Paul Gascoigne will use his two-month I'm A Celeb stay to overcome snake fear

Footballing legend Paul Gascoigne is set to jet off to Hondouras to take part in the Italian version of I'm A Celebrity, which involved a two month stay on a desert island
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‘Behave responsibly’, PM urges England as pub gardens reopen in lockdown easing
Boris Johnson has urged the nation to “behave responsibly” when pub gardens reopen and restaurants resume outdoor dining in a major easing of England’s coronavirus lockdown.
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Line of Duty series 6: Steve Arnott engages in intense shoot-out leaving viewers breathless
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Mikel Arteta issues injury updates on Bukayo Saka, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Martin Odegaard and Emile Smith Rowe
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Boris Johnson urges people to ‘behave responsibly’ as pubs and bars reopen
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Prince Harry lands at Heathrow without Meghan ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral
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Mother of dead baby in Morrisons car park found by police and 'receiving care'
The deceased newborn was discovered in the supermarket car park in Bilston, near Wolverhampton, sparking an urgent police appeal to find the infant's mother
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Line of Duty series 6: Series 4 lawyer Jimmy Lakewell returns and is brutally murdered in shock attack
A familiar face came back with some information on Gail Vella. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
CEOs gather to speak out against voting law changes
A number of top executives and corporate leaders gathered online this weekend to discuss what to do in response to changes to some state voting laws, according to multiple news reports
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Will Edinson Cavani stay for the real Manchester United experience?
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to see the striker scoring “in front of a full Stretford End”
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Line Of Duty - who's guilty and who's heading for tragedy explained
Line of Duty’s latest episode gripped 13 million viewers but left just as many confused - we dig into the case to bring you our most burning questions from the BBC1 series
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Meghan Markle rejected royal life when she 'realised how unglamorous it is'
MEGHAN MARKLE rejected royal life when the "unglamorous side" of the role became clear to her, a royal commentator claimed.
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Bafta Film Awards 2021: Nomadland, The Father and Promising Young Woman enjoy big wins
Daniel Kaluuya, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Frances McDormand were among the ceremony’s winners
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GYLES BRANDRETH says Duke of Edinburgh sympathised with Harry and Meghan but thought they were wrong
Prince Philip thought Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey was 'madness' and 'no good would come of it', it has emerged. He also regretted his grandson's decision to move to US.
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Furious Nicola Sturgeon lashes out at Boris over Indyref2 - 'Can't stand in the way!'
NICOLA Sturgeon has furiously lashed out at Boris Johnson over a second Scottish independence referendum, as she argued the Prime Minister "cannot stand in the way".
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Line of Duty series six episode four recap: A truly internet-breaking episode
OK, breathe everyone - here’s our guide to the fourth episode of Line of Duty *Spoilers ahead*
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BEL MOONEY: The tragic loss of Prince Philip is a grief we all share 
BEL MOONEY: Yes, death is an ordinary occurrence, and we have seen much of it in the last year. Yet in those seconds, standing still, I thought first of the Queen. Then I remembered my father.
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RICHARD KAY and GEOFFREY LEVY: Can Prince Charles cut it as CEO of the Firm?
RICHARD KAY and GEOFFREY LEVY: Prince Philip complained of Charles's 'separateness' from the rest of the family, not realising, perhaps, that he himself was probably the cause.
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Alan Titchmarsh vows never to have a hair transplant despite 'thinning' look
TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh has vowed never to have a hair transplant despite fears that his locks might be 'thinning', and has credited his hair with keeping him on TV
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Christine McGuinness reveals the reality of parenting three autistic children in the pandemic 
Christine, 33, and Paddy McGuinness, 47, are parents to Penelope, seven, Leo, seven and Felicity, four. Christine reveals the challenges of parenting throughout the pandemic.
