Therese Johaugin erityiskohtelu puhuttaa – dopingkäry unohtuikin historiaan: ”Uskon hänen selityksensä”

Johaug nähdään juoksemassa klassikkotapahtumassa. Therese Johaug hätkähdytti viime kesänä juoksukunnollaan, kun hän pinkoi Norjan mestariksi 10 000 metrillä. Ylivoimaisen voiton jälkeen Johaug alkoikin puhua EM-tavoitteista. Niitä kisoja ei kuitenkaan tänä kesänä nähdä koronapandemian vuoksi.
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Petri Dishes with Alexandra Petri (Oct. 27)
Humor columnist Alexandra Petri takes your questions on the news and political in(s)anity of the day.
Couple at NYC eatery served $2,000 Bordeaux in error after ordering cheap wine
A young couple dining at the Big Apple’s iconic Balthazar couldn’t bottle up their emotions after ordering an $18 Pinot Noir – but being served a $2,000 Mouton Rothschild instead by accident, according to a report. Waiters poured the two wines into identical decanters but the pricey one was mistakenly taken to the couple’s table,...
Adam Gase was once called an ‘offensive mastermind.’ Now his offense can’t score.
Gase’s record as an NFL head coach is now 30-40, with 31 of those 40 losses by 10 points or more, the most double-digit losses of any head coach since 2016.
Refusing to wear a mask in Ethiopia could cost you two years in jail
Ethiopia can jail people for up to two years if they deliberately violate restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19, the attorney general's office said, amid concern that citizens are becoming lax after a state of emergency was lifted.
America's School Funding Crisis: Budget Cuts, Rising Costs And No Help In Sight
Budget cuts + rising pandemic costs + zero federal relief = a school funding crisis.
Goofy to Ghastly: Gargoyles Around the World
From Darth Vader on the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., to stone dragons in China's Forbidden City, behold some of the most unexpected and unique grotesques and gargoyles from around the world.
The Justice Department Should Pursue a Breakup of Google's Monopoly | Opinion
The Justice Department should vigorously pursue what the House report on monopolization in Big Tech recommended: structural breakups.
Help! I Can’t Stand How I Look on Zoom.
Now that I see myself on video, I can see the bags underneath my eyes and how I come off as an irreverent know-it-all.
What to watch with your kids: ‘Over the Moon,’ ‘Roald Dahl’s The Witches’ and more
Here’s what parents need to know.
This journalist was her paper’s only full-time reporter — until they fired her. Her small town wonders: Now what?
Ashley Spinks was the one-woman newsroom for Virginia’s weekly Floyd Press. Now she’s a cautionary tale about the dire state of local media.
Colorado Fire Map, Update as East Troublesome Blaze Grows by 150,000 Acres in a Day
There are five other large active fires in Colorado, which have collectively burned 232,358 acres, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.
Earnings Reports Show Americans Spending Again: Live Updates
ShowBiz Minute: Jackson, Hart, Pride
Lawsuit of Michael Jackson sexual abuse accuser dismissed; Kevin Hart: Hosting MDA telethon is a 'major level-up'; Trailblazer Charley Pride to get lifetime achievement award. (Oct. 23)
Daniel Jones' Trip Left NFL Announcers in Hysterics
The Giants quarterback broke free for an 80-yard run against the Philadelphia Eagles only to run out of gas eight yards away from the end zone.
Another senior official breaks strict Covid-19 lockdown rule
Puppy gets jack-o’-lantern stuck on its head
This pooch is “pumped” for Halloween. Luke, a 4-month-old Australian shepherd, got his head stuck inside a carved pumpkin after chewing through the decorative lights inside. Watch as the dopey dog stumbles blindly around the kitchen in Ontario, Canada.   Subscribe to our YouTube!
Did Biden get $3.5 million from Russia? No.
Chicago announced a business curfew and banned large social gatherings as Covid-19 cases rise
Businesses in Chicago will now have to shut down by 10 p.m., following a new order that aims to curb the latest surge of Covid-19.
'Borat 2' Star Johnny the Monkey Has a Hilarious Fake Website
"Borat 2" features Johnny the Monkey, a fake Kazakhstan celebrity who has a real website and social media presence.
Pete Buttigieg Says Trump's Chinese Bank Account Bothers Americans More than Hunter Biden Saga
Pete Buttigieg appeared on Fox News yet again to defend the Bidens and divert the conversation back to Trump.
Second Trump vs Biden Debate Left People More Optimistic, Less Annoyed: Polls
Most people described the tone of the first debate as negative in a previous poll, though less felt that way when asked about the second clash.
Chase Claypool, who is 'exactly what was needed here,' adds to Steelers' proud pedigree at wide receiver
At 6-4 and 227 pounds, Chase Claypool is hard to miss. With a team-high six touchdowns, the rookie is making a big impression on the Steelers.
