Effetto Covid sulla spesa familiare, -4% nei primi tre mesi

Istat, tonfo del 12% se si fa eccezione per le uscite necessarie
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If Trump Won’t Go, Then What?
Readers react to the president’s pre-emptive dismissal of election results that go against him.
Washington grandma holds would-be home intruder at gunpoint
A shotgun-toting Washington State grandma stopped a would-be home intruder in his tracks — and held him until police arrived. The granny, who only gave her first name, Sandy, told KIRO that a man was trying to break into her home Sunday night. She knew something was wrong when her dog started barking, she said....
Amazon's Ring will sell a $250 security drone that flies around your home
Ring, the Amazon-owned home security business, introduced a flying camera on Thursday that may excite home-surveillance fans but is almost certain to rankle privacy advocates.
Amazon unveils security drone to fly around your home
Amazon isn’t content to hear everything you say with its smart speakers. It now wants to see inside your home, too. The e-tail juggernaut unveiled a slew of new products at its annual fall hardware event on Thursday, including a security drone that flies around people’s homes on preset flight paths. The latest version of...
What Sandy Alderson’s return means for the Mets’ front office
If Steve Cohen is approved as the Mets’ new owner in the coming weeks, a familiar face will oversee the team’s daily operations for him. Cohen announced Thursday his plan to install Sandy Alderson as the team president should the hedge-fund billionaire receive the 23 votes needed from MLB owners to complete his $2.475 billion...
Mark Meadows says this is what Donald Trump is looking for in a Supreme Court pick
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows joined Fox News’ "Outnumbered Overtime" Thursday to discuss what President Trump is looking for in his pick for the Supreme Court.
Police Declare 'Riot' In Portland, Ore. After Breonna Taylor Decision
Police said a crowd grew to nearly 300 people at one point, and skirmishes broke out between protesters and law enforcement. Thirteen people were arrested.
Politico’s pretentious, error-filled hit against Amy Coney Barrett
It’s open season on Amy Coney Barrett, the appeals-court judge reported to top President Trump’s list of candidates to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. Barrett is a devout Roman Catholic and a member of an ecumenical charismatic community, so naturally, Democrats and their media allies are trying to cast...
Trump Wants You to Think You Can’t Get Rid of Him
His strongman threats are scary. But don’t forget that he’s weak.
Man discovers 9-carat diamond at Arkansas state park
An Arkansas man visiting a state park uncovered a 9-carat diamond that he initially thought was glass, officials said. Kevin Kinard, 33, a bank branch manager from Maumelle, had been exploring Crater of Diamonds State Park with pals when he picked up a marble-sized gem that had a rounded, dimpled shape, according to park officials...
US attorney looking into Russia probe also eyeing Clinton Foundation: report
US Attorney John Durham is expanding his probe into the origins of the Russia investigation and turning his sights on the Clinton Foundation, according to a report on Thursday. Durham, who was named by Attorney General William Barr to investigate “Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI’s operation to examine any ties between the Russians and President Trump’s...
Third Dead Body in One Month Found in New York City's Central Park
A large blood stain appeared on a white sheet where the victim seemed to have suffered a head wound, although it is unclear whether the man hit his head or it was injured in another way.
Trump made a rare public appearance in DC to pay his respects to RBG. It did not go well.
