Lampard speaks out on "ridiculous" Chelsea captain after winning at Newcastle

The Blues chalked up another impressive win and a clean sheet as the Magpies were well beaten at St James' Park in Saturday's early kick-off
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Pc Andrew Harper’s widow vows to keep fighting to increase killers’ sentences
Lissie Harper is awaiting the result of a bid by the Attorney General to increase the sentences of her husband's killers.
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Barnier claims PM has agreed to keep Britain tied to European human rights rules after Brexit 
The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier told MEPs that Boris Johnson had given in to EU demand so Britain can retain access to shared intelligence on criminals and law enforcement programmes.
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Prison officer hospitalised in 'boiling water and sugar' napalm attack
A prison officer was rushed to hospital from Forest Bank in Salford, Greater Manchester with burns after he was doused with hot water and sugar. An investigation is ongoing.
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Can Boris Johnson Persuade His MPs There’s A Way Out Of Tough Tiers?
You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening.So, one thing is now clear at least: Boris Johnson will win his Commons vote on Tuesday and England will move out of its second national lockdown and into his new system of “tough tiers”. Keir Starmer’s decision not to oppose the regulations means that Tory rebels will simply lack the numbers to defeat their government.Starmer’s order to his own troops to abstain is based on the take-it-or-leave-it nature of the Covid regulation: if MPs vote them down, there will be no restrictions at all. Instead, the Labour leader wants to register his protest at the lack of financial help for firms still closed and for those forced to self isolate.‌But while Johnson’s margin of victory may appear comfortable (with 364 Conservative MPs in total, the PM can now cope with even a rebellion of 100 of them), the politics certainly won’t be. Plenty of Tory MPs in shire seats will vote loyally with their government, while sharing the anger of some of their local residents and businesses that they are being harshly treated.For the rebels, their mood has been hardened by the new “economic impact assessment” published just a day before the vote. Many felt it was a rushed rehash of bits of the Office for Budget Responsibility documents of last week. It wasn’t a dodgy dossier as such, but some Tory MPs felt it was an insult to their intelligence to dress up a lack of analysis as, well, “analysis”.Yet it’s not just a lack of transparency over the economic stats that worries many MPs. The absence of details on even some health impacts is also a concern. And nowhere was that more apparent than with Matt Hancock’s stance on rolling out “community testing” as a route out of the Tier 3 restrictions that so many Tories are upset about.At the No.10 briefing, the health secretary said this: “In Liverpool where over 300,000 people, both those with symptoms and those without, where that testing has happened, they’ve managed to bring case rates down by over three quarters.” Hancock came very close to saying community testing was the cause of Liverpool’s success, even though there has been no evaluation of the project, and even though a lag in the system means it’s right now too early to tell definitively.As former Army chief General Gordon Messenger pointed out, “community testing” is now preferred to the phrase “mass testing”. And there are many public health chiefs who think mass testing is a real waste of time and valuable resources. They prefer regular, repeat testing to be used on specific groups and settings, from schools (where pupils and staff can benefit) to higher risk workplaces like meat processing plants.Messenger was also honest enough to say what No.10 has seemed reluctant to admit, namely that it’s physically impossible to repeat Liverpool’s 2,000 troop deployment for every Tier 3 area. And he was cautious about how quickly things could happen, saying community testing help would “sequence over time and into January and beyond”. That just underlined there are few quick short cuts out of Tier 3.Dido Harding revealed last week that the overwhelming bulk of the extra £7bn spent on test and trace is going on testing, not tracing. While rapid testing is money well spent to keep hospitals, care homes, universities and schools still functioning, some councils think it won’t be well spent if the money also goes on the “worried well” who just want to check they don’t have the virus.Yet for a government that prefers to use carrots rather than sticks, the rapid tests have that most tantalising “moonshot” possibility of all: creating some kind of Covid-free “passport” to allow people to live as normal a life as possible.Tonight’s government “prospectus” (Section 2.42, page 13) actually says work is underway to allow individuals who have two negative test results to have Tier 2-style freedoms (visiting friends in groups of six outdoors, going to pubs and restaurants, football matches) even in Tier 3 areas “for a time limited period”.Whether that hope proves to be more looney tunes than lunar discovery remains to be seen. There will be all sorts of issues with possible validation of such “passports” (how do you prove your negative home test was your own? – how do you avoid forgeries? – how can a pub or restaurant feasibly open in the hope of just getting passport holders as customers?). But along with the idea of using the NHS app prove you’ve had a vaccination, ministers clearly think the idea could work.Crucially, it all comes down to the art of persuasion. Persuading people to get vaccines or tests, through incentives, could prove more effective than compulsion. Hancock told me last year, long before Covid broke out in China, that there was a “strong argument” for effectively making all vaccinations a precondition of a child attending a state school. Right now, he has to agree with his boss that mandating vaccination is not the best policy.