La Policía norirlandesa detiene a nueve supuestos miembros del Nuevo IRA por terrorismo

Las fuerzas de seguridad de Irlanda del Norte han informado de la detención de nueve supuestos miembros del Nuevo IRA «por la sospecha de un amplio abanico de actividad terrorista», en una nueva operación contra los grupos disidentes de los acuerdos de paz de 1998. Las detenciones tuvieron lugar el martes e implicaron registros en seis propiedades, según una responsable de la Policía, Barbara Gray, que ha identificado a los arrestados como siete hombres y dos mujeres de entre 26 y 50 años. Todos ellos permanecen bajo custodia en Belfast, capital noirlandesa. El Nuevo IRA es uno de los grupos que no acató los acuerdos suscritos por el extinto IRA, conocidos como los Acuerdos de Viernes Santo. Otro de los movimientos disidentes, el IRA Provisional, anunció en 2005 el fin de sus actividades violentas.
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Trump in need of a game-changing moment as he meets Joe Biden for final debate
President Donald Trump enters the final presidential debate on Thursday in need of a major shakeup that will change the trajectory of the race as he trails Joe Biden in both national polls and key swing states that will determine whether he has a path to victory in the Electoral College.
FDA Approves Remdesivir for Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients After Drug Was Used to Treat Trump
Remdesivir was used to treat the president after he contracted COVID-19 earlier this month, according to the White House.
Jake Tapper declares Hunter Biden claims 'too disgusting' to repeat on CNN: 'The rightwing is going crazy'
CNN anchor Jake Tapper declared that the growing allegations made against Hunter Biden ahead of the final presidential debate are "too disgusting" to repeat on-air.
Democratic senators call on FBI not to investigate Biden family before election
Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding the FBI “reject pressure” to investigate the Biden family after the Hunter Biden email story from the New York Post.
Vatican extends secretive deal with China on appointing bishops
The Vatican says it has extended its controversial agreement with China over the appointment of bishops for another two years.
Amber Rose: I taught my son, 7, about sex, consent and periods
This celebrity kid already knows about the birds and the bees.
Hurricane Hunters capture ‘stadium effect’ inside eye of Epsilon near Bermuda
Epsilon's rapid intensification was unprecedented this late in the season
This company makes sure you never run out of coffee
Startup Bottomless uses a connected scale to measure customers' coffee consumption and send automatic refills. Its co-founder explains how the pandemic has affected business.
Learn to master the stock market with this $30 training bundle
Due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, many people are turning towards new ways to make money or new hobbies to fill their time. While some picked up knitting and baking bread and some started a side hustle, many others have casually decided to become day traders.  At E*Trade Financial Corp., approximately 260K+ new...
Major Essential Worker Rallies to Hit Ten Cities to Get Infrequent Voters of Color to Vote
The Saturday rallies and marches come as the SEIU labor union provided Newsweek with data showing not just that voters who didn't vote in 2016 are voting early, but more than 260,000 Black and Latino voters who didn't vote four years ago have already in key swing states.
Poll: Biden leads Trump by 10 nationally, with majority saying COVID-19 is 'out of control'
Former vice president Joe Biden holds a 51-41 lead among likely voters against President Donald Trump in a new Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday.
