Floyd: Google, Apple e Amazon sostengono Black Live Matters

Assistenti vocali rispondono a domande sul movimento
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'Ratched': How the Netflix Show Links to 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
"Ratched" is the latest Ryan Murphy project for Netflix, which gives us more of the story of the iconic Nurse Ratched from the Oscar-winning "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."
Trump campaign seizes on Biden supporter who mentions ‘sea of Trump flags’
Meet the man who has amplified the noise for Wise football’s decade of dominance.
Wise football public address announcer James Harrison has become beloved by the home side and disliked by opponents for his energetic calls.
Sweden Claims Its High Coronavirus Death Toll Is Down to Mild Flu Seasons in Recent Years
Norway's state epidemiologist questioned the idea put forward by his Swedish counterpart Anders Tegnell.
What Sam Darnold thinks about all these Jets’ injuries
Good soldier he is, Sam Darnold isn’t looking for any excuses. No Le’Veon Bell? Doesn’t matter. No Denzel Mims? Not his focus. No Jamison Crowder? He’ll worry about who is in the huddle with him. As the injuries to the few playmaking skill-position players on the roster pile up, as the narrative continues to swirl...
Parents furious with Facebook over Oculus account change
Facebook will give users until January 2023 to continue using their Oculus accounts, but some games may not work.
Steven Matz returns to rotation in big start vs. Braves
PHILADELPHIA — The forgotten man from the Mets’ original rotation this season will return Friday. It’s been a year to forget for Steven Matz — who sputtered early, got demoted to the bullpen then hit the injured list. Now the left-hander will just try to rinse a sour 2020 taste from his mouth with potentially...
5 home essentials you're slowly killing with improper use
Are your appliances and devices on the fritz frequently, or do they need to be replaced sooner than expected? Spoiler alert: It's probably your fault.
Why Biden and Trump are both headed to Minnesota to battle for the middle class
Twin campaign visits to Minnesota Friday by President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will focus on who is more trusted on jobs and manufacturing.
Live Updates: Wildfires, smoke continue to impact the West Coast
Wildfires continue to burn millions of acres the U.S. West Coast, forcing residents to evacuate and leaving others in a cloud of thick smoke.
What's happening with TikTok? Here's the latest
Justin Thomas leads U.S. Open with record first-round score at Winged Foot
Winged Foot has a reputation as one of the toughest golf courses on the circuit, but American Justin Thomas made light work of the New York course on Thursday as he took an early lead of five-under at the U.S. Open.
Justin Thomas leads U.S. Open with record first-round score at Winged Foot
Rainfall for the Pacific Northwest as new tropical threats develop
The Pacific Northwest will see rain today, and new tropical threats begin to develop. CNN meteorologist Tyler Mauldin has the forecast.
Adam Pelech’s absence felt in Islanders’ Game 6 loss
The Islanders wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did in these playoffs without Adam Pelech, so it wasn’t surprising when they couldn’t keep their season alive without him. Pelech was scratched before the 2-1 overtime loss in Game 6 to the Lightning on Thursday night, which ultimately ended the Islanders season. The Fourth Period...
From homeless street vendor to India's $327,000 man
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Firefighter missing at wildfire outside Los Angeles
The firefighter went missing in the San Bernardino National Forest while battling the El Dorado Fire.
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Giants’ Andrew Thomas faces big test vs. Bears’ dynamic duo
Andrew Thomas aced a huge test in his first NFL game, and it only gets easier now. Wait a second. The Bears’ tandem of Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn is up next? Never mind then. Thomas more than held his own at left tackle for the Giants against the Steelers’ Bud Dupree — 11.5 sacks...
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Joe Burrow Sets New NFL Records as Bengals Lose to Browns on Thursday Night Football
The first overall pick of the NFL draft threw for 316 yards and three touchdowns as the Bengals fell to 0-2 for the season.
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Florida Man Attacked by Alligator That Tried to Drag Him Under Water Escapes by Gouging its Eye
Mark Johnson, 61, was walking his golden retriever Rex close to the bank of a canal in Port St. Lucie last Sunday morning when the alligator lunged from the water unprovoked.