‌But first the PM needs to use his powers of persuasion on his own MPs. And here, some more hard cash may help. Johnson said tonight “we will do everything we can” to help the hospitality sector, which many predict will be crippled by a long Tier 3 winter. If he puts meat on those bones tomorrow or in coming weeks, that will prove a more immediately earthly attraction than any longshot moonshot.Related... Boris Johnson Set To Win Covid Vote As Labour Refuses To Back Tory Rebels Tier 3 Areas May Not Get Mass Coronavirus Testing Until January Rishi Sunak Was Blindsided By The Offer Of Extra Cash For Pubs Amid A Tory Rebellion
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Barring non-vaccinated Brits from restaurants and pubs 'infringes on liberty'
Minister for vaccines Nadhim Zahawi said the jabs would not be compulsory, but suggested people who refuse to get one could be barred from restaurants, pubs and cinemas
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Girl, 17, finally adopted after 10 years in care and 24 different foster homes
Akyra Holstein says she finally feels secure following so many years in the care system after she was taken in by her 28-year-old mum Katie in Kentucky
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‘This Covid s**t is no joke’: Comedian dies after documenting his experience with coronavirus
‘If you think that Covid is a joke, if you think this won’t be you...then trust me; it hits everybody differently’, 38-year-old Joe Luna said before succumbing to the illness
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Post-Brexit farming revolution ‘cannot afford to fail’, says National Farmers’ Union president
We’re joined by Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers' Union
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The budget health gadgets that can save you up to £1,400 
Whether you are choosing a blood pressure monitor or bathroom scales, JUDITH KEELING talks to experts about which bargain buys to go for that will do the job without breaking the bank.
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Powell says pace of economic improvement has moderated
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says that the pace of improvement in the economy has moderated in recent months with future prospects remaining “extraordinarily uncertain.”
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Catching HIV early saves up to £250,000 per patient in long-term costs, says AIDS campaigner David Furnish
David Furnish spoke to Victoria Macdonald about why they set up the AIDS testing pilot study.
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Harry Kane and Son Heung-min hailed as ‘best in the world’ by former Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe
The duo have 16 goals in the Premier League this season
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Nurse tells lockdown-breaching Laurence Fox she held patient's hand as they died
Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care nurse Joanna Louise told Laurence Fox she hoped he'd enjoyed his meal as she watched a person die alone without family and friends
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Manchester United must improve home form after good run on the road, says Bruno Fernandes
One home league win all season is far from good enough for a team with aspirations to compete at the top
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Federal holidays 2021: How many are there and when will they be?
Federal holidays are often celebrated with paid time off 
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Aids testing pilot backed by Elton John Aids Foundation hailed a success
While the pandemic continues to rage, tens of millions of people across the world are still living with HIV. 
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From pop singer's mum to pal of Donald Trump... meet housewife stars of new Jersey reality TV show
One is the mother of a pop singer best known for failing to impress the judges on the The X Factor. Another has rubbed shoulders with Donald Trump.
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Grenfell Tower: Manager apologises over fire safety email
A manager of a firm whose product was used on Grenfell Tower has apologised to the public inquiry into the disaster, after some of his emails were read out. 
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This holiday season, everyone is shopping from home
The viral pandemic is accelerating a transformation of America’s holiday shopping season
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Topshop owner Arcadia on brink of collapse
Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Burton could all soon vanish, as Sir Philip Green's Arcadia retail empire teeters on the edge of administration. 
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Arcadia boss should use his wealth to ensure employees ‘do not suffer’, says Lord Myners
We were joined by Lord Myners, who was city minister under Gordon Brown.
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West Ham cling on to beat Aston Villa after VAR chalks off late Ollie Waktins equaliser
West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa: David Moyes' side held on to climb above Manchester City, Manchester United, Villa, Everton, Wolves and Southampton in the table
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I’m A Celebrity 2020: Beverley Callard shuts down vegan doubters
She is a vegan, actually. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
How could The Crown exploit a widow's very private tragedy?
