RIVM: R-waarde dreigt boven 1 uit te komen | Aantal werkenden in april ‘historisch’ gedaald

In dit liveblog volgen we de laatste ontwikkelingen over het coronavirus.
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New York officials brace for 5M mail-in ballots for 2020 election
New York state expects to get deluged with up to 5 million mail-in ballots in the November general election amid the coronavirus pandemic, four times more than the 1.2 million received in the June 23 primary, the state’s top elections official said. “That will result in a slower count,” state Board of Elections Commissioner Peter...
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Sen. Kamala Harris tweets first reaction as Biden's running mate.
CNN's Kyung Lah reports.
SE Cupp breaks down Harris as Biden's VP choice
After months of speculation, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden revealed that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) will be his running mate. CNN's SE Cupp analyzes the decision.
More Maya Rudolph 'SNL' impersonations of Kamala Harris? Yes, please
"Saturday Night Live" fans were thrilled when Kamala Harris emerged as Joe Biden's VP pick Tuesday. Bring on more of Maya Rudolph's portrayals of her.
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What Kamala Harris brings to the ticket as Joe Biden's running mate
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has announced Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion, CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, and CBS News campaign reporter Bo Erickson joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" with what to expect from a Biden-Harris ticket.
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Who is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's pick for vice president?
Harris is the first Black vice presidential nominee, and is only the third woman nominated for vice president.
Jessica Tarlov: With Kamala Harris as VP pick, Biden got it absolutely right
It’s a very special moment when something that you expected to happen actually does and your feelings are still so overwhelming.
Kamala Harris selected as Joe Biden's running mate
Senator Kamala Harris is the first woman of color to be selected for a major party's presidential ticket. CBSN anchor Elaine Quijano discusses Joe Biden and his new running mate with CBSN politics reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns; CBSN political contributors and Democratic strategists Joel Payne and Antjuan Seawright; and CBSN political contributor and Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez.
How the COVID-19 pandemic defeated and dismantled college football
SportsPulse: Paul Myerberg and Dan Wolken dissect how college football got to this point and rendered completely helpless to the raging pandemic in America.
Dr Pepper is the latest pandemic shortage
Like toilet paper before it, the popular soda is widely unavailable in some parts of the US. The shortages apply to every flavor, Dr Pepper said in a note on Twitter.
Kamala Harris vice presidential pick launches Biden towards a cabinet that looks like America
If Biden wins in November, his cabinet will represent opportunity to rally underrepresented groups and interests around his administration.
What Kamala Harris Reveals About Joe Biden
If Joe Biden is elected in November, his presidency will likely be defined by history-shaping decisions made after long, deliberative, some might say operatic processes. Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate—the first woman of color to appear on a major-party ticket—was precisely that sort of careful, drawn-out decision.Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, said that Biden’s selection of a half-Indian, half-Jamaican woman shows that Biden is running a vastly different campaign than Donald Trump. “In the selection of a vice president, he’s created a deep contrast between the pettiest of men and a man who obviously has no pettiness within him,” Tanden told me, minutes after Harris was announced.The pandemic continues to upend every milestone of this election. If the Democratic National Convention hadn’t been delayed, Biden would have revealed his running mate much earlier in the summer. Instead, the 2020 “veepstakes” portrayed Biden as a candidate who takes especially long to make up his mind—then stretches out the process a little longer. Biden has effectively been the Democratic nominee for five months. In that time, countless vice-presidential potentials emerged, and most faded. Biden made it clear in March that he was committed to running alongside a woman. An early candidate was Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who officially took herself out of the running after news broke that she had a connection, from her prosecutor days, to the officer who murdered George Floyd.“Glad to finally have the veepstakes drama behind us and start beating on Trump instead of each other,” one relieved top Democratic donor texted me after the Biden campaign’s announcement this afternoon.