Revealed: the Neanderthal secrets hidden in a Channel Islands cave

How a handful of 45,000-year-old teeth may shed new light on humanity’s story

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Drink driver knocked over e scooter rider in Middlesbrough
Shelby Barclay was behind the wheel of a Mercedes A 200 in Middlesbrough town centre when she struck a 20-year-old man on an e-scooter on April 12
7 m
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Fury as student teacher reprimanded for saying he backs Batley teacher who showed Muhammad cartoon
The Manchester Metropolitan University student had told his course leader he was 'extremely concerned' about the recent case of a teacher at Batley Grammar School who is now in hiding.
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Architect, 47, is told to tear down luxury garden room on the grounds of his £900,000 mansion
Graeme Andrew, 47, needed retrospective planning permission for the glass-fronted unit on land behind his home in Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire.
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The real-life Timon and Pumbaa: Warthog and mongoose are good pals
Miss Piggy the warthog and Mongo the mongoose who live at a conservation centre in Botswana have an uncanny resemblance to the famous friends from the iconic Lion King films.
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Covid hotspots could face surge vaccinations to stop spread of new strains
Ministers have faced calls to use stockpiles of Pfizer and other vaccines to target areas of concern. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Doctor recorded Nikki Grahame's cause of death as anorexia
A hospital investigation looking into the events before the Big Brother star's death on April 9 is ongoing, but a doctor has recorded her cause of death as Anorexia Nervosa.
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Love Has Won cult: Seven charged after leader found mummified in glitter and fairy lights
Ms Carlson’s followers believe she could ‘communicate with angels’
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Prince Harry says Meghan Markle helped him break free from constraints of Royal Family
The Duke of Sussex, 36, told Dax Shepard's 'Armchair Expert' show about his wife Meghan's 'most amazing explanation' as he spoke about life as a 'fairytale' royal compared to the reality.
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Ellen says toxic work environment allegations were a 'coordinated, misogynistic' attack on her
After filming the episode, she was interviewed on set by Savannah Guthrie for NBC's Today show. That interview aired on Thursday morning.
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Was Dua Lipa inspired by Honey G? Fans point out similarities between Brits performance and X Factor routine from 2016
'Honey G walked so Dua could run.' News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Geri Halliwell says BRITs dress was £5 tea towel after Dua Lipa celebrated it
Geri Halliwell told fans a £5 tea towel was put on a Gucci dress to create her iconic BRITs dress after Dua Lipa celebrated it at the event
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James Acaster thinks anybody in Meghan Markle’s position would have struggled with mental health
James has been heckled for discussing his mental health. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Celebs whose old tweets came back to haunt them including Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen has been forced to apologise after old tweets surfaced, but she's not the only star whose tweets have come back to haunt them
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Dimitar Berbatov sends message to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over Harry Kane transfer
He'd cost around £150m... News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Montana Brown didn’t suffer from anxiety or depression before Love Island fame
The former islander talks how the showbiz industry affected her mental health. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Middlesbrough woman blasts trolls who posted photograph of her son on 'Ugly Babies' Instagram page 
Courtney Tait, from Middlesbrough, was shocked to discover a photograph of herself, her partner Scott and their son Hudson appear on the 'Ugly Babies' Instagram account.
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Ellen DeGeneres believes toxic workplace scandal was a ‘coordinated’ attack: ‘It was too orchestrated’
Comedian is ending her talk show next year. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Moment speedy six-year-old SPRINTS down the street after ice cream truck
Grace Hill, six, had just returned home in Michigan when she heard the nearby chimes of an ice cream truck and bolted outside, sprinting down the drive to catch up with the truck.
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Orca enthusiast captures incredible photo of a rare newborn calf off the coast of Scotland 
The orange-tinted baby was accompanied by four older killer whales as it played in the Moray Firth, near Duncansbayhead, Caithness.
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H&M has a massive 70% off sale on summer dresses, trench coats and more
With prices starting from £2, H&M shoppers can snap up hundreds of must-have items for less in the high street retailer's 'last chance' sale
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Five-year-old suffers serious injuries after being hit by car in Salford
The driver of the car, a woman aged 40, was arrested on suspicion of driving offences
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Boris Johnson finally forced to declare who paid for No11 revamp within weeks
Lord Geidt, the new standards adviser, said he would publish the overdue register of ministers' interests - including the PM's entry - by the end of May
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Line of Duty's Martin Compston backs Nicola Sturgeon's call for a Scottish independence referendum
Line of Duty star Martin Compston said SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was the 'most competent' person to lead Scotland to recovery following the economic fallout from the coronavirus lockdowns.
