PNP: Number of heinous crime convicts who surrendered now over 300

      MANILA, Philippines --- The number of heinous crime convicts who already surrendered to the police has reached over 300, the Philippine National Police (PNP) announced on Friday. Of the 353 who surrendered, 115 of them are convicts of murder, 108 of rape, 32 of robbery with homicide, 20 of homicide, 16 of dangerous drugs, and 13 of rape with homicide. The number covers those who surrendered from September 4 until 6 a.m. of September 13. As of this posting, the other heinous crime convicts who were released due to good conduct time allowance (GCTA) law have six days left before the end of the 15-day deadline of President Rodrigo Duterte on Septem...

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Reese Lansangan and Tarsius Add Two New Tracks to Eraserheads Tribute Album
More artists are covering Eheads songs!
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MWSS to water firms: Defer New Year rate hikes
MANILA, Philippines --- The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) on Saturday said it had called on Manila Water Co. Inc. and Maynilad Water Services Inc. to defer rate hikes they had planned to implement on Jan. 1. The MWSS Regulatory Office (RO) said it was initiating talks with the concessionaires for a postponement "in light of recent developments," in evident reference to President Duterte's tirades this week against the two companies and the water concession agreements. Citing onerous provisions of the deals, Malacaang threatened to challenge the decisions of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Singapore, which directed the government to pay about P11 billion i...Keep on reading: MWSS to water firms: Defer New Year rate hikes
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Industry survey: Pay hikes seen but fewer firms hiring more
MANILA, Philippines --- If you're working in the consumer goods, energy, or high-tech industries, there's good news you can look forward to in the coming year. Employees in those three industries will see the highest salary increases in 2020, according to the 2019 Philippines Total Remuneration Survey (TRS). The annual survey by international consulting firm Mercer identifies key remuneration trends and makes hiring and pay increase predictions. This year, 433 companies across various industries in the Philippines participated in the survey. The survey also anticipated a "salary increase in the Philippines across industries... at 6 percent in 2020." This forecast is higher th...Keep on reading: Industry survey: Pay hikes seen but fewer firms hiring more
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2nd most productive SEA Games day for PH: 15 golds
Philippine athletics bets delivered, its warriors on the mat dominated and Margielyn Didal was unstoppable on the skateboarding course --- and afterwards during her victory presscon --- as they highlighted the country's second most productive day that practically put away the overall title with still five days of play left in the 30th Southeast Asian Games. Kristina Knott reset the 200-meter dash record twice on Saturday at New Clark City stadium with Olympic medal hopeful EJ Obiena refusing to be outdone as he also established a new pole vault mark for two of the Philippines' 15 golds on Day 8 that put the Filipinos out of reach by anyone even with still 200 or so events left to ...Keep on reading: 2nd most productive SEA Games day for PH: 15 golds
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Steps, skips, sacrifices behind PH dancesports prowess
MANILA, Philippines --- After winning three gold medals in the dancesports competition of the ongoing 30th Southeast Asian Games, it took Ana Leonila Nualla three days to finally feel the elation that comes with victory. "It suddenly dawned on me --- the sacrifices, exhaustion, dancing despite a fever, practicing even if hungry --- and I felt like crying," she said in Filipino in a phone interview. Nualla, dazzling in a white translucent gown with a flared skirt and sleeves, and her real-life partner Sean Mischa Aranar wowed the crowd at the Royce Hotel in Pampanga in the opening hours of the 2019 SEA Games on Dec. 1. (The Philippines won 10 out of the 14 gold medals, along with...Keep on reading: Steps, skips, sacrifices behind PH dancesports prowess
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PH arnis team makes ‘founding father’ proud