A stranded oil tanker at risk of spilling in the Caribbean looks to be safe — for now
The FSO Nabarima on October 16, 2020. | Courtesy of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea The FSO Nabarima’s precarious situation has worried activists and governments for months. A stranded oil tanker many feared was on the verge of spilling 1.3 million barrels of crude oil into the Caribbean no longer poses a major environmental risk, Trinidad and Tobago’s government said Wednesday. But despite the positive assessment, environmental activists and local experts still want the dual-island nation’s government to take proactive measures in case the worst actually happens. The precarious situation of the Venezuela-flagged oil tanker, the FSO Nabarima, has concerned environmental activists and governments around the world for months. The ship has been stranded in the Gulf of Paria between Venezuela and the island of Trinidadsince January 2019, when President Donald Trump sanctioned Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). While the measure cut off revenue Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro uses to wield influence and stay in power, it also led PDVSA to abandon operations aboard the ship. That essentially left the tanker to rot, fueling fears the oil on board might eventually spill into the waters below. And if it did, the entire marine environment of the Caribbean and the Trinidad and Tobago fishing industry could be in danger. How the stranded vessel became a matter of international concern Concern for the status of the Nabarima began accelerating in mid-August. During a conversation with a PDVSA union representative, local environmental nonprofit group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) was alerted that the FSO Nabarima was dangerously tiltingand needed to be inspected, FFOS program directorLisa Premchand told me. At the time, PDVSA workers were protesting poor working conditions. FFOS immediately brought the issue to the attention of Trinidad and Tobago’s government, including the prime minister. After receiving no response, the group started a social media campaign and gave interviews to local news outlets. Word of the distressed tanker spread. In September, the New York Times reported that the Nabarima was at risk of sinking due to poor maintenance. Ten days later, Trinidad and Tobago’s government announced it was awaiting permission from Venezuela to have a delegation board the ship and assess the danger of an oil spill. Then, on October 16, FFOS corporate secretary Gary Aboud went to see the Nabarima for himself. After noticing the ship was titledat a 25-degree angle, Aboud called for swift action in a YouTube video that quickly gained global attention, including that of prominent environmental activist Greta Thunberg. It’s unclear what direct impact the notoriety had on the governments of Trinidad and Tobago or Venezuela. But four days after Aboud posted his video, Trinidadian Foreign Minister Amery Browne and Energy Minister Franklin Khan confirmed their government could finally board the Nabarima. Somewhat surprisingly, what the three-person team found wasn’t that dire. The Nabarima “is upright and stable with no visible tilt and there is no imminent risk of tilting or sinking,” Khan told the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian on Wednesday, adding that the vessel “poses minimum risk of an oil spill at this time.” So, problem solved, right? Not exactly. Local activists and experts emphasize a proactive approach On Tuesday, Argus Media reported that PDVSA had started pumping oil from the Nabarima into another one of its ships, the Icaro. But Khan, Trinidad’s energy minister, also told the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian the Icaro could transfer only 25 percent of Nabarima’s 1.3 million barrels at a time. That means it’ll require several trips to rid the ship of all the oil on board, keeping the chances of an oil spill higher than zero until much of the load is gone. That’s a problem, as Frank Teelucksingh, a physical oceanographer and director of Coastal Dynamics, a company that oversees environmental projects across Trinidad and Tobago, determined while conducting an oil-spill analysis in September. “If the vessel does turn over or crack or spill its contents, we do not know exactly how much will be spilled,” Teelucksingh told me. “Some might lie on the surface and be transferred away by surface currents and winds, whereas some might get into the water column, if the vessel sinks. That would constitute a different distribution, and the oil moves differently as well.” Teelucksingh suggested the government of Trinidad and Tobago get an accurate model up and running to gain a better sense of what an oil spill would actually look like. Having that would make the nation’s response more effective; for example, it would have a better idea of where to position cleanup crews. Further, booms — floating curtains made of plastic or other materials that serve as barriers to contain oil — could be used to encircle the vessel before it sinks, he said. But because the Nabarima is a Venezuelan ship, Teelucksingh pointed out that placing a boom would be Venezuela’s responsibility, not Trinidad and Tobago’s. Being prepared for a potential massive oil spill, no matter how little the risk, is vital. The toxicity from an oil spill can kill many species due to a lack of oxygen. That would devastate Trinidad and Tobago’s economy, which relies heavily on fishing, particularly in the exact waters the Nabarima is currently floating in. That’s why local activists, including FFOS, are calling upon CARICOM, a coalition of Caribbean countries, to hold an emergency meeting to determine a joint response to the looming crisis. Since the entire Caribbean Sea could be severely harmed, impacting coastal communities and tourism, they say the problem is one the entire region needs to solve together — now. “Rather than taking a reactive approach, take a proactive approach,” said FFOS’s Premchand. The fate of the FSO Nabarima and its remaining oil have yet to be determined. It’s also unclear whether CARICOM will act, or if the situation will be left to Trinidad to handle. But one thing is for sure: The potential for danger remains while the ship holds oil in the Gulf of Paria. Help keep Vox free for all Millions turn to Vox each month to understand what’s happening in the news, from the coronavirus crisis to a racial reckoning to what is, quite possibly, the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. If you have already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider helping everyone make sense of an increasingly chaotic world: Contribute today from as little as $3.
