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Cribados masivos: a la caza del asintomático

Un cribado masivo en un pueblo de poco más de 700 habitantes: así pretenden atajar la incidencia del virus en Benifallet, Tarragona. De momento ya cuentan 14 positivos. Por prevención, las atracciones turísticas del pueblo permanecerán cerradas hasta conocer los resultados. Medidas similares toman en Sacramenia, Segovia... es una de las localidades con mayor incidencia del virus, por eso ha subvencionado pruebas PCR a sus casi 400 habitantes.En En Castilla y León hay 145 brotes activos, la Junta  ha notificado 584 nuevos casos. Preocupante porque las cifras andan muy cerca de las que conocíamos en marzo y abril.   Y al menos, durante los próximos 15 días, los bares y restaurantes en Lorca reducirán su aforo al 40% y los comercios cerrarán a las 22h. La localidad murciana ha registrado 24 nuevos casos en la última jornada, la tasa de incidencia aquí ya triplica la media regional. En Villamalea, Albacete, ya están confinados después de detectarse un foco tras una despedida de soltero. Y
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Bad Bunny tested positive for Covid-19 and had to skip AMA performance
Bad Bunny performing at the American Music Awards had been eagerly anticipated, but he had to cancel after he tested positive for Covid-19, his rep told CNN Monday.
Why I’m Mourning the Death of a Giant Telescope
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Gathering for Thanksgiving amid coronavirus worth the risk, 1 in 3 parents say
Flouting recommendations from federal health officials, a third of parents who responded to a survey said they plan to see their families in-person this year despite the risk of COVID-19.
China launches ambitious lunar sample return mission
If successful, the Chang'e 5 mission will be the first in 44 years to bring lunar samples to Earth.
‘Tony Meatballs’ among 15 mobsters busted in Philadelphia
A reputed wiseguy nicknamed “Tony Meatballs” is among more than a dirty dozen alleged South Philly mobsters charged in a sweeping federal indictment unsealed Monday. The suspects are accused of everything from illegal sports betting to heroin-peddling to offering loans at 400 percent interest — not to mention plotting to kidnap and possibly murder a...
NY Post columnist warns 'lunatics are running the asylum' as crime surges in NYC
New Yorkers are asking where is the mayor amid a spike in violence in New York City, New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan said as she described on “America’s Newsroom” what residents are seeing happen to their city during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Meet Corn and Cob, turkeys vying for Trump’s presidential pardon
Only one of these turkeys will be a real lucky duck. Corn and Cob, the pair of bulbous butterballs duking it out for a Thanksgiving pardon from President Trump, made their grand debut at a swanky Washington D.C. hotel on Monday. The Broad-Breasted White turkeys from Iowa were introduced at the Willard InterContinental hotel, where...
Biden's national security adviser pick played key role in Clinton email scandal
Jake Sullivan served as deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state and later served as a top policy adviser during her campaign.
AstraZeneca vaccine brings more hope as hospitalizations soar
The AstraZeneca vaccine created with Oxford University is another sign of hope for the world as cases and hospitalizations run rampant. Dr. Amesh Adalja joins CBSN to discuss both the vaccine and an antibody treatment approved by the FDA.
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What if Trump actually did it?
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Fox Nation Sets First Original Holiday Film ‘Christmas in the Rockies’
Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt are set to appear in the movie, which premieres on Thanksgiving Day.
Joe Biden to nominate Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary
President-Elect Joe Biden plans to nominate former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen to become the next Treasury Secretary, sources told The Post. If confirmed, the 74-year-old Yellen will be the first woman to run the Treasury Department, and also the first person ever to hold the top three economic positions in American government. In addition...
UFC 255 medical suspensions: Alex Perez, Jennifer Maia among nine with potential six-month shutdowns
A total of nine fighters are facing potential six-month shutdowns after their UFC 255 fights, including two from atop the card.        Related StoriesUFC 255 Promotional Guidelines Compliance pay: Program total nears $37 million.NAC rejects Mike Rodriguez's appeal of UFC loss, but Tyson Chartier still pushes for hearingWilliam Knight vs. Alonzo Menifield added to UFC Fight Night on Feb. 27
Melania Trump welcomes Christmas tree, kicks off holiday season at White House
The holiday season is upon us now that the tree has been delivered.