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Sister of murdered MP Jo Cox plans to stand in election for her old seat
'I would love to represent this extraordinary, vibrant place that I have called home all my life.' News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Leigh-Anne Pinnock questioned if she was right for racism documentary after colourism backlash News, Sport, Showbiz,...
11-month-old daughter ‘was found hitting her murdered British mother to try and wake her up’ after burglary in Greece
A rare £260,000 reward for information has been announced by the Greek Government
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It's all over! Desperate Macron admits election defeat as he scrambles last-ditch alliance
EMMANUEL MACRON's party announced a new coalition with the French Conservatives ahead of crucial regional elections, in a sign of defeat for the French President.
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Can I Go On Holiday To Amber List Countries?
Travel is top of people’s minds as restrictions continue to ease. What do you want to know? Ask your Covid travel questions here.HuffPost UK reader Matthew asked: “Can I go on holiday to an amber destination? There seems to be conflicting information.”May 17 marks a big step in lockdown easing with people in England allowed to mix indoors once more and some types of travel back on the cards.The UK government has revealed its traffic light system for gradually easing travel restrictions, which will see destinations designated either green, amber or red depending on how many cases of Covid are circulating in a place and what the picture is looking like in terms of variants, among other things.If you’ve got a holiday booked to amber destinations like Spain and Greece in June, you’ll understandably be wondering whether it’s still ok to go. The advice so far has been a little confusing, as reader Matthew points out: “There seems to be conflicting information.”Submit a coronavirus travel question to HuffPost UK.So can you go on holiday to an amber country?The official line is that the public are being advised against travel to amber countries from May 17 for leisure purposes (aka holidays). However there may be essential or unavoidable reasons to travel and, in these contexts, people can do so.Currently it’s illegal to travel to these countries, however after May 17 it won’t be illegal – it will simply be advised against. So you can choose to travel to an amber destination for your holiday, but you will be going against government advice and it may be quite a lot of hassle. Which countries are on the amber list? There are dozens of countries on the amber travel list, which you can read in full here. Current destinations include:AustriaThe BahamasBarbadosBulgariaCambodiaCanadaChinaCroatiaCyprusEgyptFranceGermanyGreece and surrounding islandsItalyJamaicaMexicoSpain (including the Balearics and Canary Islands)United States  What measures will you need to take before and after travelling?This is where things start to get complicated. You will need to check the entry requirements of the country you are visiting before you travel.There are also significant testing procedures you’ll need to follow returning to England from an amber destination – the aim of this is to stop the spread of Covid on home soil if you do catch it while you’re abroad.Before coming back to England you must take a Covid-19 test (even if you’re vaccinated) that will act as proof you haven’t got Covid and are fit to travel.There are penalties for not doing this. If you don’t present proof that you tested negative, you may not be able to board your transport to England and if you arrive in England without proof, you could be fined £500.When you return to England, you’ll need to quarantine for 10 days either at home or the place you’re staying. Ahead of travelling, you should book and pay for a couple of travel tests which you’ll need to take on day two and eight of your return to England (so when you’re in quarantine).There is a get-out-of-quarantine early card you can play – but it’ll cost you extra. People may be able to end quarantine a few days earlier if they pay for a third Covid-19 test through the government’s ‘Test to Release’ scheme – this involves taking a test after day five of being back in England and, if the test is negative, you can come out of quarantine.You will still need to take tests on day two and eight of your return to England in addition to this third test. Anyone who breaks the quarantine rules can face penalties of up to £10,000.How does the amber list affect travel insurance?It’s always a worry that you’ll go abroad only to discover your travel insurance is void. The Association of British Insurers advises people to keep up to date and always follow overseas travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), as travelling against FCDO advice is likely to invalidate your travel insurance.A spokesperson tells HuffPost UK: “When the restrictions on overseas travel are eased, it will be important for travellers to take out travel insurance, primarily to cover potentially very expensive overseas emergency medical treatment bills.“Travellers should always be aware of and follow government advice. If you travel against FCDO advice, then your travel policy will likely be invalidated. Make sure to read your policy so you are aware of the scope of cover, as policies bought after the pandemic was declared are unlikely to cover cancellation as a result of coronavirus as it is a known risk.”Can you reschedule a holiday on the amber list?It’s tricky. Some companies and airlines are offering more flexible bookings giving customers the option to postpone their travels. However in certain circumstances, this may not be possible.According to ABTA, the leading association of travel agents and tour operators, travel providers are under no obligation to offer a postponement if the FCDO is not advising against travel to your destination. Its advice is to speak to your travel provider to discuss what your options may be.Related...How The UK's Covid Traffic Light System Will WorkIs It Safe To Travel? What To Consider Before Booking Your HolidayWhich Covid Test Do You Need To Take To Travel?What Is The India Variant And Where Are Cases Rising In The UK?All The Things You Can Do From May 17These Are The Risks Of Catching Covid At Work
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Tunisia to reopen economy despite hospital strain
Tunisian authorities plan to reopen the economy next week amid public pushback against virus restrictions
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Government ‘anxious’ about Indian variant of concern, says Boris Johnson
Three types of the Indian variant have been identified in the UK, one of which is a variant of concern.
