Colombia supera los 500.000 casos y se acerca a los 16.000 fallecidos por el nuevo coronavirus

El Ministerio de Salud de Colombia ha confirmado este miércoles 13.056 nuevos casos y 360 muertes, por lo tanto, son ya 502.178 los casos de COVID-19 que se han registrado y 15.979 los fallecidos desde que estalló la crisis sanitaria en el país.
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What Would Past Presidents Tell Trump? This New Book Imagines Just That
James Mikel Wilson's "Ghosts of Presidents Past" is an allegory that envisions what past presidents would tell the current one if they visited him, a la "A Christmas Carol."
Fact check: Trump falsely claims, again, that Oprah had him on the final week of her show
President Donald Trump makes a lot of false claims on issues that are crucial to Americans' lives: the coronavirus pandemic, the election, health care, the economy.
NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, Russian counterparts return safely to Earth from space station
A trio of space travelers safely returned to Earth on Thursday after a six-month mission on the International Space Station.
For the first ever, Time magazine removes logo on cover, replaces it with a plea to 'Vote'
Edward Felsenthal, Time's editor-in-chief, says the upcoming elections are " as consequential a decision as any of us has ever made at the ballot."
Trump Wants You to Think That Iran, Not Russia, Is the Threat to This Election. Don’t Buy it.
If Iran is trying to interfere, it’s not doing a very good job.
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood cover 'Shallow' from 'A Star Is Born'
Brooks-Yearwood takes on Gaga-Cooper in this cover of the monster 2018 song "Shallow."
Debating the Progressive Case for Opening Schools
"When a teacher dies, it's a tragedy. But we have many examples where places have stayed open and there are not cases."
Please return that burger box once you're done: Burger King is testing reusable containers
The fast food chain is launching a pilot program to reduce its environmental impact across the globe by testing reusable packaging.
Southwest posts largest loss ever as COVID-19 hammers airlines
Southwest Airlines suffered its largest loss ever in the third quarter as it continued to burn cash while the coronavirus pandemic kept travelers off planes. The Dallas-based carrier on Thursday blamed its $1.2 billion net loss for the July-to-September quarter on the virus keeping demand for air travel in a chokehold that’s not likely to...
Pressure builds for NBC's Kristen Welker to address Hunter Biden at debate: ‘This is a moment of truth'
Pressure is building for NBC News’ Kristen Welker to address the ongoing scandal surrounding a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden during Thursday night’s final presidential debate as the mainstream media has essentially dismissed the story.
Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Signals She'll Vote Against Confirming Amy Coney Barrett
"I've shared for a while that I didn't think we should be taking this up until after the election, and I haven't changed," the Alaska senator said.
Amidst a Pandemic, Trump Says He Hopes Supreme Court Will End Obamacare in Leaked '60 Minutes' Interview
"It will be so good if they end it," Trump said about the Affordable Care Act during his recent interview with "60 Minutes."
UFC 254 'Embedded,' No. 4: Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier banter during fighter meetings
Go behind the scenes with the fourth episode of "Embedded" leading up to UFC 254 headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje.        Related StoriesUFC 254 coach Trevor Wittman: We've kept Justin Gaethje's most important weapon hiddenDaniel Cormier intends to deliver unbiased commentary for Khabib's UFC 254 title fightVideo: Former champ Brock Lesnar among new additions to 'EA UFC 4' video game
Move aside, sourdough: Your next cooking project is candy bars for Halloween
Two easy recipes for candy bars show that making your own candy — just in time for Halloween and the holdiays — is a cooking project you're ready for.
Minnesota AG investigating out-of-state firm recruiting armed veterans to monitor polling places
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced on Tuesday that his office has launched an investigation into a Tennessee-based private security company reportedly recruiting armed veterans to monitor polling places around the state on Nov. 3.
