Sadun lasagne on niin helppo ja nopea, ettei uskoisi: Tämä herkkuruoka pelastaa, kun tulet väsyneenä kotiin

Vain neljän aineksen lasagnen nopeuden salaisuus on ravioleissa. Valkokastike skipataan, mutta ruoan herkullisuutta se ei vähennä.
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Trump hits ‘whatever’ in his long COVID retreat
Trump has the “whatever, leave us alone” voters squarely on his side, but what about other voters?
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Tsunami warning issued after earthquake near Alaska
A tsunami warning was issued Monday after a preliminary magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck near Sand Point, Alaska.
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Trump likens Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ to Anthony Weiner’s notorious drive
President Trump on Monday said that Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” reminds him of Anthony Weiner’s infamous computer, which undercut Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and later sent Weiner to prison. Trump called Joe Biden “corrupt” at a large rally in Prescott, Ariz., citing The Post’s reporting on emails from a hard drive implicating...
WATCH: Pulse-pounding moment Florida cops swerve to knock man off motorbike after trying to pull him over
A Florida police vehicle knocked a motorcyclist off his bike during a high-speed chase Sunday along a freeway and was captured on video.
Ted Cruz, GOP Senators Propose Anti-Court Packing Amendment
"Packing the Court means one very specific thing: expanding the number of justices to achieve a political outcome," Senator Ted Cruz said Monday.
Leader of company that flies Trump 2020 flag warns of layoffs if president isn’t reelected
The president of Orlando-based Daniels Manufacturing Corporation told employees in a letter that the company "could be forced to begin permanent layoffs" if Biden wins, WESH 2 News reported.
How to Watch 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' and New 'Peanuts' Episodes
Charlie Brown and the gang are headed to Apple TV+ this holiday season.
Rumer Willis opens up about losing virginity to 'older' man who didn't 'check in’
Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, got candid on an episode of "Red Table Talk."
Colorado is fighting its largest wildfire in history
The CalWood Fire is now the largest wildfire in the history of Boulder County in Colorado. The largest wildfire in state history, the Cameron Peak Fire, is also continuing to gain ground. | Eric Lutzens/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images The previous record-holding fire was contained just seven weeks ago, and new fires continue to erupt. The Cameron Peak Fire near Rocky Mountain National Park has become the largest wildfire in Colorado history, growing to 203,000 acres this weekend. The fire was 62 percent contained as of Monday morning. This is just heartbreaking. #loveland #cameronpeak #CameronPeakFire #ColoradoFires #colorado #pray— Eugene (@MountianManD) October 18, 2020 The previous record-holder was the 137,000-acre Pine Gulch Fire near Grand Junction, Colorado. That fire also ignited this year and was declared 100 percent contained in September. It only held on to its record as Colorado’s largest wildfire for seven weeks. Meanwhile, another new, fast-moving wildfire ignited in Boulder County on Saturday and quickly spread across almost 9,000 acres, forcing at least 3,000 people to evacuate. Known as the CalWood Fire, it’s now the largest wildfire on record for Boulder County. Then on Sunday, the Lefthand Canyon Fire started just outside of Boulder. Beyond the threat from the flames, these various wildfires have sent dangerous, smoky air into cities like Denver and Fort Collins, triggering air quality alerts off and on for months. Together, the recent blazes in Colorado add up to an unusually long and severe wildfire season, and it’s not likely to let up anytime soon. “The current fire season, it’s definitely a crazy one,” said Chad Hoffman, an associate professor of fire science at Colorado State University. “We still have dry, windy conditions pushing these fires.” Some unique weather conditions this year set the stage for Colorado’s blazes, but the threat from wildfires is growing across the state due to human development and climate change. What’s fueling Colorado’s fires this year It’s an increasingly familiar story. Like the epic wildfires this year across California, Oregon, and Washington, the wildfires in Colorado arose amid a year of extreme heat and dryness. Heat waves baked the state this summer and persisted into the fall. The high temperatures increased the evaporation of moisture from vegetation, leaving plants dry and ready to burn. There was also less rainfall. Over the past month, precipitation was less than 10 percent of what is typical. “By the end of September, nearly 100% of the state was experiencing some level of drought, up from 51% since the beginning of the calendar year,” according to the Colorado Climate Center’s Monthly State of the Climate report. The state is on track to have its second-driest year on record. That aridity has left almost every type of vegetation in the state primed to burn, as was evident in the Cameron Peak Fire. “It burned all the way from fir forest, ponderosa pine, mixed conifer. It’s burned through some grasslands and shrublands as well,” Hoffman said. “It’s burned through areas that have previously burned, like during the Bobcat Fire. It’s burned through bark-beetle-affected areas. So a really big mix of fuels that this fire has burned through over the last 60 days.” It’s also uncommon to see fires this late in the year in Colorado. Typically winter precipitation starts to set in and cap fire seasons in the autumn. This fits within the