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Tickets for Qantas flight to nowhere sell out in minutes
Australian airline Qantas has announced plans for a seven-hour scenic flight that will perform a giant loop taking in Queensland and the Gold Coast, New South Wales and the country's remote outback heartlands. CNN's Richard Quest reports.
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U.K. Is Still Two Levers From Negative Rates
Sterling markets got a jolt when the Bank of England said it was contingency planning for taking rates below zero. But it’s not out of conventional tools yet.
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Yashasvi Jaiswal, the Indian ex-street vendor set to make IPL debut
Yashasvi Jaiswal grew up in a rural village in India dreaming of becoming a cricket star. Now, the 18-year old batsman is set to make his debut for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.
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Marcus Maye is no longer in Jamal Adams’ Jets shadow
Marcus Maye was overshadowed from the moment he entered the NFL. When the Florida standout was selected with the 39th-overall pick in the 2017 draft, the Jets had already taken Jamal Adams with the sixth-overall pick. So, Maye became the “other” safety for his first three seasons, a solid producer who was easily overlooked beside...
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Fauci would bet on effective and safe coronavirus vaccine by November or December
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, said on Wednesday that he expects a coronavirus vaccine to be proven safe and effective before the end of 2020. 
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C.D.C.’s Contentious Testing Guidance on Covid-19 Was Not Written by Its Scientists
Joe Biden is trying to focus the election on President Trump’s coronavirus response. The global caseload passed 30 million. New Zealand recorded no new cases for the first time in weeks.
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As Trump clashes with CDC, the media accuse him of ignoring science
The latest media uproar over Trump--there seems to be at least one a day--was triggered by the way he contradicted the head of the CDC.
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Coronavirus updates: Las Vegas bars, breweries to reopen Sunday; Texas eases business restrictions; India reports 96K more cases in 24 hours
Bars in Las Vegas reopen Sunday. Texas to relax restrictions for businesses, except bars. India reports 96K more cases in 24 hours. Latest COVID news.        
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Colorado protesters charged in July 'occupation' of police precinct: reports
A group of Colorado protesters were charged Thursday, accused of kidnapping and inciting a riot after a July incident in which hundreds of protesters allegedly barricaded police officers inside an Aurora precinct for seven hours, according to a report.
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Islanders’ next step is to go from contender to champion
And so it ends, six wins shy of the Stanley Cup for this Islanders team that went farther than their ancestors had over the last 27 years. It ends in disappointment, if not despair, with this 2-1 overtime defeat in Game 6 to the Lightning, who will face the Stars in the Cup final that...
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Two fatal gunshot victims found minutes apart in separate NYC incidents
Two fatal gunshot victims were found minutes apart in separate incidents on Thursday in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, police said. The body of a 44-year-old woman was found by a friend inside an Inwood apartment on West 206th Street near 10th Avenue, authorities said. Police said when they arrived at about 4 p.m., they...
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Mets’ thrilling win shows MLB expanded playoffs here to stay
It’s going to work. Major League Baseball is going to keep the 16-team postseason that emanated from the pandemic shutdown, and you’re going to like it. Don’t believe me? Then tell me you watched the Mets’ insane, 10-6 victory over the Phillies Thursday night at Citizens Bank Park and didn’t get roped in by the...
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A carjacker took a couple hostage on their way to church. He'd just shot four people, investigators say
Aileen and Jordan Stevens were driving to church Sunday when a car rear-ended their Ford Mustang along Interstate 24 in Tennessee. It was about 9:30 a.m. -- Aileen Stevens was teaching Sunday School that morning at their church in Rutherford County, her family said.
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Federal judge blocks Postal Service changes that slowed mail
Fourteen states sued and the judge called the controversial changes "politically motivated"
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Joe Buck, voice of NFL on Fox, learns he’ll join dad in Pro Football Hall of Fame
Buck, 51, will join his late father – legendary sportscaster Jack Buck – as an inductee in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
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Where to Watch Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' Table Read
The former couple were both taking part in a celebrity Zoom event Thursday night for a table reading of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" with Julia Roberts, Shia LaBeouf, Morgan Freeman, Matthew McConaughey, and more here's where to watch the full thing.
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New Anti-Trump GOP Group Claims Backing of 'Top' Government Official
A group of former Republican officials formed REPAIR, which hopes to see Trump defeated in November's election.
