Buckingham Palace now selling gin — Queen Elizabeth’s drink of choice
If being the head of the troubled Windsor dynasty has become too much, Queen Elizabeth could be forgiven for reaching for the gin bottle.
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California Governor Again Shuts Down Bars and Indoor Dining Statewide in Effort to Stem Latest COVID-19 Surge
After Gov. Newsom passed order for 19 counties on July 1, he extended it statewide on Monday
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Coronavirus cases pass 13 million worldwide
More than 13 million people worldwide have now contracted the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University. The milestone came Monday, with more than 570,000 people dead from the virus worldwide, according to the university’s COVID-19 case tracker. The United States leads the globe in total reported cases, with more than 3.3 million, the tracker shows....
Naya Rivera: Authorities are 'confident' body found at Lake Piru is former 'Glee' actress
Authorities said on Monday that they are "confident" the body found in Lake Piru belongs to former "Glee" actress Naya Rivera.
Boob job nightmare behind Charlotte Flair’s WWE disappearance
WWE star Charlotte Flair has been hailed for her candidness by fans after revealing the real reason behind her break from the ring. The 10-time women’s champion explained that she is undergoing surgery to fix a cosmetic issue from a previous boob job. The 34-year-old was written off WWE television last month in a storyline...
Banning airplane middle seats could dramatically help cut coronavirus risk on flights
Eliminating the middle seat on planes may help cut already low on-flight coronavirus risk even more, a new research paper from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has suggested. The paper, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, pegs the risk of contracting COVID-19 from nearby passengers on a full flight at about 1 in 4,300. According to...
Angelina Jolie advocates to ensure 'education for refugee children' amid coronavirus: ‘We must find ways’
Angelina Jolie wants education in select countries to continue amid the coronavirus pandemic.
NYPD schools cop charged with molesting girl
A 43-year-old NYPD school safety officer who allegedly raped a girl over five years starting when she was 6 was arrested Monday, according to police and sources. Jean Isidor Jean Baptiste, of Brooklyn, was arrested around 7 a.m. Monday and hit with seven charges, including rape, predatory sexual assault against a child, criminal sexual act,...
McConnell: No recovery bill without lawsuit protections for 'everyone related to the coronavirus'
A new plan under development by the White House and Senate Republicans to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is expected to include financial incentives to push schools to reopen while also shielding health care workers and companies against lawsuits, Republicans said Monday, a move that will spur a fight with Democrats.
Naya Rivera, 'Glee' actress, dies at 33
Naya Rivera, the actress best known as Santana Lopez on Fox's hit musical TV series "Glee," was found dead Monday after going missing last week on Lake Piru.
Strong winds could have been a factor in Naya Rivera’s drowning: diver
Robert Inglis, of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue Team, speculated that gusts on Lake Piru pushed the "Glee" actress' pontoon away from her after she went for a swim.
Houston Rockets forward accidentally breaks quarantine in Orlando: report
Houston Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo will not engage in any team activities for the next eight days after he accidentally broke quarantine.
Team sports cannot be played without physical distancing, L.A. County says
The recent surge in COVID-19 infections could force the CIF to announce July 20 a delay in the high school sports season.
First federal execution in 17 years delayed once again
Murderer Daniel Lewis Lee was slated to die by lethal injection even though the victim's family objects due, among other things, to concern they could be exposed to the coronavirus by attending.
Armed group gathered at monument to 'keep an eye on the statues'
Husband killed during fight over gun with wife
Nation's first black Priest honored after 123 years
At least 65 people shot in Chicago over weekend
Texas sheriff passes from COVID-19 complications
Pandemic closures lead to spike in pool sales
Police investigating after noose found in vehicle
The White House’s favorite new coronavirus metric — mortality rate — probably won’t be a favorite for long
It's a useful measure because of the specific qualities of the pandemic in the immediate moment, including the now-rising death rate.
LI construction company a hotbed for sexual harassment: NY AG
A Long Island construction company was a hotbed for sexual harassment, with bosses demanding sex from female employees in exchange for pay and overtime, the New York Attorney General has alleged. Trade Off — which worked on Hudson Yards — has agreed to pay $1.5 million to 18 former employees who were sexually harassed and...
Body found at lake identified as 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera, authorities say
The body found at a Southern California lake has been identified as former "Glee" actress Naya Rivera, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said during a press conference Monday.
Chargers safety Roderic Teamer suspended four games
Chargers safety Roderic Teamer on Monday was suspended without pay for the first four games of the regular season because of a violation of the NFL's policy on substances of abuse.
California rolls back reopening as coronavirus cases surge
Trina McGee says most of ‘Boy Meets World’ cast has made amends
McGee says, however, that she does not speak to Ben Savage.