trend of fire seasons in Colorado getting longer. Wildfires are a natural part of the landscape in the state, as they are in places farther west. Many woodlands have evolved to deal with and benefit from periodic fires. However, humans have been making fire risks worse. That’s in part due to climate change, which is changing weather patterns and driving some of the aridity in Colorado’s forests. It’s also a function of more people living in high-risk areas. “The growing population in Colorado means we have more people in the woods, which leads potentially to more ignitions,” Hoffman said. The vast majority of wildfires in the United States have human causes, though in Colorado about half of fires in the state are ignited by lightning strikes. The growing fire risk is also a consequence of more than a century of suppression of natural wildfires. By putting out blazes, vegetation in the state has accumulated, so during periods of extreme dryness, there is much more fuel to burn than there would be had more fires been allowed to proceed. There are now efforts to reintroduce fire to the landscape, but vast swaths of the state need fuel reduction treatments, and the window for safely conducting measures like prescribed burns is shrinking as the climate warms. This video gives a quick look into the types of wind conditions us and other firefighters on Cameron Peak experienced and have been experiencing over the duration of the #cameronpeakfire #cofire— COFirePrev&Control (@COStateFire) October 19, 2020 For now, firefighters are facing high winds as they work to contain Colorado’s record-breaking blazes. And until the winds slow and the snow and rain arrive, the fires in the state are poised to continue burning — and more may yet ignite. 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Woman claims Facebook took down her account after posting about her assault at pro-Trump rally in DC
A woman who marched at a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., claims Facebook took down her entire account after she posted about being assaulted by Women’s March and Black Lives Matter activists.
Titans not facing forfeits or loss of draft picks in NFL's COVID-19 protocol investigation
An investigation found the Titans didn't wear masks at all times and weren't clear about meetings, but the heaviest punishments aren't on the table.
Study: Plastic Baby Bottles Shed Microplastics When Heated. Should You Be Worried?
The implications for a child's health are not yet known. The study authors urge people not to panic — and stress the need for more research.
Democratic party hopes to pick up Senate seat in Iowa
CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.
Former GOP Strategist tells Jake Tapper, "I spent decades working in this party and the only way I can look at it now is say burn it down. Just burn it down and start over"
Former Romney Presidential Campaign Chief Strategist Stuart Stevens joins The Lead.
Hummer fans hope new electric model redeems the divisive brand they love
David Oberer is used to being stared at when he drives his Hummer H1.
Hummer fans hope new electric model redeems the divisive brand they love
David Oberer is used to being stared at when he drives his Hummer H1.
Orlando company president tells employees there could be layoffs if Biden beats Trump
The head of a company in Florida sent letters to his employees inside their pay stub envelopes last week, warning of permanent layoffs if Joe Biden were to prevail over President Trump in the upcoming November election.
Tsunami warning issued after powerful earthquake strikes off Alaska
A tsunami warning was issued Monday afternoon after a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska, according to the National Weather Service. The 7.4 magnitude quake shook the earth about 55 miles southeast of Sand Point, an island off the southwestern mainland of the state, according to NOAA. The quake hit just before 5...
LI couple’s car takes plunge into canal before good Samaritans dive in: Video
Gripping new video captures the moment an elderly couple’s car flew off the road and into a Long Island canal — and the crew of good Samaritans that leapt into action to save them. The clip shows the 2004 Mercury veering off Montauk Highway, through a fence and into the water at a Lindenhurst marina...
Miami strip club victorious in coronavirus curfew legal battle
A Miami strip club challenged a county-wide curfew that was imposed months ago at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and won, according to the business and several reports.
Parts of southern Alaska under tsunami warning after reported magnitude 7.4 earthquake
A California shark lab tagged a record number of sharks off the southern coast this year
A shark lab in California tagged more sharks off the southern coast this year than ever before, raising questions researchers are unable to answer.
CDC advises booting travelers who refuse to wear masks on planes, trains, buses, other transportation
The agency's advice may help airlines and others deal with passengers who try to dispute the need to wear masks on public transportation.
Early voting numbers are breaking records. Here's what we don't know yet
The facts are overwhelming. More than 28 million Americans have already voted for president, as an election system tweaked for the pandemic meets an electorate that doesn't want to wait for November 3 to be heard.
Jeff Van Gundy could add Mike Miller to potential Rockets staff
Mike Miller, the former Knicks interim head coach, could resurface as Jeff Van Gundy’s assistant in Houston if Van Gundy holds off John Lucas for the Rockets’ head coaching job, according to sources. After Miller was passed over by the Knicks for the permanent position, Miller opted against staying on Tom Thibodeau’s staff to see...