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The best buys for embracing this season's crossbody bag trend
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Mikel Arteta reveals Arsenal left-back Kieran Tierney is set to miss the rest of the season
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Our Line of Duty burning questions after a DNA bombshell, shootout and Ted axed
WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW - After episode four of our favourite police drama has left viewers with conspiracy theories abound, we dig into the case to bring you our most burning questions
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Snow and sleet could mar beer gardens and outdoor shopping as lockdown eases
Pub-goers flocking to beer gardens on Monday are being urged to pick a spot with outdoor heaters as the Met Office forecasts spring showers and snow easing later into the evening
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Kris Jenner sends Jordyn Woods a gift two years after Tristan Thompson scandal
It appears that Momager Kris, 65, has extended an olive branch to Jordyn after she famously got involved with Tristan Thompson while he was dating Khloé Kardashian
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Line of Duty, season 6 episode 4 recap: Talking points and plot twists from the latest episode
*Spoilers follow for Line of Duty season six, episode four*
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Line of Duty series six episode four – open thread
Interrogations, convoys and OCGs – Jed Mercurio delivers a ‘best of episode’ that will tick all the boxes for long-time fansGood evening. Toby Moses, Guardian TV editor here. For those who haven’t heard, we had some terribly sad news this week when our friend, colleague and Line of Duty recapper, Sarah Hughes, died of cancer. The Line of Duty recaps won’t be the same without her – and for the rest of this series we will have an open thread for you to remember Sarah, while rooting out bent coppers and theorising over the identity of H. It’s what she would have wanted.But first, here’s a tribute to Sarah from her friend and former TV editor Vicky Frost: Continue reading...
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RICHARD KAY reveals the most intriguing royal friendship of all between Prince Philip and Diana
RICHARD KAY: Theirs was, perhaps, the most intriguing, most unlikely relationship in the entire royal drama. Prince Philip was a decisive and worldly man whose frankness Princess Diana admired.
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Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby Thomas turns on Kim Tate after huge showdown
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Coronation Street spoilers: Gail Platt is stunned by Nick Tilsley’s sudden exit
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Line Of Duty Series 6, Episode 4: The 9 Burning Questions We Now Have
Anyone who complained that this series of Line Of Duty had so far lacked the pace and excitement of previous seasons were forced to eat their words as the BBC cop drama continued on Sunday night. In scenes nearly as dramatic as the much-celebrated series three finale, the AC-12 crew were ambushed while convoying a witness – none other than Jimmy Lakewell, the corrupt legal firm partner we last saw in series four, who was part of a cover up in Operation Trapdoor.But no sooner had we got reacquainted with the slimy solicitor, he met his maker at the hands of another returning character, Lee Banks. The episode also put to bed one popular fan theory that had suggested DI Kate Fleming was actually deep undercover for AC-12, with only Superintendent Hastings aware of her mission. However, a scene between them revealed that she really did choose to leave anti-corruption after the investigation into Hastings’ conduct tarnished their reputations. While viewers got an answer to that burning question, there were a whole lot more to be answered by the time the credits rolled. Here’s the ones we’re asking this week...1. Do we believe Buckells?As we’ve previously mentioned, we already know it was DCI Davidson who was actually responsible for the gap in surveillance at Beechwood House. However, DSU Buckells’ interview with AC-12 certainly furthered the theory he could have still been in league with organised crime, despite various bits of evidence being planted by Davidson. We can’t be the only ones who thought of Tommy Hunter and The Caddy when golf clubs were seen in a picture of his car boot where the missing Vella files were found? Former OCG boss Hunter was regularly seen on the golf course in series one, and his love of the sport was where DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan, AKA The Caddy, got his nickname.While we definitely think Buckells is dodgy, it’s to what degree that we are still unsure about. The clubs in his boot could have been shown to throw us off the scent, and while he obviously colluded with Lee Banks in Jimmy Lakewell’s murder, his nervousness could also suggest he was coerced.  