Rohingya refugee leader shot dead in Bangladesh camp

An international representative of ethnic Rohingya refugees was shot to death in a camp in Bangladesh by unknown gunmen
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Cristiano Ronaldo urging Manchester United squad to support Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
The forward has told players not to down tools.
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Gas crisis squeezes earnings at ScottishPower
Bosses at the company are preparing to welcome world leaders to Glasgow next week for the next UN climate change conference.
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West Ham given planning permission to increase London Stadium capacity to 62,500
The extra seats will take the venue above the Emirates Stadium and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as the biggest club ground in the capital.
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Man arrested after using commemorative coin to pay for petrol wins payout
Richard Chamberlain, 54, awarded £50,000 in compensation following dispute over £60 diesel bill he tried to cover with Royal Mint’s special edition Trafalgar Square memento
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Taxpayer treated ‘like ATM’ over failed £37bn Test and Trace
The taxpayer was treated like “an ATM machine” when the Test and Trace programme was handed the equivalent of a fifth of the NHS’s annual budget, it has been claimed.
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Heartwarming clip shows Parkinson's sufferer dancing for 'first time in YEARS'
Mike Roll, from West Virginia, had been taking more than eight pills a day to battle symptoms including vigorous shaking. But the father-of-three was then offered surgery which enabled him to walk again.
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Portuguese govt faces budget vote defeat; election likely
Portugal’s parliament is poised to reject the minority Socialist government’s proposed state budget for 2022
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GMB presenter Richard Madeley asked if he is ‘stupid’ during fiery interview with Insulate Britain activist
Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley was asked if he was "stupid" and "heartless" during a fiery discussion with an Insulate Britain activist.
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Rishi Sunak’s Budget optimism boosted by prediction of higher growth after Covid
Experts believe the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast will up its growth outlook for 2021.
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Best cosy knit blankets and throws to curl up under this winter
The season of the blanket has arrived 
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Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune looks stunning in the Earl of Lindsay's family tiaras
A royal photoghaper has shared Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune's stunning wedding portrait, weeks after she wed Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies in a stunning ceremony in southern Italy.
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Worcester council chiefs plan distress recordings to ward off seagulls
Council officials in Worcester have authorised the spending to determine the best manner to ward off a growing number of seagulls which have started living in the Midlands city.
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Liverpudlian bus driver accused boss of racism when they mimicked Harry Enfield's 'Scousers' sketch
Antony Ryan, who grew up in the Merseyside city, said he felt 'insulted' after being told to 'calm down, calm down' by Margaret Robertson at Shetland coach firm R Robertson & Son.
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Pregnant Women Are Dying From Covid. How Do We Save Them?
More pregnant women are dying with Covid-19 than earlier in the pandemic, despite the fact that a vaccine is now available and is safe for them and their babies. Just 15% of pregnant women in the UK are fully vaccinated, according to data from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) – and it’s putting women at risk of hospitalisation and fatal illness. Dr Edward Morris, president of the RCOG, said the number of pregnant women needing urgent Covid care has increased this year. “We are particularly concerned that in July and August this year more pregnant women were admitted to critical care with symptoms of Covid-19 than at any other point during the pandemic,” he said.“Data from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) show around 20 pregnant women were admitted for critical care in March 2020, 45 in January 2021 and 80 this July.”There has also been more deaths of pregnant women in this third wave than either of the previous two waves. Dr Morris said these are “vaccine preventable deaths”. “The MBRRACE-UK Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths has reported 13 pregnant or recently pregnant women died with Covid-19 in the third wave, 11 in the second and nine in the first,” he said. A worrying percentage of pregnant women admitted to hospital due to Covid-19 require a therapy called Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), which is used only when a patient’s lungs are so damaged that a ventilator can’t maintain oxygen levels.Of all women between the ages of 16 and 49 on ECMO in intensive care, pregnant women make up almost a third (32%) – up from just 6% at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.So, what needs to change?In light of the figures, members of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) told the Guardian that efforts to promote the booster vaccine will not be enough to curb hospitalisations and deaths. Instead, they urged ministers to focus on encouraging those who’ve yet to be vaccinated to come forward for their first jab – especially pregnant women. Women also need easily accessible, up-to-date information about the vaccine. Conspiracy theories have been blamed for vaccine hesitancy, but the reality is that pregnant women received mixed messages about the jab earlier in the pandemic and clear, robust information about the safety of the vaccine was not distributed fast enough.Women are understandably cautious about having the vaccine during pregnancy, so they need to be armed with the most up-to-date facts to make their decision. Claire Bromley, 33 from Kent, was hesitant about having the vaccine, but ended up catching Covid and being put into a medically induced coma while pregnant. “I completely understand the hesitation not to get vaccinated when you are growing a child inside you, and, after experiencing two miscarriages before the pandemic, the fear of being pregnant again with the worry of Covid was sending my anxiety through the roof,” she said. “But, after what happened, I can honestly say that the risk of not having the Covid vaccine far outweighs any doubts about having it.”Misinformation is so rife, it’s even being spread by those meant to care for pregnant women. Numerous pregnant women on social media have shared experiences of being dissuaded from getting the vaccine by midwives, or turned away from vaccine centres.  