Democrats have a plan to automatically expand health coverage in a pandemic
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders bump elbows after the Democratic debate on March 15, 2020. | Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images Here are the highlights of the task force’s proposal. As many as 27 million Americans may have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance along with their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, according to estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Many of them may be able to maintain health coverage through COBRA or the Obamacare marketplaces or Medicaid. But some number, likely several million people, could end up becoming uninsured in the middle of the public health emergency. Democrats have come up with a plan to prevent that from ever happening again. The Biden-Sanders unity task force has proposed automatically expanding health coverage during the coronavirus pandemic and all future public health crises. The task force’s recommendations, which have not yet been officially adopted by the Biden campaign, would set up automatic support programs. These provisions would be triggered by increases and decreases in the unemployment rate. They include an aggressive expansion of Obamacare premium subsidies and a more generous public option plan than previously proposed by the Biden campaign. “Their recommendations reflected the fact that financial barriers to getting care are a particular problem during a public health emergency, when the interrelatedness between everyone’s health is especially important,” Katherine Hempstead, senior policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, says. “The suggestions seem designed to immediately fill some giant holes in our safety net which currently leaves lots of people without an affordable offer.” Here are the highlights of the task force’s proposal: Covid-19 testing, vaccines, and treatment would be free to all Americans A 90-day special enrollment period would be established for people to enroll in coverage through the marketplaces (the Trump administration has pointedly declined to open up enrollment during the pandemic) A no-deductible public insurance plan, administered by the Medicare program, would be established People with incomes at 200 percent of the federal poverty level or lower would be automatically enrolled in the public option with no premiums owed; people whose COBRA coverage expires would also be automatically placed in the government plan Obamacare premium subsidies would be expanded: The subsidy would be pegged to platinum-level coverage (which covers 90 percent of medical costs; currently it’s linked to silver-level coverage that covers 70 percent) and the eligibility cutoff at 400 percent of the federal poverty level would be eliminated There are a few other highlights, provisions meant to help states maintain their Medicaid programs during a budget crisis and additional federal funding to cover 100 percent of the cost of COBRA coverage for people who are laid off. The very concept of automatic stabilizers would be a big step. It’s an idea that has started to edge into the mainstream Democratic policy debate — Sens. Jack Reed and Michael Bennet, along with Rep. Don Breyer, have proposed instituting triggers for expanded unemployment insurance and other federal assistance programs — but getting a place in a presidential platform would be the most significant step yet toward making the policy a reality. (The Biden campaign said in an email that it looks forward to reviewing the task force’s recommendations.) “Policymakers have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to respond to the crisis and reach political consensus, and many have suffered in the process,” Larry Levitt, executive vice president for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, says. “We still don’t know how many waves of coronavirus are ahead of us, and this will probably not be our last pandemic.” However, even if automatic stabilizers receive Biden’s imprimatur, they would still likely be politically contentious if a Biden White House and a Democratic Congress tried to pass them into law. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said earlier this year that she would support the concept, and some House Democrats were pushing for them to be included in the most recent stimulus bill that was in effect a wish list for the House majority. But automatic stabilizers still didn’t make the cut. And given the tenor of the Democratic primary debate over health care, there is no guarantee a Democratic Congress could pass a bill that creates a maximally generous public option that would automatically enroll potentially millions of people. “There would be an enormous political fight over an idea like this, even if Democrats sweep the election,” Levitt, a former federal health official under President Bill Clinton, said. This story appears in VoxCare, a newsletter from Vox on the latest twists and turns in America’s health care debate. Sign up to get VoxCare in your inboxalong with more health care stats and news. Support Vox’s explanatory journalism Every day at Vox, we aim to answer your most important questions and provide you, and our audience around the world, with information that has the power to save lives. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. Vox’s work is reaching more people than ever, but our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources — particularly during a pandemic and an economic downturn. Your financial contribution will not constitute a donation, but it will enable our staff to continue to offer free articles, videos, and podcasts at the quality and volume that this moment requires. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today.
US Conference of Mayors supports commission to study giving reparations to African-Americans
The U.S. Conference of Mayors is expressing support for Democratic-proposed legislation introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., to commission a study on reparations to African Americans.
Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are running out of time for contract extension
Time is running out for the Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott to agree on a contract extension with the deadline now just two days away. On Sunday, The Dallas Morning News confirmed that the Cowboys haven’t come close to agreeing to a contract extension for the 26-year-old. The critical sticking point in the negotiations...
Summer blockbusters ‘Tenet’ and ‘Mulan’ likely delayed again
Movie theaters pinning their reopening success on the August release of blockbuster hopefuls “Tenet'” and “Mulan” are in for a major blow, industry experts said. With COVID-19 cases on the rise in major cities across the US, it’s looking increasingly doubtful that Warner Bros. will premiere Christopher Nolan’s spy flick “Tenet” next month, dealing a...
Woman meets biological sister for first time thanks to DNA testing
Police officer seen kneeling on man's neck
Student produce music video about the pandemic
First child dies due to coronavirus in SC
Boats catch fire at marina, police boat sinks
Woman gets job at facility to see her husband
Protesters camp outside police department
Miraculous rescue at Wrightsville Beach
Virgin Mary statue set on fire at Boston church
COVID concerns force out Olympic softball stars in Florida days after team mutiny, name change
Summer softball season comes to a halt for This Is Us and host USSSA Pride after a series that featured a team walkout and possible COVID-19 exposure.
Chance The Rapper criticized after supporting Kanye West’s presidential announcement
Chance The Rapper is facing a backlash after issuing support for Kanye West’s presidential bid.
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s team tells Donald Trump to stop using ‘Memory’ at rallies
Original “Cats” star Betty Buckley urged Webber last month to stop Trump's team from using "Memory."
Los Angeles County offers guidelines for schools that decide to reopen
Officials said that, at L.A. schools that do reopen, children must wear face coverings and use hand sanitizer. Sports with no physical distancing are banned.
Gigantic 'superflare' spotted on nearby star
Astronomers in Japan have spotted a huge “superflare” emerging from a nearby star.
You can make sazón at home. All you need are some common kitchen spices.
You can make your own blend with ground spices commonly found in most pantry.