Are the holidays happening in NYC? Popular winter attractions announce opening plans
New York City is gearing up for the holidays with safety in mind; popular winter attractions announce opening dates for 2020.
Debate Moderator Kristen Welker's Husband John Hughes is not THAT John Hughes
Their love story will sweep you off your feet.
3 states targeted in Iranian email scheme report no evidence of breaches
Officials in three states targeted in the email scheme say their voter databases have not been compromised.
2020 NBA Draft will be conducted virtually from ESPN headquarters
Commissioner Adam Silver will still announce the first-round selections as usual, but players chosen in the Nov. 18 draft will only appear via video.
Creepy vultures mark a row of houses
What the “flock”? A large group of vultures stood atop four houses in Indian Trail, North Carolina, and spread their wings in an ominous display. The eerie sight, filmed on Oct. 11, has since gone viral — and sent shivers down the spine of Tracy Hamilton, a woman doing deliveries in town.   Subscribe to...
Ex-Blue Bell Creameries CEO charged in connection to deadly listeria coverup
Health officials had notified the ice-cream company in February 2015 that two of its products had tested positive for listeria, a bacterium that can cause severe illness or even death.
Hunter Biden’s ‘don’t mention Joe’ ex-partner to be Trump’s debate guest
President Trump has invited former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski to Thursday night’s debate against Democratic challenger Joe Biden, sources said. Bobulinski will be a guest of the commander in chief at the second and final showdown between Trump and Biden in Nashville. Fox News first reported the detail Thursday, and a source told...
It's OK if you don't watch the presidential debate. Here are other things you can do
While there are reasons to watch the debate – to keep up with the news or learn about the candidates – there are also plenty of reasons to tune out.
Tom Brady is taking his TB12 empire to the next level
Tom Brady and his TB12 method are gearing up for global domination. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and his longtime confidant, Alex Guerrero, have enlisted IMG to help broaden TB12’s commercial landscape on a greater scale, according to reports. “We are excited to collaborate with Alex, Tom and the TB12 team,” IMG’s president of licensing...
Coronavirus uncertainty forces NHL to postpone Winter Classic, All-Star Weekend
The NHL postponed the 2021 Winter Classic and the 2021 All-Star Weekend over concerns about how prevalent the coronavirus will be next year.
The Battle Over Barrett Shows How Life and Death Are on the Ballot in November
The following article is sponsored by the Judicial Crisis Network and authored by Mallory Quigley.
10 deals to help you pamper your pup and learn more about them
Your dog means the world to you! That’s why we rounded up 10 amazing deals designed to help you pamper your pup as well as opportunities to discover more about your furry BFF. With savings of up to 76% off, you are sure to find something you (and Fido) adore at a price you will...
Eiffel Tower stabbing investigated as racist incident, shouted 'dirty Arabs': reports
French authorities are investigating an apparent racist incident after two women were stabbed beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Minnesota Poll: Democrat Sen. Tina Smith and GOP's Jason Lewis Statistically Tied
The U.S. Senate race in Minnesota between incumbent Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) and Republican challenger Jason Lewis is now a statistical tie, according to a poll released on Wednesday by KSTP/SurveyUSA.
Joe Buck: Fox will ‘find out’ the culprit behind flyover leak controversy
Fox is investigating who leaked a clip of NFL broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman talking about military flyovers before Sunday’s Packers-Buccaneers game — comments Buck says weren’t actually caught on hot mics and were taken out of context. “This was before our rehearsal … it was clipped by someone along the chain…. They are...
