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El Ayuntamiento peatonaliza desde hoy la Puerta del Sol, que se despide de los coches para siempre

7.000 vehículos, sobre todo taxis, dejarán de pasar a diario por la plaza. «Ningún otro gobierno tomó esta decisión», presume el alcalde Leer
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What does Anthony Davis' and LeBron James' extensions mean for the Lakers future?
USA TODAY Sports' Mark Medina breaks down why Anthony Davis signed his $190 million deal wit the Lakers.        
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New Jersey city to get rid of Facebook page over bullying, mayor says
A New Jersey city is logging out of social media after its official Facebook page became swamped with bullying and threatening comments — with the mayor fearing the platform was “radicalizing” the town. Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl announced the city will begin phasing out the page as part of her call for the community to...
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California Is Days Away From A Regional Stay-At-Home Order
Gov. Gavin Newsom said the restrictions will likely go into effect "in the next day or two" in places with less than 15% I.C.U. availability, and remain in effect for at least three weeks.
What Time Will ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Episode 6 Come Out on Disney+?
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‘When People Suffer, We Suffer.’ Taraji P. Henson and Tracie Jenkins on Mental Health and Vulnerability
"If you haven't learned acceptance, you've got a hard road ahead of you"
Trump shows how to get away with almost anything
One of Donald Trump's services to history will be to underscore just how much the integrity of the presidency depends on the character of its incumbent.
Congress moves to block Trump's Germany troop cuts in defense bill
The final version of the National Defense Authorization Act has a provision that would effectively block President Donald Trump's attempt to significantly reduce US troops in Germany, a move the President said was because of Berlin's failure to spend adequate amounts on defense.
Masked workers face harassment spike: ‘Wish I could see your pretty lips’
"Come on, sweetie. Lemme see that pretty face under there," one customer demanded.
Here are the times GOP senators didn't 'wait for process to play out' in 2016
CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on the many GOP senators who immediately congratulated President Donald Trump after his 2016 win, but have not acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect, saying they're waiting for "the process to play out."
Corporations OK, but Biden Inaugural Won't Be Fueled by Oil and Gas Industry Money
The inaugural festivities will likely be fueled by millions from corporations and special interest groups, as well as individual contributions from wealthy supporters.
Adam Gase admits fault with Jets' Sam Darnold: 'I came here to help him'
If the New York Jets are looking to land Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawerence they may want to think about finding a new head coach first. 
Texas mayor makes shaky claim about stay-put plea from Mexico
Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler is claiming he’s no hypocrite for vacationing in Mexico while telling residents to stay home due to COVID-19. But his claim that the situation worsened only after he traveled is belied by releases from his own office. Adler, a Democrat, said in a video posted Wednesday night he’s sorry for...
These are the world’s most dangerous countries for 2021
Travel Risk Map: Security experts rank the most dangerous destinations.
Video of powerful telescope collapsing
The Arecibo Observatory telescope in Puerto Rico collapsed just weeks after engineers decided it was too dangerous to repair.
Le Creuset takes up to 50 percent off cookware for Cyber Week sale
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are long gone, but Le Creuset still has some exciting holiday deals in store for you. The kitchenware brand has kicked off a Cyber Week sale, which features savings on some of its top-rated cookware, utensils, kitchen storage solutions and more. You’ll find discounts of up to 50% off its highly...
Man charged with killing former Indiana U football player
A man has been charged in the killing of former Indiana University football player and businessman Chris Beaty in downtown Indianapolis in May during unrest following the death of George Floyd, prosecutors said Thursday.
Trump extends National Guard’s Covid funding through March
But states must still pick up 25 percent of the tab
California to shut-down hardest-hit regions amid COVID-19 spike
California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday announced an emergency order that will shut down portions of the state hardest hit by a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic. With COVID-19 cases booming in the Golden State, Newsom said stay-at-home restrictions will go into place in sections of California where the availability of intensive care beds dips...
Veteran L.A. entertainment journalist David Sheehan dies at 82
At L.A.'s KCBS and KNBC, and later in a series of syndicated specials, Sheehan became known for his interviews with Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and more.
