Kockázatos vállalkozás egy jobb világért: környezetkímélő hajóútra indult egy 16 éves klímaaktivista

London — A 16 éves klímaaktivista lány, Greta Thunberg elindult kéthetes útjára Angliából New Yorkba az ENSZ klímaügyi cselekvési találkozójára.
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The Trump Family Chose to Watch All of That Maskless and Indoors for Two Hours
A reporter inside the debate atrium noted a mask disparity compared to Biden’s crowd.
Biden Talked to Regular People, Trump Talked to a Right-Wing Facebook Comment Section From Hell
The president was the shitshow.
Yankees hope late homer will jump-start Giancarlo Stanton
As the rest of the Yankees clobbered Cleveland pitching throughout their lopsided victory on Tuesday night, Giancarlo Stanton only contributed outs — and strikeouts. Hitless going into the top of the ninth, Stanton had one final opportunity to get himself going — and he may have done so. Stanton capped off a 12-3 win with...
Prepare for a Fight Over This Fund Management Asset
The potential auction of a French asset management business may offer clues as to the next step for the industry’s biggest players.
The One-Word Mystery of the Presidential Debate That Roused Muslims (and Right-Wing Bloggers)
Did Joe Biden say it or not?
Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists
Live updates: 2020 presidential race: Trump, Biden spar in 1st debate
President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced off for the first time Tuesday in a highly anticipated debate at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.
David Bossie: Trump clearly defeats Biden in first presidential debate
To any reasonable person watching, it was clear that President Trump came prepared and resoundingly defeated former Vice President Joe Biden at Tuesday night’s first presidential debate in Cleveland.
Appalachian State student, 19, dies from COVID-19 complications: report
A North Carolina college sophomore who was described by his family as "super-healthy" died Monday from COVID-19 complications, according to multiple reports.
How Singapore's Changi Airport is adapting during Covid
What happens to the world's best airport when the aviation industry comes to a halt?
Joe Kaeser’s Retirement Gift at Siemens: A Rusty Mercedes?
The Siemens boss has the right CV to help reinvigorate Daimler.
12th Jersey City officer pleads guilty in off-duty jobs scam
A Jersey City police officer’s own cellphone provided evidence against her in a no-show off-duty jobs scam that also has involved nearly a dozen other officers, the U.S. attorney’s office said Tuesday. Officer Gicella Sanchez pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud a local government receiving federal funds. She became the 12th city...
One boy killed, another injured in Westlake Village crash
Police said one person was detained after a crash killed one child and injured another Tuesday night in Westlake Village.
Live Updates: California wildfires rage
Fires in Northern California killed three people, destroyed homes, and prompted thousands to evacuate in a state already impacted by wildfires in recent months.
Yankees’ Brett Gardner delivers after getting start over Clint Frazier
There was some debate about who would start in left field on Tuesday, but Brett Gardner said his mindset never changed as Game 1 of the Wild Card Series approached. “I always expect to be there,’’ Gardner said. “I always prepare, no matter what my role is.” Aaron Boone went with the veteran Gardner in...
‘Let him answer!’: Trump bulldozes his way through debate with mix of attacks, insults and falsehoods
For President Trump, it was a trademark performance that is consistent with how he has approached challenges much of his life: More Trump. Louder Trump.
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Newt Gingrich: Debate's 'hostility and intensity' reminiscent of 2016
Tuesday's first presidential debate featured the shocking levels of "hostility" and "intensity" displayed in the 2016 debates between Hillary Clinton and President Trump, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told "The Ingraham Angle." 
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Interruptions and Insults: All About the Very Uncivil Tone of the First Presidential Debate
Trump repeatedly interrupted and heckled Biden, who responded by calling the President a "clown" and telling him to "shut up"
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Laura Ingraham: 'Raucous' Trump-Biden debate shows traditional format 'doesn't work very well'
Tuesday night's "raucous" first debate between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden proves "the traditional model for presidential debates doesn't work very well," Laura Ingraham argued early Wednesday.
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Fox News airs pro-Trump propaganda after first debate
Minutes after the first presidential debate of the 2020 election season wrapped, Fox News turned the keys over to its chief propagandist, Sean Hannity.
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Abcarian: Memo to Biden: Never get in the mud with a pig. You'll get filthy, and the pig will like it
Poor Chris Wallace, the moderator from Fox News. He was not only asking questions but trying to manage the president's logorrhea.
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Liz Peek: First presidential debate leaves no clear winner, Trump needs to do this at next faceoff
After months of anticipation, President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden finally met in the first of three presidential debates.
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Trump's chaotic debate underscores stakes of November's election
It was easily the worst and most rancorous presidential debate in history. But it still left the country with its starkest election choice in many generations.
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Didn't Watch the Debate? What You Missed in 2 Minutes or Less
Here's why the debate sparked chatter about moderator Chris Wallace, white supremacists and "law and order."
