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Boris Johnson promises the nation “things will be far better by the spring”
Boris Johnson spoke to the nation during a televised live broadcast on Tuesday.
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Chris Hughes’ live testicular examination on This Morning ‘saved brother’s life’
Chris was widely praised for his examination on the show.
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Darren Fletcher sends message to Man United board over Solskjaer and transfers
Man Utd have made just one signing during this summer's transfer window and the deadline is less than two weeks away.
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Everything Boris Johnson said tonight - the Prime Minister's statement in full
The Prime Minister outlined the new lockdown measures whilst he warned those who fail to follow the rules what another lockdown similar to March could mean
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Bob the 660-pound alligator undergoes an X-ray
Bob the 38-year-old reptile has undergone tests at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine after experiencing pain in his rear leg caused by a bone infection.
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Great British Bake Off descends into chaos as star knocks rival's cakes on floor
Pharmacy Dispenser Sura, 31, was putting her technical bake onto the famous gingham table when a fly got in her way causing her to swat it away - but it all ended in tears
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Officials outside bureau made decision to speed US census, report finds
Findings of commerce department’s inspector general indicate the danger of a rushed effortOfficials outside of the US Census Bureau made the decision to speed up efforts to complete the 2020 census, a move likely to decrease the accuracy of the decennial survey, according to a report released on Monday.The report from the commerce department’s office of inspector general (OIG), the agency’s official watchdog, offers some of the clearest evidence yet of how a decision to accelerate the census could lead to problems with the quality of the data it produces. Inaccurate data would be deeply consequential because it is used to draw electoral districts, allocate $1.5tn in federal funds, and make decisions about where to build schools, roads and other necessities. Continue reading...
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Camilla heartbreak: The rule giving Princess Anne power over Camilla when Charles absent
CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL had known Prince Charles for decades before she married him in 2005.
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‘I will be cut off’: Chinese Americans feel targeted by Trump's WeChat order
Lawyers for the app, a lifeline in the Chinese American community, say the potential ban is a continuation of the president’s racismChinese Americans have had their daily communications unwittingly swept into the US-China trade war, as the Trump administration threatens to ban China-based messaging platform WeChat.For many Chinese Americans WeChat is a lifeline connecting them to family and friends in China, and within Chinese American communities – one that will be severed if the American restrictions go through. Continue reading...
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'I hate him but I can't leave'. What Ghislaine Maxwell said about Jeffrey Epstein, housekeeper
Jeffrey Epstein's former housekeeper Juan Alessi claims that Ghislaine Maxwell opened up to him when he asked her why she was so close to the pedophile.
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Frenemies: Romney, GOP reunite on plan for Ginsburg seat
Sen. Mitt Romney is having a homecoming moment
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Bake Off: Matt Lucas impersonates a bumbling Boris Johnson in hilarious skit as he makes his debut
The comedian, 46, left viewers in stitches as he impersonated a bumbling Boris Johnson in his Great British Bake Off debut on Tuesday night. 
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NYC investment bank assistant fired after catching boss masturbating
Logan Williams claims she caught Chuck Hinckley, one of the managing directors at Marathon Capital, masturbating in a conference room at the firm's New York City offices on July 23.
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Great British Bake Off launches new series with skit mocking Boris Johnson’s coronavirus speech
<p>New series of the baking contest was filmed in an isolation ‘bubble’</p>
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Boris Johnson was 'more Vera Lynn than Churchill', says body language expert
EXCLUSIVE: Body language expert Judi James analysed Prime Minister Boris Johnson's performance as he addressed the nation on TV on fresh coronavirus lockdown restrictions
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Who is Sandi Toksvig’s wife and do they have children?
Forget Danny and Sandy - Debbie and Sandi are where it's at. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Close call with storm renews debate over Houston barrier
When it was spared a blow from Hurricane Laura last month, Houston breathed a sigh of relief
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EastEnders spoilers: Bad Girls legend Simone Lahbib arrives as part of huge Carter storyline
A Bad Girls reunion! News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Darren Fletcher makes Henderson and De Gea Manchester United prediction
Dean Henderson made his Manchester United debut in the Carabao Cup against Luton Town on Tuesday.
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Boris Johnson warns about tougher penalties for those who break lockdown rules
The Prime Minister highlighted the fines of up to £10,000 for the 'minority' who flout the rules
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Great British Bake Off kicks off with disaster bigger than binned Baked Alaska-gate
What's Great British Bake Off without an epic kitchen nightmare? News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Boris Johnson's dramatic six-month Covid gamble to save lives and the economy
The tortured PM warned the nation had reached a 'perilous turning point' in its battle with the virus after infection rates soared
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Mexico's drug war leaves 39,000 unidentified bodies in its morgues
Investigation by Quinto Elemento Labs finds alarming number of people buried in common gravesMexico’s militarised crackdown on organised crime has left nearly 39,000 unidentified bodies in the country’s morgues, which are often unable to handle the volume of corpses brought in for autopsies.A new investigation by the investigative NGO Quinto Elemento Labs found that an alarming number of people were simply buried in common graves without proper postmortems. Some were left in funeral homes and more than 2,500 bodies were given to medical schools. Continue reading...