Ethiopia’s unfolding humanitarian crisis, explained by a top aid official
Ethiopians, who fled the country’s Tigray conflict as refugees, wait for food distribution in front of a warehouse at a camp in eastern Sudan on December 1. | Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP via Getty Images About 50,000 people from the Tigray region of Ethiopia have fled to Sudan. Nearly 50,000 refugees from Ethiopia have fled to Sudan in recent weeks, according to the United Nations. They are crossing the border from Ethiopia’s Tigray region, which has been engulfed in fighting and violence since early November, when Ethiopia’s government deployed troops to the region. Ethiopia’s prime minister, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Abiy Ahmed, sent government forces to Tigray after claiming there had been an attack on a federal military base by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the region’s ruling party that had also controlled Ethiopian politics until Abiy took power in 2018. The TPLF denied playing a role in the attack, and accused Abiy of making up a story to bring the restive region closer under his control. Tensions between Abiy’s government and the TPLF have been boiling for months, but Abiy’s offensive escalated the conflict dramatically. Abiy has claimed that federal forces were “fully in control” of Mekelle, the Tigrayan capital. But the TPLF has vowed to keep fighting, threatening to become a full-on insurgency. It also risks becoming a regional conflagration, potentially drawing in neighboring Eritrea. What’s happening on the ground is extraordinarily difficult to track. A government-imposed communications blackout cut off the internet and phone lines, limiting access for journalists and humanitarian groups. But first-hand accounts of violence have been trickling out from the tens of thousands of refugees who have fled across the border to Sudan — an average of 3,000 per day, according to the United Nations high commissioner for refugees. The humanitarian situation within Tigray is also worrisome: Some 100,000 Eritreans who live in longstanding refugee camps in the region have been cut off from food and other aid for weeks due to the fighting. This is a refugee and humanitarian crisis unfolding in real time, amid a pandemic and a hunger crisis exacerbated by drought and locusts. To find out more, I spoke to Jan Egeland, the secretary-general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, which is providing aid to the refugees who have fled to Sudan. Egeland had just visited Um Rakuba, a refugee camp in the eastern part of Sudan, and — over a somewhat shaky connection — he shared what he’d seen there and his concerns about the potential for a deepening catastrophe in the region. Our conversation, edited for length and clarity, is below. Jen Kirby How are you? Jan Egeland I’m doing good. I’m just leaving Um Rakuba. Jen Kirby Um Rakuba? That’s the refugee camp in Sudan? Jan Egeland Um Rakuba is the camp [in eastern Sudan] close to the border [with Ethiopia’s Tigray region], where there are now 10,000 — I think we’re growing every single day — 10,000 Tigrayans. And, of course, we are overburdened and overstretched as one of the few aid groups operational here. But much is now happening. In only five days, my NRC colleagues have created an entire school with five classrooms, now 10. They go in two shifts, so two shifts, with students from 1st to 10th grade. And it’s very moving. I attended some of the classes because refugee teachers are now teaching the refugee children in Tigrayan, and they are now recreating the curriculum with our help. They were doing subtraction and addition and multiplication today, it must have been third grade. It’s a sign that there is hope of better times. Jen Kirby So there are about 10,000 people in this camp. And are more people arriving? Jan Egeland People come every day, but fewer now than a couple weeks back, when there were more people coming to Sudan than a European country would get in a year. Sudan received more people in three weeks from Tigray than the United States is willing to take as its quota of refugees in a year. It just goes to show that, in our time and age, nearly all refugees come from one poor country to another poor country. It’s the poor countries that give protection, give safe havens to refugees in our time and age. Jen Kirby And what are you hearing from the people who’ve arrived at the camp? Jan Egeland There was no doubt that the people in the camp have fled from violence, or fled because they fear violence. The stories are uniform of that. Their towns, their villages, and their communities are being attacked. I’ve never seen a camp with so many men. A normal refugee camp has around 80 percent women and children, with at maximum 15 to 20 percent men. This one, the majority of the people are men. That’s because they are targeted for killing and repression because they are supposed to be associated with the Tigrayan fighting forces. But most of the people whom I met were students of mechanical engineering and from places outside even of Tigray. They were teachers, they were nurses, they were farmers. So it’s very clear that violence has to end, and that there must be effective protection of civilians for people to contemplate return. What we seem to have is yet another longer-term refugee crisis — which we really should not have in Sudan, which already has 2 million internally displaced people from violence, and a million refugees, and a tremendous economic crisis. Jen Kirby Are those in the camp who fear violence, are they being targeted