Apple, selfie di gruppo a distanza

Un software mette insieme le immagini scattate separatamente
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When Is Amazon Prime Day 2020? Deals on Devices, Audible, Kindle, and More
Prime members won't have to wait until Amazon Prime Day to make the most of the retail holiday offers, as there are plenty of deals to be had from today.
'Family Guy' Hints It Will No Longer Have White Actors in Non-White Roles
"Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" may no longer have white actors play non-white roles—though its most major Black character will not be recast until later in the season.
Man Asked for $30,000 to Shoot Louisville Police Officers on Facebook Live, Authorities Say
Cortez Lamont Edwards, of Louisville, brandished a gun in the video and requested money to shoot police officers, according to the criminal complaint.
There’s a Looming Eviction Crisis, and We Have No Idea How Bad It Will Be
America is very good at tracking when people buy homes—and terrible at tracking how many are booted from them.
Trump Says U.S. Will Try to Stop Armenia, Azerbaijan War As Nations Urge Calm
Fighting broke out over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region this weekend, killing dozens and raising fears of a wider conflict.
Corey Johnson Drops Out, Shaking Up the Mayor’s Race
The pandemic and the George Floyd protests have altered the 2021 contest, and new candidates are emerging.
Trump And Biden Debate Tuesday. Here's What You Need To Know
The two presidential candidates will face off for the first time in a debate moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace.
Donald Trump's Tax Returns Expose 'Lying, Cheating Felon,' 'Art of the Deal' Co-Author Says
"We have a felon in the White House," the co-author of Trump's 1987 book "The Art of The Deal" told Anderson Cooper.
Donald Trump's Tax Returns Raise Deutsche Bank Loan Questions
Revelations about President Donald Trump's taxes have raised serious questions about decisions at one of the world's largest banks.
Some countries are eying Sweden's 'light-touch' Covid response. It's a gamble that could backfire
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In Internet Dead Zones, Rural Schools Struggle With Distanced Learning
Many American schools are back in class via distance learning. It's stressful everywhere but especially in rural districts where most students lack high-speed Internet and cell phone service at home.
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IHOP introduces 'IHOPPY Hour' value menu with $5 meals daily from 2-10 p.m.
IHOP is introducing "IHOPPY Hour" menu with snacks and meals with prices that compare to fast-food chains. The new menu was delayed due to COVID-19.       
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Liz Peek: Biden and the debate – this could shake up the race as former VP finally gets grilled
On Tuesday, Joe Biden will finally – finally – be forced to answer tough questions from a non-sycophant newsman.  
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Educating kids & teens for success in future
Logiscool: international network for coding education
1 h
Where Digital Meets Physical
Pratt Miller’s legacy is innovation: As Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence sweep the globe, the company sits at the meeting point between two worlds.
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Deadly cargo: solving the ballast water problem
How shipping can stop the global spread of invasive species.
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EHL – Pioneering in Hospitality Education
Leading the world in hospitality education for over 125 years
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Health On Wheels: Tricked-Out RVs Deliver Addiction Treatment To Rural Colorado
As COVID-19 forced many addiction treatment clinics to scale back, Colorado brought its clinics on wheels to remote, underserved towns and used telehealth to connect patients with addiction doctors.
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Coronavirus cases are likely to rebound in the Washington region, officials and experts say
Cooler weather and “covid fatigue” frustrate hopes that the disease might be mostly contained by now.
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Bayern Munich suffers first defeat of 2020
Bayern Munich had swept aside everything before it during 2020 -- until Sunday.
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Why Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Was Always Going to Endorse Joe Biden
Despite the fact that Johnson previously identified as a Republican, voting for Trump was never an option for the former wrestler.
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Some nations eye Sweden's 'light-touch' Covid response. But that could backfire.
• LIVE: India passes 6 million coronavirus cases • Melbourne lifts curfew after nearly two months of lockdown
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Some countries are eying Sweden's 'light-touch' Covid response. It's a gamble that could backfire
An expert on the spread of Covid-19 proclaimed the pandemic in Sweden was essentially over, as research suggests Swedes could be building immunity. Such comments have emboldened governments flirting with the idea of adopting Sweden's "light-touch" approach.
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'Lovecraft Country': The True Story of Josephine Baker
"Lovecraft Country" Episode 7 saw Hippolyta blasted through time and space, including a passage that saw her dancing with the real-life icon Josephine Baker.
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Heat and fire risk grow as temps fall for the East
Autumn's chill is headed east allowing for much warmer temperatures and fire threat to build in the West. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
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Huge Male Gorilla Attacks Zookeeper at Feeding Time Leaving Her Seriously Injured in Hospital
"He shook her but without using all the enormous strength of which he is capable with his 200 kilos of weight," a zoo spokesperson said. The attack left the victim with injuries to her head and body.