Trump pays his respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court on Thursday. | Alex Brandon/Getty Images The viral footage serves as a reminder that Trump is a historically unpopular president. President Donald Trump was met with boos and chants of “vote him out!” when he went to the Supreme Court on Thursday to pay his respects to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump, who in an unusual twist was wearing a mask, and first lady Melania Trump made a brief appearance besides Ginsburg’s coffin at the top of the Supreme Court’s steps. As the Trumps stood silently, a nearby crowd made their displeasure with their presence known. After just a few moments, the Trumps got back into their limousine. Footage of the incident quickly went viral. As CNN White House reporter Kevin Liptak noted along with the video, “it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-close and in-person.” Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-close and in-person— Kevin Liptak (@Kevinliptakcnn) September 24, 2020 Indeed, the clip serves as a reminder that Trump is a historically unpopular president. As Harry Enten of CNN detailed earlier this month, Trump has never once hit 50 percent approval in a live interview poll since taking office. And his average approval rating of 40 percent is 6 points lower than that of Jimmy Carter, who previously had the worst performance in this metric among post-World War II presidents. CNN Trump is especially unpopular in large, blue urban areas like Washington, DC, where he was memorably booed when he was introduced during a World Series game last October. More recently, federal authorities forcefully cleared out protesters so Trump could have a photo op at a church across from the White House in June. Trump almost never makes public appearances in such cities, instead opting to mingle with paying customers at properties he still owns and profits from, hold political rallies in front of his fans in rural or exurban areas where lots of white people live, or participate in roundtable events in front of carefully vetted and friendly audiences. Of course, being historically unpopular didn’t stop Trump from winning the presidency in 2016, when, according to Gallup he was the most unpopular major-party candidate ever to run for office. But a significant factor working in his favor back then was that Hillary Clinton was the second most unpopular such candidate. Trump doesn’t have that working in his favor this time around. While the latest Gallup numbers indicate that Joe Biden’s favorability is underwater, his -4 spread (46 percent favorability versus 50 percent unfavorability) isn’t nearly as bad as Trump’s -16 spread (41 percent favorability versus 57 percent unfavorability). Admirers of Ginsburg who were at the Supreme Court while she was lying in repose on Thursday had specific reasons to boo Trump. By rushing ahead to nominate Ginsburg’s replacement before the election, Trump is disregarding her dying request — “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” she told her granddaughter. Not only is Trump disregarding her final request, but he repeatedly claimed on Monday without citing evidence that it’s somehow a forgery. “I don’t know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff and [Chuck] Schumer and [Nancy] Pelosi?” Trump said on Fox & Friends on Monday. “I would be more inclined for the second. You know, that came out of the wind. It sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal.” Will you help keep Vox free for all? The United States is in the middle of one of the most consequential presidential elections of our lifetimes. It’s essential that all Americans are able to access clear, concise information on what the outcome of the election could mean for their lives, and the lives of their families and communities. That is our mission at Vox. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. If you have already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider helping everyone understand this presidential election: Contribute today from as little as $3.
Dem challenger to Iowa Sen. Ernst shifts language on packing Supreme Court
Theresa Greenfield, the Democratic challenger to Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, on Wednesday evening walked back her opposition to increasing the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Milan fashion week: Everyone was invited to Prada’s show
Fashion's newest It couple just debuted their first collection under a very famous — and familiar — label.
Sofia Vergara thought husband Joe Manganiello would be ‘a lot of work’
This week, a man was arrested for trespassing at the gated community where Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello live. The sought-after couple, who tied the knot in 2015, got engaged after just six months of dating. On this episode of “Hooked Up to Hitched” by Page Six, hosts Brian Faas and Eileen Reslen explore the...
The Problem With Pandemic Puppies
The world in which they're being socialized is a weird one.
Three Arrested, Including Local GOP Candidate, for Not Wearing Masks at Church 'Psalm Sing' Event
The Moscow, Idaho, Police Department's public activity log confirms the three arrests and two additional citations issued for health violations during the religious event.
Pilot's actions likely to blame in 2019 Earnhardt crash, NTSB says
Report said pilot couldn't maintain proper airspeed during unstable approach.
Chris Rock to host ‘SNL’ Season 46 premiere on Oct. 3
Megan Thee Stallion will be the musical guest.
Criminal justice expert on the lack of charges in Breonna Taylor's death
Alissa Marque Heydari, deputy director at the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, joined "Red and Blue" to discuss a grand jury's decision in the Breonna Taylor case. Fired Louisville officer Brett Hankison was charged with wanton endangerment, but police were not directly charged in Taylor's death.
Strengthen your immune system amid coronavirus: Experts offer simple tips
This fall and coming winter, protecting yourself against the novel coronavirus in addition to the flu are imperative as the pandemic rages on.
Kyle Richards saw stolen ring on photo of psychic’s hand
"They had my ring on her hand," Richards recalled.
Is the word ‘Southern’ the latest victim of cancel culture?
"We as Baptists want to be defined by 2025, not by 1845," said SBC president J.D. Greear.
