Aurinkorasva käyttöön – Etelä-Suomessa lähennellään hellerajaa

Koko maassa on poutaa ja laajoilla alueilla selkeää. Maan länsiosassa sää on pääosin selkeä. Päivän aikana lämpötila voi nousta kesäisen lämpimän 24 asteen paikkeille. Itäosassa päivä on pilvinen, ja paikoin esiintyy sadekuuroja. Päivän lämpötilat ovat 18–23 asteen välillä. Maan pohjoisosassa sää on vaihtelevasti pilvinen ja enimmäkseen poutainen. Yön aikana paikoin hallaa. Päivällä ylin lämpötila on 13–19 astetta.
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Latino community in Texas hit hard by virus outbreak
The Latino community in Texas is being hit the hardest and account for nearly 29% of coronavirus deaths in the state. Mireya Villarreal reports.
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"CBS Evening News" headlines for Thursday, July 9, 2020
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News" with Margaret Brennan.
House holds hearing on Russian bounty intelligence reports
Defense Secretary Mark Esper testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss intelligence reports alleging Russia may have paid the Taliban to kill U.S. troops. John Gans, the director of communications and research for the University of Pennsylvania's Perry World House global policy center, and former chief speechwriter for Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, joins "Red and Blue" with key takeaways from the testimony.
Chris Pratt's wife Katherine Schwarzenegger talks quarantining with the actor: I'm 'learning a lot'
Katherine Schwarzenegger is keeping busy in quarantine.
GOP state lawmaker urges people to 'stop getting tested'
CNN's Brianna Keilar talks with an Ohio mayor about a Facebook post by Republican state Rep. Nino Vitale that called for people to stop getting tested for coronavirus.
"Watermelon snow" in Italian Alps may be climate change red flag
The bizarre pink snow can accelerate snow melt in the fragile mountain region.
California, Florida and Texas report highest daily virus death tolls
The country's three biggest states are reporting their largest one-day death tolls since the pandemic began.
Naya Rivera, Pioneering Glee Star, Is Presumed Dead at 33
Authorities believe Rivera "drowned in what appears to be a tragic accident" while out with her 4-year-old son
Gutfeld on Joe Biden’s ‘America First’ strategy
Biden says the government needs to buy American products, playing catch-up with Trump's 'America First' policy.
House Democrats propose blocking construction projects on military bases with Confederate names
The House Appropriations Committee approved a spending bill for the fiscal year 2021, but included a provision that would prohibit military construction projects on bases named after Confederate figures.
Kansas City police officer accused of sexual relationship with witness in murder case
A Kansas City police officer is accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a witness in two high-profile metro area murders.
It’s Up to the Lower Courts to Speed Up Trump Subpoenas Now
The Supreme Court decision could let Trump run out the clock on congressional subpoenas.
Juan Williams says Trump 'really came out on top' in Supreme Court ruling on tax documents
"The Five" co-host Juan Williams declared Thursday's Supreme Court ruling blocking immediate congressional access to President Trump's tax returns to be a "short-term" victory for the president and his reelection efforts.
Richard Sherman, other NFL players rip league health guidelines
The NFL is already receiving pushback for its proposed rules to limit in-game interactions for the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to mitigate the risk players will potentially face on the field.
17-year-old rescued from New Jersey waters after hours-long search
A 17-year-old boy was rescued from the waters in Perth Amboy, New Jersey Thursday evening after an hours-long search — and taken to the hospital in critical condition, officials said. The teen headed into the waters of the Arthur Kill voluntarily around 2 p.m. near the Perth Amboy Yacht Club, and was recovered around 5:10...
American Airlines flight attendant, 61, dies suddenly while working
American Airlines flight attendant Joe Tormes was working a flight with his wife when he died suddenly Sunday, their union confirmed to USA TODAY.
Online retailer Shein slammed for selling swastika necklace
The company said the necklaces were meant to symbolize "spirituality and good fortune."
USC men's golf coach Chris Zambri agrees to part ways with the university
Chris Zambri, the longest-tenured head coach at USC, agreed to leave his position as men's golf coach after 14 seasons leading the team.
Seattle ice cream parlor bars police carrying guns
A popular Seattle ice cream parlor located near the former Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP, is asking police officers to leave their guns outside.
New York City paints Black Lives Matter mural on Trump Tower's doorstep
The planned mural in Manhattan provoked the ire of President Trump, who slammed the mural on Twitter as a "symbol of hate."
Charlize Theron leads 'The Old Guard'
Theron leads a group of immortal mercenaries in the Netflix Original, based on the comic book series.
LA Sheriff: Black man's hanging death was suicide
Investigators say they have confirmed suicide was the cause of death of a Black man found hanging from a tree in a Southern California city park last month. (July 9)
Silent spreaders: unseen germ carriers
Much of the spread of coronavirus seems to come from silent spreaders: people who carry the germs but don't know it, and are passing germs to others.