RICHARD KAY There is no monument or commemorative plaque to explain what happened, no cairn of stones to mark the spot where a roaring avalanche swept all before it.
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I'm A Celebrity shock double vote off as two celebs left the castle
The Corrie legend and BBC journalist have left the camp
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'Anti-vaxxers' continue to spread misinformation about Covid injections online
The Mirror found dozens of accounts, groups and posts spouting bad science and conspiracy theories about the jab on UK platforms. It is believed Facebook and Instagram earn up to £745million from anti-vaxxers
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Facing concerns over racism, NYC marathon exec steps down
The chief executive officer of the group that organizes the New York City Marathon is stepping down amid concerns over racism and other biases in the organization
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How festive bubbles could last SIX days
Regulations published last night appear to suggest family members will be able to stay longer than the five days if their train is delayed or if their car breaks down.
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MPs urged NOT to block Boris Johnson’s tier system in crunch vote
MPs have been urged not to block Boris Johnson's tier system in the crunch vote tomorrow.
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London hospital maternity unit criticised by regulator after mother’s death
Care watchdog raises concern over maternity safety at Royal Free Hospital in north London
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Poorer areas receive less business cash in 'betrayal' of voters, claims Labour
Communities facing the toughest restrictions in deprived areas receive the same or less money than some affluent areas in lower tiers, analysis found
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Canada to add to record deficit in pandemic recovery attempt
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is vowing to spend billions more to help the country recover from the pandemic
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It's Major: Pets poised for a return to the White House
Major Biden is getting an early start in the spotlight as a presidential pet after a play date ended with his owner, President-elect Joe Biden, suffering a broken foot
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Advent calendar to a healthier you: 24 small tweaks that can give you the gift of wellbeing 
LIBBY GALVIN: This year's countdown to Christmas is unlike any other, so give yourself the gift of good health with this special advent calendar.
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Diego Maradona's heartbreaking final message to stepdad of his youngest son
The Argentine legend died last week at the age of 60 with the world of football having since come together to mourn his death
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Mum on Covid death bed ventilator gives birth to boy as virus wipes out family
Svetlana Sorochinskaya, from St Petersburg, died shortly after giving birth to her son Kirey, days after her dad died and days before her mother was also killed by the virus
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Wales to ban alcohol in pubs after 6pm
In the seesaw of lockdowns, Wales is due to tighten up as England loosens up a fraction.
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I’m A Celebrity 2020: Shane Richie insists he’s not been peeing on loo seat as ‘phantom dribbler’ wreaks havoc
Who is the mystery dribbler? News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Lucy Mecklenburgh shed four stone using baby Roman as a workout weight
New parents Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas have told how they incorporated nine-month old Roman into their workouts
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Pubs and venues ‘could turn away people who haven’t had coronavirus vaccine’
Government minister Nadhim Zahawi said it was likely businesses will want proof of vaccination on entry. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Efficacy of Covid vaccines ‘give greater cause for optimism’, epidemiologist says
We were joined by Prof Steven Riley.
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All your questions answered about the new coronavirus lockdown tiers
Labour last night said it would abstain on the plans, meaning they will pass even with a moderate revolt – although the move is a shot across the Government’s bow
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Matt Hancock says English lockdown has helped bring pandemic ‘under control’
Health secretary Matt Hancock said the lockdown had helped bring the pandemic "back under control".
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UK Parliament to vote on tougher Covid tiers – as study suggests virus cases fell by third in November
Boris Johnson has defended his decision to put most of England into the top two tiers of coronavirus restrictions from Wednesday. 
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Greedy Sir Philip Green remains silent as Arcadia crashes into administration
Arcadia – owner of Topshop, Burton, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge – plunged into administration. There was no immediate word from Sir Philip, who built the retail giant
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Fresh evidence emerges that could finally end the hounding of this veteran, 79
Dennis Hutchings is due to stand trial in February despite previously being cleared twice over the 1974 incident. He is accused of attempted murder over the death of unarmed man.
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Black man who died after police restraint was ‘smeared and criminalised’, public inquiry told
Public inquiry to examine circumstances of father’s death in Scotland 
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Arteta makes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang admission amid Arsenal goal struggles
The Arsenal captain has struggled for goals this season thus far, and again fired a blank in Sunday night's 2-1 defeat to Wolves at the Emirates
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