Kiwanis Club celebrates 100th-anniversary serving local children
Travel agents still struggling during pandemic
Police ask for help to find missing man
Teen creates training obstacle course for K-9 unit
Local Humane Society reopens for in-person visits
Elton John to delay concert until April 2022
Local businesses fighting to stand out
Man pushed onto subway tracks helped to safety by good Samaritan
Raphael Mejias, 25, told cops he was standing on the south bound D train platform at the 59th Street station around 5:40 a.m. when a man he didn't know pushed him from behind.
Third time's the charm? UFC rebooks Thiago Santos vs. Glover Teixeira for Nov. 7 headliner
Thiago Santos and Glover Teixeira have been rebooked – again.        Related StoriesThird time's the charm? UFC rebooks Thiago Santos vs. Glover Teixeira for Nov. 7 headliner - EnclosureJamie Mullarkey vs. Fares Ziam joins UFC's Oct. 17 lineupNikita Krylov vs. Volkan Oezdemir set to co-headline UFC's Oct. 17 card
Letters to the Editor: If Democrats expand the Supreme Court, will Republicans do the same?
Any attempt by Democrats to enlarge the Supreme Court would give Republicans an excuse to further 'balance' it when they're in power.
We tried Public Goods to see if this membership-only online store is worth it
Is this your one-stop shop for all household items?
Breonna Taylor's Case Says It Loud and Clear: Black Lives Don't Matter | Opinion
Racism is outwardly embraced in this nation, with Black folks victimized, blamed and punished for it. The Kentucky grand jury's decision is just one more example.
Lizzo is Vogue's October cover girl
In case you forgot, here's a reminder: Lizzo is still 100% that -- well, you know the rest.
NYC school superintendents livid over Carranza furlough flap
They gave him an F in basic courtesy. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza angered DOE superintendents Wednesday when he failed to tell them they were furloughed during a conference call — and only later informed them via email, sources said. The omission infuriated already overwhelmed administrators — some of whom broke down in tears during an...
Bali tourist hotspot from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is now a COVID-19 crematorium
Eat, pray, burn. A village in Bali that became a tourist hotspot after it was featured in the hit memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” is now a massive COVID-19 crematorium, according to a report. Bebalang Village — where author Elizabeth Gilbert stopped during her soul-searching journey — has been flooded by the bodies of people who...
Lawrence Jones warns Breonna Taylor protests will be ‘in vain’ without focus on changing policies
The protests that have engulfed cities across America this summer will have been "in vain" without a focus on changing public policy, Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones told “America’s Newsroom” Thursday.
Halloween 2020 Is Still Up in the Air, But Americans Are Already Eating More Candy Than Ever
Folks are either desperate for trick-or-treating this year, or suffering from a serious sweet tooth.
Kobe Bryant signed the floor after his final game. That memento is being auctioned
The current bid for a portion of the Staples Center floor autographed by Kobe Bryant is $210,000.
Reflecting on the life and legacy of Sir Harold Evans
Robert Harris, novelist and fmr journalist, reflects on the passing of his close friend the legendary former Sunday Times Editor Sir Harold Evans.
Godiva CEO Annie Young-Scrivner to step down after 3 years on the job
Godiva CEO Annie Young-Scrivner is leaving the high-end chocolatier after three years on the job. Young-Scrivner plans to step down at the end of November to “pursue a new opportunity outside of the company,” Godiva said in a statement Thursday. The New York-based candy maker has started searching for her replacement and Young-Scrivner will help...
Malibu estate of late Hollywood composer Johnny Mandel seeks $23.75 million
In Malibu, the scenic bluff-top estate of Oscar-winning composer Johnny Mandel is back on the market at $23.75 million.
Facebook, FBI Eye China As They Step Up Fight Against Foreign Election Interference
China-linked accounts wiped out by Facebook for "coordinated inauthentic behavior on behalf of a foreign or government entity" had little impact but caught the eye of U.S. officials wary of outside attempts to interfere in the 2020 elections.
California man trained in family vineyard before driving into protesters: FBI
A California man has been using his family’s vineyard as a “tactical training camp” before he mowed down a group of protesters in his truck, federal authorities said. Benjamin Jong Ren Hung, 28, was busted Wednesday on gun crimes stemming from him driving into a demonstration May 31 in Pasadena, according to a federal criminal...