Borse, attesa apertura in rialzo per le europee. Tokyo chiude in calo

Dopo una seduta a due facce lunedì, con i listini in frenata nel pomeriggio per il calo del prezzo del petrolio, oggi le Borse europee si preannunciano in crescita: positivi i future sull’indice tedesco Dax. Il Nikkei chiude in negativo (-0,38%)
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Armed Supporters Surround Trump-Backed QAnon Candidate at Second Amendment Rally
Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, attended the event in Ringgold alongside Senator Kelly Loeffler
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GOP push to fill RBG's seat could backfire spectacularly
Robert Alexander and David B. Cohen write that the GOP's rush to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat on the Supreme Court may backfire. When faced with a Trump pick for the court, they may bring about a unified Democratic party.
Bull rider dies after being bucked off bull during Texas rodeo
Rowdy Swanson, 20, was competing in Texas, when he was bucked off while riding a bull, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association said.
British Scientists Warn of up to 50,000 COVID-19 Cases Each Day
"The trend in the U.K. is heading in the wrong direction and we are at a critical point in the pandemic," Britain's top medical advisers have warned.
QAnon-Linked GOP Candidate, Under Fire for RBG Meme, Calls Rival 'Satanist'
Republican Senate candidate Lauren Witzke also dubbed her Democratic rival Chris Coons a "baby killer" on Sunday.
Flight attendant, passenger argue over American-flag themed neck gaiter
A Spirit Airlines’ passenger who was wearing an American-flag themed neck gaiter as a mask touched off a viral, caught-on-camera altercation when he refused to switch the face covering that an airline attendant said was “not legal.” The exchange, recorded by the passenger and posted to social media last week, prompted the airline to release...
Power Up: Republican wild cards to watch on vote to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat
There's a new Washington whip count.
5 things to know for September 21: Ginsburg, Covid-19, Trump, UN, China
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
Emmys 2020: Where to Watch All The Winning Shows Online
The Emmys 2020 saw "Watchmen," "Succession" and "Schitt's Creek" among the big winners. If their big wins have made you want to catch up, all of the series are streaming online now.
Italy launches "COVID free" flights
Rome Airport to provide COVID-19 testing before passengers board several flights.
Progressive groups shatter fundraising records in battleground states
In some cases, the ground game efforts of these progressive groups have been in the making for more than a decade.
Supreme Court prepares to start a new term with only eight
A very different Supreme Court will meet in two weeks to grapple with the potential of 4-4 splits and a caseload that includes no less than the future of the Affordable Care Act and possibly the presidential election.
Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds
New York City was among three cities labeled “anarchist jurisdictions” by the Justice Department on Sunday and targeted to lose federal money for failing to control protesters and defunding cops, The Post has learned. Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., were the other two cities on the list, which was approved by US Attorney General William...
Want to invest in an IPO? Here's what you need to know to profit on initial public offerings
Daydream about being rich? Kick yourself for not buying shares of Tesla or Zoom when they first started selling stock to the public? You're not alone.
Poll: Most Young Americans Prefer Biden, But Trump Backers Are More Enthusiastic
The survey also finds that far more Americans under 30 say they'll "definitely" be voting than said the same in 2016.
How ‘Schitt’s Creek’ became the most beloved comedy on TV
The Canadian comedy "Schitt's Creek," co-created by father-son team Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, is a true sleeper hit.
Op-Ed: A COVID-19 vaccine is one thing. Getting Americans to take it is another
If getting Americans to wear a mask is hard, vaccine skepticism could mean getting them to take a COVID-19 vaccine will be even harder.
Emmys 2020: 14 things to know, from Zendaya’s historic win to a record-breaking ‘Schitt’s Creek’ sweep
The 2020 Emmy Awards went virtual, but that didn't stop "Schitt's Creek," "Watchmen" and "Succession" from dominating much of the show.
Op-Ed: The white women who could swing the election for Trump — again
Non-college-educated white women helped secure Trump's victory in 2016. A poll shows they could do it again in 2020.
Armed and Black. How a group of men licensed to carry guns say they are seeking racial justice
Armed Black groups like the Minnesota Freedom Fighters work to protect the streets as calls for racial justice mount.
Facebook election turnout: Company says it has already registered 2.5 million Americans to vote
More than 2.5 million Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users have registered to vote as part of the company's get-out-the-vote drive, Facebook says.
What to know from NFL Week 2: Injuries piled up, and the Cowboys pulled off a miracle
Injuries defined the second week of the NFL season as the Falcons squandered a huge lead to Dallas, the Lions flopped again, and the Cardinals solidified their ascent to contender status.
COVID-19 Is Exposing the Child Care Crisis. And Grandparents Aren't the Solution | Opinion
Unlike other countries with advanced economies, U.S. support for child care is minimal. It harms our families, it harms our economy, and now we have a real opportunity to fix it.