2. Has Davidson known who Pilkington really is all along?There were various knowing looks between Davidson and OCG member PC Ryan Pilkington prior to the revelation that he had been traced at various places she had also been. Pilkington later threatened Davidson at her home when she informed him she would have to release him from MIT due to budget issues. While Pilkington’s intentions are now abundantly clear to Davidson, had they previously been having meeting outside of work? If so, it would suggest Davidson has known who he really is all along. 3. Is Chief Constable Osborne ‘the fourth man’?Back in series one, Philip Osborne covered up what happened in the killing of Karim Ali. As background, Ali was wrongly identified in a counter-terrorist police raid, which DS Arnott was a part of, and shot dead. Back then, Osborne was working as the team’s Chief Inspector and ordered his officers to lie about what happened in their statements. Arnott refused to co-operate and went to AC-12, leading to him being hired on the team. Despite Arnott testifying against his former colleagues, no officers were prosecuted for their actions.In the present day, Osborne has now risen to become the Chief Constable of Central Police, and we learned that he has ordered the slim-lining of anti-corruption operations following Hastings’ decision to charge Buckells. While we already know Osborne is corrupt, he hasn’t yet presented any links to organised crime. However, it is definitely suspicious he has ordered cuts to anti-corruption just as they were making huge strides in their work. Could he actually be ‘the fourth man’, who is at the very top of the force?4. What case was Vella working on?As many fans had already guessed, the mystery man that journalist Gail Vella had interviewed about police corruption prior to her death was Jimmy Lakewell.During the interview, Lakewell referred to a second case that had a racist element, with AC-12 deducing that this must have been the case Vella followed up on and that could have led to her murder – but what is it, and who is involved?5. Did Lakewell tell Arnott about the case prior to the ambush?Scenes in the van after AC-12 picked up Lakewell from prison saw Arnott further questioning Lakewell about what he’d discussed with Vella.While he pointed out anything he said would be inadmissible as evidence, the action cut away before anything else was said. Later, when Lakewell returned to AC-12 HQ to be formally interviewed, he refused witness protection, remained silent and asked to return to prison. However, there was a suggestion he had actually filled Arnott in on the details back in the van, so Lakewell’s subsequent death doesn’t necessarily mean the lead has gone cold.6. Will Davidson throw Fleming under the bus?With Fleming on to Pilkington, she’s covertly tried to warn Davidson about the danger he poses to her, but she is insistent on him remaining on the team as – unbeknown to Fleming – she is now being blackmailed by him. In order to get Fleming to drop her crusade against Pilkington, Davidson threatened to report the fact Fleming had not called it in when she was suspicious about Terry Boyle’s police escort. Given she’s already in cahoots with AC-12 over Pilkington, Fleming is now caught in a very sticky situation indeed. 7. Who tipped the OCG off about the Lakewell plot?The ambush of Lakewell’s police convoy gave us the most dramatic moment of the series so far, but it led to one of the series’ biggest questions too – just who tipped off the OCG about it?As Hastings and Arnott noted, it could be explained by a prison officer the OCG had on the payroll, or – as DC Bishop pointed out – it could also have been someone from inside AC-12. Does the department have another rat in its ranks?It’s also worth picking up on the point the team made about the ambush being a sophisticated operation, so the order must have come from the top. Could that top dog be someone like, ooh we don’t know, Chief Constable Osbourne, perhaps? 8. Why is Lee Banks back?We last saw OCG member Lee Banks in series five when Hastings visited him in prison, and now he’s back in the story having killed Lakewell in his cell upon his return to Blackthorn. Banks was another character who we guessed we might not have seen the last of, as he was central to one of the loose ends the series five finale didn’t tie up. If you cast your mind back, there were questions about whether Hastings was actually the one who had leaked information about undercover officer John Corbett’s real identity to Banks, which led to his death. Under questioning, Hastings lied about ever visiting Banks, but AC-3 boss DCS Patricia Carmichael was still convinced he’d blown Corbett’s cover. She was unable to prove it when DCC Wise insisted the case against Hastings was shut down.Could Banks’ reappearance suggest Hastings’ conduct – and his mysterious relationship with Corbett’s widow Steph – will be further explored?We also haven’t forgotten that he shares the same surname as Carl Banks, one of the prime suspects in Vella’s murder, either. 