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Frederick Wiseman’s ‘City Hall’ Will Teach You How Local Politics Really Works
Zipporah Films Inc.Frederick Wiseman is American cinema’s foremost sociological auteur, a chronicler of the myriad civic institutions and organizations that—in the best-case scenario—allow the nation to operate and evolve for the benefit of its citizens. From the groundbreaking early years of 1967’s Titicut Follies, 1968’s High School and 1970’s Hospital, to the more recent triumphs of 2017’s Ex Libris: The New York Public Library and 2018’s Monrovia, Indiana, Wiseman has exhibited an intense interest in, and eye for, the interconnected systems and forces shaping our daily lives, a web that encompasses issues of race, class, gender, privilege, and power. Without making overt argumentative points, his films reveal the intricacies, ideals, challenges, hypocrisies, failures, and achievements of the modern world.Even at the age of 90, Wiseman continues to churn out non-fiction gems like no other, and that definitely holds true with regards to his latest, City Hall, a four-and-a-half-hour documentary about the inner workings of Boston that, following its current online run at the Toronto International Film Festival and upcoming debut at the New York Film Festival (September 25-30), will premiere on VOD in November. Produced from the fall of 2018 to the winter of 2019, and shot in his usual no-frills manner (by cinematographer John Davey), it’s a sprawling panorama of government and community work. Tracing lines between the corridors of legislative authority and municipal hearings and neighborhood meetings, the film presents a comprehensive view of the grinding gears that keep the metropolis running. Comprised of scenes involving policy makers, activists, entrepreneurs, and average citizens striving to enhance their small part of the complex Boston civil machine, it’s a portrait of how macro progress is achieved only via a wide range of interdependent micro efforts.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Will Kamala Complete Asian Americans’ Flip From Red to Blue?
By John A. Tures, The Conversation Asian Americans used to be a reliable Republican voting bloc. But long before Kamala Harris, who is Indian American and Black, became Joe Biden’s running mate, they shifted to support the Democratic Party. This is true across ages, genders and ethnic origins of Asian Americans—including Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Hmong.As a political scientist, I’m not just interested in voting, but also in how groups change their party preferences. This subject of study, known as “critical elections,” looks at how political party fortunes change over time as a result of racial, religious or regional groups’ changing views.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘Residue’ Shows the Human Toll of White Gentrifiers Invading Black Neighborhoods
Courtesy of ARRAY ReleasingResidue, the very personal feature film debut by Merawi Gerima, is patient but not slow. The film, which arrived this week to streaming platforms via Ava DuVernay’s distributor Array, sees past and present not only give clues about the future but inform a set of ideas and questions, telling a difficult story through many lenses and challenging the most obvious conclusions.As many reviews have pointed out, the film is “about” gentrification in Washington, D.C. Jay (Obi Nwachukwu), who’s been away for years attending film school in Los Angeles, returns home to find his old neighborhood, Q Street, populated with affluent white people and his parents’ home, now elsewhere in the city, hounded by real estate investors looking to snatch it up. The story however, reaches beyond headlines and righteous statements, and instead searches for the substance of what actually goes on in places that do not merely change over time, but are violently transformed. Jay can’t get ahold of an old friend, Demetrius, who none of the remaining locals will be straight with him about. His parents are well-situated, and own two properties including their old brownstone on Q Street where Jay is staying in an apartment, but Jay himself is deeply destabilized by what he’s come back to. The flashbacks that ensue in the meantime refuse nostalgia, and instead look frankly at the neighborhood before it was whitewashed—seeing its beauty as well as its terror on every inch of the block. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Exhausted House Dems: Only Voters Can Stop Trump Now
With less than 50 days to go until the election, exhausted House Democrats—staring down fresh oversight challenges from a president who just keeps on serving them up—are embracing a Jesus-take-the-wheel approach: putting faith in the voting public to exercise the ultimate check on Donald Trump.On a Tuesday morning outside the U.S. Capitol—days after the release of a whistleblower complaint alleging, among other things, that Trump administration officials have been severely downplaying the extent of Russian interference in the 2020 election—the question of how House Democrats might keep up at a time like this prompted Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) to offer a disbelieving chuckle. Which then morphed into a full-on fake sob, played up for effect.Malinowski’s initial reaction to that question might sum up how many of his colleagues are feeling right now—almost comically fatigued at the prospect of confronting a new crisis, a breakdown of election security protocols, in a presidency that’s been full of crisis. But his actual answer to the question indicated a broader hope among Democrats that the light at the end of the tunnel may finally be near. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Trump Did Something Great This Week. So Where’s the Credit?
