Aurora, Colorado, police issued an apology Monday after drawing guns on a woman and four minors after mistaking her car for one that had been stolen.
Tropical Storm Isaias brings tornadoes, flooding, fires
It lost some punch after coming ashore as a hurricane but was hitting hard in North Carolina and Virginia. It's expected to hug the coastline as it moves north.
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3 Stranded Sailors Rescued From Deserted Island After Writing SOS in the Sand
The men had been missing in the Micronesia archipelago for nearly three days when their distress signal was spotted Sunday on uninhabited Pikelot Island by searchers on Australian and U.S. aircraft
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Woman stabbed in downtown Portland, knife stolen from crime scene: police
A confrontation in downtown Portland on Monday evening resulted in one woman stabbing another at the site of nightly racial justice demonstrations.
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When politics hits home: Pandemic moms are descendants of soccer and votes-for-women moms
Over 100 years ago, legions of women found ways to convey to non-activist women that the vote was crucial to them and the well-being of their families.       
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Politics hit home: Women of today are similar to votes-for-women moms
The women's suffrage movement was also backed by non-activist women who believed the vote was crucial to them and their families.        
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Rep. Dan Crenshaw says Obama just wants to spread radical agenda
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Missing sailors rescued after searchers spot their ‘SOS’ sign in sand
These three castaways made it off the island. A trio of lost sailors were rescued after three days on a small Pacific island Sunday when airborne search crews spotted their “SOS” sign in the sand. The men were found on Pikelot Island — an uninhabited Micronesia archipelago that is 118 miles away from their intended...
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Dayton will mark mass shooting anniversary virtually amid Covid-19 pandemic
One year ago, a man unleashed a barrage of bullets on a bustling Dayton, Ohio, nightspot, killing nine people, including his sister Megan and forever changing the Oregon District. Seventeen other people were injured by gunfire that night, as well as more than two dozen who sustained injuries in the stampede that followed.
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Late-night hosts mock Trump's possible US ban of TikTok
Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers ridiculed President Trump's potential US ban of the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok.
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Fauci Supports Birx’s Coronavirus Assessment After Trump Criticizes Her
Counting for the 2020 census will end on Sept. 30, a month earlier than previously announced, the Census Bureau said. Some U.S. schools have begun to reopen, with fraught results.
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There's still a long way to go in the pandemic, WHO official says, while US tops 155,000 deaths
US leaders have struggled to enforce social gathering rules and mask mandates as residents push for a return to normal life amid a rampant spread of coronavirus. But while people may be tired of the pandemic, there's still a long way to go, one world health official said Monday.
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Covid-19 conspiracy theories: 6 tips on how to engage anti-vaxxers
With prospects of a Covid-19 vaccine looking up, attention is turning to the problem of anti-vax ideas. The number of conspiracy theories circulating about coronavirus don't help. Here are six rules an expert uses for talking to conspiracy theorists in an effort to change their mind.
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Portland man, 18, charged with assaulting US Marshal during courthouse protest
An 18-year-old man in Portland has been charged with assaulting a federal officer with a dangerous weapon and willfully damaging government property after his explosive device allegedly blasted both of a deputy U.S. Marshal’s legs, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon. Isaiah Jason Maza, Jr., removed plywood sheeting attached to the front of...
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How Bruno Fernandes transformed Manchester United's fortunes
There hasn't been much to shout about at Manchester United over the last few years.
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Is Bruno Fernandes Manchester United's savior?
Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has had an instant impact since joining the club in January. Fernandes scored six goals and made seven assists in the league in his first eight months at the club and his creativity and leadership have not gone unnoticed outside of Old Trafford.
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When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened its Schools. It Didn’t Go Well.
As countries consider back-to-school strategies for the fall, a coronavirus outbreak at a Jerusalem high school offers a cautionary tale.
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July was deadliest month in Chicago history, police superintendent says
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3 hot air balloons crash in Wyoming, injuring up to 20 people: report
As many as 20 people were injured Monday morning after three hot air balloons lost control and crashed in a field at a popular Wyoming tourist destination, reports said.
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Dayton Mass Shooting Survivor Finds Purpose After Tragedy: ‘I Didn’t Die, so That’s Why I’m Still Here Fighting’
Dion Green's father died in his arms after he was caught in the barrage of bullets in Dayton's Oregon entertainment district on Aug. 4, 2019
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Man charged with shooting at an employee after being asked to wear a mask in a Pennsylvania cigar shop, police say
A Pennsylvania man is facing charges of attempted criminal homicide after he allegedly shot at an employee of a cigar shop who asked him to wear a mask.
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Nebraska boy, 6, dies after diagnosed with COVID-19, report
A 6-year-old Nebraska boy who had been battling the coronavirus and previously received a triple organ transplant, has died, according to a report on Monday.
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‘Drop the knife!’ Portland protester stabbed outside federal courthouse, cops say
A Portland protester was stabbed Monday night during a fight with a woman who took footage inside a city park that housed demonstrators for months, according to police and social media footage. The confrontation went down about 6:20 p.m. inside the Lownsdale Square park across from Portland’s Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, cops said. After...
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This is how US police gear up to keep the peace
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Honeymooning Couple Return Home via Antarctic Boat After Being Stranded for Months Because of COVID-19
A New Zealand couple stranded because of the pandemic returned home by hitching a ride 5,000 nautical miles on an Antarctic fishing boat
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St. Louis Cardinals executive says there's no proof players went to a casino prior to outbreak
St. Louis Cardinals executive told reporters there is no proof his players went to a casino after 13 members of the organization test positive for Covid-19
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'Dirty Harry' star Reni Santoni, who played Poppie in 'Seinfeld,' has died at 81
Reni Santoni, who partnered with Clint Eastwood in "Dirty Harry" and Sylvester Stallone in "Cobra," has died at 81. He was Poppie in "Seinfeld."       
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