Police investigating racist letter sent to family
Biden on whether Senate GOP will give his cabinet nominees a tough time: ‘Are you kidding me?’
Biden on whether Senate GOP will give his cabinet nominees a tough time: ‘are you kidding me’
Can We Admit That Nobody’s Thanksgiving Choices Are Clear-Cut This Year?
There should probably be a ceiling on getting mad at individual non-evil people in an age of rampant systemic failures.
Ex-NYCFC intern details alleged harassment by David Villa, training staff
Following the completion of an internal investigation that corroborated an ex-NYCFC employee’s sexual harassment allegations against former star player David Villa, Skyler Badillo detailed her disturbing experience as an intern for the soccer club and how her bosses fostered it. In an interview with The Athletic, Badillo explained her position with NYCFC was for the...
Biden Picks Janet Yellen To Be Treasury Secretary
Joe Biden plans to nominate the former Federal Reserve chair as his Treasury Secretary. She would play a leading role in helping the economy recover from the pandemic.
Families like this one were torn apart at the border. The U.S. still hasn’t made things right.
The Trump administration didn’t track all the families, and what records it did keep are poor; as a result, the deported parents of 666 children — about 20 percent of whom were younger than 5 when separated — haven’t even been located.
Japan committed ‘abuse’ by keeping Carlos Ghosn in jail, UN panel says
A United Nations human rights panel says Japan committed an “extrajudicial abuse of process” by arresting ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn multiple times to keep him in jail for months. The UN Human Rights Council’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention issued the finding in a 17-page report accusing Japanese authorities of violating the fugitive auto honcho’s...
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong says Trump is 'holding half of the country hostage'
Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong opened up about the "crazy" year, including his personal feelings on Donald Trump's presidency.
Her Majesty’s Mixtape: An Ode to the Soundtrack of ‘The Crown’ Season 4
Featuring such artists as Princess Diana's favorite band, Duran Duran, and her future BFF, Elton John.
Vegan Thanksgiving dishes everyone will love
If you don't tell them, they'll never know it's vegan.
Could Georgia Senate races keep Democrats’ court-packing hopes alive?
Just two Senate races in Georgia could determine the balance of power in the upper chamber of Congress and ultimately impact whether the Supreme Court will retain the conservative majority established under President Trump.
Know the pros and cons before you take cash out of your home with a refinance
If you're a homeowner and tight on cash, a cash out refinance comes with pros and cons — but it could help you temporarily make ends meet.
Secret Service asked about protecting soon-to-be-former president in Florida: Sources
Agents in Trump's detail have been asked about relocating to West Palm Beach, Florida, after he exits the White House.
Biden to tap former Fed chief Yellen as first woman to head Treasury
If confirmed, she would wield immense clout in shaping policy on taxes, financial regulation and the economy.
Hybrid cars emit way more pollution than advertised
Some plug-in hybrid cars emitted two to four times what brands claimed.
85-year-old man pushed to ground, robbed of $7 on New York street
Police in New York City are looking for a suspected robber who violently targeted an 85-year-old man on a Bronx street over the weekend for $7, authorities said.
An invasive, snake-like hammerhead worm is popping up in Georgia
Step aside "murder hornets," sightings of an invasive species of a snake-like worm are being reported in Georgia.
House Democratic Campaign chair hopeful looks to AOC on social media strategy
One of the two House Democrats vying to run the party’s campaign arm would turn to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for help on reaching voters through social media, he admitted in an interview. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), who represents the conservative-leaning Hudson Valley in Congress, argued in an interview Monday with The Hill that he...
At least 45 people have been killed during Uganda protests
At least 45 people were killed in protests that rocked Kampala and other parts of Uganda last week, a police spokesperson said Monday.