ANGELES CITY, Pampanga, Philippines --- To the untrained eye, arnis, the stick-wielding martial art of the Philippines, is brutal and frenzied, but behind the chaos lies a tradition dating back hundreds of years. With some contests lasting just a few minutes, the fast and furious combat sport made a triumphant return to the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games this week, boosting the home nation's haul of golds by 15. Spirit of revolution Filipino "arnisadors" are fiercely proud of their country, and the sport that symbolizes their spirit of battle and revolution. It holds a treasured place in Filipino hearts as it evokes 16th-century tribal ruler Lapu-Lapu, whose army killed Ferdina...Keep on reading: PH arnis team makes ‘founding father’ proud
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Abigail Binay: Jejomar’s daughter also rises
MANILA, Philippines --- Mayor Abigail Binay proud that Makati has been named one of world's most innovative cities. Abigail Binay is, at once, her father's daughter and her own person. As the mayor of the Philippines' richest city and financial capital, she knows that she has to ensure that Makati retains its position at the top of the local government unit food chain, and remain competitive against other cities wanting a bigger piece of the action from the business community. But as the leader of a city known for its generous social services'the legacy of her father's populist style of governance spawned everything from free healthcare to movie tickets for its residents'"Mayora...Keep on reading: Abigail Binay: Jejomar’s daughter also rises
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Marawi rehab delay worsens poverty
The delay in the rebuilding of war-torn Marawi City has partly caused a slight increase in poverty in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), the lone region where poverty incidence rose although the nationwide rate dropped from 17.9 percent in 2015 to 12.1 percent in 2018, the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) admitted on Friday.   Marawi residents have become so frustrated with the situation that they filed a class suit against government officials who prevented them from returning to the city to rebuild their homes and resume their lives that were disrupted by the five-month siege by local terrorists in 2017.   Lawyer Salic Dumarpa, chai...Keep on reading: Marawi rehab delay worsens poverty
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Opec makes deeper cuts in oil production
VIENNA --- The powerful Opec group of oil producers and its allies reached a deal Friday to cut production by 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) in a bid to stem prices which have been under pressure from abundant reserves and weak global economic growth.   Friday's so-called Opec+ meeting included Russia, the world's second-largest oil producer and not a member of the cartel.   It ended with a deal for a cut effective as of Jan. 1 which sets an output target 1.7 million barrels per day lower than October 2018 levels, with Saudi Arabia and Russia making almost half the additional reductions between them.   In a surprise move, the bloc also announced that sever...Keep on reading: Opec makes deeper cuts in oil production
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Casa Amara: A love story
Back in the days when my husband Klaus was still courting me, he drove me at the height of summer from Venice, Italy, to a glacier in Hintertux, Austria, so I could experience summer and winter all in one day. The long drive on the scenic coastline along Lago de Garda is one of my favorite Europe moments, second only to the time Klaus proposed marriage for the third time---it was the charm---in a gondola as it docked near Venice's famous Rialto Bridge. Two years after we got married, we built Casa Amara, our private rest house/bed-and-breakfast in San Juan, Batangas, on top of a hill overlooking green virgin forest and a jagged coastline of white sand and pristine electric blue sea...Keep on reading: Casa Amara: A love story
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Why ‘Manila’—why not, chocnut?
The use of the hit song "Manila," originally recorded in 1976 by the band Hotdog, as soundtrack to the parade of the Philippine contingent at the Southeast Asian Games opening ceremonies on Nov. 30 was an unintentional masterstroke. The backstory was that an elder brother of the song's composers had offered "Manila" to be used anywhere during the opening program, but with the suggestion that it be included in the "Pinoy medley" segment. Problem was, the music producer of the opening rites thought, "Hindi bagay (not a good match)" because that segment would be highlighted by a Pinoy rap medley (including "Man From Manila"). The producer decided instead to use "Manila" to accompan...Keep on reading: Why ‘Manila’—why not, chocnut?
