Dos muertos y 313 nuevos casos de coronavirus en Castilla-La Mancha

Dos muertos, uno en Toledo y otro en Cuenca y 313 nuevos casos por infección de coronavirus en Castilla-La Mancha en la región, más del doble que el día anterior, jornada en la que se registaron 138. Son datos que ha aportado el Gobierno de Castilla-La Mancha, a través de la Dirección General de Salud Pública. De los 313 nuevos casos, 110 se han registrado en la provincia de Albacete, 97 en Toledo, 58 en Guadalajara, 41 en Ciudad Real y 7 en Cuenca. El número acumulado de casos desde el inicio de la pandemia y detectados a través de PCR es 21.402. Por provincias, Ciudad Real acumula 7.875 casos, Toledo 5.188, Albacete 4.706, Guadalajara 2.044 y Cuenca 1.589. El número de personas ingresadas en cama convencional en los hospitales de la Comunidad es 92, seis menos que el día anterior. Por provincias, Toledo tiene 32 de estos pacientes (23 en el Hospital de Toledo y 9 en Talavera de la Reina), Albacete 24 (22 en el Hospital de Albacete y 2 en el Hospital de Hellín), Guadalajara 21 (todos en el Hospital de Guadalajara), Ciudad Real 12 (9 en el Hospital de Ciudad Real, 2 en el Hospital de Manzanares y 1 en el Hospital de Puertollano) y Cuenca 3 (todos en el Hospital de Cuenca). Por otro lado, hay 10 pacientes ingresados en las Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos que necesitan respirador, 3 en la provincia de Toledo, 2 en Guadalajara, 2 en Ciudad Real, 2 en Albacete y 1 en Cuenca. En las últimas horas se han registrado dos fallecidos por Covid-19, concretamente 1 en la provincia de Cuenca y otro en la provincia de Toledo. El número acumulado de fallecidos por coronavirus desde el inicio de la pandemia es 3.099. Por provincias, Ciudad Real acumula 1.123 fallecidos, Toledo 812, Albacete 581, Cuenca 318 y Guadalajara 265. Centros Sociosanitarios 24 centros sociosanitarios de Castilla-La Mancha cuentan con algún caso confirmado por infección de coronavirus. 9 de estos centros están en la provincia de Guadalajara, 8 en Toledo, 4 en Ciudad Real, 2 en Albacete y 1 en Cuenca. 23 son los residentes que tienen actualmente caso confirmado y el número de fallecidos en este tipo de centros desde el inicio de la pandemia es 1.343. Brotes más destacados En la provincia de Albacete, esta mañana se ha resuelto, por parte de la Consejería de Sanidad, del confinamiento de la localidad de Villamalea, tras constatar transmisión comunitaria de Covid-19 en el municipio con 99 casos confirmados. El confinamiento limita la entrada y salida de personas al municipio, a excepción de desplazamientos con consideración urgente o por necesidad laboral. En la localidad toledana de Consuegra ya son 70 los casos confirmados en las dos últimas semanas. En la provincia de Guadalajara se ha decretado un brote de ámbito laboral y social con 31 casos positivos. El brote surgió en una empresa de Torija y después se ha extendido al ámbito familiar y social. Actualmente se cuenta con 31 casos (16 pertenecientes al ámbito laboral, 9 al familiar y 6 al social), 50 contactos en seguimiento y 1 persona hospitalizada. En la provincia de Ciudad Real, en el brote laboral de la localidad de Campo de Criptana, se elevan a 20 los casos confirmados.
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Live updates: France reports highest daily increase in Covid-19 cases
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Russia never stopped trying to sway elections and sow mistrust. Best thing to do is vote.
Federal agencies say votes were not changed in previous Russian hacks, but just the perception advances Trump's false claim that 2020 is rigged against him.        
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Giant meth and fentanyl lab seized in Mexico
The industrial-scale lab was so big it startled authorities. It had vats two-stories high. Some of its product was destined for the U.S., officials said.
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Tropical Storm Zeta Expected to Hit U.S. Gulf Coast by Midweek
It is expected to make a possible landfall on the central U.S. Gulf Coast at midweek
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A New York police officer said, ‘Trump 2020,’ over his patrol car speaker. He’s now been suspended.
“Trump 2020,” the cop said from the car, according to video of the incident. “Put it on YouTube, put it on Facebook. Trump 2020.”