9. Who is Davidson related to?Following a further forensic investigation into PS Jatri’s home, AC-12 were able to establish that Davidson had lied about ever living there as her prints were present. Furthermore, they found another DNA sample at the property which belongs to someone already known to anti-corruption – someone who it turns out is also a blood relative of Davidson’s.While we’re going to have to wait a week to find out the identity of Davidson’s mystery relative, you’ll remember that she lied to Jatri about her family in the first episode of the series, claiming not to have any. She later returned home and became angry while looking at a picture of what appeared to be her with a family member. So whoever this relative AC-12 have discovered turns out to be, we’re guessing that they have a very complicated relationship with Davidson. Line Of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.READ MORE:Line Of Duty Fans Think They've Spotted A Clever Nod To One Of Kelly Macdonald's Past RolesLine Of Duty Viewers Think They’ve Spotted A Clue About ‘H’ In The Unlikeliest Of PlacesDid You Spot Line Of Duty's Huge Filming Fail?
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Who Is Lee Banks? Who Is James ‘Jimmy’ Lakewell? Line Of Duty’s Latest Links To The Past Explained
Line Of Duty welcomed back yet more faces from its complicated past as it staged its most explosive episode of the series so far on Sunday night. The reappearances of slimy solicitor Jimmy Lakewell and OCG member Lee Banks have left us all with a lot of burning questions about what happens next, but in case you are in need of a refresher about where the returning characters fit into the larger picture, allow us to explain...Who is Lee Banks?Lee Banks – played by Alastair Natkiel – was first introduced in Line Of Duty in the fifth series as a member of the organised crime group. He worked with Lisa McQueen, Miroslav Minkowicz, Ryan Pilkington and John Corbett, the undercover officer who was embedded in the OCG. He is also a long-time associate of Robert Denmoor, who you might recall was one of the ‘Balaclava Men’ who were investigated in Operation Trapdoor back in series four. Denmoor was shot dead by Hastings during DC Jamie Desford’s hold up of AC-12 HQ. During his time on the outside, Banks kidnapped AC-12’s PC Maneet Bindra as the OCG sought to coerce her into working for them, before they later murdered her. Banks was arrested after he visited the home of bent officer Sergeant Jane Cafferty, who was being paid off for her part in helping coordinate the hijacking of a police convoy transporting seized drugs. After being sent to Blackthorn prison, Banks was visited by Superintendent Ted Hastings, where the pair had a conversation that viewers were not privy to. This point was central to one of the loose ends the series five finale didn’t tie up, as there were questions about whether Hastings had leaked information about Corbett’s real identity to Banks, which ultimately led to Corbett’s death. Under questioning, Hastings lied about ever visiting Banks, but AC-3 boss DCS Patricia Carmichael was still convinced he’d blown Corbett’s cover. She was unable to prove it when DCC Wise insisted the case against Hastings was shut down.Hastings was seemingly in the clear when McQueen also said that Banks had only informed the OCG that there was a rat inside the unit, and not who the information came from. However, it could still be that Banks did not tell McQueen that his source was Hastings. Upon his return to the show, we saw Banks murder Jimmy Lakewell in his cell with the co-operation of DSU Ian Buckells. This was seemingly on the orders of the OCG, who believed he had leaked information to the police that would have helped in the investigation into journalist Gail Vella’s murder. How could Banks’ return be significant?Banks’ reappearance could suggest that Hastings’ conduct – and his mysterious relationship with Corbett’s widow Steph – will be further explored. We also haven’t forgotten that he shares the same surname as Carl Banks, one of the prime suspects in Vella’s murder, either. Who is James ‘Jimmy’ Lakewell?Jimmy Lakewell – played by former star of The Office, Patrick Baladi – featured in series four of Line Of Duty as founding partner of the criminal law firm Lakewell, Dean & Stevenson, and was a university friend of