Revealed: Saudi Arabia may have enough uranium ore to produce nuclear fuel

Confidential Chinese report seen by the Guardian intensifies concerns about possible weapons programme

Saudi Arabia likely has enough mineable uranium ore reserves to pave the way for the domestic production of nuclear fuel, according to confidential documents seen by the Guardian.

Details of the stocks are contained in reports prepared for the kingdom by Chinese geologists, who have been scrambling to help Riyadh map its uranium reserves at breakneck speed as part of their nuclear energy cooperation agreement.

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Andy Murray confident of winning more titles as he continues ‘hard’ journey back up the rankings
He faces the 2015 champion in the first round of the French Open. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Sir David Attenborough gifts Prince George with a fossilised giant shark’s tooth
<p>Naturalist met with the Cambridge’s at Kensington Palace on Thursday</p>
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Pep Guardiola discusses Man City options without Aguero and Jesus
Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus picked up an injury against Wolves and is expected to be out for a month
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Emile Heskey: 'There was a stigma attached to women playing football when I was younger, but that has gone'
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In nominating Amy Coney Barrett, Trump may have put the nail in his already dying re-election prospects
<p>Confirming a fiercely anti-abortion justice could backfire spectacularly for the Republicans</p>
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GOP Senators demand Netflix cancel The Three-Body Problem over author's comments on Uighur Muslims
<p>'Does Netflix agree that the Chinese Communist Party's internment of 1.8 to 3 million Uyghurs in internment or labor camps based on their ethnicity is unacceptable?' the senators wrote.  </p>
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‘So many are fighting for their very survival’: How coronavirus has pushed charities to the brink
<p><strong>Special report: </strong>Almost 6,000 charitable organisations forced to close in year to June – marking 19 per cent jump on the previous 12 months – as experts warn of ‘perfect storm’</p>
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Motorists face 2p fuel duty hike next year to pay for coronavirus black hole
EXCLUSIVE Rushi Sunak is reportedly set to put off any further tax rises until 2022 despite the ongoing damage the pandemic and lockdowns have done to the country's finances
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British tourist dies after being pulled unconscious from the pool of a four-star hotel in Lanzarote
The woman was in cardiac arrest when she was pulled from the pool in Lanzarote and revived at the scene by a lifeguard and emergency responders.
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Sarah Harding seen dancing and smiling in first post since sharing cancer battle
Sarah Harding shared a video of herself dancing while getting her hair done exactly a month after revealing she is battling breast cancer
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Millie Bobby Brown now worth £8m at 16 and taking Hollywood by storm
EXCLUSIVE The star's phenomenal rise has caught the eye of Hollywood bosses who believe she could soon command as much as A-listers Jennifer Lawrence, 30, and Emma Stone, 31 – who take home £11million a film
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Miracle lone survivor of plane crash says disaster 'felt like a computer game'
Air force cadet Vyacheslav Zolochevskyi survived the Antonov An-26 crash and fireball explosion by leaping from the Ukrainian military plane as it crashed near Kharkiv, his mum says
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BGT fans 'expose' magician's baffling illusion - and how he vanished from stage
Britain's Got Talent fans believe they worked out how Kevin Quantum pulled off his confusing trick in front of the judges
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GOP invests in boosting Trump with Barrett confirmation
The Republican National Committee is putting Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation fight front and center with voters just weeks before Election Day
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Keir Mudie: Elite who ignore Covid rules give people licence to do a Cummings
MPs and Dominic Cummings flout the rules as they please while the mixed messaging is symptomatic of a government not built for a crisis, headed by a man not built for government
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Trump nominates conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg on Supreme Court
Donald Trump on Saturday announced he will nominate conservative federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, setting off an election-year confirmation fight with Democrats as the president admittedly aims to seat a sixth conservative justice he predicts will help decide whether he serves a second term.
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Coronavirus UK: We must learn to live with covid, says ROBERT DINGWALL 
ROBERT DINGWALL: Bubonic plague - the Black Death - devastated 14th Century England. Yet by the Great Plague of 1665, the City of London authorities knew what to do.
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Burnley is now England's Covid hotspot with 228 new cases in seven days
In Burnley, 228 new cases were recorded in the seven days to September 23 - the equivalent of 256.4 per 100,000 people, which is the highest rate in England.
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PETER HITCHENS: Boris' great idea? Burn down the house TWICE to get rid of a wasps' nest
PETER HITCHENS: The Prime Minister is like a man who finds a wasps' nest in his house - and burns the house down to get rid of it.
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Her words: Amy Coney Barrett on faith, precedent, abortion
Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, a former Notre Dame law professor and current judge on the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, says she is a firm supporter of the Constitutrio
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Solskjaer annoyed with Rashford for incident in Man Utd's win at Brighton
The Norwegian says he had to be critical of his forward during the first half of the clash at the Amex Stadium, which turned into a thriller as United won late on
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Chef Jamie Oliver joins Mail on Sunday's war on toxic US food
The move comes as International Trade Secretary Liz Truss faces growing Parliamentary pressure to bolster protections against poor quality foreign food.
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Free speech UK: MPs try to ban 'harmful' words from the Internet
UK Ministers' plans to force blanket regulation on online companies and websites to protect people will not work, according to a new report by think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies.
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London anti-lockdown protest sees 16 arrests and nine police officers injured