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It was also a triumph of costume design
Take the Floy Quintos-directed opening ceremony of the Southeast Asian Games last Nov. 30, a spectacle that, for a good hour or so, made us forget all the organizational mess and embarrassment leading to the event. Not only was it an impressive showcase of the talents of our singers and dancers, our music and dances, it was also a triumph of costume design. Eric Pineda, head costume designer, said the brief was to incorporate indigenous Filipino materials in the various suites ---from the welcome suite and the parade of athletes down to the rap and hip-hop segments ---to put texture, patterns and color on the vast stage of the 55,000-seat Philippine Arena. Pineda himself des...Keep on reading: It was also a triumph of costume design
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On the rise
It won't be long before the rest of Southeast Asia really trims the basketball gap wedged between them and the Philippines. And even after a pair of easy routs by Gilas Pilipinas in the Southeast Asian Games, it is clear that the country's regional neighbors have started to step up their hoop game. Greg Slaughter, who has played internationally as an amateur and as a pro, can see beyond the blowouts and notice the improvement. "Oh man, compared to 2011, these teams [have] really come a long way," Slaughter said. "They got way more players, they got a different coach. It's just night and day how far they've come from 2011 when we [last] played them." It may sound patronizing,...Keep on reading: On the rise
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Holiday guide: Tagaytay, beyond the city, on to new destinations and eats
Maka Forest Villas Tucked in bucolic Alfonso, Cavite, is an upcoming nature resort, Maka, which means "where good spirits reside" in ancient Tagalog. Owner and environment planner Ronnie Yumang is recognized in the Asean for regenerative architecture. While green buildings may reduce energy and carbon footprint but don't necessarily conserve natural resources, regenerative architecture employs nature as the means and impetus for architecture. Green building construction uses quarried materials that tend to destroy the earth. With the construction boom, Yumang foresees a shortage of gravel and sand. Regenerative architecture, in contrast, replenishes resources by stabilizing the...Keep on reading: Holiday guide: Tagaytay, beyond the city, on to new destinations and eats
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Alice Reyes: Dancing out of the box
Alice Reyes sits among costumes, piled high or hung, holding court discussing details of Ballet Philippines' upcoming Christmas production, advising an injured dancer, ordering food. Her once long, dark, whiplash hair is now cropped and silver, and despite the cane and the slight limp, the swagger is still present. We talk about how the digital age has affected theater-going habits, how the present generation of dancers interpret the original moves, and how she appreciates the layers the generations have contributed to her original works. The curiosity to innovate has not disappeared. Because for her, moving forward has always been an option. It was in the late 1960s that Alice Rey...Keep on reading: Alice Reyes: Dancing out of the box
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SEA Games opening: ‘Just good old Pinoy energy, talent and joy’
Maybe it was meant to be a "perya," as a poor lone soul sour-graped---a jubilant, glorious carnival featuring the best parts of being Filipino. As the ceremony's creative director Floy Quintos posted on his Facebook page on Nov. 29, "There will be no special effects. no fabulous, hitherto unseen technological stage wizardry. Just good old Pinoy energy, talent and joy. The very things we return to. The very things that enable us to survive." And what joy it was on Nov. 30, in the mammoth Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan. The show started at 7 p.m. and lasted an hour and 35 minutes. To the music of Ryan Cayabyab's "Kyrie" from "Misa," the show began with a dance production...Keep on reading: SEA Games opening: ‘Just good old Pinoy energy, talent and joy’
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BenCab and his nudes: ‘His eyes wander and revel, inch by inch . . .’
A male artist drawing a female nude. In the age of #MeToo, reflexive political correctness, and the feminist critique of the male gaze, that can be problematic. But National Artist BenCab cuts straight to the heart of the matter. "My nudes are erotic," he says. In fact, there was talk of possibly putting a "parental advisory" warning on "Desnudas: Life Drawings by BenCab," an ongoing exhibit of his nude drawings at Secret Fresh gallery. Rather than play coy, or retreat into the artist's safe zone of abstracting the female body into planes and curves, shadows and light, the artist taps into the inherent sexual energy between men and women to give life to his drawings. "W...Keep on reading: BenCab and his nudes: ‘His eyes wander and revel, inch by inch . . .’