antagonist DCI Roz Huntley’s husband Nick. Lakewell was in league with organised crime and was part of a cover up in Operation Trapdoor, which looked into the kidnapping and murder of Baswinder Kaur, the disappearance of Leonie Collersdale and the attempted kidnapping of Hana Reznikova.He was also responsible for instructing one of the so-called ‘Balaclava Men’ to intercept DS Steve Arnott when he arrived at the Lakewell, Dean & Stevenson offices, which ended up with him being pushed down the stairs and sustaining injuries that have subsequently seen him develop an addiction to painkillers. Lakewell represented DCI Huntley in her final interrogation with AC-12, where she admitted to killing forensic investigator Tim Ifield. She then turned the tables on Lakewell and revealed that he had planted evidence to frame Michael Farmer for the crimes investigated by Operation Trapdoor. In league with ACC Derek Hilton and organised crime, he was part of a scheme where vulnerable police staff were pressured to manipulate evidence.At the end of series four, Lakewell pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, but declined witness protection and refused to testify and was sent to prison. Many viewers correctly predicted his return to the show earlier in the series when a recording from Vella’s computer revealed a man speaking to her about police corruption. We have now seen that AC-12 have obtained a full version of this recording, in which Lakewell revealed to Vella details of another case of police corruption that had a racist element. Arnott, Hastings and Bishop deduced this must have been the case Vella had subsequently tried to investigate and likely led to her death.  After hinting he was being threatened into silence by corrupt prison officers, AC-12 came up with a plan to break Lakewell out and interview him about the case, but the OCG ambushed the convoy in an attempt to kill him. While he survived, Lakewell remained silent during a later interview with AC-12 and refused witness protection, asking to return to prison. He was subsequently killed by Lee Banks, in collusion with Buckells upon his return to HMP Blackthorn. However, there was a suggestion he had actually filled Arnott in on the details about his interview with Vella during a conversation we didn’t get to see on screen, so Lakewell’s death doesn’t necessarily mean AC-12’s lead has gone cold.Line Of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. READ MORE:Who Is DSU Ian Buckells? The Line Of Duty Character You Need To Know About After Episode 3A Guide To Who’s Who In Line Of Duty And Where You’ve Seen The Cast Before32 Behind The Scenes Secrets From The Line Of Duty Set
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Prince Philip's kind gesture to staff in the final few months of his life
The Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away on Friday morning aged 99, "always took a personal interest" in the activities of royal staff, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex said
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Video from Hawaii hotel lockdown shows guests huddled inside after gunman fires on staff
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Arsenal injury crisis with Bukayo Saka, Emile Smile Rowe and Martin Odegaard doubts for Slavia Prague trip
Arsenal risk being without Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Martin Odegaard for Thursday’s huge Europa League clash with Slavia Prague - but Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could return.
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Prince Harry returns to UK for Prince Philip's funeral without pregnant wife Meghan Markle
Eyewitnesses reportedly saw the Duke of Sussex disembark a BA flight from Los Angeles to the west London airport at around 1.15pm on Sunday while wearing chinos, a jacket and black face mask.
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Devastated Line of Duty viewers 'screaming' as Ted Hastings gets the chop
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Liz Cheney calls allegations against Matt Gaetz ‘sickening’ but refuses to call for his resignation
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WW3 fears: Iranian nuclear facility hit by ‘terrorist attack’ – Tehran threatens revenge
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Model brain damaged by pretzel as allergic reaction left her unable to walk
Chantel Giacalone, 27, begged her friend "don't let me die" the moment she realised she was having a reaction to a peanut butter pretzel she bit into
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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reveals ‘gripe’ with Paul Pogba after Manchester United beat Spurs
'I'll keep pestering him on that.'
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