Bay Area students are running a nonprofit to distribute medical kits
Hope Hearted's goal is to pass out 5,000 kits, including a face mask, soap, wipes and water, by the end of the year.
RBG and the empty triumph of liberal pop culture
While the left was making Ruth Bader Ginsburg a rock star, the right was reshaping our entire legal infrastructure.
Space Force deploys its 1st squadron outside of the U.S.
The "core space operators" deployed by the U.S. military's controversial newest branch aren't in orbit, they're in Qatar.
Judge postpones U.S. curbs on WeChat
Move against similar app TikTok in limbo pending deal Trump backs that would have TikTok join with Oracle and WalMart to form a U.S. company.
Czech health minister resigns amid rise in coronavirus cases
Millions of acres are in flames in South America. Here's why
Millions of acres across South America have been devastated by fires due to a combination of drought and multiple fires that authorities say are manmade. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.
Downing Street Denies Boris Johnson Made Secret Trip to Italy
Boris Johnson is alleged to have flown into the Italian city of Perugia on September 11 in order to baptize his son.
NFL Injury Updates: How Long Are Saquon Barkley, Nick Bosa out For?
Players dropped like flies in Week 2 of the NFL season, with at least two stars suffering potentially season-ending injuries.
China, WHO could have helped prevent COVID-19 pandemic: congressional report
The coronavirus pandemic might have been prevented if not for Chinese cover-ups in the early days of the outbreak and the World Health Organization “parroting” Beijing propaganda, according to a damning audit from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The 96-page report — obtained by The Post ahead of its planned Monday release — says the...
Nationwide Marches Against 'Death, Lies and Fascism' Planned as U.S. Nears 200,000 COVID-19 Deaths
Refuse Facism's events are also being promoted as build up for daily protests in October against GOP's plans to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat.
We Will Not Have a Vaccine by November
No matter what the president says, the timeline is not possible.
It’s Not Hypocrisy
Mitch McConnell’s machinations are something far more degrading.
Prince Charles Calls For 'Military-Style Campaign' to Fight Climate Change
The heir to the British throne wants the world 'on a warlike footing' as he warns climate change 'will dwarf the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.'
McConnell's Stimulus Bill an 'Insult' to Americans 'Who Need Relief,' Nevada Senator Says
The Senate majority leader has faced criticism over his stance towards stimulus throughout negotiations, which have failed to see a bipartisan agreement reached.
Ramy Youssef Shows Fans What Happen When You Lose An Emmy in 2020
Is this the most 2022 thing to ever 2020? The Emmys, but not as we know them...
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The incredible tale of a man who formed an unlikely bond with an octopus
Craig Foster was diving, bare-chested, in bitterly cold waters off the southern-most tip of Africa when he saw her -- an octopus hiding under a cloak of shells and stones.
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Twitter CDO Acknowledges 'Racist' Photo Algorithm: 'It's 100% Our Fault'
An algorithm used to decide which sections of an image are cropped and displayed in tweet previews will be investigated after accusations of racial bias.
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Four-bedroom, four-bathroom townhouse in Manassas, Va., lists for $345,000
AFFORDABLE HOME OF THE WEEK | The main level has an open floor plan with hardwood floors, a powder room and, in the kitchen, granite counters, a custom-designed backsplash and stainless-steel appliances.
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Who is Jovita Idár? Google Doodle Celebrates Mexican-American Civil Rights Pioneer
Idár and her family helped establish the First Mexican Congress, which organized Mexican-Americans across Texas in the fight for civil rights.
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Emmys 2020: Zendaya shines on an unprecedented night for awards fashion
There might not have been a red carpet or waiting photographers, but Zendaya still managed to steal the fashion limelight at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night.
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The incredible tale of a man who formed an unlikely bond with an octopus
Craig Foster spent an entire year diving off the west coast of South Africa to visit a very special octopus. This is what he learned.
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Why Meghan Markle Has Dropped Lawyer Who Represented Johnny Depp
Meghan Markle has dropped the celebrity lawyer who represented Johnny Depp in his case against Amber Heard ahead of a court hearing today.
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Emmys 2020: Zendaya shines on an unprecedented night for awards fashion
There might not have been a red carpet, but Zendaya still stole the fashion limelight at the Emmys on Sunday night.
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Man charged in Black protester's fatal shooting kills himself: lawyer
One of his attorneys says Jacob Gardner suffered from Iraq War-related PTSD and mistook scene at bar for war zone before shooting James Scurlock.
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Harry Belafonte's historic takeover of 'The Tonight Show'
Director Yoruba Richen speaks to Amanpour about her new film "The Sit-In" which chronicles the historic week in 1968 when Harry Belafonte took over "The Tonight Show."
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