Trump Claims Wind Power "Kills All Birds," But This Chart Shows That's Not True
The president made the remark during the final presidential debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.
Video shows huge fire spreading through northern Colorado
The East Troublesome Fire is continuing to devastate parts of northern Colorado, swallowing homes and businesses in its path. CNN affiliate KCNC reports.
Union leaders have Biden’s back on fracking. But in Pennsylvania, their members aren’t so sure.
Biden’s occasionally muddled message on fracking, combined with Trump’s relentless attacks, has created suspicion of the former vice president.
Champion Khabib returns to cage, faces Gaethje at UFC 254
Although Khabib Nurmagomedov hasn't been inside the UFC octagon in 13 months, the life and mind of the unbeaten lightweight champion have been fully occupied.
Three months out, the NFL still facing COVID-19 questions and uncertainty around Super Bowl
The NFL plans to hold Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7 in Tampa, just as it has for some time. But what happens if COVID-19 forces more schedule changes?
Carbon monoxide poisoning or Covid-19? Here's how you can tell
Spending more time indoors during the winter could mean a higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The risk may be higher during the pandemic, but you can prevent poisoning and determine the source of your symptoms.
A timeline of Trump's claims that Covid-19 will vanish
Facts First Hub | Road to 270 | Report voting issues
The Final Debate
And what else you need to know today.
Thomas accounts for 5 TDs, App State beats Arkansas State
Zac Thomas tied a career high with four passing touchdowns and he added a 60-yard rushing score to lead Appalachian State past Arkansas State 45-17 on Thursday night.
What Aubrey O'Day Said About Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump
The singer, who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump Jr., made a number of claims about the Trump family.
Fox News' Hannity says his ally President Trump won the debate, but the host is an outlier
Analysis of the Trump-Biden debate varied wildly across the television dial, with Fox News declaring the president a winner and other outlets delivering a much more mixed assessment.
How the U.S. Can Help Israel Maintain its Military Edge | Opinion
As the United States retrenches from the Middle East, the value of a strong and capable Israel has only grown.
Deadliest Car Brands in the U.S. Revealed
Overall, Ford vehicles were involved in the most fatalities, resulting in 7,354 deaths over the past 12 months.
Munoz in the lead and Woods with his worst score at Sherwood
The scorecards of Sebastian Munoz and Tiger Woods were unusual for different reasons Thursday in the Zozo Championship at Sherwood. That was only good news for one of them.
Man U's Rashford keeps pressure on government to feed kids
Soccer star Marcus Rashford's campaign to feed poor students has sparked a partisan political battle that makes scoring goals for Manchester United seem trivial by comparison.
Battleground states take center stage and final presidential debate wrap-States of America
Which candidate is more empathetic to the unemployed during this pandemic? A polling deep dive into battleground states. Also, final debate analysis.
Jo Jorgensen's Big Idea: A truly market-based system of health care, like Lasik surgery
The Big Idea is a series that asks top lawmakers and figures to discuss their moonshot — what’s the one proposal, if politics and polls and even price tag were not an issue, they’d implement to change the country for the better?   Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party's 2020 presidential nominee, discusses a market-based health care vision.
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GOP Arkansas Senate Candidate Was Dismissed From High School Over KKK Costume
Charles Edward Beckham III, who is running in Arkansas' District 12, made students suffer "emotional harm" after they saw him in the outfit in 2000.
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Malarkey! These are the words Americans looked up during the debate
Though a lot happened during Thursday evening's presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, data from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and have shown us what actually stuck.
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Trump's Harsh New Sanctions on COVID-Stricken Iran Leaves Diplomatic Wreckage for Next President
After years of 'maximum pressure', the political narrative in Iran is beginning to favor local hardliners, forecasted to win the presidency in June. Trump may have pre-emptively torpedoed American diplomacy for the next Administration.
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5 things to know for October 23: Debate, election, coronavirus, immigration, Poland
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
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U.S. Nears Record, With More Than 75,000 Virus Cases
The tally is the second-highest daily total since the pandemic began, as eight states set single-day case records. Here’s the latest.
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Virginia Tech is the best rushing team in the Power Five after four games
The Hokies are second nationally and first among Power Five schools in rushing entering Saturday's game against Wake Forest.
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Editorial: Five years after the Aliso Canyon methane leak, California is still too reliant on fossil fuels
The Aliso Canyon leak was an environmental disaster. It forced local and state officials to reckon with the risks and consequences of relying on fossil fuels.
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Pope Francis says he supports gay civil unions. For many, it's 'exhilarating' but changes little.
Pope Francis inspired many in his support for same-sex unions. But it changes nothing as gay marriage is still not recognized in the Catholic church.       
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Letters to the Editor: Your humor is edgy? Here's how to tell if it might also be racist
Readers respond to an op-ed article on internalizing racist stereotypes from schoolyard jokes.
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