Matt Hancock to give Downing Street Covid press conference at 5pm on vaccine

The Health Secretary is expected to mark a target to give first doses to all elderly care home residents in England by January 31 - as reports suggest the Covid crisis is "stabilising". But a target to give the jab to all staff hasn't been met
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Riot police are pelted with bottles at park close to London Eye
A vast crowd of officers wearing riot gear and clutching shields were seen making their way along South Bank - a stone's throw away from the London Eye.
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G7 leaders launch infrastructure plan for poorer countries to rival growing influence of China
Railways in Africa and wind farms in Asia to receive financing – as counter to Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative
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"I locked up psychopath Colin Pitchfork - so I know why he must never be freed"
EXCLUSIVE: QC Brian Escott-Cox recalls Pitchfork was a 'psychopath, there’s no known cure for it' and was so manipulative he had police at his 'beck and call' - even sending them out to get fish and chips
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Fabrice Muamba says Christian Eriksen collapse ‘brought back emotions I never wanted to relive’
‘To watch it from that distance and not knowing what was going to happen - it’s scary’
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G7 climate decisions among ‘most important in human history,’ says David Attenborough
Environmentalist to deliver message to leaders at summit in Cornwall
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Stella McCartney says fashion industry is ‘unfashionable’ when it comes to sustainability
‘I don’t think anyone really knows that fashion is one of the most harmful industries,’ designer says
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Victims of Pulse nightclub massacre remembered 5 years later
The 49 people killed in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida have been honored in Orlando and around the world on the fifth anniversary of the attack
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Boris Johnson engages in tense standoff with Macron over EU chilled meat row 
Emmanuel Macron angered Boris Johnson during a tense standoff over the EU 'sausage wars' by suggesting that Northern Ireland was not part of the UK.
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Online dating fraud up 40% during pandemic
Victims have been scammed out of £70m since the start of the pandemic
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Demon Throttle is a physical only Nintendo Switch game from Devolver Digital
Devolver Digital have hosted their annual E3 showcase and one of the most interesting is a game that will never be released digitally. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Man allegedly fails drug test for new job after eating Tesco poppy seed bread
‘The possibility of false-positive opiate drug tests after poppy food ingestion exists,’ study says
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Vin Diesel confirms Fast and Furious franchise will finish after 11th film and the end is nigh
The news comes just as the ninth instalment of the franchise is set to be released. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Sarah Vine: I had to learn to get dressed again
The older she got, the more the Mail on Sunday columnist felt she was losing her style mojo. She reveals how YOU's fashion editor Sophie Dearden helped her reboot her wardrobe
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Speedy spice: Sea bass with curry sauce 
This curry sauce is so light and fragrant that you can also serve it with chicken or lots of roasted vegetables.
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Speedy spice: Courgette moong dal with tomato tempering 
If you're after a comforting, delicious and healthy dish, this is ideal: soft dal studded with golden onion and courgette, finished with a stunning tadka of tomatoes and fresh coriander.
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Beauty: The secret to grown-up glamour
No, it isn't retiring your favourite bold red lipstick, it's aceing how you use it
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Liz Jones's Diary: The second date with Cambridge Man
And so, the Big Day dawns. It's been five weeks since we had lunch, and I've forgotten what he looks like. Our second date feels like a first. I've just been renovated, of course...
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Beauty Knowhow: Want to feel good in your own skin?
Well, it all starts with some top-to-toe bodycare
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Horoscopes: Don't dwell on it, Gemini
With restrictive Saturn energising disruptive Uranus across a particularly enlightening axis of your chart you'll be reminded of something you got wrong...
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Susannah Taylor:  The fit kit that won't cost the earth
It's thrilling to see activewear brands leading the eco-charge with environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical clothing. This is my pick of stylish kit that will impact your health, not the planet
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The model who caused a sensation with YOU
When Jane Simmonds starred in our fashion pages recently, so many of you wanted to find out more about her. This is her story…
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Rosie Green: How I became a born-again kissaholic
I've learnt that if there's one really great thing that comes from having your heart broken and a marriage ending, it is kissing someone new. Kissing is a delightful thing; it's a legal high
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Speedy spice: Coriander peanut chutney 
I have a small bowl of this in the refrigerator at all times. You will be surprised how amazingly well it goes with absolutely anything you are eating.
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Speedy spice: Tamarind aubergine curry 
If you are an aubergine fan, then this dish is sure to become your next favourite thing. The fried aubergine picks up on the aniseed notes of the fennel and the sour kick from the tamarind.