Beauty boom: Sales rebound at Maybelline maker L’Oreal
L’Oreal, the French company behind Lancome and Maybelline cosmetics, said Thursday it was back to revenue growth in the third quarter thanks to strong demand in China and booming online sales. Like companies in the luxury goods sector, L’Oreal was hit hard by coronavirus lockdowns earlier this year when stores and airport retailers shut down....
Fans Just Found Out the 'Uncharted' Movie Doesn't Star Nathan Fillion and They Aren't Happy
With the arrival of the first images featuring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, some fans are upset that Fillion didn't reprise the role he had in a 2018 fan film.
De Blasio pins delay in school attendance data release on complex reopening
The Department of Education is still in the dark on school attendance a month into the academic year. Mayor de Blasio said at his daily briefing Thursday that the city’s complex reopening format has made it difficult to assess how many kids are showing up to their remote and in-person classes. “We have a very...
Arkansas State vs. Appalachian State prediction, line: Take Red Wolves in potential shootout
Howie Kussoy picks his winner for the Thursday night matchup between Arkansas State and Appalachian State (7:30 p.m., ESPN.) Home team in CAPS. Arkansas State (+13.5) over APPALACHIAN STATE The Mountaineers will show rust, having last played on Sept. 26. Meanwhile, the Red Wolves’ third-ranked passing offense will continue rolling after Arkansas State put up...
A missing painting by renowned Black artist Jacob Lawrence has resurfaced after 60 years
A long-lost painting by famed Black American modernist Jacob Lawrence is back on public display for the first time in decades.
Democrat Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct Was Crucial Vote for Maine Senate Candidate Sara Gideon
Sara Gideon, Maine’s Democrat House speaker and candidate for U.S. Senate, was pressed for Democrat votes in her nearly evenly divided legislature in 2018 at the time of her handling of sexual misconduct allegations against one of her Democrat members.
Calling It: Dan Rather
Dan Rather discusses election night for the final part of this Gist series.
Bloodthirsty pet monkey is going ape on Tennessee neighbors
Neighbors in a small Tennessee town are being terrorized by a bloodthirsty pet monkey who keeps jumping on their cars and trying to bite them, according to a report.
Quilted granny shopping carts are this season’s hottest new accessory
Grandmother going grocery shopping — but make it fashion.
A viral dance video, and an NY quarantine bubble
The pandemic has made it difficult for performers to continue working, but a project that the Dance Theatre of Harlem has adopted is a bright spot in challenging times – allowing dancers to keep training as the coronavirus rages on. (Oct. 22)
1 in 6 women of color face food insecurity amid pandemic
Since March, more than 57% of Hispanic women and 53% Black women say they've lost income, compared to about 41% among White men and women.
2 dead, 4 hospitalized, dozens infected with COVID-19 after North Carolina church event
A massive, week-long church event in North Carolina has left two people dead from COVID-19, four hospitalized and at least 68 infected, according to a report. More than 1,000 people, including from out of state, attended the event in Charlotte, held from Oct. 4 to 11, Eyewitness News tweeted. Those infected included attendees of the...
ABC News has completely ignored Hunter Biden laptop scandal, study says
ABC News completely ignored the ongoing scandal surrounding a laptop and hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, according to the Media Research Center.
McConnell says nothing wrong with health after photos show bruises on hands
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday told reporters that his health is fine after recent bruising that has appeared on his hands and lips.
The evolution of Noah Cyrus: From Miley’s baby sister to music star
The youngest Cyrus daughter is making a name for herself with a new look.
Christine Elise slams Jessica Alba’s ‘90210’ ‘no eye contact’ claim: ‘A f–king lie’
"Why is she invested in s--t-talking a show from 30 years ago? … She's a bazillionaire with her little Honest company!"
Ransomware hits election infrastructure in Georgia county
A Georgia county is ground zero for what may be the first ransomware attack to hit election infrastructure this political season.
Borat chic? Bodysuit with high-cut crotch ridiculed for looking like mankini
"High cut? That's cut so damn high it's practically flossing her teeth," snarked one social media comedian of the G-string.