Russia,8.404 nuovi casi,minimo 14 giorni

I contagi totali sono quasi mezzo milione. In 24 ore 216 morti
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Mouthwatering Street Foods Around the World
From the more recognizable (like elotes, Mexican street corn) to the less well-known (Socca, a French cross between flatbread and pancake), these tidbits available from food trucks and carts will enliven your sense of adventure even though widespread travel might be off the table for the time being.
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Who Is Victoria Neuman on ‘The Boys’? Meet Claudia Doumit
It's congressional powers vs. superpowers on The Boys Season 2.
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Twitter’s public policy chief departs to join Joe Biden’s transition team
A former Democratic aide who served as Twitter’s director of public policy has left the social media company’s Washington, DC, office to join Joe Biden’s transition team, according to a report. The Democratic presidential nominee’s team declined to comment to Politico, which cited a source familiar with Carlos Monje’s move, what his new role is....
Big Ten football: Public health experts weigh in on risks as cases spike on campuses
One infectious disease expert said it's "really hard" to see a strategy for the Big Ten to play an 8-game season because of the high case rate on campuses.
Sarah Paulson on new Netflix series "Ratched" and revisiting iconic "Cuckoo's Nest" character
Sarah Paulson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss her new Netflix series "Ratched," which is inspired by the iconic character, asylum nurse Mildred Ratched, from both the book and movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."
Biden and Trump Gear Up for the Debates
Joe Biden took questions from voters at a town hall and President Trump held an airport rally in Wisconsin. Here’s the latest.
'I Dream of Jeannie' 55th anniversary: Why Barbara Eden counted herself out for iconic role
"I Dream of Jeannie" premiered 55 years go. The genie herself, Barbara Eden, remembers late co-star, Larry Hagman, as "so talented and so very sweet."
Tesla driver busted for taking a nap — while going 93 mph on autopilot
It was neither the time nor the place.
You Don't Have to Be a Democrat to See the Wildfires for What They Are | Opinion
There is a clear causal relationship that has been confirmed by science, and that's true regardless of which party you belong to.
Browns-Bengals fantasy football takeaways: Joe Burrow, Nick Chubb
The second installation of “Thursday Night Football” came in the form of an AFC North shootout between the Browns and the Bengals. Joe Burrow, the No. 1 overall pick from this year’s draft, attempted a whopping 61 passes, but was ultimately bested by the Browns. Baker Mayfield looked much better in Week 2, but it...
90-Year-Old Man Shoots His Therapist During Session, Police Say
The 43-year-old woman was taken to hospital in Bordeaux, France, following the shooting on Thursday.
'O.C.' actress Samaire Armstrong voices support for Trump, says 'far left mob' has silenced Americans
“The O.C.” actress Samaire Armstrong posted a passionate video on Wednesday pledging her support for Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential election.
NRA raised more in August than any month of 2016, as Biden-Trump showdown nears
The NRA raised more in August than in any other month of the 2020 election cycle.
US to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat
The Commerce Department plans to restrict TikTok and WeChat downloads as the Trump administration's executive orders against the two apps are set to take effect. CNN's Selina Wang reports.
English pea toast
You know what is even more delicious than toast? Toast with yummy things on top of it, which is why millennials are going broke over avocado toast.
Kenosha shooting's suspect Kyle Rittenhouse receives $50G donation from gun rights group
The National Foundation for Gun Rights made a donation to Kyle Rittenhouse.
Texas Man Jailed After Plotting on Dark Web to Rape, Kill and Eat Child
Alexander Nathan Barter, of Joaquin, took a knife and garbage bag along to a meeting where he expected to be given a 13-year-old girl to abuse and murder.
Breonna Taylor's Mother: 'I Won't Go Away, I'll Still Fight'
Tamika Palmer says she wants the officers who killed her daughter to be charged. "Even in the very beginning of this year, she kept saying 2020 was her year," she said. "And she was absolutely right."
A city named Asbestos: Debate over name change turns toxic
Residents of Asbestos, Canada, will vote in October to change the name of their town. However, not everyone is pleased with the choices on offer: Apalone, Phénix, Trois-Lacs and... Jeffrey?
Damage from wildfires' toxic air lingers long after the smoke clears
As smoky skies blanket the West, researchers look a the lasting health impacts by studying a Montana town previously smothered by wildfire smoke.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Mo Willems and The Storytime All-Stars Present: Don’t Let The Pigeon Do Storytime!’ On HBO Max
Willems is joined on stage by Anthony Anderson, Rachel Dratch, Greta Lee, Thomas Lennon, Yvette Nicole Brown, Thomas Lennon and more to perform some of his most popular stories.
Assaults on NYC correction officers surge over past year
The city’s correctional officers took a serious beating last year from inmates, as new data shows a dramatic increase — and a five-year high.