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Trump Supporter Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting, Threatening Democratic Volunteer
Michael Silverstein was issued a summons for breach of peace after the incident at the Democratic Town Committee office in Fairfield, Connecticut.
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Post-Covid clinics get jump-start from patients with lingering illness
Pop-up care facilities bring together a range of specialists to address the needs of patients who survive but continue to wrestle with Covid-19's physical or mental effects, including lung damage, heart or neurological concerns, anxiety and depression.
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Is Santa Claus coming to town? Mall Santas may lose gigs in first holiday season since the COVID-19 pandemic
Entertainers who work as Santa Claus are booking fewer gigs as retailers, workplaces and party hosts weigh what to do amid the COVID-19 pandemic       
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The latest September surprise
And Speaker Nancy Pelosi readies House Democrats for a contested election.
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Subway employees asked to describe the 'strangest orders' they've ever fulfilled
Is there no combination of Subway sandwich ingredients that would completely terrify a Subway Sandwich Artist?
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Judiciary Reform Is Not Revenge
Expanding the Supreme Court makes sense for both practical and constitutional reasons.
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A ‘Climate Corps’ of California Volunteers
Back in the early days of the pandemic, when some people imagined that changes in American life might be a…
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Dear Care and Feeding: My 6-Year-Old Says I’m “Bossing Her” When I Ask Her to Do Anything
Parenting advice on bossy moms, good cries, and “I wish gloves.”
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Tim Kaine and Joe Manchin Backed Amy Coney Barrett in 2017. Here's Why They've Changed Their Minds
Senator Tim Kaine said any Supreme Court vote held before election day would be a "reckless" move risking further division.
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The holiday everyone needs right now is upon us: Fat Bear Week
Fat Bear Week is an annual competition, held by Katmai National Park in Alaska, to crown the fattest bear of the state's Brook River.
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What Trump Said About His Tax Returns in First Debate With Hillary Clinton
President Donald Trump has dismissed recent reports about his tax payments, branding them "fake news."
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Which Teams Are in the MLB Playoffs? Full Bracket and Wild Card Series Matchups
The Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers head into the Wild Card Series as the No. 1 seeds in the American League and the National League respectively.
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Trump calls New York Times report that he avoids paying taxes ‘made up'
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Uber Wins Legal Battle to Keep Operating in London
A judge in London ruled that the company was "fit and proper" after its license was previously revoked over safety concerns.
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Vegan Parents Avoid Jail After Strict Plant-Based Diet Leaves Baby Severely Brain Damaged
The little girl now has cerebral palsy after the court in Australia was told the mother and father ignored the advice of health experts who warned them their daughter wasn't getting enough nutrients.
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“Own the Libs” Is Gradually Morphing Into “Kill the Libs”
And far from just a GOP slogan, it’s becoming actual policy.
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Who Is Amy Coney Barrett?
And how will she vote on key issues?
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'Trump Street' Road Renaming Angers Locals, 'Obama Street' Sign Made in Response
David Small from Eagle in Alaska, who came up with the idea, said other presidents had streets named after them and described Trump as "God's right arm."
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2 new California wildfires burn nearly 10,000 acres in a day and force evacuations
Two new wildfires grew by nearly 10,000 acres in a day in California, where more than 3.6 million acres have burned this year.
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From Kebabs to Manicures, London’s a Bleak Place
Six more months of work from home will change the landscape of city centers as retailers and restaurants adapt or fold.
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‘The president thinks his best case is made in urine:’ Biden campaign mocks Trump’s drug-testing demand
After Joe Biden laughed off the request at a news conference, his campaign slammed President Trump’s demand for drug testing, saying the president’s best case for the upcoming debates is “made in urine.”
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Trump's Fake Populism Gives the Real Thing a Bad Name
Tom Brenner/ReutersOf all the misguided clichés applied to President Donald Trump, maybe the most egregious is the term “populist.” Whether or not the president even has a coherent worldview beyond toggling between hedonism and resentment, it’s easy to see how consciously and consistently crass, petty, ignorant, and arrogant he is, which makes him seem more like your everyday barroom blowhard than a dignified statesman. Yet millions of voters consistently assume that his faults are actually what make him relatable, a man of the people.There’s a certain snobbery in calling a boob like Trump a populist, because it not so subtly implies that self-governance is wasted on people who vote for him. If this is the people’s champion, so the reasoning goes, then maybe we the people aren’t really meant to call the shots after all. Be honest—who among us hasn’t felt that way, at one time or another, in the last four years?There’s certainly no denying that the term populism has taken a beating lately, its definition so mauled and devalued that the word is now barely more than a synonym for bottom-feeding.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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