Hong Kong -ketjun ostanut Rusta valtaa nyt Suomea: tällainen se on

Rusta on avannut Suomeen 25 myymälää ja lisää on tulossa. Hong Kong -tavarataloketjun entisiä tiloja valloittaa nyt Suomessa uusi, ruotsalainen kauppaketju Rusta. Ruotsalainen jättiketju osti Hong Kong -halpatavarakaupat kaksi vuotta sitten ja on uudistanut myymälöitä nyt omaan konseptiinsa sopivaksi sekä tuonut niihin hiljalleen omat tuotteensa. Nyt nimi on lopullisesti vaihtunut kaikissa myymälöissä. –Rusta on painottunut erityisesti kodin sisustukseen ja vapaa-ajan tuotteisiin sekä kulutus- ja sesonkituotteisiin, kertoo maajohtaja Tommy Dolivo Iltalehdelle.
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Japan reports more than 1,200 new cases as country struggles to contain spike
• Airline cuts back on Covid-19 cleanings • US obesity epidemic could undermine effectiveness of a vaccine
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Who Gets Counted?
And what else you need to know today.
AOC-aligned Cori Bush upsets longtime incumbent Lacy Clay in Missouri Dem primary
The Democratic primary in Missouri's 1st Congressional District grabbed national attention as a party fixture and longtime Congressional Black Caucus member battled a younger progressive activist who came up through the Black Lives Matter movement.
Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan Scott celebrate 1 year of knowing one another: 'How time flies'
Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott have hit a major milestone.
‘Stay Black and Die’
One woman reflects on her path to protesting police brutality.
5 things to know for August 5: Beirut, coronavirus, election, airlines, Taiwan
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
Artist tells the story behind her New Yorker cover portrait of Sojourner Truth
Grace Lynne Haynes writes on her artistic choices in portraying the 19th-century activist Sojourner Truth, and how in her wider work, she explores what it means to be a Black woman in 2020.
Artist tells the story behind her New Yorker cover portrait of Sojourner Truth
When the New Yorker asked me to illustrate the cover of their new August issue commemorating 100 years of women's suffrage in America, I chose to depict 19th-century activist Sojourner Truth. Truth was an early advocate for Black women's rights who didn't live to see the fruits of her labor. I wanted to point out that while White women gained the right to vote in 1920, it would still take another 45 years -- until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 -- for women of color to be able to cast their ballots.
Op-Ed: U.S. leaders knew we didn't have to drop atomic bombs on Japan to win the war. We did it anyway
We've been taught that the U.S. had to drop atomic bombs on Japan to end World War II. Historical evidence shows Japan would have surrendered anyway.
Coronavirus updates: Stimulus package deal expected by end of week; US nears 5M cases; Clorox wipes shortage could stretch into 2021
A deal on the coronavirus stimulus package could be reached by end of week. The fifth vaccine developer released promising results. Latest news.
Trump's demand that the US get a cut of TikTok's sale could set a dangerous precedent
TikTok is up for grabs. But while the popular short-form video app likely won't lack for suitors, President Donald Trump says the US government needs to get a "substantial amount of money" as part of any deal.
Thinking of buying a 5G smartphone? Finding your carrier's flavor of 5G requires a taste for investigation
Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile all have 5G networks up and running. But assessing whether the move is right for you now is no easy decision.
Editorial: The new school year is starting, ready or not. Much of California is not
School boards and their superintendents needed clear direction, not the figure-it-out-yourselves philosophy that's been coming from Sacramento and Washington.
Editorial: California is releasing prison inmates in droves. It needs to do more to help them reenter society
It's time for California to develop its own prison inmate reentry program, not just for the era of COVID-19 but for normal times as well.
Sean Hannity: Biden's Ukraine dealings example of 'swamp' corruption Trump was elected to stop
Joe Biden was leveraging his role in the White House—and your tax dollars—for a get-rich-quick scheme for his family.
Op-Ed: COVID-19 has been such a disaster even red state residents aren't happy with Republicans
Survey data show a real disconnect between red-state voters and politicians over management of the pandemic that could cost the GOP dearly in November.
Editorial: It's taken Biden a while to pick a running mate. So what?
Having raised hopes for a quick decision, Biden continues to deliberate
Social Security: There may be no cost-of-living increase in 2021
The government won't officially announce the next COLA until October 2020, but experts are predicting a small raise or none at all.
Kids less likely to die from coronavirus, but schools could become hot spots for spread
Some experts say a lack of information about how kids contract and transmit the coronavirus will leave the nation unprepared when schools reopen.
Letters to the Editor: 'But there's a pandemic' is a small-minded criticism of Mars exploration
Our world and our politics are limited; limitless space exploration provides a relief from humanity's harsh realities.
