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US admirals in South China Sea: Everyone wears a mask
Two US Navy admirals in charge of a rare South China Sea exercise say "extraordinary" coronavirus measures taken by the service, including requiring all sailors to wear face masks, have left their aircraft carrier strike groups in a high state of readiness in one of the most tense maritime environments in the world.
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Seven shot, four critically injured after gunfire erupts in Paterson
Seven people were shot, four critically, when gunfire erupted in Paterson, New Jersey, late Tuesday, according to a report. The victims were wounded about 11 p.m. in the area of Harrison and Carroll streets, WABC reported. The four who suffered critical injuries were rushed to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, while the rest arrived at...
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Tennis star Nick Kyrgios slams Dominic Thiem for defending players at the controversial Adria Tour
Nick Kyrgios is not letting this one go.
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Mary Trump's disturbingly credible assessment of her 'dangerous' Uncle Donald
Michael D'Antonio writes that while no one will ever fully explain Donald Trump's cruelty, vanity and insecurity, a new book by his niece Mary L. Trump comes closer than anyone to describing the making of a seemingly heartless person who won his way to the White House.
Chief Justice John Roberts Hospitalized Overnight After Fall Last Month
The Chief Justice has a history of seizures though the fall was reportedly due to dehydration.
US reports more than 60,000 cases -- its highest single day count
Redskins merchandise pulled by Walmart, Target, Dick’s sites: reports
Big-name retailers Walmart and Target appear to have removed Washington Redskins merchandise from their websites as corporate pressure mounts for the NFL team to change its name.
Russia, Afghanistan and prospects for peace: James Cunningham transcript
On "Intelligence Matters," Mike Morell and Cunningham review the country's efforts at arriving at a peace deal with the Taliban and the Afghan government, and explore why a deal remains elusive.
Two-time world champion snowboarder dies in spearfishing accident
Two-time world champion snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin has died while spearfishing in his native Australia.
Usain Bolt shares first pictures of his baby daughter, revealing a name fit for a champion
Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt has given his newborn daughter a name worthy of a future champion.
Counting the Infected
How The Times got access to a federal database of 1.5 million coronavirus cases — and what it revealed.
The Frenzy at David Duke’s Campaign Rallies
As a Senate candidate, he used the “welfare queen” myth to rile up his white supporters.
Letters to the Editor: Why should a bigoted actor like John Wayne have an airport named for him?
In the grand scheme of things, what to call Orange County's airport is not important. But John Wayne does not deserve to be so honored.
Op-Ed: Colleges have a lot to answer for — beyond racists' names on their buildings
Taking the names of racists off campus buildings is long overdue, but it means very little if universities retain the racist policies that guide them.
The pandemic has left millions hungry. This group helps people get food benefits fast, by text.
A Chicago organization called mRelief has a text message-based app that quickly helps people find out whether they qualify for SNAP benefits, and also helps them apply.
Editorial: Kanye got a PPP loan. So what? Businesses are failing and the program can still help
It's a mistake to dismiss the Paycheck Protection Program based on the big names who benefited. Still, the program isn't reaching everyone it should.
Letters to the Editor: Build monuments to the founders' ideas, not the slave-holding men who had them
We should honor the ideas of people like Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence but also enslaved hundreds of people.
Leslie Marshall: Democrats aren’t fighting a civil war – they’re united in fight to defeat Trump
Republicans are hoping that Democrats will once again be fragmented and divided, as we were in 2016. They are in for a disappointment.
‘It’s my calling to help’: A nurse travels to coronavirus hot spots during the pandemic
Tonya Waddell left her home in Virginia to work in overwhelmed hospitals in Newark, Boston and Chicago.
Letters to the Editor: Wear a mask so you can be healthy enough to vote Trump out of office on Nov. 3
Trump is angry and terrified. He will do anything to win re-election, so we must watch him closely until Nov. 3.
Editorial: We need a national face mask mandate
Face mask requirements are a confusing mess. The U.S. needs a clearly articulated policy from the federal government — with teeth.
Opinion: Robocall case exposes a troubling free-speech split on the Supreme Court
The justices disagree about the scope of the 1st Amendment
Letters to the Editor: Corruption at City Hall won't end without campaign finance reform
No reforms will end the corruption of L.A.'s planning and land-use process unless special interests are banned from making contributions.