Alex Wong/Getty ImagesDonald Trump did something pretty amazing this week: He brokered a Middle East peace deal that normalized relations between Israel and two Arab nations. And the public barely noticed.Make no mistake. This was a historic deal, reshaping the Middle East and providing security for Israel, all while further isolating the Islamic Republic of Iran and its terrorist proxies. And it could be a harbinger of things to come; there is speculation that Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sudan, and Oman could follow. This could snowball for the good. Yet, if you blinked, you might have missed it. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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De Blasio Botches His Own Ego-Stroking School Reopening
Michael Loccisano/GettyMayor Bill de Blasio of New York has further proven that ego can make even the most strident progressive as blind as President Trump is to his own absurdity.On Thursday, just three days before in-person classes were due to begin, the mayor announced a second last-minute delay in the opening of America’s biggest school system. He again cited manifest realities that he had been denying for weeks. He again offered no apology to the families as he went de Bonkers.“I think our parents—and I was one for a long time in our public schools—they’re a lot more pragmatic than you might imagine,” he said at a press conference. “[They] are overwhelmingly working-class people and lower-income people... They are people who understand the realities of life and they’re not shocked when something this difficult has to be adjusted from time to time.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Kamala Harris Loves Her Timberlands. As a Black Woman, I Share Her Devotion
Timberland boots have come to be an emblem of the Black community, and this week—after a much-buzzed-about photograph of her stepping off a plane in California—vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has owned that statement. She was sure to take that cultural icon with her while conducting political, grassroots work, inspecting a site of the recent, devastating wildfires. It was as if she was letting the Black community know that she stands with them, and has not forgotten who she is or where she came from. On the flipside, she was reminding the entire nation that it’s OK to be Black, that it’s OK to not assimilate into “white” America. The move was unapologetically Black. For me, it is the kind of move that signals to me that I can be Black without having to code-switch whenever I walk into a room of predominantly white people at a party; it meant that I can wear my hair in its natural curl pattern when I go for a job interview; it meant that I don’t have to change the radio station to Top 40 whenever a white coworker rides with me in the car.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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The US doesn't have to wait for a vaccine to get Covid-19 under control, nation's top doctor says
With the timeline of a widely available vaccine still unknown, the nation's top doctor says the US doesn't have to wait to get Covid-19 under control.
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Italy's Tourism Bust Leads to Real Estate Boom
Getty ImagesROME—There is something particularly telling about the “for sale” advertisements on Italy's real estate websites these days. Rather than the usual badly lit photos of apartments on the market, many ads look like Airbnb flats for rent, complete with folded towels on the beds and tables set for two. That's because they are. Across Italy, an increasing number of people who bought cheap apartments to fix up to ride the Airbnb boom a few years ago are now stuck with apartments they can't pay the mortgage on and are selling them off after the COVID-19 pandemic all but killed off tourism. Italy's tourism industry is slated to lose around $120 billion in 2020, and 2021 doesn't look like it will be much better. Calling this year's summer a “season to forget,” Italy’s main financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore reports a “worse-than-expected” decrease in foreign tourists to Italy of 66 percent, which has crippled the hotel industry and devastated the Airbnb market. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Royal Family ‘Furious’ With Harry and Meghan over Netflix Deal. ‘They Are in Bed With the Enemy.’
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos Getty/NetflixIf you love The Daily Beast’s royal coverage, then we hope you’ll enjoy The Royalist, a members-only series for Beast Inside. Become a member to get it in your inbox on Sunday.It would take staggering naivety to believe that it was an accident.Earlier this week, the usually terribly careful Prince William and Kate Middleton provoked a minor diplomatic incident when an apparent attempt to congratulate Prince Harry on his birthday went awry.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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