by Ethiopian government forces, specifically? It’s very hard to know what’s going on with the communications blackout. Jan Egeland Exactly, it’s often unclear exactly who attacked, and I would be very careful to convey here any of these allegations. We are humanitarians, we’re neutral, and we are seeking access to Tigray. The NRC is one of the few organizations that were active in Tigray. We were serving the Eritrean refugees in Tigray. Now we cannot even communicate with our own staff there, many of whom have also fled. We have nearly 100 aid workers in south Tigray, many of them also have fled the fighting that has been fierce in many parts. Jen Kirby Is there any sense that those Eritrean refugees in Tigray who’ve been there for a long time, since before this recent outbreak of violence, are also fleeing? Or any sense of their safety and status in terms of access to resources? Jan Egeland It’s likely that they are also being displaced. There are allegations of Eritrean forces within Tigray, and these are people who fled from Eritrea. But again, the most important point here is that we need access. We need to be able to send in supplies to our aid workers, and supplies to the Eritrean refugees that we serve, and we need to link up with our local Tigrayan aid workers. We need access, and we haven’t gotten that so far. We don’t refugees to have to wait to come to us in Sudan for aid. We want to have them in Tigray, and we’re willing and able to scale up our work inside Tigray. Jen Kirby How does Covid-19 factor in? What kind of additional precautions or concerns exist around the pandemic? Jan Egeland We are now giving cash assistance ti each and every refugee family, with funding from the European Union. So they get the equivalent of $24 for a single person and $48 for a family, which is a very substantive donation that the family themselves can decide to use for what they need the most. Now, as we do that, of course, we wear masks, my colleagues wear masks, social distancing, a lot of hand sanitation, and so on. The refugees do not have masks, and there are few signs of Covid among the refugees so far. But there is increasing coronavirus spread in Sudan at large. So we have to be extremely careful ourselves to not spread the virus to vulnerable communities that live very crowded in here. Jen Kirby Is the risk now that this becomes, as you say, a more permanent refugee crisis? Jan Egeland These children now in our school [at the Um Rakuba camp in Sudan], you know, will they [still] be there when they have grown up? I sincerely hope not. So we will want to discuss with the Sudanese possibilities for durable solutions so that they can get opportunities for work in Sudan. But the long-term solution is of course, that they can return voluntarily, assisted and protected safely, to Tigray. But that would need a peaceful settlement to the conflict.
COVID-19 orgy host: Lawmakers from 9 countries came to my sex parties
The organizer of a 25-man orgy in Brussels that was busted last week for breaching coronavirus lockdown rules and led to the resignation of an anti-gay Hungarian politician said male leaders from nine countries were guests at his sex parties. 
On separated migrant kids, the Biden team faces a hugely complex problem
It won't be easy for the Biden administration to undo the damage.
Lindsey Graham Says DOJ 'Have Been Looking' Into Election Fraud Claims, Contradicting Trump's Earlier Comments
While speaking with Fox News' John Roberts, Graham was asked about Trump's recent criticism of the Department of Justice and Attorney General Bill Barr, in regard to claims of election fraud and said, "Well, they have been looking, I know that."
Pallets of medical scrubs ‘dumped’ outside Brooklyn uniform company
Video posted on Instagram showed pallets of gear piled up alongside the Richardson Street warehouse of Adar Medical Uniforms, with packages of blue scrubs strewn about.
Popular ESPN personality Dan Le Batard to leave the company after 22 years
Dan Le Batard is leaving ESPN. He will make his final appearances on both "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz" and "Highly Questionable" on Jan. 4.      
Giants get glimmer of hope in Daniel Jones’ injury rehab
Joe Judge will have to check the tape to see Jabrill Peppers twisting his body in the air like a contortionist and Colt McCoy connecting with Kaden Smith down the seam. The Giants’ head coach didn’t see those plays live Thursday because he spent the bulk of the 20 minutes allotted to stretching and individual...
Damaged Puerto Rico radio telescope collapses
Stunning footage captured the collape of a huge, already damaged radio telescope in Puerto Rico on Tuesday. The telescope has played a key role in astronomical discoveries for more than half a century. (Dec. 3)       
Trump on trusting Barr: Ask me again 'in a number of weeks'
President Trump on Thursday refused to say whether he has confidence in Attorney General William Barr after the head of the Justice Department said earlier this week he has not found evidence of widespread voter fraud in the presidential elections. 
Justices Tell Federal Judge to Reconsider Virus Limits on California Churches
The move followed a decision last week lifting restrictions on religious services in New York.
California governor to impose regional stay-at-home orders
California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that the state will impose regional stay-at-home orders based on local ICU capacity. The decision comes as coronavirus cases are surging both in California and across the nation. Watch Newsom's remarks here.