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Plet and Emong at play—‘You’ll never be this age again’
"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Nobody understands the truth in George Bernard Shaw's aphorism better than artists, who instinctively grasp that the creativity that fuels their work comes from the same source that's unlocked by a child's open-ended play. On a recent visit to the charming pied-a-terre of Elmer Borlongan and Plet Bolipata---the power couple of contemporary Filipino art---we found both hard at work, or rather, hard at play, preparing for their current simultaneous exhibit at Secret Fresh. Arrayed on a table, in perfect formation, were 45 8-inch dolls, each an uncanny miniaturization of Bolipata herself, down to her ...Keep on reading: Plet and Emong at play—‘You’ll never be this age again’
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Personalities we wish to see in 2020
Master designers to 'terno' advocates 1. For 2020's Red Charity Gala, the talented Ivarluski Aseron will finally get his much-deserved moment on the big stage as next year's featured designer. This is long overdue---his contemporaries Dennis Lustico and Joey Samson have taken their respective turns at the annual fundraiser---and we can't wait to see one of the finest fashion designers of his generation wows us. 2. Inno Sotto is slated to teach a master class at the Jojie Lloren-led Fashion + Arts + Business school later next year. This, on top of mentoring young designers at the Bench-sponsored Ternocon. We hope to see more of our master creatives sharing their knowle...Keep on reading: Personalities we wish to see in 2020
5 h
What to look forward to in 2020: Dueling art fairs, moto culture
Art will become fun (again). A quiet revolution has been slowly taking shape in the last two or three years in the growing local art community---a movement to make art fun again. Enough of that chin-stroking high seriousness at snooty gallery shows. Enough of that one-upmanship between super collectors at art auctions. Fueled by newer, more pop culture-attuned galleries such as Secret Fresh in Greenhills, Vinyl on Vinyl and Underground in Makati, and a younger breed of collectors from the rising entrepreneurial class with adventurous tastes and plenty of disposable cash, the "new thing" has supported the careers of rising art stars such as Louie Cordero, Dex Fernandez and Yeo Ka...Keep on reading: What to look forward to in 2020: Dueling art fairs, moto culture
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Making Baguio a ‘creative city’
BAGUIO CITY, Philippines --- Since the 1950s, Baguio crafts have been oriented to meet the demands of souvenir hunters and repeat visitors. Rightly or wrongly, tourists today still associate Baguio souvenirs with the crass humor of the barrel man and wooden ash trays shaped like male genitals. But should that continue to be the market of Baguio's creative economy? Artists, woodcarvers, silversmiths and indigenous weavers reflected on the past and future of their trade at the first Southeast Asian Folk Arts and Crafts Conference held in the city last month. The conference was held after Baguio's selection as the country's first city to join the Creative Cities Network of the ...Keep on reading: Making Baguio a ‘creative city’
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‘You were born to do this’: Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach expresses support to PH bet Gazini Ganados
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach expressed support to fellow Filipina beauty queen Binibining Pilipinas 2019 Gazini Ganados Gazini will represent Philippines in the Miss Universe 2019 pageant to be held in Atlanta, Georgia On her [Read More]
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Liham ni mister para kay misis, nakatutuwa: “Magshopping ka! See you tonight”
Isang liham ng mister para sa kanyang misis ang inupload sa Pagka Toytoy Facebook Page at pinag-usapan sa internet Ang liham ay tungkol sa pagbibigay ng mister ng suweldo at pag-hihikayat sa kanyang asawa na [Read More]
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‘Kabundukan, sariwang gatas, dayami’: Grown-up batang 90s, sinariwa ang cartoon series na Heidi
Isa ang paslit na si Heidi sa mga karakter sa Tagalized animated series na minahal ng mga 90s kid Hanggang ngayon ay nakatatak pa rin sa kanilang isipan ang mga masasayang sandali ng bibong bata [Read More]
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Adam Sandler talks about ‘Uncut Gems,’ for which he already won one best actor prize
  LOS ANGELES---In this awards season's crowded field of best actor contenders, Adam Sandler moved forward last Dec. 3 when he won the best actor prize for "Uncut Gems" from the National Board of Review. Adam, in his portrayal of a New York jeweler, triumphed over a bevy of actors who turned in nomination-worthy performances this year. The packed list includes Joaquin Phoenix ("Joker"), Leonardo DiCaprio ("Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood"), Robert Pattinson ("The Lighthouse"), Adam Driver ("Marriage Story"), Jonathan Pryce ("The Two Popes"), Robert De Niro ("The Irishman"), Taron Egerton ("Rocketman"), Eddie Murphy ("Dolemite Is My Name"), George MacKay ("1917"), Paul ...Keep on reading: Adam Sandler talks about ‘Uncut Gems,’ for which he already won one best actor prize
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Dimples ready to quit show biz if asked by family