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Live Updates: Senate expected to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court
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3-year-old boy among those injured in Philadelphia during weekend shootings that left 5 dead
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Roe v. Wade ruling matters, but mostly as a symbol. It has not protected abortion rights.
Abortion rights don't hinge on whether a new Justice Amy Coney Barrett votes to overturn Roe. They're already at death's door by a thousand smaller cuts.        
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'He deserves it': Clayton Kershaw sets up Dodgers for first World Series title in 32 years
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Dems Want to Rob from the Rich—and Give to the Near-Rich
The progressive movement talks incessantly about needing bold, revolutionary reforms to address poverty and inequality. Elizabeth Warren asks, “Who is our government going to work for? Is it going to just keep working for the rich and the powerful… or for everyone else?” Even before the recession, Bernie Sanders lamented the “national disgrace that 46.5 million Americans are living in poverty today.” Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden asserts that “poverty… is the one thing that can bring this country down.”But do progressive proposals really focus on redistributing from the wealthy to the poor? Distributional analyses show that many of their policies would mainly redistribute resources from the super-wealthy to the merely wealthy, upper-middle class, and professional class. They would redistribute from the top-earning 99th percentile to the 80th percentile.This is a predictable result of a quiet political realignment. Much of the working class and middle portions of America have drifted to the GOP, while the far left increasingly consists of younger, educated, upwardly mobile professionals that primarily live in expensive cities and on the coasts. Democrats have also worked to make inroads with educated, professional suburbanites too.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Cops Made Him an Informant Over $80 of Pot. Then He Turned Up Dead.
Courtesy Sundance NowCops’ national reputation isn’t exactly sterling right now, and it won’t be helped by The Dakota Entrapment Tapes, a two-part Sundance Now docuseries premiering Oct. 27 that serves as a case study in law enforcement misconduct and the larger failure of America’s war on drugs. Even in a genre rife with tales of slipshod police behavior, it’s a story destined to make one’s blood boil.Director Trevor Birney’s series—which, after originally screening as a feature-length documentary at festivals earlier this year, has been split into two parts—relays the unnecessary tragedy that befell Andrew Sadek. A student at North Dakota State College of Science, the 20-year-old Sadek went missing on May 1, 2014. Nearly two months later, his body was found in the nearby Red River with a fatal gunshot wound to the head, sporting clothes that were different than the ones he was last seen wearing, and saddled with a backpack filled with rocks. For his parents John and Tammy Sadek, whose older son had previously perished in an automobile accident, the loss was cataclysmic. And it was made worse by the fact that NDSCS Campus Police Sergeant Steve Helgeson, who led the investigation, had few answers as to why Andrew met this untimely fate, which Helgeson initially deemed a suicide.Revelations were forthcoming, however, and what they exposed about those carrying out the inquiry weren’t flattering. As it turned out, Andrew—a recreational pot smoker, like his close friends and millions of other undergraduates—had been caught selling $20 and $60 of marijuana, respectively, to two separate NDSCS students by Richland County deputy sheriff Jason Weber. In a recorded interrogation-room interview that The Dakota Entrapment Tapes uses to damning effect, Weber explains to Andrew (on his 20th birthday) that because these sales occurred on a college campus, they were felonies, and carried with them a maximum jail sentence of 40 years. The prospect of a lifetime behind bars naturally terrified the kid, and made it easier for Weber to execute his subsequent plan: turning Andrew into a confidential informant tasked with making drug sales that would lead to further arrests.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Trump Has United Americans in a Popular Front for Democracy
Michael Reynolds - Pool/Getty ImagesDemocracy gets another kick in the teeth today when the Senate votes to confirm an illegitimate Supreme Court nominee. Mitch McConnell is an enemy of democracy. So is Lindsey Graham, and so is every senator who votes to endorse this madness—the first time in the history of this country that a Supreme Court justice has been confirmed in the second half of an election year.Amy Coney Barrett is of course complicit in all this, though she isn’t quite an enemy of democracy—yet. If, however, the court is asked after she’s on it to make a ruling on this election and she doesn’t recuse herself and casts a vote supporting the political interests of the president who nominated her, then she’ll join the club, too.As others have observed, this election is not Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s democrats, small-d, vs. authoritarians. The Republican Party is no longer a democratic party. Republicans are interested in our democratic institutions only to the extent that they can use and distort them for the purposes of keeping power.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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