Ami Amin, 38, from north west London, previously told HuffPost UK that the vaccine was not mentioned during any of her midwife appointments during pregnancy. After doing her own research, she decided to get the jab – but was then faced with misinformation at the vaccine centre.“When I filled out the form to say that I was pregnant, the lady vaccinating me just looked really alarmed,” said Amin. “She said: ’You know that they haven’t confirmed that it’s safe for pregnant people to have the vaccine, don’t you?′“I got my phone out and showed her a flurry of articles that I had on my internet history, showing that it was now considered safe and actually, it has been for a while.”Women deserve better care. The NHS has now urged pregnant women to come forward for their vaccine and explicitly told vaccines centres to welcome and support pregnant women. “Pregnant women should not be turned away from NHS vaccination centres and women should continue to come forward for the lifesaving Covid vaccine – they can make a booking through the national booking service online or by calling 119 anytime between 7am and 11pm seven days a week,” an NHS spokesperson said in a statement. “The NHS has advised midwifery staff to give pregnant women the information they need to make the right decision for them and their baby so if you are pregnant and have any concerns, please come forward and discuss them with a healthcare professional.” Gill Walton, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), wants to reiterate the importance of pregnant women having the vaccine, due to the risks associated with catching Covid-19 while pregnant. “Having COVID-19 during pregnancy, particularly in the later stages, can have serious consequences for both mothers and their babies. It can double the chance of stillbirth and triples the chance of a preterm birth, which can have long term health impact for the baby,” she said. “We know that the vaccine is a safe and effective way of preventing this, with hundreds of thousands of pregnant women worldwide having been vaccinated with no adverse effects.”She also encouraged pregnant women to have their free flu jab as we approach flu season. “If you have any questions about either vaccine please speak to your midwife, obstetrician or GP so you can get all the facts and make the right decision.”Related...Even Vaccination Volunteers Are Spreading Misinformation To Pregnant WomenMum-To-Be Urges Other Pregnant Women To Get Vaccine After ComaReassurance For Pregnant Women: Covid Jab Does Not Alter Birth OutcomesSeriously, Can We Stop Telling Women Over 35 They're 'Too Old' To Have Kids
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BBC Breakfast’s Owain Wyn Evans suffers ‘bruised nose and black eye’ from Drumathon training for Children in Need
This is true commitment to the cause. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
LIVE UK Budget 2021: Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivers government spending plans
Today’s spending review will determine how public services are funded for the next three years in the wake of record pandemic borrowing, as worries persist about inflation
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Banned birthday parties and no barking after 6pm - the weird dog laws around the world
There are some seemingly bonkers laws in place across the globe which dog owners have to abide by
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Isis in Afghanistan could have the capability of attacking US in six months, intel finds
It is still unclear if the Taliban has the ability to fight Isis effectively, says senior Pentagon official
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Man suing Manchester City in Bennell case was excellent footballer, court told
Ian Ackley had attracted the interest of Manchester United, Aston Villa and Sheffield United, Mr Justice Johnson was told
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Ioan Gruffudd’s wife accuses him of having a three-year affair amid bitter divorce
Ioan Gruffudd's ex-wife Alice Evans has taken to Twitter to accuse the star of having a three-year-long affair after he went public with his new romance
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Best gin hotels and themed breaks you'll want to bookmark if you love a G&T
Gin hotels and gin themed breaks in the UK you'll want on your radar if you love a G&T from a hotel with its own distillery to quirky afternoon tea offerings
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Russia marks another daily coronavirus death high
Russia has hit another record for daily COVID-19 deaths as authorities across the country moved to keep most people off work in line with a Kremlin order aimed at stemming the spread
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Our online digital photo hoarding is carrying a heavy carbon cost
Research says that storing all our photos and videos in the cloud creates as many carbon emissions as the airline industry. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Sunak prepares to deliver Budget for a ‘new economy’
Chancellor Rishi Sunak will update MPs on his financial plans on Wednesday afternoon.
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Alex Rider season 2 release date, cast and trailer as series returns to Amazon Prime Video
The new Alex Rider trailer promises plenty of action, twists and turns for series two
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SNP humiliated after 'blaming' Thatcher for state of Glasgow 'She poured money into city!'
THE SNP leader for Glasgow has been left embarrassed after blaming Glasgow's rat infestation on Margaret Thatcher after it was pointed out to her the late Prime Minister had "poured money" into the city .
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Kieron Dyer: Ex-Newcastle and England footballer hospitalised and 'undertaking tests'
Ex-Newcastle and England footballer Kieron Dyer has been taken into hospital to under-go tests. The 42-year-old recently sustained a collapsed lung during an appearance on Celebrity SAS.
