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El Gobierno de Kuwait avisa de que no puede pagar salarios más allá de octubre

El ministro de Finanzas de Kuwait, Barak al Sheetan, ha advertido este miércoles en el Parlamento de que el Gobierno no puede seguir pagando los salarios de los empleados públicos más allá del mes de octubre debido a la falta de liquidez del país.
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Opinion: Stephen Curry will carry Warriors back to playoffs despite Klay Thompson's injury
Steph Curry says the Warriors' culture and leadership from him and Draymond Green "can help get us going pretty quickly."        
NYPD body cameras are 'a powerful tool' but don't reduce use of force, report says
Body cameras more accurately captured the number of stop and frisks conducted by New York City police officers but "did not reduce use of force during arrests or produce any changes in policing activity," according to the findings of a federally mandated pilot program that were made public this week.
Expect a 'flurry' of pardons before Trump leaves office, source says
The public should expect a "flurry" of pardons before President Donald Trump leaves office, a source close to the White House says, as has happened at the end of previous administrations.
Daytona 500 to be held with 'limited' fans in 2021 because of COVID-19 pandemic
The coronavirus wreaked havoc on this most recent NASCAR season, and it appears that will carry over into 2021.       
Pelicans' Zion Williamson: 'I feel great mentally and physically' after difficult rookie season
Last season, the Pelicans' Zion Williamson missed the first 44 games rehabbing his knee. He enters the 2020-21 NBA season feeling fully healthy.       
Obama says he'll get a Covid-19 vaccine when he can -- and may do it on TV to prove it's safe
Former President Barack Obama said he "absolutely" plans on getting a Covid-19 vaccine when it's available and added that he may end up taking it on video to promote public confidence.
Driver busted for using flashlights as headlights on his car
A motorist in Washington was pulled over after police noticed the headlights on his car had been replaced by flashlights.
Boston firefighters rescue child from burning home
A firefighter scooted down a ladder with a child in his arms during a Boston apartment fire that left a mother and her two children in need of rescue. The family was in a third floor balcony as firefighters raised a ladder to reach them. (Dec. 2)       
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Baby God’ on HBO Max, a Documentary About a Villainous Fertility Doctor and His Many, Many Offspring
One of this creep's biological children ended up being a detective seeking to expose his crimes.
Biden looks to give Senate GOP cover
Is there anyone left in Congress who knows the old rules?
Covid-19 vaccine trial volunteer describes side effects
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Moderna Covid-19 vaccine trial participant Yasir Batalvi about the side effects he's experienced.
"Lord of the Rings" stars want to help buy Tolkien's former home
Sir Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, and other "Lord of the Rings" stars and scholars hope to transform Tolkien's home into a literary center.
Common says girlfriend Tiffany Haddish wants credit for his abs
"She gets some credit, but she's not getting all the credit."
What LeBron James' extension with the Lakers could mean for his future in the NBA
USA Today Sports' Jeff Zillgitt breaks down what LeBron's two-year extension with the Lakers means for his future in the NBA.        
Georgia GOP rips Democractic PAC for posting billboards with 'intention of deceiving' Georgia voters
The group's billboards say: "Perdue/Loeffler Didn't Deliver For Trump, Don't Deliver For Them."
Ex-Bernie Sanders Official Goes After Joe Biden's Cabinet Pick as 'Openly Antagonistic' to Progressives
Many former Bernie Sanders staffers have blasted President-elect Joe Biden's Cabinet pick of Neera Tanden, who they claim would work against progressive policies. Sanders himself has remained silent on Tanden's nomination.
The man who was found clinging to his boat in Florida is safely on shore and heading home
The man who was found clinging to his capsized boat off the coast of Florida is safely back on shore with a story to tell.
‘When the Bombs Go Off, the Blood Is on Mike Flynn’s Hands’: Retired Officers Blast His Calls for Martial Law
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via GettyLess than a week after receiving a presidential pardon for lying to the FBI, Mike Flynn is pushing a call for martial law—and drawing sharp denunciation from other retired senior military officers.Retired Army Lt. Gen. Flynn, who was Trump’s first national security adviser and before that his most important military validator, circulated a petition for martial law in a Tuesday tweet. “Freedom never kneels except for God,” Flynn commented.The petition, from a Tea Party affiliate named Tom Zawistowski, implored Trump to proclaim “limited martial law” and order the military to conduct a do-over of the presidential election so as to reflect what it claims is “the true will of the people.” It explicitly envisioned “temporarily suspend[ing] the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections.” And it also reflects a recent rise in desperation from MAGA now that Trump’s efforts at overturning the election have fallen apart in multiple courtrooms.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Austin Rivers wants to change Knicks’ dismal rap among free agents
Welcome to the Austin Rivers Monologues, coming very soon to Broadway. The Knicks new combo guard on Wednesday went on a 16-minute spiel — much of it revolving on why players around the league should be dying to come play in New York for the Knicks. The 28-year-old said he’s been mystified why this hasn’t...
Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Oppose Trump, Push Georgians Not to Vote in Senate Runoff
ATLANTA — Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood held a press conference in Georgia on Wednesday, where Powell told the crowd not to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff election, a message that directly contrasts with President Donald Trump's call for Georgians to turn out to vote for Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.
Democratic Senator Suggests Trump Will Fire AG Bill Barr for Telling the Truth
"The pattern in this administration seems to be anybody who tells the truth gets fired," Senator Chris Van Hollen said.
Austin Mayor Told Residents to 'Stay Home' While Vacationing in Cabo San Lucas
The mayor attended a 20-person outdoor wedding in Austin and vacationed in Mexico with seven people, despite his city's recommendation against social gatherings of 10 or more.
UPS places shipping cap on some of its largest retailers as holiday shopping booms
UPS is placing shipping limits on some of its largest retailers as online shopping picks up steam during the holidays.
Biden DHS pick had 'inappropriate' involvement in drug trafficker's commutation: Investigation
Alejandro Mayorkas has admitted to making a mistake in weighing in on the case.
Priscilla Presley sells Beverly Hills compound for $13 million
Priscilla Presley, an actress and former wife of Elvis Presley, just sold her Spanish-style retreat of 45 years for $13 million.
Gary Bettman issues NHL denial with season in trouble
As the calendar flipped to December, the NHL’s target date of Jan. 1 for the start of the 2020-21 season is looking less and less attainable. Between the coronavirus pandemic continuing to ravage the country and the NHL’s request to the NHL Players Association to revisit specific areas of the collective bargaining agreement, just four...
Why tens of thousands of farmers are blocking roads into India’s capital city
Farmers sit at the Singhu border in New Delhi on December 1, 2020, to protest against agriculture reform laws. | Vipin Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images India says its new laws will modernize agriculture. Farmers say it will cause their ruin. More than 200,000 Indian farmers and their supporters have occupied the streets of New Delhi for days in protest against three new agriculture reform laws, blocking major highways into the capital city and vowing to remain camped there until the laws are repealed. The legislation, enacted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in late September, aims to deregulate India’s agricultural industry in a move the government says will both provide farmers with more autonomy over choosing prices and make the agricultural sector more efficient. Under the new policies, farmers will now sell goods and make contracts with independent buyers outside of government-sanctioned marketplaces, which have long served as the primary locations for farmers to do business. Modi and members of his party believe these reforms will help India modernize and improve its farming industry, which will mean greater freedom and prosperity for farmers. A watershed moment in the history of Indian agriculture! Congratulations to our hardworking farmers on the passage of key bills in Parliament, which will ensure a complete transformation of the agriculture sector as well as empower crores of farmers.— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 20, 2020 But the protesting farmers aren’t convinced. Although the government has said it will not drop minimum support prices for essential crops like grain, which the Indian government has set and guaranteed for decades, the farmers are concerned they will disappear. Without them, the farmers believe they will be at the mercy of large corporations that will pay extremely low prices for essential crops, plunging them into debt and financial ruin. “Farmers have so much passion because they know that these three laws are like death warrants for them,” Abhimanyu Kohar, coordinator of the National Farmer’s Alliance, a federation of more than 180 nonpolitical farm organizations across India, told me in an interview. “Our farmers are doing this movement for our future, for our very survival.” Partha Sarkar/Xinhua via Getty Images Indian farmers sit at the border between New Delhi and Haryana state, India, on December 1, 2020. The distressed state of farmers in India is cause for concern. A 2018 study by India’s National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development found that more than half of farmers in India are in debt. More than 20,000 farmers in the country died by suicide from 2018 to 2019, and though there is considerable debate, several studies suggest that farmers’ indebtedness has been a major factor. In comments made November 30 from the banks of India’s sacred Ganges River, Modi sought to reassure farmers that the new laws would benefit them. “These reforms have not only served to unshackle our farmers but also have given them new rights and opportunities,” Modi said. Ritesh Shukla/NurPhoto via Getty Images Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at