  It will be very hard, but I will do it for him," said actress Dimples Romana, who claimed she would quit show biz if her husband would ask her to. "He is my No. 1 priority," Dimples told the Inquirer Entertainment during her launch as the brand ambassador of JuanLife personal accident insurance. "You all think that because I'm talkative and have a strong personality, that I'm also like Daniela. The truth is, my relationship with my husband wouldn't last this long if I behaved like her at home." Dimples was referring to Daniela Mondragon, her iconic character in the long-running ABS-CBN drama "Kadenang Ginto." She has been married to businessman Boyet Ahmee since 2003....Keep on reading: Dimples ready to quit show biz if asked by family
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Glaiza’s relationship with Irish bf ‘happy but tough’
  While things have been on the upswing for Glaiza de Castro and her Irish boyfriend, David Rainey, she said the thought of settling down had yet to cross their minds. "Wala pa, wala pa. We do talk about serious matters, but not really about marriage," she told reporters at GMA 7's recent Christmas party for the entertainment press. First, Glaiza stressed, they have to figure out how to spend more time with each other. David is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. "He has already visited the Philippines a number of times. But time together is very short," said Glaiza, who described her long-distance relationship with David as "happy but tough" in a previous interview....Keep on reading: Glaiza’s relationship with Irish bf ‘happy but tough’
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Ex-heartthrob enjoys playing the waiting game
Remember the Monumental Actor (MA) who walked out with Delusional Angel (DA) during a press briefing? Apparently, it wasn't the first time MA left writers high and dry. After the initial shock brought about by the bratty duo's "KSP" (kulang sa pansin) ways, Seasoned Journo (SJ) quickly realized it was something he had to shrug off and charge to experience. "After all, it wasn't the first time MA did something like that to writers," SJ explained. "Years ago, MA also made us wait for hours before deciding to grace us with his presence." What made MA's serial tardiness even more infuriating was the reason behind it: It would have been understandable if he were held up by car troubl...Keep on reading: Ex-heartthrob enjoys playing the waiting game
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LOTTO RESULT December 8, 2019
LOTTO RESULT December 8, 2019 – Draws for 6/58 Ultra Lotto, 6/49 Super Lotto LOTTO RESULT December 8, 2019 – Here is the official result of the 6/58 Ultra Lotto and 6/49 Super Lotto draw for today, Sunday, December 8, 2019. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or more commonly known as PCSO got five major […] The post LOTTO RESULT December 8, 2019 appeared first on Philippine News.
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SEA Games: Didal collects 2nd skateboard gold, Feliciano settles for silver
TAGAYTAY CITY - Filipino skateboarding star Margielyn Didal collected her second gold medal Sunday after ruling the women's street competition of the 30th Southeast Asian Games at Tagaytay Skate Complex here. The 20-year-old from Cebu dominated the competition, tallying 12.7 points highlighted by a front side nose grind for her best trick. It was the second title for Didal in the biennial meet after reigning supreme in the game of SKATE. Christiana Means claimed her second silver after finishing second behind Didal in the street competition, tallying 7.3 points. Kyandra Susanto of Indonesia garnered four points to take the bronze. The Philippines missed out on a sweep of ...Keep on reading: SEA Games: Didal collects 2nd skateboard gold, Feliciano settles for silver
9 h
No jingle bellies: How to stay in shape during & after the holidays
If you’re one of those and we’re sure there are plenty who have officially accepted that a few pounds up the scale are part and parcel of having a merry Christmas, then it’s time to hold that thought.
Ready to face the World
Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Marquez Dee is set to represent the country at the Miss World 2019 pageant in London on Dec. 14.
Celebrating Italian cuisine
For four years now, Italians everywhere in the world have been celebrating the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” to showcase the best of their culinary traditions.
Inspiring, empowered queens
“Women are the nourishing power of the universe.” — Amit Ray ICSM Infinity Pageants, led by its managing director Caloy Montemayor and his wife, national director Irene Montemayor, held the crowning ceremony of Philippine Global Queens 2019 at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La at the Fort in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
Christmas in our hearts
Christmas came into our hearts early this year when Jose Mari Chan generously offered to put together a grand show to support a good cause. He heard about the Divine Healer Academy of Sorsogon and was so moved to help our underprivileged students continue their education,” said the mission school’s founder Father Gerard Deveza.
Park Inn by Radisson North EDSA celebrates its first Christmas tree lighting
Led by the top management of SM Hotels and Conventions Corp and Park Inn by Radisson North EDSA, the hotel successfully launched its first Christmas tree lighting last Nov. 12 with the theme, “ Christmas in the City”.
New World Makati Hotel heralds the Yuletide with a silver tree lighting spectacle on its 25th Anniversary
New World Makati Hotel welcomed the holidays with a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Nov. 26. As New World Makati Hotel proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary, the 25-ft tall Christmas tree was adorned in stunning silver and white holiday ornaments to highlight its milestone year.
Wonderful White Christmas at Diamond Hotel
The holidays have officially rolled in at Diamond Hotel Philippines.
Celebrate the Holidays over at Sheraton Manila
The holiday season in the Philippines has got to be the merriest with festivities made grand in many ways.