Letters to the Editor: Mask refusers would not have done well in World War II
In Britain in 1940, millions of families were torn apart because of mass evacuations from cities. Today, we're just being asked to wear a mask.
Letters to the Editor: My great uncle built the Chateau Marmont. Don't worry about its future
The Chateau Marmont has had many owners since it was built in the 1920s. But as L.A. has changed, it has endured.
NBA bubble breakdown: Pacers' T.J. Warren continues torrid start on Day 6 of play in Orlando
Everything that went down Tuesday on Day 6 of play in the NBA bubble, and what you can look forward to on Wednesday.
Letters to the Editor: Putting mom-and-pop landlords out of business isn't a solution to evictions
A state bill to offer tax credits that can be redeemed for cash doesn't give small landlords what they need most: a monthly rent check.
Op-Ed: The truth behind Trump's need to lie
If you live mainly in the current moment, then the future consequences of your lies will not matter to you. Truth is whatever works to win the moment.
Letters to the Editor: Take veterinary advice from a vet, not a pet food store owner
It's too bad that the state veterinary board has not done more to respond to complaints that Marc Ching is giving dangerous advice to pet owners.
How Influencers Are Using Acne to Sell Things
Usually even inclusive ad campaigns feature flawless skin.
This is what it looked like after the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima 75 years ago
On August 6, 1945, a U.S. bomber famously known as the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, marking a historic act of nuclear warfare.
NFL's Top Doctor On How Football Plans To Return
Chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills defended the NFL's plans to return in September. He tells Morning Edition that the league has an extensive testing program but won't be instituting a "bubble."
Foreign Workers Living Overseas Mistakenly Received $1,200 U.S. Stimulus Checks
Thousands of foreign workers who entered the U.S. on temporary work visas received $1,200 pandemic stimulus checks in error, and many of them are spending the money in their home countries.
One pilot brings the world to Iceland
You may have seen his work in "Game of Thrones" or various movies. Jón Kjartan Björnsson is the daring helicopter pilot with a mission to show the real Iceland.
One pilot brings the world to Iceland
Ancient tales of trolls and magic live on in Iceland, an island nation of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers and ice caves.
Tourist snaps toes off 19th century statue while attempting to take a selfie: report
An Austrian tourist damaged a plaster model of a 200-year-old sculpture in Italy last week while trying to take a selfie with the artwork, according to multiple reports.
The Most Important Thing Parents of Kids in Special Ed Need to Remember This School Year
Maintaining this perspective can help parents through this tumultuous time.
Trump campaign sues Nevada over mail-in voting plan
The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee late Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Nevada over expanded mail-in voting for the November election.
HSBC bet the bank on China. It's in big trouble if tensions escalate
HSBC has spent the last five years extending its reach into China as part of a broader push to Asia. But if push comes to shove and China makes good on its threat to the bank, the company's options are likely to be limited.
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HSBC bet the bank on China. It's in big trouble if tensions escalate
HSBC's business in China has long been a boon for the bank.
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Trump's interview debacle sends a warning for the fall campaign
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Weed is not good for your heart, studies say
You may love smoking weed, but it does not love your heart, according to the American Heart Association's new scientific statement on marijuana.
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Biden campaign to hammer Trump over pandemic response with $280 million in ads across 15 states
Joe Biden's campaign says it has reserved $280 million in television and digital advertising that it plans to use largely to hammer President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Biden announces largest ad buy ever by a presidential candidate
Signaling the states they see as most competitive, the Biden campaign said their ads will 15 states.
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The biggest 'gym rat' in golf
"He loves working out; He's a gym rat; He hits the ball a mile," are some of the ways Brooks Koepka has been characterized by a number of golf writers and commentators.
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Ted Cruz slams Dems, claims they're 'facilitating' riots, violence in major US cities
1 h
Uncertainty over how much protection Covid-19 antibodies offer
To date there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus reinfection in the world. While immunology experts stress the chances of it are highly unlikely, one tells CNN's Anna Stewart it's not impossible.
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Coronavirus updates: US daily case count shoots back up over 50,000
A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 700,000 people worldwide.
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Gallup poll: Supreme Court approval rating highest in over a decade
After a contentious extended Supreme Court term, a majority of Americans approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing, earning the court its highest rating in over a decade, according to a Gallup Poll released Wednesday.
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Donna Brazile: Biden would benefit by picking a Black woman for VP — and so would America
My straightforward advice to Biden is this: Please pick a Black woman running mate based solely on her strong qualifications to be “president on Day One,” her characteristics and values, and her being simpatico with you and your values.
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Sally Yates, DoJ Boss At Close Of Obama Era, Due In Senate Hearing Wednesday
The former deputy attorney general was in charge in the final days of the Obama era and into the early days of the Trump era. Senate Republicans want to ask her about the Russia investigation.
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