Consejos en caso de sufrir una avería durante la operación retorno

Se aproxima la operación retorno más atípica de la historia, habitualmente durante la segunda quincena de agosto. El volumen de viajes será mucho más bajo de lo habitual este año por culpa del contexto de prudencia y nueva normalidad¿ planteada por el coronavirus. No obstante, miles de personas se desplazarán de sus segundas residencias o de destinos vacacionales a sus casas para prepararse para volver a la oficina o para adaptar el espacio de casa desde el que se teletrabajará.

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Petri Dishes with Alexandra Petri (Oct. 27)
Humor columnist Alexandra Petri takes your questions on the news and political in(s)anity of the day.
Man Accused of Setting Fire to Haystack is Backing Donald Trump and Devin Nunes
Adam Aguilar is accused of arson after bales which also surged "say no to socialism" were burned.
They once knew which lines not to cross. But Arab journalists say the lines are expanding
Journalists in the Arab world are finding that it's becoming risky not just to criticize their own countries, but also their countries' allies.
Airlines Will Face a Reckoning Like the Banks Did
When the pandemic is over, travel groups should be forced to rethink their dependence on customer prepayments.
Mega Millions Results, Numbers for 10/20/20: Did Anyone Win the $86 Million?
The Megaplier in last night's draw was 3X, giving lottery players the chance to triple their prizes.
Donald Trump's Twitter Use in Run-Up to 2020 Election Surges by Over 100 Percent Compared to 2016
Trump has amassed a vast following across social media, with 87.3 million followers on Twitter and at least 30 million more on Facebook—has his use of the platforms changed since 2016?
Cody Bellinger puts best foot forward in pain-free home run celebration
Cody Bellinger’s days of locking arms with a teammate to celebrate a home run are likely over. When Bellinger homered in the fourth inning of Game 1 in the Dodgers-Rays World Series Tuesday night at Globe Life Field, he used a toe-tap with teammates. On Sunday, in Game 7 of the NLCS against the Braves,...
Nigerian forces accused of killing anti-police brutality protesters
Biden calls on Nigeria's leader and military to "cease the violent crackdown" as protesters claim uniformed men "kept on shooting and shooting at us."
Providence protesters, police face off after moped driver, 24, allegedly hit by police vehicle
Tensions escalated in Providence, R.I., late Tuesday night, after a weekend crash in which a police cruiser allegedly struck a moped rider, leaving the man in critical condition, according to reports.
Restaurant Manager Attacked By Customer Who Wouldn't Pay Tip in Surveillance Video
Yan Lin, the manager of Koto Grill and Sushi in Salem, Massachusetts, said that she was left shaken after the unprovoked attack by a customer.
Former NHL player apologizes to media: ‘Sorry if I was a douche’
Todd Bertuzzi had some regrets about how he treated the media during his 18-year NHL career. “I was too hard, I told you guys, ‘Sorry if I was a douche, man,'” Bertuzzi told Sportsnet 650’s “Starting Lineup” on Tuesday. “It’s true, I wasn’t very co-operative at times because I wasn’t ready for that stuff. I...
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Kim Kardashian West at 40: Looking back at a style evolution
From her early days as Paris Hilton's stylist to appearances on fashion front rows, Kim Kardashian West's fashion has undergone a transformation.
1 h
Kim Kardashian West at 40: Looking back at a style evolution
Scrolling through images of outfits worn over the years by Kim Kardashian West, who turns 40 today, one thing remains consistent throughout: how confident she looks in even the most questionable of them.
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Domestic violence has surged around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic
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Some media liberals urge revenge, payback if Trump loses
Media commentators, who are unloading everything they have on President Trump, are no longer content with the idea of him merely losing.
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'Pokémon Sword and Shield' Crown Tundra DLC Release Time: When Can You Play Expansion?
The Pokémon Home app maintenance gives us a better idea of when we'll be able to play.
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Lying Has Become More Acceptable in American Politics: Poll
An exclusive survey for Newsweek suggests only 13 percent of U.S. voters said lying has become less acceptable.
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'Rebecca': The Big Changes the Netflix Film Made From the Book
"Rebecca" is the new Netflix movie that adapts the classic Daphne du Maurier novel—though it makes some crucial alterations to the text.
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More Voters Want Popular Vote, Not Electoral College, to Decide President: Poll
Donald Trump's electoral college victory secured him the White House in 2016 despite losing the popular vote
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Los Angeles man pleads guilty to fatally stabbing his 3 sons
A Los Angeles man was sentenced to more than 75 years in prison after pleading guilty to stabbing his three sons to death in the back of an SUV. Luiz Fuentes, 38, admitted to killing the children — Luis, 10, Juan, 9, and Alexander, 8 — as part of a plea deal that carries a 78-year...
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AOC’s debut Twitch stream quickly becomes one of platform’s most-viewed
Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar attracted an audience of nearly half a million people Tuesday night by playing the viral video game Among Us on Twitch — one of the biggest events in the history of the popular online streaming platform.
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New York county legislator allegedly tried to trade pills for sex, report says
A Long Island pol, who is also a renowned physician, was arrested Tuesday in a sting operation after allegedly trying to swap pills for sexual favors, according to a report.
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NASA successfully lands spacecraft on asteroid that may hold building blocks of life
A NASA spacecraft on Tuesday touched down on an asteroid that scientists believe could hold the building blocks of life. The craft, OSIRIS-REx, successfully landed on the asteroid dubbed “Bennu” more than four years after being launched from Earth. The van-sized machine quickly managed to fulfill its primary mission of collecting almost two ounces worth...