Black families wary of return to school: "I've seen the system fail us"
"We haven't been given a lot of reason to trust the system," said one Black mom. "Why would we trust it now, and with our most precious thing: our child."
The Technology 202: Trump administration block on TikTok downloads raises stakes in negotiations
The Commerce Department will ban downloads of TikTok and WeChat effective Sunday.
Disney World plans to reopen one water park in 2021
Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon have been closed since March.
Dwight Howard is having a hard time inside NBA bubble
It wasn’t always a sure thing that Dwight Howard would join the Lakers in the NBA’s bubble. More than two months in, he doesn’t exactly sound like a fan of it — other than the Lakers being eight wins away from what they came for: a championship. “There’s really nothing to do. If I can...
Emmys 2020: Who will win (and who really should) at this year's awards
From Jennifer Aniston to "Schitt's Creek," here's who will win at the 2020 Emmy Awards, plus the actors and series that actually should.
Hundreds of Heavily-Armed Gun Activists Surround Michigan State Capitol
Demonstrators waved Confederate flags and Trump campaign banners on the lawn outside the capitol building
How Americans with opposing political views interpret the same situation
Gallup polling going back two decades shows a stark and widening political divide on many issues, leading to questions over just show sharply one's beliefs could shape their worldview.
'The Batman' resumes production in UK after staffer tested positive for coronavirus
Shooting on "The Batman" is up and running again.
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Get Flirty During ‘Fast Times’ Table Read
It was the "Hey, Brad" heard 'round the world.
How bettors can get redemption after losing in NFL survivor pools
To borrow a phrase from the great Bruce Springsteen, “Is there anybody alive out there tonight”? As we enter Week 2 of the NFL season, I write this from the survivor afterlife, lying under the snapped limb I went out on by somewhat boldly picking the Detroit Lions. Per Warren Sharp, since 2006 there had...
Elon Musk Teases Battery Day Will Be 'Very Insane' As Leak Speculation Grows
The billionaire Tesla boss has hyped up an upcoming event focused on the technology that powers his electric vehicles, scheduled to take place on September 22.
Loyola's Dillon Klein upholds standard of excellence in family sports success
"The sky is the ceiling" for volleyball player Dillon Klein, his Loyola coach said. His relatives include ex-Rams star Bob Klein and other All-Americans.
Why is Netflix Putting out 3 Meat-Related Shows in September?
Every new food show this month has been boldly anti-vegan.
She's building Los Angeles' first solar community fridge. Will it help extinguish hunger?
Bee Burlingame is building Los Angeles' first solar community fridge
Review: The voyeuristic allure of Art21, PBS' 'Art in the Twenty-First Century'
The 10th season of the Peabody Award-winning series starts Friday and is really smart, transporting us to the U.S.-Mexico border, Beijing and London.
U.S. Bans Use of WeChat, TikTok for National Security
(WASHINGTON) — The Commerce Department will roll out a ban of transactions in the U.S. using TikTok and WeChat starting Sunday. The order Friday was put into place, according to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, to “combat China’s malicious collection of American citizens’ personal data.” The government previously said that using and downloading the app to…
'PEN15's' stars know slut-shaming is 'diabolical.' This season, they face it head-on
Yes, Season 2 of Hulu's middle-school comedy is darker. But the creators of "PEN15" know what it's like to experience teenage traumas like slut-shaming firsthand.
Fall reading guide: 20 new books from Mariah Carey, Jonathan Lethem, Megan Rapinoe, more
Mariah Carey and Megan Rapinoe tell all in new memoirs, Don DeLillo and Bryan Washington release new fiction, and more fall books to look forward to.
The hard seltzer market continues to expand, but many of the newest products fall flat
The hard seltzer offerings from Bud Light, Molson Coors, Shiner Bock and Corona are not all winners.
Obviously 'Ratched' References Iconic Movies Aside From 'Cuckoo's Nest,' But Did You Catch Them All?
We spotted references to several beloved films, including Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."
For now, Maryland women are protected from Trump’s abortion gag rule
But victory in a family planning case may be short-lived.
Regionalism is working for Northern Virginia
The pandemic took our approach to collaboration from nice to necessary.
Pandemic aside, Maryland needs to widen I-270 and I-495
Cars will return to our roads. We have to be ready — or the nightmare will worsen.
D.C. can make its streets safer for everyone
The Vision Zero act could prevent other families from experiencing the tragedy that struck mine.
Man sues Starbucks for burns to genitals that make sex ‘painful and awkward’
Piluyev spent 11 days in at the UC Davis Medical Center’s burn unit, where “he required intravenous pain control along with intensive and invasive wound care,” according to the suit.
Week 3 games that will impact the College Football Playoff
There's several significant games on the schedule for Week 3 in college football. A look at the five biggest ones that will impact the playoff.