Sports quiz of the week: big goals, beer, bans, beaten finalists and a bum

Who arrived in style? Who hung the DJ out to dry? Who is all in?

Football quiz: early season sackings

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 93rd goal for Portugal this week. Only one player has scored more international goals than Ronaldo. Which country did he represent?

Republic of Ireland




A man called Eric Smith says he has been banned from the Cleveland Browns’ stadium for dousing a player in beer during a game. Why was Smith perplexed about the ban?

He says he "thought the player wanted a drink"

He says he "spilled the beer accidentally" and "it cost $9 – so I’d never throw it away"

He says he was DJing at a wedding at the time

He says he "thought the beer was water" and was only "helping the guy cool down"

Valon Berisha scored two goals for Kosovo against England this week. Who was the last player to score twice in a game against England?

Mario Balotelli

Ruud van Nistelrooy

Luis Suárez

Vincenzo Montella

Kim Clijsters is preparing to make a comeback to tennis. What has Clijsters already achieved that sets her apart from every other player on the current WTA tour?

She has won all four grand slams in one year

She has won a grand slam as a mother

She has won grand slams in three different decades

She has captained her country's basketball team

Portugal are dominating European football at the minute. They won the European Championship in 2016, the Uefa Futsal Championship in 2018 and the Nations League earlier this year. Which trophy did they add to their cabinet this week?

Euro Beach Soccer League

Walking Football European Nations Cup

Homeless European Cup

Uefa Women’s Championship

Who responded to his victory in the Rear of the Year award by saying: "I am very proud of it. My wife has always told me I have a nice bum. I wasn’t expecting to win that award, but it was nice"?

Jürgen Klopp

Phil Jones

Andy Murray

Gareth Southgate

The Champions League returns next week. Which of these fixtures features two clubs who have won all of their league games so far this season?

PSG v Real Madrid

Atlético Madrid v Juventus

Napoli v Liverpool

Borussia Dortmund v Barcelona

Tyson Fury is fighting Otto Wallin in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Which of these statements about Wallin is false?

He has won all 20 of his professional fights

He won them all by knockout

His nickname is "The Swedish Southpaw"

He is 6ft 5in

Diego Maradona led his first training session as Gimnasia manager this week. How did he enter the pitch?

He parasailed on to the pitch with his pet dog

He stepped out of a helicopter and set fire to their local rival's shirt

He walked to the sidelines through a giant inflatable wolf’s head then took a golf buggy to the pitch

He rode on to the training pitch on a horse while smoking a cigar

The Rugby World Cup kicks off on Friday. Which country has reached the final three times but never won the tournament?

South Africa




5 and above.

Have a great weekend.

6 and above.

Have a great weekend.

7 and above.

Sensational scoring. Have a great weekend.

8 and above.

Sensational scoring. Have a great weekend.

9 and above.

Sensational scoring. Have a great weekend.

10 and above.

Flawless. You hero. Have a great weekend.

1 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend.

4 and above.

ThatHave a great weekend.

3 and above.

Not (that) bad. Have a great weekend.

0 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend.

2 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend.

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