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Barbados lifts quarantine and second PCR for fully vaccinated travellers
The winter sun favourite is easing travel restrictions for vaccinated holidaymakers and their kids
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What time is the UK Budget statement today? Rishi Sunak to deliver spending plans to MPs this afternoon
What time will Rishi Sunak deliver the UK Autumn Budget statement in the House of Commons today?
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Cost of a pint to soar by 30p as pubs forced to pass on rising costs to customers
Venue owners say they can no longer weather the storm of increasing bills - so will have to pass these on to drinkers in the form of price increases on booze and food
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PSG star robbed at traffic lights after 'prostitute entered car'
A PSG player was robbed as he stopped at a red light last night in the Bois de Boulogne public park, located in the 16th arrondissement Paris, with his wallet and phone stolen
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12 best men’s walking boots for tackling all terrain
You can rock up to all kinds of adventures with these high-performing footwear finds
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Nine in 10 UK adults likely to still have Covid-19 antibodies
The presence of antibodies suggests someone has had the infection in the past or has been vaccinated.
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Strictly Come Dancing’s Judi Love reveals how stars rallied around Tilly Ramsay after Steve Allen remarks
Judi says she knows how hard it is to deal with hurtful comments about size. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Gil Scott-Heron changed my life – and his humane message still resonates
The ‘godfather of rap’ is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week alongside Jay Z and LL Cool J, and remains an inspiration for how he lifted up the downtroddenIn 1986, as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was being inaugurated in Cleveland, Ohio, I was touring Europe with the artist, poet, author and civil rights activist Gil Scott-Heron. At that time, you wouldn’t have readily associated someone like Gil with the term rock’n’roll. In fact, people were struggling to find any genre name that could encapsulate this urban griot’s unique and diverse repertoire. Gil would often joke that if you wanted to find his music in the record store, “look for a category that says miscellaneous”; true innovators don’t fit into established genres but create them.Nevertheless, Gil is being inducted this year, a mark of how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has diversified and incorporated other musical forms, including hip-hop. Public Enemy were inducted in 2013 and this year Jay-Z and LL Cool J will join the ranks along with Gil. Continue reading...
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Loose Women's Christine Lampard asks Coleen Nolan why she was missed out of mentions in book
Loose Women star Christine Lampard, who is currently filling in for Lorraine Kelly over the half-term, was chatting to Coleen about her new biography Live. Laugh. Love. : Lessons I've Learned
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Scientists find harmful hormone-disrupting chemicals in US fast foods
Scientists suspect chemical exposure could be higher in poorer neighbourhoods
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Neymar compares unexpected PSG "genius" to Xavi and Andreas Iniesta
Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has likened his 'genius' teammate Marco Verratti to his former Barcelona teammates Xavi Hernandez and Andreas Iniesta in his greatness
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Inquest opened into death of MP Sir David Amess
An inquest hearing in Chelmsford heard that the father-of-five died of “multiple stab wounds to the chest"
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Prince William loses patience with Netflix – royal furious at 'frustrating' Crown decision
THE CROWN is dedicating an entire episode of its fifth series on Netflix to the controversial interview of Princess Diana with the BBC's Martin Bashir, leaving Prince William "frustrated".
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GSK calls in top US scientist to fend off activist attack
GSK has recruited a top US geneticist to strengthen the scientific credentials of its board as it circles the wagons around under-fire CEO Emma Walmsley.
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Australian Open: ‘No exemptions’ for unvaccinated players, says Victoria state Premier
Some players, including defending champion Novak Djokovic, have declined to disclose their vaccination status
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Antonio Conte refused to accept Man Utd shirt signed by Jose Mourinho
There is no love lost between Conte and Mourinho as the former's name is being linked with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's job at Manchester United amid growing pressure
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Almost 1m Tripadvisor reviews in 2020 found to be fraudulent
India tops list of 10 countries from where paid reviews emerged
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BBC Breakfast announces Louise Minchin's replacement
Dan Walker hails his new co-presenter as an excellent journalist and a great friend
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England players take the knee before T20 World Cup game against Bangladesh
England's players took a knee prior to their clash with Bangladesh after the ICC forbid them from wearing T-shirts in a 'moment of unity'. The anti-racism gesture has been a hot topic in Abu Dhabi.
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Belgium warns Poland "not to play with fire" over EU dispute
European Union founding member Belgium warned Poland on Wednesday not to treat the EU like “a cash machine” to boost its economic fortunes while disregarding its democratic and rule of law principles at will
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UK Treasury chief set to hail economic rebound in budget
Britain’s Treasury chief Rishi Sunak is set to paint a relatively rosy picture of the state of the country's economy despite the devastating shock by the coronavirus pandemic when he presents his annual budget to Parliament
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