ICE is putting international students in a terrible position — and hurting America
No, international students can't just take online classes from their home countries.
As deadline nears, Cowboys have added pressure to sign Dak Prescott to long-term deal
The NFL’s looming salary cap crunch is raising the stakes for Dallas as it attempts to reach an agreement with its franchise quarterback.
What Message Did David Duke’s Voters Send to Everyone Else in Louisiana?
In his 1990 Senate run, Duke won 60 percent of the white vote in Louisiana.
Why English football can't afford another 'lost generation' of Black coaches
It's widely accepted that English football lost a generation of influential Black players in the 1980s and 1990s, who might have become managers but never did.
China says it won't join nuclear talks until the US reduces its arsenal
China would be "happy" to join trilateral nuclear arms control talks with the United States and Russia, on the condition that Washington significantly reduces its arsenal to match China's own level, a senior Chinese diplomat said Wednesday,
China says it won't join nuclear talks until the US reduces its arsenal
China would be "happy" to join trilateral nuclear arms control talks with the United States and Russia, on the condition that Washington significantly reduces its arsenal to match China's own level, a senior Chinese diplomat said Wednesday,
Two-time world champion snowboarder Alex Pullin dies in spearfishing accident
Two-time world champion snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin has died while spearfishing in his native Australia.
New coaching scheme launched to boost diversity in English football
An initiative aimed at increasing the number of Black, Asian and minority ethnic coaches in English football has been launched. The move comes after high-profile players expressed concern that there are too few black players who make their way into full-time coaching roles.
Mississippi capital named after Andrew Jackson votes to remove his statue from City Hall
Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba (D) said it's time to "divorce" the city from the 7th president's legacy of brutality toward Native Americans and enslaved people.
On This Day: 8 July 1998
Actor, musician and fashion designer Jaden Smith was born in Malibu. (July 8)
The Little-Known Athens, Georgia, Band That Taught Its Town How to Make Art and Music Together
In 1987, Rolling Stone named R.E.M. “America’s best rock ’n’ roll band.” Drummer Bill Berry denied it. The best band in America, he said, was Pylon.
First On-Screen Kiss: Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci recalls "the kiss of horror" in a George Romero movie. (July 8)
First On-Screen Kiss: Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan says she can't remember her first on-screen kiss but does have strong memories of a risqué costume she had to wear for a scene. (July 8)
First On-Screen Kiss: Merab Ninidze
Georgian actor Merab Ninidze's first on-screen kiss was with "a heavy smoker." (July 8)
Depp cross-examined in libel case over Heard ‘abuser’ label
Johnny Depp is facing a second day of cross-examination Wednesday by lawyers for British tabloid The Sun, which is defending a libel claim after calling the Hollywood star a “wife beater.”
Texas and Arizona ER doctors say they are losing hope as hospitals reach capacity
As concerns over the capacity of hospitals resurface amid surging Covid-19 cases, two emergency room doctors say they worry about where the pandemic could take them next.
Tech CEO apologizes for racist tirade against Asian American family caught on video
Michael Lofthouse, the CEO of cloud computing firm solid8, was caught on camera berating an Asian family with racial slurs at a California restaurant.
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Rep. Zeldin calls on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to be removed from office to save city
Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., took to Twitter on Tuesday to call on New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio to be removed from office as the Big Apple experiences a spike in shootings since June.“
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The University of California announced its first Black president
The University of California (UC) announced Michael V. Drake as the new president of the university system in a meeting on Tuesday.
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MLS to resume season minus 1 team amid growing virus concern
Major League Soccer is about to resume its season — in a state that has seen a huge spike in coronavirus infections, with one team absent because of a COVID-19 outbreak, and with plenty of worry about what will happen next.
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Dangerous heat for the upper Midwest
Areas all along the northern tier are experiencing an unrelenting heat. Even as far north as Minnesota where it will feel as hot as Texas. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
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Amy Cooper’s 911 Call, and What’s Happened Since
The white woman who called police on a Black bird watcher in Central Park is facing charges. But not everyone agrees that's the right course of action.
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UC Berkeley students plan to skirt ICE rules with bogus course for foreign classmates
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Coronavirus updates: US sets another grim record with over 60,000 new cases in a day
A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 544,000 people worldwide.
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Kanye West no longer supports Trump, says Biden not 'special'
Joe Biden? Like come on man, please'
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