Answers to Every Possible Pandemic Thanksgiving Question
There is no perfectly safe way to gather. That said, here’s how to make it less dangerous.
Pedro Pascal's reaction to his adorable Mandalorian mini-me is everything
The Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal, was all of us reacting to a sweet Twitter photo of a little girl rocking a full face mask from the hit Disney+ show.
Trump’s Michigan Gambit Appears Doomed, But That Won’t Stop His Extremist State Allies
The delay is viewed by many to be part of Trump’s longshot and desperate attempt to overturn the election results.
Newt Gingrich Defends Parler After Concerns Are Raised Over the Platform's No-Banning Policy
The former Speaker of the House tweeted that the "idea that conservatives can speak freely on Parler is a 'threat to democracy.'"
Hawks, Falcons open up as early voting sites for key Georgia runoff elections
The Atlanta Hawks turned their arena into an early voting site for the Nov. 3 election and they're doing it again for the Georgia runoff elections.
New York City business leaders: Trump should allow transition to Biden administration
Trump's refusal to begin a transition to the Biden administration puts the U.S. at risk during the coronavirus pandemic, some business leaders say.
Joe Biden’s National Security Picks Are the Best in Decades
Jim Watson/GettyA former cabinet member once said to me that the secret to job success is picking the right predecessor. In this regard, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their entire administration could not be better positioned for success.Being better than Team Trump is clearly setting the bar too low, especially in a sensitive area like national security. But the picks Biden is making seem not only assured of outperforming Trump’s team but likely of doing better than did Barack Obama’s team. Indeed, this may prove the strongest group a new U.S. president has assembled in decades.Much can change between appointments and end results, of course. But history’s lessons suggest a number of reasons why the newly announced Biden team is so promising, beginning at the top.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Joe Biden expected to announce Janet Yellen as next treasury secretary pick
Janet Yellen speaks at a news conference in Washington, DC, in 2017, after announcing the Fed would raise interest rates. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Yellen will become the first woman to serve as treasury secretary in the US if confirmed. In 2014, Janet Yellen became the first woman to be named chair of the Federal Reserve. Six years later, she is poised to become the first woman treasury secretary of the United States. The Wall Street Journal on Monday reported that President-elect Joe Biden intends to nominate Yellen, 74, to head the Department of the Treasury. Several other outlets confirmed the news shortly after; Biden is expected to announce his intent to nominate Yellen and other Cabinet picks Tuesday. Biden’s pick is not necessarily a surprising one. In the days leading up to the decision, Biden said his nominee would be someone who “will be accepted by all elements of the Democratic Party … progressive to the moderate coalitions,” leading to broad speculation that it would be Yellen, who most Democrats are expected to support and who many Republicans could have a hard time opposing. Yellen, who is originally from Brooklyn, New York, served as chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018 before President Donald Trump decided to replace her with now-chair Jerome Powell. She previously served as president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, chaired the White House Council of Economic Advisers under President Bill Clinton, and was a longtime professor at the University of California at Berkeley. “Yellen is eminently qualified, she oversaw a sprawling bureaucracy at the Fed. It would be incredibly difficult for various factions [Republicans, moderate Democrats, and progressive Democrats] to find issue with her tenure,” said Isaac Boltansky, director of policy research at Compass Point Research and Trading. “I don’t think she would make any side happy, per se, but she certainly wouldn’t make either side unhappy, and that might be as good as we can get.” As Fed chair, Yellen oversaw the continued recovery from the Great Recession and left behind a solid legacy. Unemployment steadily declined, the stock market climbed, and inflation stayed low under her tenure. Much of the strong economy Trump inherited can be traced back to Yellen. That’s not to say Yellen’s time at the Fed was perfect. As Sam Bell outlined in Politico in 2018, some people say that she was “too sanguine” about the potential for using regulations to stave off the next financial crisis, that she went too easy on Wells Fargo in the wake of its fake accounts scandal, or that she didn’t do enough to help smaller banks. “And yet on the critical issue at hand in her 2014 nomination — could we bring more unemployed workers back into the labor force without blowing things up for everyone? — she has been unquestionably vindicated,” Bell wrote. Some people have questioned the Fed’s decision to modestly raise interest rates under Yellen’s tenure, arguing that doing so prevented the economy from reaching its full potential and getting more people