Bhaisasur Ghat on the banks of the Ganges River as he attends the Dev Dipawali festival in Varanasi on November 30, 2020. Modi has blamed India’s opposition parties, which have been speaking out strongly against the bills, for agitating the farmers by spreading rumors. “I know that decades of falsehood do put apprehensions in the minds of farmers, I want to say this from the bank of Mother Ganga — we are not working with the intention of deceiving. Our intentions are as holy as the water of the river Ganga,” Modi said. The farmers, who are mostly from the nearby Punjab and Haryana regions, began marching to New Delhi by the thousands in tractors and cars on November 26 to demand the prime minister repeal the laws. They were met by large numbers of police in riot gear, who used tear gas, water canons, and batons to keep the protesters at the border of New Delhi and Haryana state. Protest against Farm Laws in India. Water canons used against farmers in Haryana India pic.twitter.com/446hbrPBhJ— News Kashmir 24/7 (@newskashmir24) November 26, 2020 Protests restarted November 27, but following the clashes, authorities allowed the farmers to enter New Delhi and peacefully assemble at an approved location later that evening. Some of the iconic pictures from the organic and massive protests led by Farmers in India today. Even though the central government tried everything to scare them off, the Farmers bravely faced it to register their opposition to the pro-corporate, Farm Bills. pic.twitter.com/04z6jG8e0n— Kawalpreet Kaur (@kawalpreetdu) November 27, 2020 A delegation of farmers held talks on December 1 with BJP officials, including Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar, but the negotiations were unsuccessful. “The government did not agree to our points and rejected our demands outright,” Chanda Singh, a member of the farmers’ delegation, told Al Jazeera, referring to the farmers’ insistence that the three laws be repealed. “We will continue our protest unless our demands are met,” Singh emphasized. Tomar, however, appeared to have a more favorable view of the talks, telling Indian news agency ANI that the meeting went well. Another round of talks with a greater number of farmers is scheduled for December 3. Whether those talks will appease the concerns of the farmers, though, remains to be seen. “In Western countries agriculture is a source of business, but in India, agriculture is a source of livelihood,” Kohar, the National Farmer’s Alliance coordinator, told me. “In India, crops support their living.” Some experts say the laws are “a necessary tough call,” but farmers aren’t convinced Agriculture plays a crucial role in the Indian economy, as roughly 60 percent of India’s 1.3 billion people depend on farming for their livelihoods. But farming is incredibly unproductive, as the sector only accounts for about 15 percent of the country’s GDP. By allowing farmers to sell to whomever they want, the government hopes to attract private business to agriculture which will benefit some farmers. “It’s a necessary tough call,” said Sadanand Dhume, an expert on South Asia at the American Enterprise Institute. “This should’ve been done 20 years ago.” “It’s a small part of a much larger and much more complex solution to a problem,” Dhume added. The problem, Dhume explained, is that there are simply too many farmers in India. He and others have argued thatthe country should make a similar transition away from farming to manufacturing like China did. But so far, India has not been able to generate the kind of manufacturing growth needed to support millions of farmers in their transition to new work. Manufacturing only accounted for about 17 percent of India’s GDP in 2020. As Dhume stressed, “If the economy were creating jobs, then there wouldn’t be as much anxiety. In India, because job creation has been so weak, the thought of losing the guarantee is unsettling for farmers.” Part of the farmers’ fear is also due to the urgency of the current moment, where the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has made farmers even more alarmed. The Indian economy shrank 7.5 percent from July-September compared to the same period in 2019. A June survey by All India Manufacturers Organization found that more than a third of medium and small business were making plans to close despite receiving aid from the government. The farmers have brought enough supplies with them to last for at least six months and are determined to stay until Modi’s government repeals the new farm bills and enshrines the minimum support price into law, among other demands. “We want everything in writing,” Kohar said. Mayank Makhija/NurPhoto via Getty Images Farmers rest inside their tractor trolley near a road block stopping at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh state border in Ghazipur on December 1, 2020.
Christmas tree lighting: Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie say traditions are needed 'more than ever'
The holidays are anything but normal this year. But "Today" co-anchors Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie are not letting that dampen their spirit.        