Listen to Episode 8 of ‘Amazin’ But True’: ‘Ass In The Jackpot’ feat. Terry Collins
There’s a lot of Mets news out there this week. Nelson Figueroa and I have it covered on a brand new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast. We open up talking about Amed Rosario getting to camp and having trouble not being able to spit. We then get into the cardboard picture cutouts that...
Why the South might not be so solid for Republicans soon
The foundation of Republican resurgence at the federal level over the past 30 (or so) years has been the transformation of the South from reliably Democratic to strongly GOP.
Gasparino explains why Trump tax returns could be 'embarrassing' for president if made public
Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino told "Your World" Thursday that President Trump's tax returns "could be pretty embarrassing stuff" if they don't match the real estate mogul's claims about his personal wealth.
Nancy Pelosi on Columbus statue toppling: ‘People will do what they do’
WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday refused to condemn protesters who toppled a statue of Christoper Columbus in her hometown of Baltimore before tossing it in a nearby harbor, blowing it off by saying, “People will do what they do.” “I think that its up to the communities to decide what statues they...
Number of Mississippi lawmakers testing positive for coronavirus jumps to 26
A growing number of Mississippi lawmakers are testing positive for the novel coronavirus, following a month of working together in close proximity at the State Capitol building without wearing face masks.
Fauci says partisanship is hurting US response to Covid-19
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, said Thursday that partisanship is hurting the US response to Covid-19 in his latest blunt assessment of the country's handling of the pandemic.
California police confirm death of Black man found hanging from tree was suicide
Investigators announced Thursday a Southern California man found dead hanging from a tree last month has committed suicide.
Republican 'Never Trump' groups unite against the President
Ads aren't unusual for an election year, but as CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports, Republican "Never Trump" groups are spending millions hoping to make the leader of their party a one-term president.
Editorial: Now we know Trump can be subpoenaed. But will he comply?
The Supreme Court left room for the president to keep hiding his tax documents until after the election.
'Palm Springs' breakout Cristin Milioti talks time loops, bad weddings and Black Lives Matter
'Palm Springs' breakout Cristin Milioti discusses how the new Hulu 'existential comedy' speaks to anyone who's been in a quarantine time loop.
DeSean Jackson's anti-Semitic posts are 'a f--king disaster', ex-Eagle says
Chris Long, a former defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, was the latest player to speak out about DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic Instagram posts, calling it “a f--king disaster.”
Death of Robert Fuller, Black man found hanging in a tree, confirmed as suicide
Robert Fuller's death was confirmed to be a suicide, officials said.
Single mother reveals how to do a ‘DIY insemination’ in TikTok video
Baby-making has never involved so few people.
Bindi Irwin was ‘overcome with emotion’ after Chandler Powell’s surprise honeymoon picnic
Irwin and Powell have made the most of their status as newlyweds, despite not having a traditional honeymoon.
Temperature checks and hotels: Newsom details new precautions for wildfire evacuations
Gov. Gavin Newsom warned Californians about growing wildfire dangers and described changes to evacuation protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Biden pushes populist 'made in America' plan to pump up economy
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden returned to his childhoold home in Pennsylvania on Thursday during a trip where he also proposed spending $700 billion on American products and research - in the hopes of bringing back millions of jobs lost by an economy flattened by the coronavirus pandemic.
Kennedy Center to commission anti-racism works, expand programs for black artists and audiences
New initiatives will be led by National Symphony Orchestra and Washington National Opera.
‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Netflix: How to Submit a Tip
Unsolved Mysteries has cracked hundreds of cases over the years with the help of everyday viewers.
Neo-Nazis call to ‘deliberately infect’ Jews, Muslims with COVID-19: report
The UK's Commission for Countering Extremism published research saying it has received increasing reports of extremist groups of all kinds.
Trump's dream of a glitzy nominating convention is fading away
President Donald Trump made the decision to move his acceptance of the GOP nomination to Jacksonville, Florida, in part because guidelines in North Carolina, where the convention had been planned for, would prevent him from putting on the big party he wanted.
Mel Hein Jr., former Taft track coach and USC pole vaulter, dies
Mel Hein Jr., son of football Hall of Famer, once held U.S. indoor world record in pole vault and coached City champion teams at Taft High has died at 79.
Naya Rivera photos through the years: ‘Glee,’ motherhood and more
Naya Rivera has tragically died at the age of 33.
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Texas Republicans sue Houston, mayor for canceling convention
The Texas Republican Party is suing Houston and its mayor a day after the state GOP in-person convention was canceled because officials said the spread of the coronavirus made it impossible to hold the event as scheduled.
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Trump wants Americans to believe Biden is a radical leftist. It's a tough sell.
Joe Biden ran a Democratic primary campaign pitting himself against the party's rising progressive wing. From health care to foreign policy, the former vice president rejected the left's most ambitious policies and successfully pitched voters on his more moderate vision.
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California will sue Trump administration over decision to not allow foreign college students to take online-only courses
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Thursday that the state will challenge the Trump administration's decision not to allow foreign students to take online-only courses in the US this fall semester, marking yet another lawsuit against the guidance.
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