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Johnson refuses to rule out second Covid-19 lockdown as new restrictions announced
PM says he is prepared for harsher restrictions, if new measures do not cut down virus’ spreadCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson warned the weary British public to summon their resolve for a tough winter ahead, as he refused to rule out a second national lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus.Speaking in a televised address after announcing new rules across England he appeared to suggest the “freedom-loving” Britons will be to blame if more draconian restrictions are applied. Continue reading...
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NASA Plans To Send First Woman To The Moon In 2024
NASA revealed this week that it plans to send a woman to the moon for the first time in 2024.The space agency this week shared the Artemis Plan, describing the first lunar mission since 1972 aimed at sending a man and the first woman to Earth’s nearest neighbour. “Sending human explorers 250,000 miles to the Moon, then 140 million miles to Mars, requires a bold vision, effective program management, funding for modern systems development and mission operations, and support from all corners of our great nation as well as our partners across the globe,” NASA said in the plan’s introduction, which explained that the agency has been “fine-tuning” moon exploration methods over the years.LIVE NOW: We are going to the Moon, and here's how.Administrator @JimBridenstine and other senior leadership discuss our #Artemis Phase 1 plan to return humanity to lunar surface by 2024.
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Cagney and Lacey to reunite 32 years after iconic cop show ended
EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Gless, 77, made her name as hard-drinking policewoman Christine Cagney, while Tyne Daly, 74, played Mary Beth Lacey
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Leeds Rhinos hooker Brad Dwyer opens up on positive Covid-19 test and isolation
Dwyer was tested after suffering severe headaches
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Boris Johnson warns country must work together to suppress the virus
The Prime Minister said he was “deeply, spiritually reluctant" to infringe on anyone’s freedoms, but said unless action is taken now tougher measures may be imposed later.
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'Sobering and stunning': Dr Fauci warns against surging Covid cases as death toll reaches 200,000 and Trump remains silent
<p>Infectious disease expert urges Americans to follow public health guidelines</p>
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Great British Bake Off viewers in tears at opening credits as beloved show returns
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‘Boris Johnson has put all of his casino chips on tightening enforcement’
Reacting to the Prime Minister’s announcement about Covid restrictions, we are joined by our political editor, Gary Gibbon.
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Johnson addresses nation on Covid restrictions
Here is the statement from Boris Johnson in full. 
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Indoor team sport banned in England
Indoor team sport like, five-a-side football, is now banned under the new coronavirus measures in England
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Greenpeace criticised by UK fishing industry for dumping giant boulders in North Sea to prevent “illegal” fishing
Dangerous, illegal and irresponsible - that's how UK fishing organisations have described the actions of Greenpeace in the North Sea after campaigners dumped giant boulders in the Dogger Bank.
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Labour has ‘mountain to climb’ – Jon Ashworth
We spoke to Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary.
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Starmer urges former Labour voters to return to fold in first conference speech as leader
There was none of the usual fanfare for Sir Keir Starmer's first conference speech as Labour leader.
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‘Nothing changes!’ Red Wall Tory MP blasts Starmer after plea to ex-Labour voters
RED WALL Conservative MP Lee Anderson has warned Labour has not changed after Sir Keir Starmer urged ex-voters to take another look at the party.
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‘The much bigger question is: will Mr Trump concede?’ – former Bill Clinton adviser
We spoke to Paul Begala, a former advisor to President Clinton
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What the Great British Bake Off 2020 winner actually gets
The Great British Bake Off returns tonight - but what is the winning prize?
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Anti-racism protests in US call to arms for militia groups across political divide
Krishnan Guru-Murthy been meeting a group called the Three Percenters - and the country's biggest black militia, the NFAC
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Amazon explorer's miracle twin girls after wife's stillbirth tragedy
TV survival expert Ed Stafford is now the proud father of two daughters - officially named Mary and Camilla -  following the miscarriage of another set of twin girls at 14 weeks, in December 2018
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Blow for Starmer as Labour Party’s likeability plummets lower than when Corbyn was leader
SIR KEIR STARMER has been dealt a major blow on the day of his first keynote speech as leader after a poll found the Labour Party is less likeable now compared to when Jeremy Corbyn was in charge.
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Matt Lucas mocks Boris Johnson’s coronavirus address as he makes Great British Bake Off debut
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Kerry Katona says Katie Price ‘made Peter Andre’ and helped revive his career
Kerry Katona thinks Peter Andre's career thrived because he was married to Katie Price and then compared the former couple to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation in full
<p>UK prime minster warns of ‘unquestionably difficult months’ ahead</p>
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‘I’m worried about ever-changing rules and rule by decree’ – Wetherspoons’ Tim Martin
We were joined by Tim Martin, the founder and chairman of one of the UK's biggest pub chains, Wetherspoons
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Hospitality industry hit by added burden of 10pm curfew
For sectors like hospitality that have just about been clinging on - battered by social distancing requirements and the absence of office workers - there is now the added burden of a 10pm curfew in England, Scotland and Wales, and no prospect of an end in sight. 
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