White House press secretary's husband attends briefing without a mask
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's husband Sean Gilmartin attended a press briefing at the White House Tuesday afternoon without a mask and ignored a request from a journalist to put one on.
You can get tons of K-Cups from Dunkin,' Starbucks and more at a mega-discount
K-Cups from Starbucks, Dunkin' and more are seriously discounted right now at Bed Bath & Beyond—see the details.       
Orianne Cevey’s ‘outrageous’ claims about Phil Collins to be cut from lawsuit
Collins and Cevey are fighting over the $40M Miami estate.
Giuliani to bring witnesses of 'voter fraud' to Michigan hearing
President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is expected to bring witnesses of alleged voter fraud to Wednesday’s hearing to address the Trump campaign’s claims of voter and election fraud in Michigan.
Black woman makes history at US Naval Academy
A midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy has become the first Black woman selected for the academy's top student leadership position. Sydney Barber will assume her role as brigade commander next semester. (Dec. 2)       
'Birth tourism' scheme led to 119 babies born on Long Island, prosecutors say
Six people were indicted Tuesday in connection with a so-called "birth tourism" and money laundering scheme in Long Island, N.Y., that resulted in 119 children being born in the United States, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. 
Woman Crush Wednesday: Natalie Palamides is Daring and Hilarious in ‘Nate – A One Man Show’
Consent to comedy and watch her incredible Netflix special!
Elderly Queens man gets 21 years for fatally stabbing daughter-in-law
A Queens man was sentenced Wednesday to 21 years in prison for the broad-daylight slaying of his daughter-in-law on a city street, officials said. Dahe Lin, 77, pleaded guilty last month to first-degree manslaughter for plunging a kitchen knife into the neck of Wen Ying He, 50, during an argument March 28, 2019. “This defendant...
How to raise $170 million after an election
How President Trump might use the $170 million he’s raised to challenge election results. Infighting muddies the future of the Democratic Party. And, how the pandemic has complicated shared custody agreements.
Reality TV meets video games ... on Facebook? A new social experiment
With 'Rival Peak,' Facebook is launching a television experiment that's betting on video games as appointment viewing with Tamagotchi-style loyalty.
It’s already too late for Trump
Five of the six states he has targeted with lawsuits already have gubernatorial sign-off, a key step in the process.
‘Demon daughter’ who was fan of ‘Jeepers Creepers’ movies allegedly beheads her mom
Before her daughter, Jennifer, murdered her, Rita Camilleri paid a medium to try to ‘get the demon’ out of a young woman highly prone to violent outbursts.
Couple with coronavirus arrested for boarding flight to Hawaii: report
The couple, from Wailua, Hawaii, were reportedly told to isolate after they tested positive for the coronavirus, but chose to board their flight instead.
Joe Biden suggests he wants return to Bush-era tax rate
President-elect Joe Biden said in a new interview that he wants to hike tax rates back to their highest levels under the George W. Bush administration — undercutting his promise not to increase taxes for Americans earning less than $400,000 a year. Biden outlined his economic platform in an interview with New York Times’ columnist...
Powerball Drawing For 12/02/20, Wednesday Jackpot is $231 Million
The Powerball jackpot for 12/02/20 is $231 million, with a cash option worth $180 million. The drawing will take place at 11 p.m. ET on Wednesday.
Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa reached out to Joe Burrow after No. 1 pick's injury
Regardless of whether Tua Tago.vailoa plays for the Dolphins on Sunday, he won't be facing No. 1 pick and Bengals QB Joe Burrow.        
A look back at the life of Rafer Johnson
A look back at The Times' coverage of the life of Rafer Johnson, who died Wednesday at 86.
UK Covid-19 vaccine roll out: 'no corners cut'
Professor of Global Public Health Devi Sridhar and health reporter Donald McNeil discuss the roll out of Covid-19 vaccine and the need to reassure people with data.
Republicans Plan to Stick With Deranged Party Leadership Team That Just Lost House, Presidency, Maybe Senate
You have to admire the self-confidence, if nothing else, and to be clear, you should not admire anything else.
Masked Robbers Launch Coordinated Attack On A 2nd Brazilian Bank, Killing 1 Hostage
Just a day after a band of armed gangsters robbed a bank in Criciúma, another in the city of Cametá was targeted. The cities are separated by 2,000 miles.