Woman survived in Zion National Park for nearly 2 weeks with no food, little water
The California mother who went missing in Zion National Park survived for nearly two weeks with no food and little water, her sister said in an interview on Monday. Holly Suzanne Courtier, 38, had “bruises all over her body” and had lost a lot of weight when she was found on Sunday after vanishing in...
Cowboys Vs. Cardinals Live Stream: How To Watch ‘Monday Night Football’ Live on ESPN
The Cowboys and Cardinals collide on Monday Night Football!
Stream It or Skip It: ‘Someone Has to Die’ on Netflix, Where The Vigor Of Youth Smashes Headlong Into Society Family Drama In Franco’s Spain
Someone Has to Die pits the passion of youth against high society wealth and lingering family secrets with the interesting backdrop of 1950s Francoist Spain.
Snow pastes Des Moines and is poised to plaster Minneapolis in rare fall storm setup
Multiple early-season snowfalls have blanketed the north central U.S. weeks earlier than normal.
7.4 earthquake shakes near Sand Point, Alaska
The Monday afternoon quake that hit hundreds of miles southwest of Anchorage has prompted a tsunami warning.
Cashmere sweaters are more than half off right now at Macy's
Macy's lowest prices of the season sale includes huge discounts of more than 50% on cashmere sweaters—get the details.
Gowdy on Republicans leery of 'debt and deficits': '2024 is only four years away'
Some Republicans citing fiscal restraint in their opposition to more coronavirus aid are doing so because "2024 is only four years away," former House Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told "The Daily Briefing" Monday.
No talk of individual punishment for Titans: reports
The NFL and the NFL Players Association found instances when the Tennessee Titans failed to wear masks at all times and were “insufficiently clear” to players about not meeting or working out once the facility closed in a review given to the team Monday, a person familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press.
Metro closing Little Tokyo/Arts District Station for nearly 2 years
The station will close Saturday for nearly two years as Metro begins another phase of construction on its Regional Connector.
Hailey Baldwin’s $10K coat compared to a mop, string cheese and more
Bottega Veneta's fluffy yellow shearling coat is definitely a style statement, but some folks aren't feeling it.
Why Vice President Pence was in northern Maine on Monday
When you think of the battlegrounds that could decide whether President Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins next month’s general election, Maine often doesn’t come to mind.
Maryland high schooler accused of faking kidnapping during Zoom class
A Maryland high schooler faked his own kidnapping during a Zoom class — prompting his teacher to call the police. The 11th grader at Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg pulled the elaborate prank Thursday during his virtual honors history lesson, WJLA reported. When the teenager turned his camera on, his teacher saw a man...
Trump, Pelosi exchange attacks as stimulus deal remains elusive
‘Peanuts’ Holiday Specials to Debut on Apple TV+
Apple TV+ will make the specials, like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, free to watch for non-subscribers for a limited time.
Appeals court rules Ghislaine Maxwell's 2016 deposition transcript will be unsealed
The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Monday denied Ghislaine Maxwell's effort to reverse the decision of a lower court that ordered her 2016 deposition transcript to be made public.
Google's Nest Hub video displays offering more recommendations
Google's Nest Hub and Lenovo's Smart Display have the features, but you still can't have e-mail or text composed or read back to you on the units
Kansas teen covers self in ranch dressing during drug-fueled vandalism spree: cops
He was dressed — but not for success. A Kansas teen covered himself in ranch dressing and went on a drug-fueled vandalism spree before crashing a car, authorities said. Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office said the 17-year-old unidentified boy was wreaking havoc naked around 3:30 a.m. Saturday at Petro Deli. “He covered himself in ranch dressing,...
Belgium is facing a 'tsunami' of Covid-19 cases
How did MLB pull of the World Series? 'I didn't think there was any way'
It seemed like playing a full season was impossible, but the Dodgers and Rays have made it to the World Series while playing through a pandemic.
Bacon- and chicken-scented masks are here and, really, you shouldn’t be surprised
Jack the Box and Hormel are giving away meat-scented face masks.
People Want to See Kristen Welker Ask Trump and Biden About UFOs During Thursday's Debate
Might seem random, we know, but Trump just answered a question about UFOs while talking to Fox News.
Rumer Willis lost her virginity to an ‘older’ man who ‘took advantage’
"I was not abused or it wasn't rape, but I didn't say yes … But I also didn't say no. I just let it happen."
Drunk New York school bus driver took students on fast-food run: cops
A drunk upstate New York school bus driver took students to McDonalds so she could snag some breakfast, authorities say. Lashonda Griffin, 29, was arrested at the Gates Chili School District’s bus depot Friday — after dropping off her ride and passing out with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit, WROC-TV reported. There had...