Facebook’s independent oversight board is finally up and running
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking at a conference in February 2020. | Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images You can now complain to the board about Facebook taking down your posts. Facebook’s much-anticipated independent decision-making body, the Facebook oversight board, announced it will start allowing people to submit cases for review beginning today. That means that if you post something on Facebook or Instagram and it’s taken down for violating any of Facebook’s ever-changing rules on things like hate speech, nudity, misinformation, or violence — you will soon have the ability to appeal that decision to someone besides Facebook. For now, that option will roll out in waves, and in the next few weeks, Facebook says it’ll be an option for all users. Social media experts have long awaited the Board’s launch because it’s expected to serve as the final decision-maker in how Facebook handles complicated and problematic posts, which have plagued the social media company. Look, for example, at how it managed the unsubstantiated New York Post article about Hunter Biden or any of the countless times Facebook has been accused of letting racist hate speech run rampant on its platform. The Board said it will prioritize cases that threaten to harm freedom of expression or human rights, but declined to comment on specific cases it plans to take. Facebook’s oversight board is made up of a group of 20 academics, journalists, and international policy experts from around the world, and is set up as a separate company from Facebook, funded by a $130 million independent trust. Its decisions on individual pieces of content are binding, meaning Facebook has agreed to follow whatever decisions the Board makes, and the group can also make broader policy recommendations to Facebook — although those won’t be binding. That means the board has the power to overrule even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has a history of taking stubborn stances in the name of protecting free expression. Zuckerberg allowed President Trump’s “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” post in response to Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis, and, until recently, allowed Holocaust denialism on Facebook — even when some of his own employees, civil rights leaders, and others have raised serious concerns. “The Board is eager to get to work,” said Catalina Botero Marino, co-chair of the oversight board, in a press statement on Thursday. “We won’t be able to hear every appeal, but want our decisions to have the widest possible value, and will be prioritizing cases that have the potential to impact many users around the world, are of critical importance to public discourse, and raise questions about Facebook’s policies.” At a time when Facebook is being criticized by US politicians on both sides of the aisle for how it handles contentious speech on its platform, the Board is meant as an outside check on Facebook’s power. Some, though, have criticized the Board, saying it was too slow in getting started (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first publicly described the idea two years ago) and too narrow in scope to meaningfully change how Facebook handles hate speech and misinformation. For example, for now, users will only be able to appeal cases where they feel their content is wrongfully taken down, not cases in which they think inflammatory content is wrongfully staying up on the platform (the Board says that latter option will come in the next few months). “Facebook was always criticized for moving fast and breaking things. I think we are looking at this as the opposite that,” said oversight board co-chair and former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on a press call with reporters on Thursday. Critics point out that the oversight board seems unlikely to help Facebook deal with one of the most controversial content moderation challenges it has faced to date: the 2020 US presidential election. President Trump has been making unsupported assertions on Facebook and Twitter for months now that the election is “rigged,” centering on false claims about mail-in voting — which Facebook has labelled with a generic link to nonpartisan voting information, and Twitter has more aggressively — at times — labeled as “misleading” and fact-checked. Many anticipate that Trump — or other politicians — could question the results of the election or declare a premature victory on social media before the race is called. In that case, it would be up to Facebook or Twitter to decide how to deal with such a declaration. (Facebook and Twitter have signaled they would fact-check and label such a post or even take it down, depending on what it says.) Whatever decision these companies make will be widely controversial. But it seems unlikely the Board will take any cases in time to impact election-night posts or regulate misinformation in the remaining days until the election. That’s because it will take up to 90 days for the Board to decide on a case — and that’s after the Board even figures out which cases it wants to hear first. Facebook the company can submit a case to the Board for expedited review, but on a press call with journalists on Thursday morning, the company said it will not send any cases to the Board before November 3. “We are not going to send something for expedited review before the election,” said head of strategic initiatives at Facebook Brent Harris. “And we have done that because we do not wish to place undue pressure on the board.” Last month, a group of 25 experts from academia, civil rights, politics, and journalism announced they were creating an ad-hoc group to scrutinize Facebook’s oversight board, calling themselves “The Real Facebook Oversight Board.” Congratulations to Facebook's Oversight Board (@OversightBoard) which opens for business today! We wish you the best of luck. (You'll need it!) But seriously, we consider you our friends & allies & we need all possible efforts in holding Facebook to account...— The Real Facebook Oversight Board (@FBoversight) October 22, 2020 Facebook oversight board’s Thorning-Schmidt said she welcomes the feedback. “We welcome all debate on this,” she said. “Part of the reason why we have joined this course is because we want to debate around content moderation.” Help keep Vox free for all Millions turn to Vox each month to understand what’s happening in the news, from the coronavirus crisis to a racial reckoning to what is, quite possibly, the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. If you have already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider helping everyone make sense of an increasingly chaotic world: Contribute today from as little as $3.