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Serial killer plans to wed her fiancee in jail who warned her ‘no more murders’
Joanna Dennehy reportedly wants to tie the knot with street robber Hayley Palmer. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
10 things we learned from Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause
The Channel 4 documentary has received widespread praise for exposing the short-fallings in the way women’s health has been handled
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This Morning viewers staggered as psychic’s wife claims ghost of dead mother-in-law ‘bounces on the bed’
Phillip Schofield questioned ghost's 'peculiar' activity. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Coronavirus: Covid death rates in England 'twice as high in Muslims as Christians'
The Office for National Statistics report could not explain why some religions had higher death rates than others in England and said it was 'difficult to separate' from known risks in ethnic minority groups.
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Why is Bitcoin mining so harmful to the environment?
Cryptocurrency has boomed to a three-year high but the vast electricity usage required to power its transactions remains major cause of climate concern
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Hundreds of child deaths could be avoided by reducing deprivation, study finds
Research identifies ‘clear association’ between risk of death and level of deprivation for children in England
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Covid could contribute to 'severe' erectile dysfunction in men, study claims
The widespread blood vessel issue, known as endothelial dysfunction, that results from the Covid-19 infection could contribute to erectile dysfunction, scientists said
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The Greens’ surge in Bristol shows Labour has to take climate change seriously | Matty Edwards
The two parties now hold joint control of the council – and have the chance to cooperate on the environment and social justiceJust hours after Labour’s Marvin Rees won the Bristol mayoralty for a second term, his party lost its council majority, with the Greens gaining an unexpected 12 council seats.After the Greens came second in the mayoral race, swings from Labour to Green, including in seemingly safe Labour areas, unseated long-serving councillors and cabinet members. Labour had hoped to keep overall control of the council, but the Greens caught them up as the joint-largest party with 24 councillors apiece. Continue reading...
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After football’s revolt, where is the outcry over golf’s Saudi-led breakaway?
The Super Golf League’s plotters may hope that a less tribal sport will not rise up against their plans but it can and shouldPeople often ask about the difference in media approach between top-level footballers and golfers at an identical level. The widespread understanding would be that football players, bereft of educational qualifications, have a cynical attitude towards the press drilled into them within clubs and treat reporters accordingly. Golfers, often with at least an element of the US college system on their CV, comprehend the need to keep both tour and individual sponsors happy and therefore treat media duties as a core responsibility.In some respects that generalisation is correct. In many others it is grossly unfair. Footballers encounter a level of media criticism that is rarely, if ever, bestowed on golfers. Premier League players are subject to a scrutiny, personal and professional, that would be totally alien even to Rory McIlroy. Golfers making front pages is a rare thing indeed but that shouldn’t lead us to believe they are all as pure as the driven snow. Continue reading...
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition review in progress – better graphics, worse bugs
The whole of the Mass Effect trilogy has been remastered to make it look almost like it was made yesterday, but it does have a bug problem. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Scientists develop the 'holy grail' of EV batteries
Bizarrely, the 'holy grail' of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, developed by a team at Harvard, uses a design inspired by a BLT sandwich.
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Advert for gambling website is banned by watchdog
The Advertising Standards Agency ordered Paul Coleman - trading as VIP Inner Circle - to ensure his ads were socially responsible after he promised a 'life-long money back guarantee'.
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Man Utd 'identify prime candidate' from 3 internal options to succeed Woodward
Manchester United's most powerful executive is set to leave the club at the end of the calendar year
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Covid-testing firms must be up to scratch ahead of holiday rush
An urgent review of Covid-19 testing firms will take place in a last-gasp attempt to prevent travel chaos this summer, according to reports.
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Her Voice at BFI Southbank: Five must-see films celebrating black women performers
The soon-to-reopen cinema returns with a fascinating film season
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No10 hits out at European Union amid reports France is holding up City deal over fishing
Downing Street on Thursday hit out at a mooted French plan to slam the brakes on a deal for the City to do business in the EU until a fishing row is resolved.
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