[Read: Kamala Harris’s very open secret]Unlike news out of the Trump White House and the Trump 2020 campaign, very little of Biden’s running-mate selection process leaked to the press, despite the efforts of reporters and activists with grievances, both sincere and performative. An unmistakable aspect of Biden’s campaign, and one he will likely carry with him to the White House is his small, stable circle of aides who have been with him for years and are intensely loyal to him. He is able to talk out his thoughts with them—he likes to talk out his thoughts a lot, and at length—while feeling secure that these people won’t turn on him. That won’t be so easy to keep up if he is president, and is forced to expand his top staff from the same “graybeards,” as younger aides sometimes refer to Biden’s confidants.Throughout the vetting process, Biden considered running mates who had supported his campaign early on—such as Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms—and those who had tried to connect with him on a personal level, including Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Representative Karen Bass of California, according to people who’ve spoken with him along the way. Harris and Biden have been friendly for years, and Harris was close with Biden’s late son, Beau.Because the pandemic has limited in-person campaigning, Harris’s most important job will be debating Vice President Mike Pence this fall. Harris gained national popularity after her intense questioning of various Trump nominees, including Brett Kavanaugh and Jeff Sessions, during their Senate confirmation hearings. Observers believe she will be an intense opponent for the more subdued Pence.She’s also likely to bring big money to Biden’s campaign. “She has a proven track record as an incredibly strong fundraiser,” says Andrew Weinstein, a Florida-based member of Biden’s national finance committee. “Her announcement will certainly make a big splash with a lot of Democratic donors.”By picking Harris over Susan Rice—whose time as United Nations ambassador and national security adviser to Barack Obama gave her a breadth of foreign-policy experience—Biden is hinting that he would want to take the lead as president in reaching out to heads of government around the world, which aides and advisers say will be a major focus if he beats Trump. Reentering the Iran deal and the Paris Agreement would be early goals, as would reestablishing America’s role as an internationalist force and a moral leader. Biden has bragged on the trail about knowing almost every foreign leader.Having spent four years as a senator, Harris would enter the administration with relationships on Capitol Hill. But if Biden had been looking for someone to take the lead as a congressional negotiator, he might have gone with Bass, the Congressional Black Caucus chair and a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Another central part of Biden’s campaign pitch is his long relationships with Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike. Picking Harris suggests that he’s looking to retain the primary role in congressional relations, too.[Read: Joe Biden doesn’t have a plan for that]Since the early days of coronavirus-related shutdowns, Biden has talked about how Americans’ “blinders have been taken off” about what is wrong with the economy and Trump’s leadership. Among progressives, Biden’s talk of systemic issues has elevated hopes that he might be open to the more revolutionary thinking touted by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Had Biden chosen Bass or Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, both of whom were more popular among progressives, he would have indicated a shift in that direction.“Kamala Harris ran in the progressive lane and was able to nicely balance the progressive approach with a history of pragmatism, and that balance is exactly where Biden wants to be: He wants to dream big, but get things accomplished,” says Scott Mulhauser, a longtime Democratic aide who was the deputy chief of staff to Biden during Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. “As someone who has mastered pushing the Senate as far as she could, he wants her as a partner to drive big agendas and to know when to cut the deal to get almost everything you want and actually get it done.”Biden “doesn’t care about Twitter fodder. He’s always genuinely loved Kamala Harris, has always respected her abilities,” says Eric Ortner, a donor and friend. “They care about saving America, protecting the rule of law, and uniting the country when our very health, lives, and existence is at stake.”Back at the beginning of March, in what turned out to be the final rally of his campaign, in a high-school gym in Detroit, Biden looked over at Harris, Whitmer, and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and said, "Look, I view myself as a bridge, not as anything else,” adding: “There's an entire generation of leaders you saw stand behind me. They are the future of this country."Tanden told me that Biden landed on “a vice president who can be a partner across the board.” Biden will turn 78 two weeks after Election Day. If he wins, he will be the oldest president ever inaugurated. Harris, 55, is now the odds-on favorite to be the Democratic nominee after Biden, whether that’s in 2024 or 2028.
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Lawrence Jones says Harris will get 'Black voters to show up' for Biden
A Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket will go a long way toward securing support for the Democrat among African-American voters, Fox News contributor and Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones told "Your World" Tuesday.
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Barack Obama, Mindy Kaling and Rita Moreno are among famous folks lighting up over Kamala Harris' historic selection to be Biden's running mate.
Doug Schoen: Kamala Harris as VP pick was smart move by Biden
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Kamala Harris 'honored' to be Biden's running mate, touts his ability to 'unify'
Kamala Harris on Tuesday said she is “honored” to join the ticket as Joe Biden’s running mate, touting the former vice president’s ability to “unify the American people.”
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