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66 Percent of Spanish-Speaking Americans in Telemundo Poll Think Trump Just Won the Debate
Spanish-speaking Americans gave Trump the nod for winning Tuesday's presidential debate according to a Telemundo poll.
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Kentucky AG says grand jury in Breonna Taylor case could have made an 'assessment about different charges'
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Tuesday night suggested the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case could have made an "assessment about different charges," in an exclusive on-camera interview with CNN affiliate WDRB.
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In fiery debate Biden tells Trump, 'Shut up, man'
The first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden deteriorated into a bitter showdown as the president repeatedly interrupted his opponent with angry - and personal - taunts. (Sept. 30)       
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More than 60 million people in India may have caught Covid-19, survey finds
One in 15 people in India may have contracted Covid-19, health authorities said on Tuesday -- many times higher than the official reported figures.
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More than 60 million people in India may have caught Covid-19, survey finds
More than 63 million people in India may have contracted Covid-19, health authorities said on Tuesday -- about 10 times higher than the official reported figures.
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Right-wing extremists take to social media to celebrate Trump’s ‘stand by’ comment
Images celebrating Trump's comments on White supremacy spread with particular speed on conservative channels on social media sites such as Parler and Telegram.
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Trump campaign says president has ‘continuously denounced’ white supremacists, amid criticism
The Trump campaign on Tuesday told Fox News that President Trump has “continuously denounced” white supremacists, including during the first presidential debate, where they say he did so “twice.”
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'I don't know Beau': Trump attacks Joe Biden as former vice president reflects on late son Beau Biden
"My son was in Iraq. He spent a year there," said Biden, referring to his late son Beau Biden. "He was not a loser."        
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“Red & Blue”: Breaking down the first presidential debate
President Trump and Joe Biden sparred in the first of three presidential debates Tuesday night. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion, CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett and CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto join Elaine Quijano for a special edition of “Red & Blue'' to break down the debate.
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'Borat' sequel -- with Pence name in title -- to be released before 2020 election by Amazon
The 2006 original film, written and produced by Cohen, follows the titular character, a Kazakh television personality, as he explores America. 
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The Debate Was Good!
The moderation: subtly effective. The president: utterly bonkers. The choice: absolutely clear.
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Trump refuses to condemn White supremacists at presidential debate
President Donald Trump on Tuesday refused to condemn White supremacists for inciting violence at anti-police brutality demonstrations across the country, claiming instead during the presidential debate that violence was coming from "the left wing."
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Sean Hannity: Biden was 'flustered,' 'irritated' and 'cranky' during first presidential debate
President Trump “steamrolled” Joe Biden during the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity said during live coverage from Cleveland.
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Presidential debate didn't help Trump catch Biden, but horror show scared America
Our View: Donald Trump the bully and Joe Biden the acceptable stressed to Americans that the United States is infected with more than COVID-19.        
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Proud Boys celebrate after Trump says ‘stand back and stand by’ at first debate
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Members of the Proud Boys right-wing militia group celebrated online Tuesday evening after what they perceived as a shout out from President Trump during the chaotic first presidential debate. The president told the group to “stand back and stand by” after Fox News moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump to condemn white supremacists...
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Trump’s warning on voting by mail: 'This is not going to end well’
A combustible debate Tuesday night between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden concluded with a fiery exchange over the integrity of the election and ominous warning from the president.
2 h
Trump says he wears masks "when needed" and mocks Biden's masks
"I think masks are okay," the president said during the first debate.
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'A dark event': Hillary Clinton, Dana Bash and media pundits weigh in on chaotic debate
One of the most chaotic, insult-laden presidential debates in modern history between President Trump and Joe Biden left many media pundits speechless.        
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Trump accuses Chris Wallace of siding with Joe Biden in first presidential debate
President Trump in his first tweet following Tuesday’s first presidential debate accused moderator Chris Wallace of siding with his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden. The wordless tweet simply features an image of Trump on the left opposed by Wallace and Biden together on the right, in the style of an old arcade game’s character-select screen —...
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What to watch on Wednesday: American Murder: The Family Next Door’
Wednesday September 30, 2020 | “The Glorias” on Amazon Prime.
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Helen Reddy, 'I Am Woman' singer, dead at 78
Singer Helen Reddy, best known for her hit "I Am Woman," has died at age 78.
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Who Won the First Presidential Debate Between Trump and Biden? Analysis and Highlights
Trump's performance is likely to excite his supporters, who are drawn to his bulldog approach, while Biden laid to rest questions about his mental sharpness and energy levels.
2 h
Review: Democracy fails another stress test as Trump runs roughshod over debate
Chris Wallace tried pleading, placating, interrupting back. Nothing stopped Donald Trump from ignoring all the rules in his first debate with Joe Biden.
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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin prepares to play Sunday as scheduled despite Titans' COVID-19 outbreak
Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is proceeding as if everything is normal with Sunday's game against the Titans, though it certainly is not.       
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