Two police officers needed hospital treatment for head injuries. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
A look at Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s notable opinions, votes
Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has been on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals since 2017
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Boris Johnson's enemies spread false rumours about a split from Carrie
Rumours of a split are dismissed by Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds's friends, who blame Boris's growing legion of political enemies for spreading the claims.
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PIERS MORGAN: How have liberals become a shrieking mob hell-bent on silencing all dissent?
PIERS MORGAN: Why had the world gone this way? Who was causing this nonsense? The answer is a shocking one. For it's us liberals who are responsible.
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Coronavirus lockdown UK: Universities face demands to return tuition fees
Thousands of freshers in Britiain are currently locked down in their rooms as rising cases of the virus devastates the start of term.
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Bio highlights of Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's high court pick
Here are some biographical details on Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by President Donald Trump for the U.S. Supreme Court
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DAN HODGES: Boris is the prisoner of scientists who even want to lock down Wendy houses
DAN HODGES: Ministers and MPs believe advisers have persuaded Boris to follow a 'zero-Covid' strategy of total eradication of the virus - something many scientists say is impossible in Britain.
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Donald Trump officially nominates Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court
Donald Trump has officially nominated Amy Coney Barrett to be the new Supreme Court justice.
London News | London Evening Standard -...
Casualty review with spoilers: Chemical attack in Holby as skipped episode airs
The skipped episode, originally meant to be shown in April, aired tonight. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
At least 11 people killed in attack on convoy in Nigeria
President urges greater checks for sabotage before displaced people are returnedSuspected Islamist militants have killed at least 11 people in northeastern Nigeria in an attack on a security convoy that was taking people displaced by an insurgency back to their homes, police and security sources said on Saturday.Islamic State, to whom a breakaway faction of Nigerian militant group Boko Haram pledged allegiance in 2016, said on its Amaq news agency that 30 police officers and soldiers were killed in the attack on Friday on a road leading to the strategic fishing town of Baga in Borno state. Continue reading...
News, sport and opinion from the...
Coronavirus: Students may have had human rights breached by new restrictions, says Scottish Labour leader
<p>Richard Leonard calls for investigation into measures banning students from going home or to the pub</p>
The Independent | News | UK and Worldwide...
Councils pay care homes DOUBLE the local weekly fee to take Covid hospital patients
Despite a Government pledge to place a 'protective ring' around vulnerable residents, care homes in some regions are being offered cash incentives to take Covid-positive patients.
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Diary Of An Apprentice Astronaut review: An enthralling book
Thanks to Covid-19, many of us are dreaming of an escape from Earth at present - and Samantha Cristoforetti's absorbing tale of becoming an astronaut and venturing into space offers just that.
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From Spitting Image to The Hobbit and a Challenger documentary: The best on demand TV this week
Since it was announced the beloved puppet show was returning to our screens after 14 years, we've been drip-fed photographs of the new characters who'll be appearing.
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Housewife super spy... The secret life of Agent Sonya
With his new spy book, Agent Sonya, Ben Macintyre enters fresh territory. Agent Sonya was a woman and no one in counter-espionage could imagine that a woman could also be a master spy
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Robert Galbraith, Andrew O'Hagan, Curtis Sittenfeld and Rose Tremain: This week's new fiction   
This new episode in the Cormoran Strike series sees the one-legged detective tackling his first cold case. London doctor Margot Bamborough vanished 40 years ago.
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DEBORAH ROSS: Britain's most boring husband? He's thrilling!
Us is an adaptation of the novel by David Nicholls about a middle-aged married couple who may or may not stay together, which doesn't sound especially compelling, but it is
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A Feast In The Time Of Plague review: Lively, accessible, but in no sense backward-looking
A Feast In The Time Of Plague is terrific; a contemporary opera that's easy on the ear but never facile, with a storyline based on a Pushkin sketch that manages to combine death with humour.
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Amanda Holden review: A good voice, but her debut album, Songs From My Heart, lacks personality
Picture the scene. You've been a talent show judge for 14 years, a lively presence in millions of living rooms on a Saturday night. You have a husband, two daughters and a sideline as a DJ.
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My famous friends messaged me, asking if I was about to die...
I began receiving a flurry of messages from famous friends worried that my death might be more imminent than I would like. Pranksters had been requesting 'advanced obituary tributes'
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Man charged with assault after shooting which left man with serious bullet wound
Dean Flowers, 36, of Pipewell Avenue, Gorton, has been charged with Section 18 assault
Manchester Evening News: Number one for...
Thousands march in Washington to pray and show Trump support
Thousands of people have packed the National Mall in downtown Washington to pray and show their support for President Donald Trump
The Independent | News | UK and Worldwide...
Man sues IVF clinic after his sperm is used to help gay couples and single mums
EXCLUSIVE: Neil Gaskill took legal action after his sperm was given to same-sex couples and single women against his direct wishes - but claims it's "not about bigotry"
Mirror Online: The intelligent tabloid....
Britain's Got Talent viewers wonder if act is 'cheating' or just 'genius'
Kevin Quantum got all the BGT judges to join him on stage
Manchester Evening News: Number one for...
White Sox P Cordero suspended 3 games for hitting Contreras
Major League Baseball has suspended Chicago White Sox reliever Jimmy Cordero for three games and fined him an undisclosed amount for hitting the Cubs’ Willson Contreras with a pitch
The Independent | News | UK and Worldwide...