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Sudanese police fire tear gas to disperse hundreds gathered in demonstrations
KHARTOUM – Sudanese security forces fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of people in demonstrations across the capital Khartoum on Wednesday, as crowds gathered to put pressure on the government to improve conditions and push ahead with reform. The rallies came just days after President Donald Trump announced the United States would remove Sudan from...
Houston sergeant killed in shooting ‘died protecting me and my family,' estranged wife of alleged killer says
The Houston police sergeant killed in a shooting on Tuesday has been praised by the estranged wife of his alleged killed for protecting her and her son after he responded to a domestic violence call, according to a report.
College Football Feels All Too Normal During The Pandemic
Universities are subjecting unpaid athletic workers to precisely the same health risks that are eliciting such outrage every day on network television and social media.
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Senate Judiciary Committee approves Amy Coney Barrett's nomination
Barrett's nomination was approved by the committee, and will head to the Senate floor Friday.
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Ghislaine Maxwell denies introducing Prince Andrew to teen sex partners, in deposition transcripts
In transcripts released today of deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate denies introducing Prince Andrew to teen sex partners.
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President Donald Trump on Thursday released a raw and uncut version of his interview with CBS News' 60 Minutes, where he was asked about comments he made toward Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, specifically if he wants to "lock her up."
Before You Use the Word 'Spooky' You Should Know Its Racist Origins
The Dutch word describing apparitions, which first came into use around the 19th century, took on a more sinister meaning around World War II, when white American soldiers started referring to their Black counterparts as "spooks."
My Experience as a Working Mother at Notre Dame Was Much Different than Amy Coney Barrett’s
This proudly Catholic institution did not make it possible for me to have a family of the size I wanted.
Hormel is giving away bacon-scented face masks so you can smell bacon everywhere you go
Bacon makes everything taste better, but does it make everything smell better?
Tom Yewcic, former Patriots quarterback and punter, dies at 88
Tom Yewcic, who was a member of the New England Patriots’ organization in the franchise’s early American Football League days, has died.
Bobby Bowden wants us to vote for fellow COVID-19 survivor Donald Trump, dadgumit!
Legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, 91, said he survived COVID-19 so he could vote for Trump. The president returned the love on Twitter.
Anti-Trump Lincoln Project shared content US later ID'd as Iranian disinformation
The anti-Trump Lincoln Project PAC shared content on Twitter that U.S. intelligence officials later labeled as Iranian disinformation.
Bill Mathis, AFL pioneer and original Jets team member, dies at 81
Bill Mathis, one of the original members of the New York Jets’ organization in the American Football League and a Clemson standout running back, died Wednesday.
FNC's Rove: Trump Should Focus on Economy, Not Hunter Biden
Thursday ahead of the second presidential debate, Fox News contributor Karl Rove, the former White House deputy chief of staff for George W. Bush, urged President Donald Trump to focus on the economy rather than the allegations of 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son Hunter using his father's position to leverage a "lucrative" deal with Ukrainian energy company Burisma.
Looking to buy a home? It'll cost you a lot more than a year ago
Home sales were up again in September with prices at a record high and inventory at a record low for the month.
Day 8: New York Post Remains Locked Out of Twitter over Biden Bombshells
It has been eight days since the New York Post was locked out of its Twitter account for sharing its bombshell story that claimed that Hunter Biden leveraged his father's position as Vice President at the time to benefit his business dealings. The platform has refused to budge over its extreme censorship of the Post, even as it allows Rachel Maddow and an army of verified leftists to spread misinformation about Rudy Giuliani created by a teenager.
How to Watch the Final Presidential Debate
Tonight's event marks the final debate before Election Day, so be sure to tune in.