California Gov. Newsom warns new lockdowns are coming due to uptick in coronavirus hospitalizations
California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that he will likely order businesses such as bars and salons to shutter and reimplement stay at home orders in a few days as large swaths of the state see an uptick in hospitalizations due to the coronavirus. 
What's driving coronavirus vaccine hesitancy in US?
The United States is potentially days away from approving the first round of coronavirus vaccines just nine months after the global pandemic ripped through every state, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and crippled the once robust economy.
DOJ alleges Facebook discriminated against US workers in new lawsuit
The Justice Department announced Thursday that it filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging the social media giant discriminated against U.S. workers.
Elevator crash! Drunk duo survives falling down shaft
Down the hatch? Two visibly intoxicated men fell through a closed elevator door — and into the shaft — at a hotel in Quanzhou, China. Both men suffered minor skin abrasions from the fall. Subscribe to our YouTube!
Ho, ho — Whoa! Virus keeping most Santas at a distance
MIAMI — Brad Six becomes Santa Claus, pulling his black boots over his red pants in the office of a Miami outdoor supply company. It’s hot, so he forgoes the traditional heavy jacket for a lightweight vest and grabs his Santa hat. But before sliding it on, the gray-bearded 61-year-old dons a plastic face shield...
Dan Le Batard out at ESPN after network ‘blindsided’ him
Dan Le Batard is officially in his last month at ESPN. The familiar radio voice and TV host will leave the company after a final day of shows — “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” and “Highly Questionable” — on Jan. 4, Le Batard and ESPN announced on Thursday. The Post’s Andrew Marchand reported...
DNI Ratcliffe: Biden Getting ‘All of the Same Intelligence’ as Trump
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told CBS News on Thursday that former Vice President Joe Biden was now getting the same classified intelligence briefings that President Donald Trump receives.
No fans to be allowed at Rose Bowl for CFP semifinal game
No spectators will be allowed at the Rose Bowl for the College Football Playoff semifinal on Jan. 1 because of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the state, county and city of Pasadena.
Review: 'All My Life,' an old-fashioned love (and death) story
Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe play star-crossed lovers in "All My Life," a romantic drama along the lines of "Love Story."
Vera Farmiga, Florence Pugh to Join Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in ‘Hawkeye’
Farmiga is set to star as Eleanor Bishop, Kate Bishop's mom, while Pugh will play her Black Widow role, Yelena Belova.
Liberal CNN anchor, ‘The View’ call out coronavirus hypocrisy from Democrats: 'Hell has frozen over!'
Democratic leaders and elected officials have been so hypocritical when it comes to coronavirus guidelines that even the most liberal pundits in media are beginning to call them out as a CNN anchor and “The View” have both condemned the behavior.
As COVID-19 restrictions keep them away, Los Angeles mourns unclaimed dead in annual event
Faith leaders hold a service, with virtual attendees, to honor the burial of 1,547 unclaimed individuals who had died in Los Angeles County.
Democratic concerns over Morell and torture scramble Biden's CIA decision
One of President-elect Joe Biden's initial frontrunners to be CIA director, Mike Morell, is facing increasingly complicated prospects as his potential nomination faces growing opposition, according to multiple sources familiar with transition discussions.
Michigan restaurant owner who blasted indoor dining ban in viral rant to appear on 'Tucker'
A Michigan restaurant owner who disrupted a local reporter's live shot and sounded off on the government's failure to help him and other business owners during the coronavirus pandemic will join "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday.
Funeral home manager: It keeps getting worse by the day
Funeral homes across the country are scrambling to keep up with the soaring coronavirus death toll. In El Paso, Texas, the city's largest funeral home, Sunset Funeral Homes, has far exceeded its average annual number of services. CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with manager Jose Amezcua about how the pandemic changed their operations.
Kyle Rittenhouse, The Kenosha Shooting Suspect, Ordered To Stand Trial
Kenosha County Circuit Court Commissioner Loren Keating said he found enough probable cause for the case to go forward.
Kangaroo attacks jogger and Sarah Jessica Parker might be to blame
No reports on whether it also drives men wild. 
Infamous cop blog shut down after NYPD officer ID’ed as racist user
An infamous cop forum known for its vitriolic posts has been taken down — after a high-ranking NYPD was unmasked in an oversight report as one of the users making “racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, and homophobic sentiments,” The Post has learned. Proboards.com removed both forums on its platform — dubbed “The Rant – LAW ENFORCEMENT RANT” —...