A North Pole Wonderland @ Makati Shangri-La
Makati Shangri-La Manila GM Greg Findlay says “Christmas is always a beautiful time here at Makati Shangri-La and it is truly heartwarming to see families and friends coming together to create memorable moments.
Drama in karate: Tsukii ‘very sad’ over coach’s bullying, cold shoulder
MANILA, Philippines--Junna Tsukii was supposed to bask in the glory of her golden performance in Southeast Asian Games -50kg Kumite Saturday. Instead, she had to go through a painful emotional experience, one that she shared on social media. "I'm really happy to win a gold medal ... but now I'm very sad," she wrote on a Facebook status posted around 10 p.m. Saturday night, just hours after winning her gold medal. Tsukii, 28, who is hoping to join the Philippine delegation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year, accused her coach of bullying and of not recognizing her feat. She didn't name the coach although...Keep on reading: Drama in karate: Tsukii ‘very sad’ over coach’s bullying, cold shoulder
Mary Joy Tabal explains her silver finish in SEA Games marathon
NEW TARLAC CITY---Former marathon champion Mary Joy Tabal admitted she didn't "run my race" when she finished behind eventual winner Christine Hallasgo in the Southeast Asian Games last Friday. "I'm disappointed but there's nothing I can do about it. I was not running my race. I was holding back. I was also not expecting the hot weather, " said the 30-year-old Tabal after her silver medal finish at New Clark City Athletics Stadium. Tabal, in fact, was all out of sorts at the finish. Not only did she collapse at the line, she also thought she finished fourth. "I didn't know that someone in front had collapsed," she said. That would be Indonesian Odekta Elvina Naibaho, who ...Keep on reading: Mary Joy Tabal explains her silver finish in SEA Games marathon
Tensions rise as yellow vests join French retirement protests
PARIS --- Paris police skirmished Saturday with yellow vest activists joining a wave of protest actions against the government's overhaul of France's national retirement system, as highway blockades and train stoppages disrupted weekend travel around the country. A few thousand yellow vest protesters marched from the Finance Ministry complex on the Seine River through southeast Paris, pushing their year-old demands for economic justice --- and adding the retirement reform to their list of grievances. Most marchers were peaceful but some threw projectiles or pushed riot officers, prompting repeated bursts of tear gas from police. The marchers appear to be emboldened by the bi...Keep on reading: Tensions rise as yellow vests join French retirement protests
Chezka Centeno outshines Rubilen Amit for SEA Games 10-ball gold
     MANILA, Philippines – For the fourth time, Chezka Centeno prevailed over compatriot Rubilen Amit, 7-3, to capture the gold medal in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games women’s 10-ball tournament on Saturday, December 7 at the packed Manila Hotel Tent.  The 20-year-old Zamboanga City native secured a 2-nil ...
WATCH: PH smashes records to stay on top in SEA Games 2019 Day 7
  CLARK, Philippines – Philippine athletics stars  EJ Obiena and Kristina Knott delivered as expected, winning the gold in the men’s pole vault and women’s 200-meter run of the 30th Southeast Asian Games Saturday night, December 7, before a delighted home crowd at the New Clark City Stadium in Tarlac.
Philippine ice hockey squad suffers heartbreak vs Singapore, gets relegated to bronze medal match
An EJ Sibug equalizer late in the third period was wasted after James Nicholas Kodrowski of Singapore was able to find the back of the net with only 21 seconds left in the game to shut the doors on the Filipino skaters.
Pope Francis meets with embattled Malta PM despite plea to cancel
VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis held a private audience with outgoing Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Saturday, December 7, despite a plea to cancel the meeting over a scandal-hit investigation into the murder of a journalist. The Argentine pontiff met Muscat and his family for an event the Vatican said ...
No-nonsense Kristina Knott on track for record spree
NEW CLARK CITY --- At a busy, joyful dinner for track and field athletes Friday night, Kristina Knott silently approached athletics chief Philip Ella Juico. Amid the frenzy of Christine Hallasgo's stunning victory in women's marathon early in the day, she admitted that the enormity of the biennial meet finally sunk in. "I'm nervous," she told Juico. "Didn't realize how intense this is, and how people have too much interest in the SEA Games." Clearly, it just dawned on her that she's been positioned to fill up a big void---one vacated by the legendary Lydia de Vega. on reading: No-nonsense Kristina Knott on track for record spree