into the workforce. Of course, hindsight is 20/20. And at the Treasury Department, Yellen won’t have anything to do with interest rate decisions. “Just as she shied away from fiscal policy when she ran monetary policy, I think she’d shy away from monetary policy as treasury secretary,” Boltansky said. Progressives have also raised questions about her previous comments regarding the deficit, which she described as unsustainable. Other contenders on the shortlist for the Treasury spot included former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin; current Fed governor Lael Brainard; and Roger Ferguson, the CEO of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), a financial services company, among others. It is Biden who’s setting the agenda here, and the virus is at the top of his list Heading the Treasury Department is an important job — the department oversees the IRS; the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which charters, regulates, and supervises national banks; and the US Mint, among other bureaus — and the secretary plays a key role in advising the president on economic issues. Leading up to Biden’s announcement, there was quite a bit of back-and-forth among more moderate and progressive Democrats regarding who the Treasury pick should be. Progressives championed figures such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Raskin, and pushed Biden to eschew anyone with perceived industry or Wall Street ties. Moderates, on the other hand, hoped for a figure viewed as less divisive than Warren, more along the lines of Ferguson or Brainard. But it is important to remember that the person chosen to run the Treasury Department reflects the Biden administration’s priorities, not the other way around, and will likely be in lockstep with the White House’s positioning on key issues. “The Treasury secretary and Biden will, at least publicly, be on the same page and deliver the same message,” wrote Ian Katz, director at Capital Alpha Partners, in a recent note to investors. “You will not see Biden, for example, criticizing sanctions against other countries that the Treasury Department is working on.” At least initially, that will mean the new secretary will work with Biden on his top priority: addressing the Covid-19 crisis. “They’re not going to be able to remake Treasury in their own image, Treasury will still be forced to triage, as every agency will, in fighting the virus,” Boltansky said. “Whoever’s in that role, they’re going to be a virus-fighter first and a treasury secretary second.” This could translate to the secretary trying to negotiate a new stimulus package with Congress, as current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has done, to little success, under Trump. It could also mean an effort to refocus the department on renewing CARES Act programs, like restarting Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for small businesses. Mnuchin recently decided to end lending programs put in place through the CARES Act, and asked the Fed to return funds earmarked for those programs. Biden’s team has been critical of the move. If those programs are restarted under the Biden administration — something that will become tougher if the funds are returned before Inauguration Day — the new secretary could oversee those as well. Biden has also emphasized the importance of reasserting America’s presence on the international stage, and Treasury has a role to play there. One can expect more attention to the international arena from a Biden Treasury Department than from Trump’s, and an effort to reaffirm international relationships. It’s possible, too, that the treasury secretary (or other members of the administration) could wind up playing multiple roles through the Vacancies Act, should Biden struggle to get his choices through the Senate confirmation process. Trump employed this strategy often, like when then-White House budget director Mick Mulvaney was acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If confirmed, Yellen will find herself in one of the most powerful governmental positions within the American economy yet again, though in a different role. And she is expected to be particularly influential in the role. “Though all of the contenders [for Biden’s Treasury pick] would have Biden’s ear, we think Yellen’s voice would carry the most weight with the president and his advisers,” Katz wrote. “Not many people in the White House would want to debate economics with Yellen.”
Don't count on finding toilet paper on your next run to Target or Walmart. COVID-19 panic buying is on a roll again
Paper towels, cleaners and other household staples are in high demand in stores and online again as the coronavirus surges across the country.
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"Our party needs to be better than giving credence to these insane conspiracy theories," Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois tweeted.
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Instead of offering one or more options, some companies are turning health insurance shopping over to employees. A federal rule change last year stoked this new approach. It allows employers to reimburse workers for coverage they bought without paying a tax penalty. The concept sends employees to individual insurance markets where they can find more...