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Speedy spice: Squid and mangetout curry
Living by the seaside and very close to a fishmonger makes it easy for me to get hold of the most beautiful squid.
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Totally out there
Our gardens are appreciated as never before, so while the weather's hot, why not transform your space into a stylish dining area or soothing sanctuary?
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Forget the fashion 'rules' for over 50s - it's easy to make any trend look fabulous. Fashion director Shelly Vella and the world's most followed 40-plus influencers show you how. 
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The terrible price our daughter paid for being 'different'
After years in hospitals and therapy, Colette McCulloch was finally diagnosed with autism. But instead of getting help, it set in motion a chain of events that would lead to tragedy...
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Speedy spice: Tandoori masala roti
My grandparents used to have a tandoor outside their kitchen and when we went to stay there we had tandoori roti every day.
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Speedy spice: Yogurt chicken curry
I have shared many yogurt chicken recipes, but this is the easiest and one of the most delicious ways to cook chicken.
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Joanne Hegarty: How I earned my piece of Halston history
Sometimes in life, things align in the most mysterious ways. In my case, it was the terrific Netflix miniseries Halston...
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Elizabeth Day: Words can hurt. Fact
I've got a lot of sympathy for Naomi Osaka. Currently ranked as the world number two, she announced she wouldn't be taking part in any post-match media interviews at the French Open
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Food: Speedy spice 
Chetna Makan's fast-cook, flavour-packed recipes will have you rustling up stunning and delicious homemade Indian dishes in half an hour or less
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Milla Jovovich: 'Beauty is meaningless if you don't know who you are'
Her riveting looks have captivated the movie world for decades, but success has come at a cost. She opens up to Louise Gannon about humiliating sex scenes and overcoming drug problems
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Johnson set to approve plans to delay lifting of lockdown
Plans to end restrictions in England are expected to be put on hold until July following a surge in the Delta variant.
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What really is aphantasia, the inability to see with the mind’s eye?
Aphantasia is the inability to form an image in your head and 2-5 per cent of people have it. But what’s life like if you can’t use your mind’s eye? Writes Zoe Pounder
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How funding cuts to reproductive health programmes will undermine UK and G7 pledges on girls’ education
The global organisation MSI Reproductive Choices says many will be unable to return to classrooms without access to sexual and reproductive health
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‘Once the shoes get you there’s no escape’: Claire Burrows on how she set up Air & Grace
Claire Burrows felt as if she was ‘making stuff that didn’t need to be made’. So in 2014 she bravely ditched the 9 to 5 job and set up Air & Grace, writes Andy Martin
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Boy, 14, among six arrested on suspicion of murder after man’s death in Shropshire
Man died in hospital after being found seriously injured
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Believe us yet? EU Army panic as bloc buys 2500 guns - possible English Channel deployment
EUROCRATS are set to fork out millions to arm its controversial paramilitary border force, it can be revealed.
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Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s new novel can’t get much sillier
This is a novel that continually defies expectations – all presented in chapters so short you could read one during a yawn
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Parenting lessons to take away from homeschooling
Psychology lecturer Ana Aznar shares how families have survived teaching in lockdown
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Marriage at 18 complicates the case for votes at 16
The law is expected to be changed to raise the age of marriage from 16 to 18, while opposition parties want the voting age to go in the opposite direction, writes John Rentoul
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Preparing your relationship for post-pandemic life
It has been an unprecedented time over the last year, many couples will have rarely spent so much time together as they hunkered down for lockdown. As we come out it might be difficult to adjust, writes Maggie Parker
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As the US pulls out, the Afghan war enters a brutal phase
After recent Taliban advances, the US pulling out of Afghanistan has lead to more ground engagements and possibly the most brutal phase of this war, writes Susannah George
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‘It will probably stain his name’: What happens to Philip Roth’s reputation now?
Blake Bailey was given unique access to the late Philip Roth’s archive, but his biography was pulled from publication and Bailey was dropped as allegations of sexual assault were made against him. So, what now for Roth’s legacy? By Alexandra Alter and Jennifer Schuessler
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Comment on Queen ‘won’t stay silent’ if Harry and Meghan allow ‘mistruths’ to circulate as Lilibet name row ‘sent her over edge’ by Patrick Joseph DUGGAN
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Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy disagree over Man Utd and Chelsea stars starting in England Euro 2020 opener vs Croatia
Who will Southgate pick? News, Sport, Showbiz,...