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The Democratic activists shaping the election
Co-founder of Indivisible Leah Greenberg and founder of Fems for Dems Lori Goldman speak to Amanpour about the role of grassroots activism in the 2020 election.
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Saints allowed to start having fans at games
NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Saints will start having fans in the stands for home games after the mayor agreed with the team on a phased plan starting Sunday against Carolina. The plan announced Tuesday will start with 3,000 tickets for Sunday’s game, increasing to 6,000 fans for November games with San Francisco and...
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Dodgers' Mookie Betts celebrates the little things
Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts understands how a five-tool skill set helps the team win.
2 h
Hernández: Clayton Kershaw shows how great he is when World Series opponent isn't cheating
Clayton Kershaw has waited a long time for October glory, and his World Series Game 1 performance for the Dodgers was worthy of a championship.
2 h
Dubai theme park opening 'John Wick'-inspired roller coaster in 2021
Motiongate Dubai, a Hollywood-inspired theme park, will debut the ride in early 2021.
2 h
"The FBI Declassified": 20 Days of Terror: The Austin Bomber
A city under siege. A serial bomber at large. How the FBI helped end a deadly crime spree. Narrated by Alana De La Garza of the CBS series "FBI."
2 h
Radio host Michael Savage ripped for comments after Rush Limbaugh’s cancer update
Radio host Michael Savage was criticized on social media Monday for comments he made regarding Rush Limbaugh's emotional cancer update.
3 h
Plaschke: Dodgers' Game 1 dominance over Rays shows why they'll win World Series
Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts were unstoppable in Game 1 of the World Series, showing how the Dodgers and Rays aren't on the same level.
3 h
Biden campaign had three times more money than Trump's as they entered the final phase
Trump ended September with $63.1 million in the bank; Biden had nearly three times as much.
3 h
Former Trump associate says this is Trump's greatest con
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks with Barbara Res, a former Trump associate, about her time working with President Donald Trump.
3 h
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is a Twitch Streamer Now
AOC wasn’t entirely sold on her video game spaceship, exclaiming at one point, “I still can’t get over that this ship runs on some kind of fossil fuel.”
3 h
Louisville police officer involved in Breonna Taylor case says shooting had 'nothing to do with race'
Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, a Louisville police officer who was one of the officers involved in the March raid where Breonna Taylor was killed, says the shooting had "nothing to do with race."
3 h
Electric in Game 1 win, Mookie Betts looks like Dodgers' missing piece: 'So lucky to have him'
Mookie Betts hit a home run and stole two bases in the Dodgers' Game 1 win over the Rays on Tuesday.       
3 h
AOC’s debut Twitch stream quickly becomes one of platform’s most-viewed
Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar attracted an audience of nearly half a million people Tuesday night by playing the viral video game Among Us on Twitch — one of the biggest events in the history of the popular online streaming platform. The freshmen Democrats organized the event as an impromptu get-out-the-vote effort aimed at...
3 h
Rays’ decision to bypass bullpen early in game backfires
ARLINGTON, Texas — Good news for the old school: The Rays, playing their first World Series game in 12 years, let their starting pitcher work long enough to reach a triple-digit workload. Bad news? That extended leash shortened the Rays’ room for error in this Fall Classic. If the Dodgers’ 8-3 victory over the Rays...
3 h
Miami Dolphins' starting QBs since Dan Marino retired
Tua Tagovailoa will become the 22nd different starting QB for the Miami Dolphins since Hall of Famer Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season.        
3 h
50 Cent doubles down on opposition to Joe Biden's tax plan: 'I don’t want to be 20cent'
Rapper 50 Cent said Joe Biden's plan to tax some New York City residents at 62% was 'a very, very bad idea'
3 h
Final Trump vs. Biden debate: Brace for another barroom brawl despite the new mute button
Before officials announced microphones would be cut for portions of the debate, Republicans were eying the match up as Trump's last chance to reset.        
3 h
What to watch on Wednesday: ‘537 Votes’ on HBO
Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020 | “Rebecca” on Netflix.
3 h
Ingraham: Biden alliance with teachers' unions should alarm women wary of Trump
President Trump could make gains among women by pointing out Joe Biden's support of teachers' unions who have pushed to keep schools closed to in-person instruction amid the coronavirus pandemic, Laura Ingraham suggested Tuesday.
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BuzzFeed News panned for suggesting CNN's Toobin 'can't be the only one masturbating on Zoom calls'
BuzzFeed News drew backlash Tuesday for suggesting that what CNN star Jeffrey Toobin was allegedly caught doing this week was actually more common than people think. 
4 h
Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw step closer to erasing ugly playoff past
ARLINGTON, Texas — Toward the tail end of this unprecedented baseball season, on a night that made history merely by its location, the most familiar and accomplished guy on the field did something we’ve seen him do before. If you don’t want Clayton Kershaw to advance beyond this step — special dispensation to Rays fans...
4 h
Long Island legislator allegedly tried to trade pills for sex, report says
A Long Island pol, who is also a renowned physician, was arrested Tuesday in a sting operation after allegedly trying to swap pills for sexual favors, according to a report. Dr. William Spencer, a legislator for Suffolk County’s 18th District, was nabbed in a parking lot behind a Goodwill store where he believed he was...
4 h
Trump trailing behind Biden in funding, weeks before Election Day, new filings show
President Donald Trump's reelection campaign committee is entering the final stretch of his second bid for the White House with much less money than Joe Biden.
4 h
Jim Carrey Art Dooms Sen. Susan Collins to Hell in 2020
Left-wing Hollywood actor Jim Carrey published his latest political painting depicting Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) burning in hell.
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